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Having a ranked list of the best units available is crucial. If you want an overview, here is the top-tier list of units in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) is the fruit of a fruitful partnership between Alim and Square Enix.

As soon as you boot up the game, you’ll notice the combined efforts of both groups. Its worldbuilding, lore, and character designs are all clearly influenced by Final Fantasy’s roleplaying game conventions.

The gameplay, on the other hand, is inspired by the well-balanced gacha mechanics of Brave Frontier (Alim’s debut game).

The collaboration yielded an excellent role-playing game (RPG) with a compelling narrative, fun exploration mechanics, and the addictive thrill of amassing powerful legendary units to aid you on your journey.

The Benefits Of A Tier List

In FFBE, you’ll probably collect over a hundred units over the course of your adventure, and it’ll be a challenge to decide which ones to focus on training.

We’ve ranked every unit in the game by how strong and useful they’ll be in the long run to help you with this mission.

My FFBE Tier List as of Oct 3rd, 2019 - YouTube

This is not meant to be an all-inclusive guide to the appropriateness of any given unit of measurement. The point here is to get a feel for how these various units compare to the rest of the ensemble. If you know which characters are worth investing in, you can prioritize your efforts accordingly.

We’re gearing up for the endgame, so this list will only contain units that can achieve a maximum of 7 stars. Since the quality of 6-star units is significantly lower than that of 7-star units, the best Brave Exvius teams are made up almost entirely of 7-stars.


You should immediately cultivate and retain such individuals. They don’t reach a stat cap quickly, so you can use them extensively for a longer period of time.

They are also well-placed within their chaining family and have the best skills in the game.

Name Role Interconnected Family
Archer Cecil Discourage, Encourage Rays of Stardust
Bolt (Final Fantasy XIII-2) Tank Magic, Please The Final Arbiter of Fairness
Rena Healer and Spell-Slinger
A. Elric Alphonse Body Armor Space Dust
The Death Angel Kuja Caster of Spells The Mystic Cross Awakened from Chaos
Charlotte, the Sacred Shield Adversary, Physical Disarray, Ground-Zero Arrhenius Ray
Vaan, the Liberation Seeker Opponent, Aggressor R. Aurole
Dawn Warrior Galuf Facilitator of a Physical Assault Equal Opportunity Reflection Glass
Sacred Shield Charlotte Tank, both Real and Imaginary The Final Arbiter of Fairness
Lucas Healing and Magical Tank Absolute Zero of Sacred Destruction
Lunafreya Support Flood
Awakened Light Warrior Physically Tank, Backing Lightning Bolt of Devine Destruction
Avatar’s Cup of Healing Debuffer True Reflection of Fairness
Noel, the White Knight Caster of spells and defender of the body Chaos Wave Erupts from Tornado Freeze
Epsilon Star Nichol Back up, Calm Down Aura Ray Deluge
FF X-2’s Rikku Discourage, Encourage True Reflection of Fairness
Lenna, Warrior of the Light Helper, Advocate


For the current meta, these units are still quite potent. You can still use them to complete later game content.

Their versatility makes up for the fact that they aren’t as good as S-tier alternatives.

