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In the fantastic Brave Nine (previously Brown Dust) game, who are the most effective mercenaries? See the Brave Nine ranking to get an overall picture.

Prior to the first half of the year 2020, a game called Brown Dust was gaining a sizable fanbase.

It had elements of gacha and was a turn-based tactical RPG. Developers Neowiz and GAMFS Inc. relaunched the game in March 2020 as Brave Nine with a number of changes that had long been requested by the player base.

The game received a new lease on life as a result of the change, which also made it more accessible to a broader audience.

Prior to the rebalance of the summoning system, creating a tier list for this game was more difficult than it is now.

If you want to improve your Brave Nine gameplay, read on!

Brave Nine – A Quick Introduction

Brown Dust is a strategic role-playing game available on iOS and Android. Neowiz Games released it in 2017, and its developers were GAMFS and GameOn Co., Ltd. The point of the game is to put together a team of “heroes” from different parts of the world in order to complete various missions.

In March of 2020, after Brown Dust had been released worldwide for a year, a significant update was released. Brave Nine is the new name for the game.

Tier Lists - Brave Nine Wiki

The gameplay is fluid, and the visuals are impressive. Although they can add to your experience, in-game purchases are optional. Overall, Brave Nine is a great time for players of any age.

Players will have time to plot their strategy thanks to the turn-based nature of the gameplay. You can choose from over 1400 stages of increasing difficulty. Completing bounties is the primary means of advancing through the game and gaining access to new rewards and heroes.

The end goal is to win every Arena and become number one on the leaderboard. Players can also band together in groups called “Guilds” to discuss strategies and form communities.

Methodology: Why 3 Tier Lists?

In Brave Nine, mercenaries are ranked from 1 to 5 stars according to their overall rarity and combat effectiveness. There is no point in grouping the three categories together on a single list because of the vast disparity in skill and stat growths between them. This reasoning places the 5-star mercs at the pinnacle.

The solution is to create a ranking system for the three types of mercenaries. This allows for a fair comparison between similar products.

Not Happy With Your Luck? Try Rerolling!

Each new game of Brave Nine begins with a set number of mercenary summons available to the player. It is possible to “reroll” your summoned units if you are unhappy with the first set.

To reroll means to delete your current account and create a new one. This will give you a new opportunity to call upon and recruit the mercenaries you seek. You can reroll as many times as you like, but each reroll will have a 3-minute cooldown in between them.

To start over, simply navigate to your game’s options menu, click “Delete Account,” and follow the prompts. After you have deleted your account, Brave Nine will reset to a New Game, giving you a new chance to recruit the mercenaries you desire.

Brave Nine Gameplay Mechanics

Brave Nine’s central gameplay elements center on party management and tactical combat. To build a winning party, you must first understand the game’s systems and determine which units are most crucial.


The members of Brave Nine are referred to as “mercs” throughout the series. Each belongs to a distinct class that defines its function in battle. There are four distinct class roles, as shown below.

  • Warrior are your high damage per second mercenaries, perfect for laying waste to your foes.
  • Tanks are defenders, mercenaries with high health and defense stats who are hired to fend off enemy attacks and protect their allies.
  • Magicians are excellent for clearing out large groups of foes at once thanks to their proficiency with area-of-effect attacks.
  • Supporters are players who spend their turns helping their teammates out.

There are three rarity tiers for mercenaries: five-star, four-star, and three-star.


Positioning your party in a 6×3 grid, opposite the opposing party, is crucial in Brave Nine’s combat. Once you’ve verified where your hired guns are, the battle will proceed without you having to do a thing. The results of your mercenaries’ skill use are predetermined, and you have no say in the matter.

Because of the emphasis on positioning in battle, unit types and deployment are crucial. A good rule of thumb to remember is to place support units in the back, front should be filled with defenders, and attackers like warriors and wizards should stay behind the defenders.

Now that you know how the game is supposed to work, you can use the tier list below to assemble the best possible team.

