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In season 8: Mayhem, Apex Legends has made a number of significant upgrades over the previous seasons. So far this season, we’ve listed the greatest Legends to play, so this time we’re focusing on weaponry.

With this Apex Legends Tier List, regardless of your level of experience in the game, you’ll learn which weapons are ideal to employ in competitive matches.

Do not forget that the weapon you use will not guarantee you success in any given situation. – There may not be much of a difference between the best and the worst weaponry in Apex, but in such a tight-knit community, every edge counts.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get right down to business.

Care Package Weapons

The developers designed these three guns to be S-tier weaponry by design.

PENTA a Twitter: "Behold, the #ApexLegends weapon tier list by our professional player @WACKOFPS! Do you agree with the list or do you believe some of the guns should be placed in

In order to avoid confusion, we’re removing them from the rest of the list and putting them in their own section.

Burst and Auto fire modes

In the process of being upgraded.

The makers made a wise choice by including the Prowler in the care package pool. As a result, players will get far more use out of it than they would from the R-99.

Modes of Fire: Single

In the process of being upgraded.

It has the most single-shot damage of all the weapons, and every headshot guaranteed a knockdown. Because of its wide field of view, you may easily take out unexpected foes with this weapon. With the Kraber, a single bullet can take out an entire squad of adversaries, making it the weapon of choice for mass casualty operations (and extreme skill of course).

Modes of Fire: Single

In the process of being upgraded.

The Precision Choke that comes with the Peacekeeper shotgun extends its range significantly. For shorter ranges, the choke can be used to ensure that all of your rounds hit the target. If there are Caustics and Bangalores in the opposing ranks, the Digital Threat sight on this pistol will let you see better.


In terms of lethality, these weapons are on par with Care Packages as the best in the game.

This is a surefire way to win the game if you can uncover attachments that would further enhance these.

The following are the available fire modes: automatic

Hop-up: None

As an energy weapon, the Volt has no bullet drop, which means it can be devastating even from a distance, making it ideal for long range combat.

Ammunition for the Hemlok Assault Rifle: Heavy Fire Hop-up: None, Single, Burst
Pros: The Hemlok’s performance in close and long ranging engagements has seen it in the hands of more players this Season 7.

Cons: Because of the Hemlok’s small magazine, reloading is a common occurrence. It also significantly slows you down while in ADS, making it ineffective against SMG shifters.

The following are the available fire modes: automatic

Hop-up: None

It’s a blessing to get an R-99 in a competitive match. It has a ridiculously rapid rate of fire, but it also has a very good amount of muzzle energy return. Even while on ADS, you can strafe swiftly, making it more difficult for your enemies to hit you.

There are two modes of fire: automatic and single-shot

Receiver: Anvil Anvil

Low ammo capacity in a single magazine is one of the R301’s disadvantages. You’ll have to reload a lot in gunfights because to its rapid rate of fire. This problem can be solved by purchasing a purple or gold magazine.

Apex Legends Season 6: Weapon Tier List & The Best Weapons (2022)


Simply stated, the Kraber is the most powerful weapon in the game. Apex Legends’ supply drops are the only place you can find this sniper weapon, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Even though the Kraber is extremely rare, the damage it inflicts is devastating.

Even a fully-upgraded Evo-shield can be cracked by a body shot, which delivers 145 damage, while a headshot does 435. Even if they had a gold helmet, a fully-loaded shield, and the Fortified ability, no legend can survive that. The Kraber’s drawbacks include a limited ammunition supply and a laborious reloading process, but if you put in the practice time, none of that matters.

Krabers in Arenas mode, on the other hand, are extremely rare because they cannot be purchased with materials and have yet to appear in a care package.


The R-301 is an excellent weapon for Apex Legends gamers who want to rise through the ranks. With a reasonable recoil and numerous firing choices, it has been around for quite some time and continues to be a great choice.

It’s normally best to use full-automatic mode unless you’re aiming at opponents at the far ends of this weapon’s useable range, in which case single-fire will be more accurate. Extendable Magazine, Barrel Stabilizer, and Quality Optic are the best attachments for this gun..

If you can afford the R-301 in the second and third rounds of Arenas, then it could be a realistic option. To get a good scope and extended magazine on it, we’d have to save up or wait for a few upgrades, but that would cost a lot of money. You get to make the call.