Name Role Linked-Up Family
Computer-generated Katty Versatile Lightning strike tornado earthquake tsunami flood freeze stardust ray
Aiden, M.D. Physical Healer and Tank
Tsar Foo Encourage, Suppress Awakened Avalanche Kick Chaos Wave
Vanilla, the Chosen One’s Daughter Counterattacker, Spellsword An Eruption Caused by a Chaos Wave
Beneficial Cosmetics Countermagic User and Attacker Awakened Bolting Strike Tornado Freeze Chaos Wave
Elephim Antidote, Backing
Ignis Helper, Advocate
Kryla Debuffer Chaos Wave from a Bolting Strike at Absolute Zero
Folka Helper, Advocate
Myra Helper, Advocate Rapid Assault
Qin Supporter of Magical Attacks Octoslash Chaos Waves Divine Destruction Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Justice
Regis Adversary, Physical The Stardust Aureole
It’s Sakura and Ayaka. Curer, Spellslinger, and Defender Rapid Assault
Sylvie Encourage, Suppress Absolute Reflection of Equity in a Bolting Strike
Joker Card Ace Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic A Wave of Chaos Erupts from the Bolting Strike
Yummy Luka Back up, Calm Down Divine Decay as Absolute Reflection of Equity Chaotic Swell
Fina and Lid Summer An Antidote and a Balm R. Aurole
Sieghard Tank, Physical Suppressor To Ray Aureole Starlight Piledriver Mirror of Absolute Equity
Yuraisha Support Quake
Zenaida Combatant, Retaliator Indisputable Proof of Fairness
Shadowy Fina the Umbral Dragon Attacker, Magical Chaos Wave Awakened by Bolting Strike
Locke, the Risk Taker Fighter, Physical Opponent Space Dust
2B Combatant, Retaliator The Stardust Ray Graviton Cannon, an Absolute Mirror of Equity
Aerith Helper, Advocate
Chow Healer and Magical Tank
Penelo del Corazon Bailando Debuffering Magical Tank Aureole Ray was awoken by a chaos wave.
Jake, the Resurrection Flame Violent Assailant
(Final Fantasy XII) Garland Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic An Eruption of Chaos
Kitone Combatant, Retaliator Absolute Stardust-Based Reflector of Fairness
Expert in Maritime Strategy Nichol Helper, Spell-User Flood
Noel Violent Assailant The Final Arbiter of Fairness
Olberic Attacker and defender of the body Ray Aureole
Ignacio & Sieghard Fighter, Defender, and Attacker
R. R. Rico Violent Assailant Avalanche Kick Octaslash Bolting Slash
Raegen, the War Hero Combatant, Retaliator Indisputable Proof of Fairness
Sylvando Backer, Bodily Assailant Rapid Assault
Leonis Sterne Fighter, Physical Opponent True Reflection of Fairness


These are effective fighting units, so they’re worth training. When combined with other powerful units, they truly shine.

Name Role Relational Linkage
Auron Assaulter, Defender True Reflection of Fairness
Fina, the Blue Mage Helper, Advocate True Reflection of Fairness
Rain Awakened Tank Magic, Please
E. Elric Edward Assaulter, Defender Rays of Stardust
Elena Attacker (Physical) and (Magical) Aureole Ray Stardust Disorder Bolting Strike
Physalis patrumventi Caster of Spells Rising Tide of Chaos
As seen on WOTV: Gilgamesh Attacker (Physical) and (Magical) An Equality Mirror Awakened by a Tsunami of Chaos
Fina Kimono Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic Ray of Aureole of Chaos
Valeth Lezard Countermagic User and Attacker Chaos Wave Erupts
Lilith Tank, both Real and Imaginary Kingsglaive Aureole Ray of Bolting Destruction
Storm of the Lone Lion Violent Assailant Lightning from the stars
Machina Fighter, Physical Opponent Infallible Reflector of Fairness
Ramza, the mercenary Combatant, Retaliator
Seifer Violent Assailant Bolting Chaos Wave Equilibrium Reflection Absolute Strike
Mt. Leonis Thermodynamic Tank Space Dust
Ice Laswell, a Mystic Combatant, Retaliator Absolute Reflection of Justice in the Aureole Ray
Constant Expectation Back up, Calm Down Shake the Universal Reflection of Fairness
Selphie Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic Mystic Cross Awakened by a Crash of Chaos
Serah Caster of Spells A New Chaos Wave Is Here
Serena Remedy, Help
Sol Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic Absolute 0 Chaos Wave
Fifa (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) Brutal Assailant Rays of Stardust
Quina, the Bizarre Gourmet Supporting Attacker with Magic Chaos Wave in Equity Reflected Totally
Wu Xuan and Long Qing Attacker and defender of the body Avalanche Kick Bolt Strike
Jensen, Adam Adversary, Physical Ray of Stardust Aureole of Tornado
Beryl Attacker Magician, Defender Magician Concussive octa-slashing wave of disorderly chaos
Basch Tank, both Real and Imaginary
Beowulf Attacker (Physical) and (Magical) Absolute Octaslash Hurricane of Equity Mirror
Sol, the Evil Spirit Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic Zero Point, Chaos Wave
Devil’s Dew Physically Tank, Backing
Kimahri Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic
Hellish Flame Downpour Violent Assailant Rays of Stardust
Emperor Bradley Combatant, Retaliator Ruination by Space Dust
Dotty Edel Violent Assailant Rays of Stardust, or Aureoles
Lilisette Facilitator of a Physical Assault True Reflection of Fairness
Loren Combatant, Retaliator Aureole Ray Sword Onion Prison
Mystina Support Magic for Attackers Rising Tide of Chaos
Zidane, the Racist Thief Violent Assailant Rays of Stardust, or Aureoles
Quistis Caster of Spells An Eruption of Chaos
Rivera Helper, Physician Disorder of Zero Bolt Strike Absolute
Nichols by the Sea Assisting Attackers with Magic Inundation Freezing Perfect Reflection of Fairness
Edel, the Wild Wolf Violent Assailant Rays of Stardust, or Aureoles
Akstar, Supreme Deity Violent Assailant Aureole Ray’s Absolute Equilibrium Mirror
Rosa, White Witch Heroic Fighter and Recuperator Anti-Gravity Weapon
Wilhelm Tank, Physically-Supported
Yuna Helper, Advocate
The Beta-Star’s Zeno Combatant, Retaliator Absolute Reflector of Justice Divine Destruction Bolt from the Ray of Justice