5-Star Mercenaries


Mercenary Class Skill
Seir Defender Evil’s Payback
Levia Magician Restricted Authority
Lucius Defender Angel of Death
Venaka Support An Energetic Dance
Foxy Warrior Fighting Handbook
Seto Warrior Powerful Force
Beliath Support Contingency Agreement
Valze Warrior Betrayal Sword
Asmode Support Passionate Touch
Edin Warrior Evil Influence
Christina Warrior Multicolored Bomb
Refithea Support Glutti, please!
Granhildr Defender The Armor of the Gods


Mercenary Class Skill
Velfern Magician The Box of Pandora
Lillian Magician Never-ending Payback
Alec Warrior Superior Might
Siegmund Warrior Will of the Paladin
Jin Warrior Assault Sword
Aaron Defender The Glow of Introspection
Nartas Magician Activate Catastrophe
Arkan Defender Heavenly Favor
Deomaron Defender Shield of Curse
Angelica Warrior Sacred Night
Veronia Support Lighting the Way


Mercenary Class Skill
Anubis Magician Doomsday Prediction
Hijin Magician Spirit of Flame
Helena Support Join Me in a Chorus!
Kaina Warrior Honest Rage
Themis Support A Shielding Beam of Light
Elija Warrior Taming the Beasts
Gunther Warrior Dragon of Flames Descending


Mercenary Class Skill
Cecilia Defender The Shield of the Abyss
Dwen Warrior Leadership
Michaela Support Exasperating Belief
Dalvi Warrior Generation Wait
Gloria Defender Judgment Scales
Zenith Defender Predator Drive
Glacia Defender Shield Glacier
Mary Support Heroes’ Hymn
Sabrina Support Encouragement of Members


Mercenary Class Skill
Claudia Magician Rondo de la Marionnette
Elise Magician Love that ends in death
Ventana Warrior Slash out
Floria Support Nature Itself
Barbara Warrior Toss the Javelin
Bathory Magician All Mine!
Kaoli Defender Armor of the victor
Valtor Magician The Force of Nature
Kaina Warrior Holy Rage
Vermont Defender Chivalry
Rafina Defender Diving Machine
Ymir Defender The Sword of Titan
Astrid Defender The Guardian’s Duty
Garinoth Magician Spirit Breakdown
Rogan Warrior Annihilation

4-Star Mercenaries

Brave Nine Tier List [May 2023 Update] - GamingScan


Mercenary Class Skill
Hell Magician A Rites of Destruction Prayer
Zarka Magician Bloodthirst
Ceres Support Mana Eye
Joseph Defender Declaration of Paganism
Leto Warrior The Shadow Sword
Xenon Warrior Bloodfest
Corette Warrior Elimination of Witnesses
Iris Defender Magnetic Appeal
Niya Warrior Cat Punch


Mercenary Class Skill
Alche Warrior Hammer of Destruction
John Support Light Blockade
Viola Warrior Arrow of Shadows
Krull Warrior Punishment
Eunrang Warrior An Attack From Behind
Leah Magician Storms that cause damage
Esther Magician Painful Spellcasting
Jacklin Defender The Escort Posture


Mercenary Class Skill
Bruno Magician Jet Cannon, Neo-Armstrong Style
Brisa Warrior Confidence in Three Musketeers
Orienne Warrior Killing Injuries
Doctor Morgan Warrior Time Bomb
Mora Defender Angry Persistence


Mercenary Class Skill
Maya Warrior Badge of Hunting
Rene Defender Cleansing Sword
Varion Warrior Sure, I’ll do that!
Camilla Warrior Rage of the Three Musketeers
Magnus Magician Spell-Based Hunting

3-Star Mercenaries


Mercenary Class Skill
Cordelia Warrior Sword of Flaming Red
Hyeon Wol Support Strengthening Ray of Hope
Claris Support Safeguarding Prayer
Velona Magician Explosion of Flames
Maria Magician Magical Devastation
Beatrice Warrior Defeat you I shall!
Carlson Defender Firm Will
Cordelia Warrior Sword of Red Flame


Mercenary Class Skill
Cynthia Magician Blizzard
Marron Warrior Sharp Scream
Ron Warrior Satirical Party
Marlene Magician Magic Orb
Arines Support Bear Up!


Mercenary Class Skill
Noel Magician Fireball
Mercedes Defender Guard Mirror
Wiggle Warrior Burn the Boats!
Bran Warrior Rifle Fire
Julie Aid Emotional and Spiritual Healing
Kozak Warrior Breaker of Bones


Mercenary Class Skill
Sloan Defender Harmful Burst
Lydia Warrior Torque Drilled
Melody Magician Rapid Detonation
Asera Support Explosion of a Wound
Rigenette Warrior Crucial Bow

A smaller number of mercs can be seen in the top-tier and middle-tier lists. You won’t be using many of these in your playthrough because they are too weak.