R-99 SMG

Only an SMG that can deliver as much damage as the R-99 is more lethal than a shotgun at close range. Despite only dealing 11 damage each round, the R-99 can go through a 20-round magazine in just over a second, allowing it to deal 198 DPS without hitting a target in the head. This SMG’s single spray, if accurate, has the potential to be lethal.

In order to maximize your damage and accuracy, you should get your hands on an Extended Magazine and Barrel Stabilizer as soon as possible, but the R-99 is deadly even without attachments. By switching between an R-99 and any other shotgun in your arsenal armed with the new Gold Magazine feature introduced in Season 8, you’ll be able to win any close-range battle you decide to engage in.

We all know the R-99 can do some damage up close and personal, but it’s a pricey option in Arenas, especially early on.


Season 11 brought the C.A.R to Apex Legends, and if you hit your targets, it has the power of a truck. Because of its higher reported fire rate and the fact that each round hits for 13 damage to the body, the C.A.R is capable of doing 201.5 damage per second (DPS) without any headshots.

To make matters worse, you can swap between heavy and light ammo with the push of a button, making the C.A.R both deadly up close and extremely useful if you’re running low on ammo. If you manage to get your hands on one of these bad boys when you land, you’ll be in a terrific position to take down early foes without running out of ammunition.


Aside from the fact that it has a seemingly unlimited magazine capacity and virtually no recoil, the M600 Spitfire is hard to dislike. In either situation, the Spitfire will do the job for you.

As a care package, the Spitfire is now a viable alternative for teams aiming for the last round. To compensate for this change, the largest magazine has been decreased from 55 to 50 rounds. However, the gun’s recoil is so small that reloading in the middle of a combat is implausible.

Take a look at the heaviest extended magazine you can get your hands on and keep your trigger finger on the fire button. Rampart can be used to increase the number of bullets in the chamber, however that may be an overkill.

For Arenas, the Spitfire is a decent choice, but you’ll likely have to wait until the second or third round to get it alongside a backup weapon..


Apex’s ranking meta is dominated by these weapons and the more powerful ones. A-tier weapons have few drawbacks and are extremely powerful, whether used in general or for a specific purpose.

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

Hop-up: None

The Mastiff requires some time to learn, which means that if you’re not entirely concentrated, you’ll suffer from inconsistent damage most of the time. With no shotgun bolt, reloading takes a long time and the gun functions sluggishly

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

When in doubt, always go with the ‘hop-up.’

Pros: The Wingman’s skill cap is one of the highest, allowing for optimal utilization. You will find it difficult to disregard it in matches once you have mastered it.

Wingman mastery requires a great deal of time and effort. Because of the Wingman’s sluggish reload speed, you may find yourself susceptible to counterattacks when you fail to hit an adversary once.

There are two modes of fire: automatic and single-shot

Receiver: Anvil Anvil

Cons: The only issues we have with the Flatline are its slow rate of fire and the significant movement penalty it imposes when using ADS. However, its advantages significantly outweigh its disadvantages, and this is why it is ranked as an S-tier product.

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

On spawn, it comes equipped with a Precision Choke.

When the ring is closing and there are many teams left, the Triple Take is the sniper to utilize. You can do a lot of poke damage with it because it fires quickly for a sniper.

Cons: Keep an eye on your ammo when using the Triple Take in competitive situations. You’ll have a difficult time finding sniper ammo in the later stages of the game because just a few other players are using them.


In our opinion, the EVA-8 is the greatest shotgun in Apex Legends. The EVA-8 is doing the close-range work for us now that the Mastiff and the Peacekeeper have been wiped off. You have a higher rate of fire with the fully-automatic weapon, and the clean grouping of pellets means that you can make heavy hits very quickly.

No negative modifiers for hitting an opponent’s legs makes up for the lack of a headshot multiplier.. To increase the EVA’s rate of fire, you’ll need a Shotgun Bolt, but with an Epic-level bolt connected, it’s a serious contender.

This annihilates opponents in Arenas at the low cost of 250 materials. If you want to rush your opponents via the portals on Phase Runner, or if you plan to use a Gibby Dome to snatch some crucial care package weaponry, we recommend it.


An SMG with both auto and burst modes, the Prowler is a formidable weapon.