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Best Characters Tier List (June 2023)


We call these our “budget” apartments. simple in both acquisition and upkeep. You could do much better than this with the current rules of the game, especially if you are considering the long term.

These units are useful in the early to mid game, but should be replaced as soon as possible.

Name Role Linked-Up Family
Ayaka Helper, Advocate
Beatrix Attacker (Physical) and (Magical) True Reflection of Fairness
Onion Knight Awakened Combatant, Retaliator Sliced Onion, Starlight, and an Aureole
Crimson Adversary, Physical Divine Decay as Absolute Reflection of Equity
(Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children) Cloud Combatant, Retaliator A Star-Spangled Octaslash
Bella Fran Blue Skies Violent Assailant Bolting Strike Aureole Ray Absolute Mirror of Equity
Elly Caster of Spells Shock of Anarchy Chaos Wave Awakened
Erik Fighter, Physical Opponent Suddenly Attack
Freya, Warrior of Dragons Combatant and Recuperator An Act of God’s Wrath The Aureole Ray, a Absolute Reflection of Equity Stardust
Kadaj Combatant, Retaliator Indisputable Proof of Fairness
Irvine Brutal Assailant Rapid Assault
Champion Fang, the Graceful Brutal Assailant True Reflection of Fairness
Figaro’s King Edgar Combatant, Retaliator Deathly Barrage of Stardust and Aureole Rays
Morgana Caster of Spells Chaos, disorder, and a lightning strike at zero degrees Fahrenheit.
Nagi Attacker (Physical) and (Magical) The Graviton Cannon’s Aureole Ray Bolts of Divine Destruction Hit Ground Zero.
Primrose Support Chaotic Swell
Reberta Violent Assailant Bolt of Lightning, Ray of Destruction, Aureole of Disaster
Zidane: Pluto’s Knight Violent Assailant Lightning from the stars
Levinson Attacker (Physical) and (Magical) Divine Destruction Aureole Ray of Lightning Strike Chaos Tsunami
Tifa Violent Assailant Devine Destruction
Tidus, Prominent Player Facilitator of a Physical Assault Fast Stardust Strike
Yunalesca Supporting Attacker with Magic Crashing Tidal Wave Rising Tide of Chaos
Zargabaath Support Octaslash
The Olive Agent Combatant, Retaliator Lightning from the stars
Ardyn Combatant, Retaliator Astrophysical Windstorm
Shantotto, the Wizened One Caster of Spells A New Chaos Wave Is Here
Fina Blanca White Lilies Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic Chaotic Swell The Graviton Cannon Was Awakened By A Chaos Wave.
Shadow, the Assassin Fighter, Physical Opponent Rays of Stardust
Vivi, the Black Mage Caster of Spells Rising Tide of Chaos
Bart Adversary, Physical Absolute Reflection of Justice in a Kingsglaive Tornado Flood
Fryevia Aurora Invader, both Physical and Magical True Reflection of Fairness Diagnosis: Divine Ruination Disorder, Onion-Sliced Aureole Ray


You shouldn’t keep these in rotation for very long because they’re subpar. More units can do the same job just as well, if not better.