All 5-star mercenaries are included in the list because they can contribute to your party at any time.

About Brave Nine NFT

Brave Nine is a tactical role-playing game that uses NFTs. The game, which goes by the name Brown Dust, has been updated to make use of blockchain technology and the Neopin network.

NFT characters and mercenaries are available for collection in this game. Every NFT is in its own class with its own set of abilities and rarity.

Characters can be used in both the story and competitive modes of combat. Purified Terra, your reward for prevailing in battle, can be traded in for digital currency.

Brave Nine Features

This NFT game is not only entertaining, but also has a number of features that make it more so. Just what are these characteristics, exactly? Below, please!

  • As there is no initial investment required, “Free-to-Play” means that the game can be played without spending any money.
  • Play-to-Win: Among NFT games, this one offers the most potential for passive income generation.
  • Acquiring and leveling up your NFT collection can net you a tidy sum of cash.
  • Here in the official Brave Nine market, you can buy and sell rare NFT collections.

In-Game Currency & NFT Items

You should research the current market value of tokens and NFTs before beginning to play or invest in Brave Nine. Find out where things stand by reading the details provided below.

Brave Nine Token Price Today

There is a unique token in Brave Nine NFT’s games called the Brave Nine (KLAY). KLAY’s primary goals as the Brave Nine base token are in the areas of utility, governance, and agriculture.

  • Utilities Players can acquire KLAY by completing various tasks within the game. As an added bonus, players can spend KLAY tokens on Mercenary upgrades.
  • Holders of KLAY have the right to vote on any policies affecting gaming or gaming transactions through the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • NFT holders can participate in mining by staking their KLAY tokens or providing liquidity to the network.

Due to the fact that the KLAY token has not yet been listed on the crypto exchange, there is currently no data available on the value of the KLAY token on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinMarketCap.

NFT Assets in Game

In this digital currency game, Mercenary is an NFT that can be bought, sold, and bartered with other players. The game’s NFT library has potential to expand in the future.

Download Brave Nine APK 2022

Are you itching to get your hands on Brave Nine right this second and play it? Have no fear! The link below will take you directly to the download page for Brave Nine.

How to Register

You’ll need to sign up and create an account before you can play this game. Please read on for instructions on how to sign up for Brave Nine.

  1. Use the above link to download Brave Nine.
  2. Launch the program.
  3. Join your cryptocurrency accounts to the Neopin Wallet.
  4. Get in there and start winning some KLAY tokens.

How to Play and Earn Money

Playing Brave Nine, a free NFT game, can help you earn cryptocurrency in the process. To maximize your earnings, however, you need to be familiar with the Brave Nine Tier List and the proper playing strategy.

This game features both a player versus environment (PvE) mode and a player versus player (PvP) mode. A Purified Terra item, redeemable for KLAY tokens, is the prize for the victor.

This KLAY token can be used to acquire NFT at a later date, thus elevating its value. KLAY tokens can be converted into Neopin Tokens and then rupiah. Low cost!

Brown Dust Tier List 2021 (Brave Nine): Find Best Mercenaries

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a tier mean?

A tier is a competitive ranking system for individuals or groups. Higher tiers indicate greater skill and success. It alludes to where they currently stand in the standings.

2. Why tier list is important?

To better allocate their time and resources, players should consult a tier list. They’ll have a better grasp of the game’s mechanics and the advantages and disadvantages of each character as a result.

3. Which Brave Nine tier includes the best mercenaries?

The top mercenaries can be found in the S tier. The best mercenaries in the race are here. Players in the lower tiers have progressively less experience and ability.

4. What are the benefits of using mercenaries from a higher tier?

Higher-tier mercenaries are more powerful, deal more damage, and are more effective in battle. They work well in almost any circumstance and are universally applicable.

5. What are the consequences of using mercenaries from a lower tier?

Using lower-quality mercenaries will result in a loss of strength, damage, and battlefield utility. They might not be as competent in trying circumstances as those from higher ranks. Battles may be lost as a result of this.

6. How often is the Brave Nine tier list updated?

When a new patch is released, the Brave Nine tier list is updated to reflect the changes. Once every few months, on average.


Skilled players will be rewarded in Brave Nine’s intricate combat system. However, gacha elements remain, so equipping your team with the most effective members is crucial to victory.

You can use this list and the other advice in this article to plan ahead and build the best possible team to play the rest of the game with.