We don’t want to get into the debate of whether automatic or burst fire is better in Apex, so we’ll leave it up to you. While automatic mode allows you to retain your finger on the trigger until a 35-round magazine has been exhausted, bursts fire five 15-round bullets in rapid succession with pinpoint accuracy and no recoil. If you’re going at an enemy’s head, you’ll be doing 23 damage every bullet, or 115 per burst.

Automated firing requires more control of the recoil, although both levels may melt shields and shred flesh.

The Prowler has appeared in a few of our Arenas matches, but just in the care package. It’s worth a shot if you can get your hands on it, though, because if you manage to do so safely, it’ll pay off.


We’re glad to recommend the Volt as an A-tier option thanks to the additional two damage per shot it received this season. If you’ve got a lot of Energy Ammunition, this is by far the finest option, and it’s also great for new players.

Additionally, the Volt’s low bullet drop and near-zero recoil make it an excellent choice for close-quarters combat. It’s a joy to shoot, and it does a lot of damage in the process.

When the Volt appears in the ground loot pool, our personal favorite is to equip it with a 2x Bruiser sight and the mandatory Extended Magazine. As a result, the iron sights aren’t terrible, and reloading is extremely fast. Try not to hipfire with the Volt — it’s just as unreliable as having a Wraith main carry your banner to a Respawn Beacon. Just don’t do it.

Volt moves to care package, Alternator returns to ground loot in Apex's season 12 - Dot Esports

Volt is a good choice for Arenas because it is simple to operate and less expensive than some of the others.


Season 11 will bring a plethora of nerfs to the L-STAR, which has been a bit of a nuisance in Season 10. This season, the L-STAR should be far less effective than it was last season due to the upcoming reduction in damage, projectile collision size, and barrel stabiliser efficacy.

Until players get used to the adjustments, we’ll keep it in the A-tier.


If you’ve got a lot of ammo to burn, the Flatline is the way to go. If you’re looking to get the most out of your weapon, you may always switch to single-fire mode to get better long-range outcomes.

Yet another problem with this weapon is its iron sights. It’s awful, to put it mildly. Even if it’s just a 1x scope, you’ll need a replacement and an Extended Heavy Magazine. With the Anvil Receiver hop-up, you can increase damage by 2.25 times while sacrificing rate of fire and spending two ammo every shot.

The Flatline, with its two shooting modes, is also a viable option in Arenas. We’ve had some success with it, especially in the early stages of games when we need to swiftly create a lead.


Even though the 30-30 Repeater is soon becoming the “long-range Wingman,” we still prefer our sidearm. Even though it’s our favorite weapon, it takes careful aiming to maximize its efficacy.

With every shot, Wingman causes more damage than any other handgun we’ve tried. For a headshot, a Wingman’s attack deals 90 damage, which is doubled to 45. This pistol’s headshot multiplier does not diminish when you move out of close range, making it ideal for medium and long-range combat.

Even with the Skullpiercer hop-up removed, Season 10’s headshot multiplier increased from 2.0 (the previous multiplier was 2.0) to 2.15 (the previous multiplier was 2.0).

If you’re having trouble getting a headshot with the Skullpiercer, the Quickdraw Holster is a great alternative. Even if you can’t hit your shots, investing 500 materials in Arenas is worth it if you can buy a decent sight.


At the start of Season 12, the Kinetic Feeder acquired a new hop up option for the Peacekeeper, which dramatically sped up its choke time and instantly reloaded ammunition when you slide.

Gibby fans will argue for both the Peacekeeper and the Mastiff in a bubble fight, but we can’t look past the EVA-8 when it comes to shotguns right now.

Because the EVA-8 is right there, why would you spend so much money on a Peacekeeper? Shotguns give us a lot of options, but we only have one.


Great weapons with no obvious drawbacks can be found in B-tiers. In terms of rated playability, they are just slightly below A-tiers, but that gap may be readily bridged through skill and familiarity with the weapon.

The Repeater appears to be designed primarily for mid- and long-range combat. It impedes your ability to strafe when on ADS, preventing you from evading incoming enemy fire.

There are two modes of fire: automatic and single-shot

Turbocharger and Selectfire Receiver

Cons: Prior to the reduction to the horizontal recoil, the Havoc was an S-tier weapon. However, it has improved following Season 7’s upgrade. With the release of the Volt SMG, it has been relegated to the B-tier. Single-fire mode is a long cry from the automatic setting of Havoc.

