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In spite of the game’s pleasant visuals and fairly simple gameplay, you’ll face lots of hurdles in the final stages.

We’ve put together a tier list of the best leaders to build your team around in order to help you overcome these issues.

Here, we’ll be using a list format based on leader-pairs instead than solos because of the current meta.


A team of top-notch players and managers. As long as they have the correct conditions, they can assure victory in matches.

There is no doubt in our minds that the Fasca x Yugi team is now broken. Yugi’s damage and healing multipliers are out of this world, making even the most difficult dungeons look easy.

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Some encounters will be too much for Yugi to handle on his alone. Fasca can help with it. Yugi is nicely complemented by her poison immunity, 7-by-6 board, strong RCV, and several utility options. Having both of them engaged increases both damage and survival significantly.

When equipped with the appropriate monster cards, this combo is capable of making even the most difficult encounters look easy.


Endgame problem is considerably reduced by these excellent leader-pairs Its numbers and usability make it a popular choice amongst players, and they have few detractors.

This team has a lot of staying power and a lot of potential for damage. They are extremely difficult to subdue due to their high level of poison immunity and resiliency.

However, the RCV of this team might be improved. In addition, Nelle’s extended transition works against her in this scenario. Still, this is one of the best leader-pairs you could have – able to adjust to most situations with ease.

To top it all off, this pair possesses excellent survivability, thanks to its damage absorbency, resistance to RCV debuffs, and hazard immunity.

A double Valentine Ideal pair could be substituted for this. While it’s more secure, Dyer x Valentine Ideal has a faster clear rate.

Moreover, it has full resistance to dangers, making it a hard-hitting and hefty squad It’s only a matter of time before D Lilia x Fasca are as powerful as their peers.

To minimize the impact of opponent gimmicks, optimize your party’s skill list when utilizing this strategy.


Great leaders who are hindered by a few major flaws. They still make up a sizable portion of the meta.

With these two at the helm, assembling rainbow squads capable of steamrolling their way through dungeons is a piece of cake. In addition, it’s a breeze to put together a full-fledged transformation team with this duo.

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The inconsistent auto-FUA damage is one issue with Alice x Fasca. You may need to manually fill in the damage gap in some circumstances. This is a modest amount to pay for the many benefits you’ll receive.

If this pair had a better chance of surviving, it would rank higher on our list. They frequently have lower HP and recovery values than other teams under their leadership.

You’ll need to spend more time studying dungeons despite the fact that this party is quite versatile. Even yet, if you can get past this obstacle, you should be able to breeze through the majority of dungeons without too much difficulty.

This setup is particularly effective in A6, where combo shields are few, and debuffs are plenty. Because to the six orb requirement and the lengthy cooldowns, this team’s performance in other encounters may be slower than usual.


Although they don’t have any severe problems, these are just average pairs.

When you have a solid water team surrounding it, it will shine. Both Deena’s expertise and Fasca’s size are essential to the success of spinners.

Auto-FUA and adaptability are lacking in this combo, especially in complex bouts where the enemy has a lot of gimmicks.

For those who prefer to play it safe and slow, this is the right squad for you. The lack of offense means you won’t be able to one-shot most enemies, but it will survive most fights.


When the above pairings are unavailable, these pairs can be used. You can count on these groups to get the job done, but don’t expect an easy ride.

This team is a cinch to auto-FUA, and its numbers are decent.

Versatility is the only thing this combination lacks. Only in Reincarnation of the Worlds and other such settings is it genuinely beneficial.


There’s a real risk that this combo will fall out of the high-level meta due to their inexperience. It’ll do well in most situations, but it’ll falter in the most difficult ones.

Before the enemy has time to plan their actions, a team with her relies on quick and powerful attacks. If the adversary manages to infiltrate, be ready to defend yourself against the Tifa parties’ incredible bulk and resilience.

Puzzle and dragons Best monsters 2022

In this section, we’ve included a list of the best creatures in Puzzle and Dragons. The best monsters in Puzzle and Dragons may be found in our list below.

  1. Sonia, the Red Dragon Caller, is still around.
  2. Awe-inspiring call to the Red Dragon, Sonia!
  3. Sakuya, the Kirin of the Sacred Gleam
  4. Lucifer’s Dawn Seraph
  5. Warriors Rose and Valkyrie Warrior

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Puzzle And Dragons Reddit

The Reddit page for Puzzle and Dragons may be found here. Any game’s Reddit page is critical. Reddit is a great resource for learning more about any game. If you want to know more about Puzzle and Dragons, you can get everything you need here. You can find everything from Puzzle and Dragons X to Dragon Ball Puzzle to Puzzle and Dragons X to Super Mario Bros. Edition.


What is the best character in puzzles and dragons?

Four main characters are part of this band: Tsukuyomi dragon, Tsukuyomi sun god and Ra dragon god of night. In terms of gameplay, these are the best tiers available. Both Awoken Anubis and Awoken Archdemon Lucifer are major players in S. These characters have a knack for figuring things out.

Is puzzles and dragons still popular?

Puzzle & Dragons had more than two million monthly active users (MAU) in Japan as of October 2020. GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. created the puzzle game. In Japan, it’s still one of the most popular smartphone games.

How do you reroll in puzzles and dragons?

Simply uninstall the application and install it again, or rename the data048.bin file, and then delete the game.