Name Role Linked-Up Family
Eiko Remedy, Help
Dark Fina and Fina Adept Magical Fighter and Healer The Stardust Ray of the Graviton Cannon
Esther Attacker and defender of the body Instantaneous Divine Destruction Aureole Ray’s Absolute Equilibrium Mirror
Flammie Adversary, Physical To Ray Aureole
Gladiolus Protector of the Body, Attacker of the Body
The Freed Jasper Violent Assailant Rays of Stardust
Jecht Brutal Assailant Instantaneous Divine Destruction
Kurasame Assaulter (both physically and magically) Instantaneous Aureole Ray Mirror of the Equity Disorder
H. R. L. Lasswell, King Facilitator of a Physical Assault Aureole Ray of Divine Decay, Absolute Mirror of Equity
Stunning Katy Healer An Eruption of Disarray
Porom & Palom Caster of Spells An Erupting Tornado Caused by a Surge of Chaos
Zyrus, the Operator Countermagic User and Attacker Chaos Wave Awakened by Bolting at Absolute Zero
Prompto Combatant, Retaliator Chaos Octaslashing Embersmashing Fire
Physalis Violence Inflicter Radiant Absolute Reflector of Equity
Luminous Bolts Fighter, Physical Opponent Swift Aureole Ray Bolt Absolute Reflector of Fairness
Rab Caster of Spells, Bodily Assailant Instantaneous Stardust Bolt
Rem Adept Magical Fighter and Healer Earthquake Caused by Tornado
Nichol, Sweet Attacker and Neutralizer of Magic Tsunami Chaos Thaw Flood
Bartz, Light Warrior Combatant, Retaliator Graviton Cannon Reflecting an Absolute Mirror of Equity
Yun Violent Assailant Bolting Strike Octaslash Absolute Mirror Equity Kingsglaive
Yego Combatant, Retaliator True Reflection of Fairness
(Final Fantasy X-2) Yuna Violent Assailant True Reflection of Fairness


We left off some units from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius because they are so much weaker than the others.

If a unit doesn’t make it onto this list, it’s probably not good for the late game and has low potential for growth in stats.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Best Healers, Ranked

Blue Mage Fina

Fina has been given the opportunity to begin her transformation into Dark Fina, and the first step on this path is to become Blue Mage Fina. She is one of the best units in this category because she is a Healer/Support unit, which grants her superior survivability and versatility. She has respectable base MP, MAG, and SPR stats that grow even better in her Brave Shift, making her a formidable opponent.

Fina’s effective abilities, however, are where she truly shines. Using her Crowning Veil (Special), she can infuse her allies’ attacks with Light, increasing their affinity. In addition, her Prime Heal (Special) can heal allies and remove all status ailments, while her Reverse Hearts (Special) can bring back all allies who have been knocked out to full health. The fact that she can use two spells from her arsenal per turn thanks to Dualcast (Special) makes her an extremely potent sorceress.

Divine Beast Chow

Holy Animal Chow was reincarnated from the soul of a dog that stopped an assassin from killing a king. Chow became a Divine Beast as a result of his heroic deed, giving him the abilities of a Healer, Support, and Magic Tank. When it comes to magic defense, Divine Beast Chow is one of the best units available thanks to his high HP and ample MP/SPR, making him an excellent tank and reliable team member.

The unique set of abilities that Divine Beast Chow possesses is what makes him so fascinating. Despite his class, he lacks any truly “direct” healing abilities. Instead, his Most Loyal Of Hearts (Special) heals ailments and provides allies with a substantial HP shield. He can combine this with his other powerful support abilities, such as True Guardian’s Blessing (Special), which allows him to restore his stats and increase his resistances, and Kind Protector (Special), which allows him to attract the attention of his foes and take less damage from them.


Brave Exvius welcomes back Final Fantasy 7’s show-stopping Aerith, this time in the form of the character’s OG incarnation. Despite her mild demeanor, this flower vendor from Midgar is an exceptional unit due to her roles as Healer and Support. She has respectable HP and MP, but it is her MAG and SPR that truly set her apart, making her capable of casting devastating spells.

Aerith’s healing and revive abilities are her most striking strengths. She relies on the simple yet effective healing magic of the Healing Wind (Special), the Prayer of the Cetra (Special), and the White Materia (Special). Meanwhile, her unique resuscitations are Overflowing Life (Special), Lifestream (Special), and Miracle of Life (Special). Aerith’s arsenal includes many debuff-cancellers and stat-boosters, allowing players to adjust their units’ stats in almost any situation, in addition to her many revive spells.