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

Hop-up: None


As a bolt-action rifle, the Sentinel requires an animation for each shot fired. As a result of this animation, if you miss a shot, you will be severely penalized. Its charge mechanic requires two shield cells every time and is only active for a short period of time.

Modes of Fire: Auto

The Double Tap Trigger: Hop-up

When firing from the hip, the Spitfire is unreliable at all. At close range, it is easily outclassed by faster and more maneuverable firearms.

Modes of Fire: Auto

Hop-up: None

It’s considerably easier to “feather” the trigger now that the L-bullets Star’s are no longer a firework display in gunfights.

The L-ADS Star’s movement is slow, making it a superior gun for firing from the hip. To make matters worse, there is no way to install a Barrel Stabilizer mod on this weapon.

Modes of use: automatic and double

The Double Tap Trigger: Hop-up

Without a good shotgun bolt, the Eva-8 is unable to perform at its best. In addition, it’s a one-dimensional weapon that can only be used up close.


You can use the Charge Rifle to shoot a laser across the map and inflict damage on enemies. It is the only weapon in Apex Legends that has a hit-scan effect, which means that each shot hits exactly where the weapon is aiming.

However, it takes a long time to charge up, requires two Sniper ammunition every shot, and may reveal your location on the battlefield to the enemy. In the early phases of the game, you can use it to charge up your Evo-Shield from a distance.

We found the Charge Rifle to be nearly unbreakable in Artillery, but you can’t afford it in the first round of Arenas. Your opponents might as well get rid of their evo-shields if they take to the high ground!


A minor damage boost and the return of the Double Tap hop-up have been added to the G7 Scout as a care package weapon in Season 11. The G7’s present capabilities, such as its ability to sneak around corners and chip away at unsuspecting adversaries, might be bolstered even further with more burst power.

For now, we’re holding off on changing the G7’s rank in our tier list until we’ve had a chance to experience it in action.

The SEASON 11 Care Package G7 Scout - YouTube


At a distance, the Rampage is an excellent light machine gun because of its moderate rate of fire and low recoil. The nerfs in Season 12 have reduced its DPS potential, thus we’re reluctant to position it above the B-tier for now.


After the Triple Take was reclassified as a marksman rifle, it had a difficult time making our tier list because it didn’t have the required sniper optics accessible to it.

No matter how many seasons pass, we’ll always be unable to use it from afar, even if it was added back to the ground loot pool in Season 11. In Season 12, a two-damage nerf has taken a little bite out of its DPS. As a result, the Triple Take will remain in its current location.


A look back at how far we’ve come: For a long time, the Mastiff was the only weapon in our S-tier that could compete in close-range firefights. That is no longer the case.

When all of your pellets are struck, the shotgun’s maximum damage is down to 88, while the Peacekeeper’s is up to 99 thanks to changes in the Chaos Theory rebalances. Even the lowly EVA-8 is now a more secure alternative because of its sluggish rate of spread and horizontal pattern of fire.

We don’t suggest going for headshots unless you’re literally standing in front of your opponent because of this spread pattern. As a general rule of thumb, aiming for the shoulder area is the ideal place to aim for maximum damage.


The HAVOC resembles the Devotion LMG in terms of size. In comparison to its older sibling, it has a more bearable amount of recoil, and it also comes with the ability to beam down on an opponent. At full fire speed, it produces less damage per round than the Devotion and has a smaller magazine, although it doesn’t matter. As a bonus, the HAVOC’s recoil pattern was modified more predictable in Season 9.

Find a Turbocharger first, then grab an Extended Energy Magazine to get the HAVOC back up to speed as soon as possible. Although the Volt SMG’s popularity has led to a shortage of Energy Ammo, it is still available.

In Arenas, you’re less likely to run out of ammo due to the lack of loot, although upgrading your HAVOC to gain the Turbocharger is a pricey choice. But if you find a fully-equipped AR in a care package, it’s worth taking it up.


Assume that the Alternator is a miniature version of the R99. The R-99 does 198 DPS, however it fires at a pace of only 160 rpm, but this gun deals 16 damage each bullet (as opposed to the R-99’s 11).

However, comparing the Alternator to one of the best Apex Legends weaponry is unfair, as the Alternator has some merit of its own. Unshielded foes will fall at your feet if you hipfire an Alternator as soon as you land.

Cheaper than the R-99 in Arenas, it seems like a good option for those who want something new and are okay with rushing their opponents, but don’t mind spending 150 materials.


When used correctly, the Devotion LMG is devastating. Its Energy Ammunition fires at such a quick rate that it appears to change into a ray of destruction, destroying anything in its way. Use Rampart to increase the size of your magazine and keep the trigger down for a few more shots to go off.

You’ll want to practice with the large amount of recoil you’ll encounter. A Turbocharger is also necessary, or else you’ll be dead before the barrel hits maximum speed. Thanks to the Explosive Holds scattered over the battlefield, the hop-up is now much easier to come by as of Season 8.

When it comes to Arena play it has similar issues to the HAVOC, and the two weapons are almost comparable on our tier list. Whichever option you like is up to you.


Unfortunately, due to a few design issues, we do not recommend using them in high-level matches.

Single and Double fire modes

The Double Tap Trigger: Hop-up

Drawback: The G7’s iron sights can cause visual problems for the player. A scope is needed immediately to fix this. Because it employs light ammo, you must additionally account for bullet drop at greater ranges.

Modes of Fire: Auto

Hop-up: Turbocharger

The Devotion’s lack of a Turbocharger slows its rate of fire. Heavy recoil makes it difficult to use in close-quarters, chaotic gunfights.

Modes of Fire: Auto

It’s time for a quickdraw:

You will nearly always have to reload in a shootout because of the Re-45’s high rate of fire and short magazine capacity. One-clipping opponents is difficult because of the poor damage output.


Although it deals less damage than the Sentinel, the Longbow’s higher recoil makes it a better choice for those who want to sit back and watch their enemies crumble. With a somewhat slow rate of fire and pitiful body damage for its style of weapon, this bolt-action sniper could be just what you’re looking for if you’re excellent at clicking heads.

Its headshot multiplier has been boosted from 2.0 to 2.15 in order to compensate for the Skullpiercer hop-vaulting up’s into the sky.

Artillery and Phase Runner Arenas maps may have some utility for the Longbow if you have the means to improve your weapon so you can affix a long-range optic.


However, the Hemlok still holds its own well in Apex Legends Season 10, even after some recent nerfs. Three rounds from this assault rifle may inflict 60 damage, but the vertical recoil of this weapon could easily allow one of those shells land a 35-damage headshot.

Apex Legends Hemlok Burst AR: Damage Stats, Attachments, and Skins

Optics like a 2x-4x Variable AOG sight, an Extended Heavy Magazine, a Barrel Stabilizer, and a Stock are excellent for mid- and long-range shooting. Mid-range bursts may quickly pile up damage, and if an opponent gets near, hipfiring at close range is an option. In single-fire mode, which is where the Hemlok shines when zoomed out to 4x, it’s no slouch either. You’ll want to get an optic for your rifle because the iron sights will limit your field of view.

However, given the current condition of the Hemlok, we prefer the full-auto Flatline or Spitfire in Arenas or Battle Royale mode.


An first evaluation of the 30-30 Repeater found it to be promising. G7 Scout or Bocek Bow, on the other hand, are our go-to marksman rifles.

In spite of a massive bullet drop, the 30-30 can nevertheless deliver headshots with astonishing precision and damage thanks to the decent rate of fire and low recoil of the weapon.

In order to increase your damage output by up to 35 percent, you must aim down the sights. Another advantage is that bullets can be reloaded one at a time, so if you run out of ammunition in the middle of a conflict, you can quickly reload a few rounds into the chamber.

The Shatter Caps hop-up is now available for the 30-30, making it a pseudo-shotgun at short range. Even yet, the Marksman Rifle can’t rise above C-tier with only this one improvement.


Despite its little size, the RE-45 has an impressive rate of fire for an automatic pistol. When you’re waiting for an R-99, 301, or Alternator to arrive, you can use this as a way to carry accessories while you do so. There isn’t much room for ammunition in the magazine, so you’ll have to reload frequently. It’s not uncommon to have the urge to smack your opponents in the face.

It’s the only weapon that has been upgraded solely because of Arenas. Using only 250 pieces, the RE-45 can perform the same functions as an R-99 for less than half the price. It’s possible to use an upgraded RE-45 to your advantage in the early stages of the game, when you have little resources. Even though it loses ground in later rounds, it’s still a great automatic pistol for the money.


Due to their poor performance, these are on the verge of being removed from the meta.