Myra, who has a reputation as a talented performer, has lost her voice. As she seeks relief, she develops into a powerful Healer and Supporter for Brave Exvius. She may not be able to do much on the battlefield, but she can more than hold her own as a healing unit thanks to her MP stores, which, when combined with her MAG and SPR, allow her spells to buff allies with greater efficiency.

Myra’s varied set of healing abilities makes her a compelling pick as a Healer. Hit Single (Special), Dual White Magic (Special), Behind the Scenes (Special), and Save Me (Special) are just a few of her impressive healing abilities. Her other spells, however, are where she truly shines, particularly those that lower the opposition’s magic defense while simultaneously bolstering her own team’s attacks.


Folka became the first Water Priestess when she donned the Sworn Eight’s armor and became known as the Veritas of the Waters. Because of this metamorphosis, she is now regarded as one of the game’s top Healers, Supports, and Magical Attackers. With her high MP and SPR, Folka can cast powerful support spells. Sobering Waters (Special) and Flowing Waters (Special) are two of her signature abilities that help her increase her resistance to disease.

Folka receives some treatment, too. Water Screen (Special) is her primary means of basic healing, while Serpent Guard (Special), Cerulean Shell (Special), and Ancient Aquarium (Special) all heal and/or reduce damage. Players who need defense buffs and permanent health restoration will make frequent use of Folka.

Warrior Of Light Lenna

Lenna, one of the original Warriors of Light, travels with the young explorer Bartz to the Wind Shrine to view the Wind Crystal. In the meantime, Brave Exvius players can benefit from Lenna’s healing and support skills. Her stats make her a fairly well-rounded defensive fighter, with respectable HP and also respectable MP, DEF, MAG, and SPR.

Lenna also possesses powerful healing abilities, allowing her to do more than just restore health. Her go-to HP and MP restoration powers are Princess’s Devotion (Special) and Princess’s Inspiration (Special). She also has access to more potent spells such as Pure Healing (Special), Dance of Glimmering Water (Special), and Prayer of Devotion (Special). She also has the ability to heal wounds, increase her defenses, and cast multiple spells at once.

War of the Visions Guide: Best Characters Tier List - GameSkinny

Doctor Aiden

Doctor Aiden is a skilled fighter and spellcaster with a short fuse and an aggressive personality. Combining his skills as a Healer and Physical Tank, he had among the most well-rounded equipment available. In return, his HP and MP are above average, and his MAG and SPR scores are quite good. His spells that increase his stats could make up for the fact that his attack and defense could use some work.

Doctor Aiden’s arsenal reflects his skill as a battle priest. Besides the usual Operate: Sterilization (Special) and Operate: Antibodies Boost (Special), he also has the special abilities Operate: An Apple a Day (Special), Operate: What the Doctor Ordered (Special), and Operate: Spoonful of Sugar (Special), all of which heal while also increasing the team’s defenses. Even more devastating is the fact that Doctor Aiden is not only capable of curing almost any stat debuffs and ailments, but also of severely lowering the DEF values of opponents.


Ignis, a Healer/Support hybrid, has a remarkable toolkit in Final Fantasy 15 and may be the most stealthy and tactically-immersive member of Prince Noctis Caelum’s troupe. Ignis, a Kingsguard, has exceptional ATK and DEF numbers for his class in addition to respectable MAG and SPR. This justifies Ignis’ role as a more of a combat healer than a dedicated support character.

The special abilities Regroup (Special) and Regenerate (Special) are Ignis’ primary means of healing and reviving themselves, respectively. Double Tactics (Special), however, gives his allies absurd increases in defense and resistance and is arguably his most impressive ability. These complement the useful damage reduction provided by Sage’s Stratagem (Special). Ignis has a wide variety of special abilities and attacks.


Rena is one of the best spellcasters in Brave Exvius, and she hails from the Star Ocean universe, where her healing abilities earned her a reputation for excellence. Rena, who straddles the roles of Healer, Support, and Magic Attacker, is a formidable opponent thanks to her extensive arsenal of spells and her powerful healing abilities. Her proficiency as a mage is bolstered by her respectable MP, MAG, and SPR, even if her attack and defense are less than stellar.