During the early stages of the game, you will only be forced to utilize these if you have no other option.

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

Hop-up: Skullpiercer

The Longbow’s iron sights are practically worthless. Look for a new scope as soon as possible.

Modes of fire: a single point of injury, but one that is sustained

Hop-up: None

At long ranges, the Charge Rifle is only a viable option. It can only be fired twice from a single magazine before the reload animation kicks in. A third-party ambush can occur because the beam of the Charge Rifle gives away your position.

Modes of Fire: Auto

Hop-up: None

Cons: The Alternator’s slow rate of fire and lower damage per round make it a poor choice for an SMG. The Volt SMG has a stranglehold on this weapon.


However, the Mozambique has gone a long way since it was the absolute bottom of the list, mainly because it can now retain six rounds in the chamber, which is a significant improvement.

A free secondary weapon in Arenas, the Mozambique is likely to be your first pick in the early rounds. However, upgrading is probably not worth it. If you’ve got the money, buy some ‘nades and head to the supply drop so you can swap out the Mozambique for a different weapon in the middle of the game.


The Sentinel is a powerful weapon, but it has a high rate of fire and a lot of recoil. If you’re ready to give up some valuable Shield Cells to increase the sniper’s damage, there are advantages.

A well-placed bullet can also penetrate through an enemy, but we prefer to use the Triple Take, which has a considerably higher rate of fire, even though each shot does less damage.

When Deadeye’s Tempo hop-up was added to the Sentinel in Season 9, its rate of fire grew faster with each succeeding shot. However, it doesn’t appear to be enough of a benefit to move the Sentinel up from the bottom tier at this point in time.. Aside from that, you only get one Shield Cell per round in Arenas until you purchase extra.


Apex Legends’ bow has truly sunk after a promising start to Season 9. Despite the addition of new hop-ups and ammo, the bow isn’t very effective in the game’s primary mode.

Though devastating in Arenas, the expense can be prohibitive.


If we’re being entirely honest, the P2020 is a somewhat useless pistol. In Season 9, it received a small boost in damage, but it’s not enough to warrant a purchase.

Despite the fact that it is available for free in Arenas, the Mozambique would always be our first choice if we had another shotgun as our primary.

P2020 designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic elements on Dribbble

Congratulations if you made it all the way to the end of our list of every Apex Legends weapon. Every time a new update or patch is released in the game, we’ll update this tier list so you can see how each weapon performs and if it’s worth picking up.


As soon as they come across another weapon, the vast majority of players will toss theirs in the trash. The low viability of F-tiers in 1 v 1 or team fights explains why they are rarely used in ranked matches.

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

Up: Hammerpoint Rifle Ammo

The Mozambique’s biggest limitations are its short magazine capacity and its notoriously low damage on shielded foes. Even when loaded with Hammerpoint Rounds, using this weapon in ranked battles is a waste of time.

A single fire can be used in the following modes:

Quickdraw Holster, Hammerpoint Rounds

The P2020, like the Mozambique, has a low damage output while dealing with shielded adversaries. With its sluggish precision, you’d be better off using another pistol in this game.


Are any of the guns hitscan?

All that’s needed is the beam from the Charge Rifle. Unlike other projectiles, bullets take time to travel.

Is there bullet drop?

Yes. The bullet speed of each weapon determines the quantity of drop. In terms of drop, energy weapons have the lowest and light weapons the highest.

Is there damage drop-off?

All that’s needed is the beam from the Charge Rifle. However, each weapon has a maximum headshot range at which the additional headshot damage is no longer applied.

Does each gun have a predictable spray pattern?

Yes. Spend some time on the Firing Range getting familiar with the different spray patterns of the guns there; it will come in handy during battle.

Is there aim drift?

-Yes. When you initially start ADSing, you’ll experience a brief period of calm before drifting away. Aim drift can be reduced by using Stock attachments. Visit our Apex Legends attachments page for additional information.

Do different guns affect movement speed?

If you’re ADSing, yes. Your run speed has nothing to do with your rifle if you don’t use ADS. Your movement speed will be reduced when you use ADS, based on the type of weapon you’re using.

Does taking damage slow you down?

Yes. You will slow down if you take damage from any weapon, not just from a Heavy Rounds weapon, as many players believe. Fortified Passive Legends (Gibraltar and Caustic) are immune to this slowing.