Rena is a top-tier Healer thanks to her diverse and effective skill set. Faerie Healing, Faerie Light, and Cure All are just a few of her many healing-related Specials. Rena’s Raise Dead and Raise Dead are also very powerful revives. In addition to her healing abilities, Rena’s Specials, such as Power Up, Guard, and Reflection, can significantly improve an ally’s statistics. Last but not least, Rena is a magical powerhouse with attacks via Specials like Laser Beams, Star Flare, and Light Cross. In Brave Exvius, she is a top pick for any squad.


Surprisingly, the most powerful Healer on Brave Exvius is a robot. Lucas, the enchanted castle guardian, can serve as both a Magic Tank and a Healer and Support unit, protecting and healing those in need. His massive size and defense make him an intimidating opponent, while his respectable MP, MAG, and SPR suggest he has plenty of magical energy to cast powerful spells.

Surveillance Lights (Special) demonstrates Lucas’s prowess as an aggro-mitigator, and his other Specials, such as Magical Refuge, Enchanted Aegis, Mythic Sanctuary, and Elemental Cover, demonstrate his prowess as a protector. Guardians Fire, Ice, and Wind (Specials) allow him to add elements to his physical attacks, and Flurry Cannon (Special) allows him to deal devastating long-range blows. Lucas is a fantastic addition to the team because of his dual role as a damage dealer and healer.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Tips For Building The Best Team

Team Building: The General Pattern

Brave Exvius differs from other party games in that there is no one best way to organize your team. However, it’s important to think about certain aspects of an “ideal” team so that you can combine the parts that are most effective in achieving your objective. Here are the cornerstones of a strong Brave Exvius squad:

  • Healing/Buffing Unit: The White Mage is typically tasked with being the party’s healing and buffing unit. Their healing ensures survivability, and their buffs ensure that other units can perform beyond their base stats, so they deserve special attention. An entire team could benefit from even just one healer or buffer.
  • It is recommended that every team have at least two tanks, as they are one of the most useful units in any composition. One tank should specialize in absorbing physical damage, another in absorbing magical damage, and a third in absorbing attacks on multiple targets.
  • Damage dealers (also known as attackers) and dedicated support characters are crucial to any team’s success because of the high amount of damage they deal. However, players shouldn’t overlook the importance of using Supports tailored to increase the Attacker’s stats and overall survivability.
  • Magicians who use spells of the same element can unleash devastating Elemental Chains and deal significantly more damage than their counterparts who use spells of different elements. Having multiple Magic Users who are adept with the same elemental types is beneficial for amplifying these results.
  • Players who are serious about succeeding in the Coliseum would be wise to equip their units with Poison, Bio Blade, and Bio Blaster. Their damage-over-time is useful for wearing down persistent foes. A Poison unit would be extremely useful against harder enemies like Ifrit 2 and White Dragon, especially for newer players.

Study The Roles Carefully

Getting one of each unit type isn’t necessarily the most important part of team building in Brave Exvius. Rather, it helps to understand how each role operates in detail in order to make the most of synergies with the other members of the team. Listed below are the most fundamental player roles, along with brief explanations and examples of possible specializations:

Healers: Get Healing

Healers are devoted support units who focus on healing members of the party and ensuring their continued survival in the game. Healers are not only experts at restoring health, but also at restoring the team’s efficiency by dispelling various Status Ailments and Debuffs.

  • Most Healers specialize as General Healers, whose primary responsibility is to restore health to their allies after they’ve been injured. It’s possible that healers have access to offensive abilities that allow them to deal damage. Healing units like Luka, Rem, and Tilith, along with backup healers like Carbunkle and Lakshmi, are excellent choices. One of the earliest available Healers is Fina’s story variant.
  • Because many powerful Skills have high MP costs, Refreshers are also considered Supports; however, their primary function is to restore the team’s MP pool. Charlotte, Enhanced Ace and Rosa, and Zargabath are all effective Refreshers.

Tank: Soak In The Damage, Aggro

A Tank’s sole purpose in most team-based games is to take the hits for the group. They can hold their own and distract enemies while the rest of the party deals maximum damage without fear of retaliation because of their high durability. Even though the story-unlocking Tank is Rain, there are still specific subsets of Tanks that players should be familiar with:

  • The Draw Tank, also known as the Provoke Tank, is a type of tank who uses passive abilities and the “Provoke” Skill (or a similar one) to attract the attention of their enemies. In fact, while using the “Provoke” Skill, some Draw Tanks deal less damage or have exceptional dodging abilities. The problem is that Draw Tanks typically only affect specific units instead of entire teams. Vertias of the Earth, Warriors of Light, White Knight Noel, and Wilhem are all excellent Draw Tanks, and they’re all very popular units.
  • As opposed to Draw Tanks, whose specialty is to absorb damage from a single target, a Cover Tank absorbs damage from an entire physical area. Cover Tanks, like Draw Tanks, can increase their durability in a number of ways, including by drawing enemies to them and soaking up damage. You can’t go wrong with either Charlotte or Barusa as your Cover Tank.
  • Magic Cover Tanks are similar to Cover Tanks, except they focus on dodging magical area attacks instead of physical ones. Once more, they have their own ways of drawing magical damage and providing cover and support for the rest of the team with their Skills. Mystea, Basch, and Chow are all great choices for Magic Cover Tanks.

Damage: Take In The Power, Offense

Damage Units are arguably the most important part of any group. Damage Units are the game’s primary offensive units, used to kill enemies and bosses alike, thanks to their specialized damage dealing abilities. Players should investigate the following subsets of Damage Units:

  • Multi-Hit Damagers rely on area-of-effect (AoE) attacks that hit multiple targets at once, as the name suggests. Players can increase the effectiveness of their attacks by connecting with their targets at just the right moment. Agrais, Amelia, Orlandeau, and Tidus are all good examples of Physical Multi-Hits. Barbaricca, Shantotto, Trance Terra, and William are all members of Magic Multi-Hits.
  • Single-Hit: As opposed to Multi-Hit Damagers, who rely on damage over time effects, Single-Hit Damagers deal massive damage in a single attack. When properly equipped, these units can deal millions of damage with a single attack. The Ashe, Rem, and Victoria units are included.
  • Spellblades are a unique weapon class because they combine physical and magical damage. They use spells in most of their attacks, and their “Dual Wield” Skill causes them to cast spells twice as often. Darce, Fryevia, Kunshira, and Silva are all powerful Spellblades.
  • Although there aren’t many “dedicated” Summoners, some units that focus on calling on Espers to deal heavy damage could be classified here. Garnet, Rydia, Seymour, Will, and especially Yuna fall into this category. Summoners are similar to Single-Hit Units, but they use their MP instead of their skills to deal damage.

Support: Always Something In The Bag

In Brave Exvius, Supports are among the most adaptable and powerful units available. When compared to Healers, who focus on providing massive healing, Support Units focus on buffing allies instead. Although Ace is a Support in the story, there are other Support unit types that players should research to maximize the effectiveness of their teams:

  • As their name implies, stat boosters (also known as bards) increase the relevant statistics of party members to meet specific needs. These are interesting units because they do more than just boost statistics. The effects of certain songs, such as those for Gilbert, Lunera, Ramza, and Roy, take three turns to fully manifest.
  • Breakers, also known as Knights, are powerful debuffers that specialize in reducing one or more stats to make it easier for the party to kill its enemies. In order to be most effective, players should familiarize themselves with the break percentages these units could muster and with what attribute. Basch, Delita, Ramza, Timothy, Steiner, and Warrior of Light are just a few of the Great Breakers.
  • Support Units include a wide variety of specialists, but one subset that stands out is the Green Mages. When facing Espers or bosses who rely on specific traits, however, having a Green Mage in your unit can be a game-changer. Reliable examples of Green Mages include Cerius, Chloe, Minifilia, and Olif, to name a few units.
  • In contrast to the Green Mage, the Imperiler’s specialty is reducing the enemy’s elemental resistances. Many units already have this effect, known as Imperil, applied to them. A team’s Imperiler can be any unit that specializes in dealing damage to the enemy’s statistics.

Consider Extra Team Types

Outside of the context of a player’s solo experience, players may also think about using team-building tips to change the type of team they’re building. After all, players can help each other out in the game and during special events. In the future, players may want to construct the following additional types of teams:

  • The term “companion team” refers to a group of allies who can be selected whenever the player is selected from the “friend unit” screen. While players are free to put whoever they like on their Companion Team, it’s a good idea to prioritize those who will provide the most benefit during the event at hand.
  • The Coliseum Team is a specialized farming group that primarily operates in the Coliseum. Thieves in your party are highly recommended here, as they can maximize the loot they steal from this game mode.