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If you want to win more fights in Iron Saga, use the best mechs available. The best units and mechs in Iron Saga are detailed in this comprehensive tier list.

Kidou Sentai Iron Saga, or I-Saga for short, combines the fun of role-playing games with the satisfaction of amassing units (called mechs).

It’s not always obvious early on which mechs will prove useful later on, especially in PvP situations.

To aid players, we have compiled a comprehensive tier list that ranks the game’s mechs from best to worst based on their ability to engage in player versus player combat.

Now, let’s just jump in.

What is Iron Saga Tier List:

The mobile game Iron Saga has just been released. Characters from shows like Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note are available for players to collect and use in battle. The point of the game is to level up your character, either by battling other players in PvP or by completing quests and improving your character’s attributes. If you’re looking for a list of the top 10 strongest characters in Iron Saga, you’ve found it! Below is a ranking based on their base damage per second (DPS) when attacking an unbuffed target:

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At the moment, these mechs are supreme.

Mech Role Description
Doy Jiang Gai. Tank This melee mech is among the best of its kind. It deals excellent damage and has a last-stand ability that keeps you standing for 5 seconds.
Mephisto Shark Attack Diver The Mephisto is a formidable weapon because it combines speed and power. It’s resistant to debuffs and has a respectable amount of durability.
Asura Dive Attacker Asura, like the Mephisto, is quick and has a respectable attack. The Asura’s high durability is sacrificed for a trait that causes enemies to suffer from debuffs and take damage when it is destroyed.
Huáng Ló Dispel an Attacker’s Range If you prefer to take things slowly and steadily, the Huang Long mech is the one for you. It has reliable long-range homing attacks and the ability to debuff foes.
Zulong Dispel an Attacker’s Range The Zulong’s ranged fighting prowess is highly valued, but in a pinch it can also defend itself up close. Its melee attacks can fling foes back, giving it another chance at a long range assault.


You could say these mechs are an S-tier step down. When properly configured, they can be even better than S-tiers.

Mech Role Description
Dawn’s Early Light Targeted Shooter This mech’s ability to simultaneously target multiple foes with a single beam makes it useful for crowd control. The fact that it breaks down into two smaller mechs makes it a safe option for use as well.
Sin 3 Diver Attacker The Sin 3 can go head-to-head with the best mechs thanks to its devastating attacks and lightning-fast movement. The G mode strategy, in which it repairs itself, is the most effective way to use it. However, the G-mode setup calls for extensive planning in advance.
Galahad Firearms User The Galahad is widely regarded as the SS class’s premier ranged combatant. Its special attack is also among the most powerful in the game. Its vulnerability earns it an A-grade, but its high quality more than makes up for that.
Belial Heavy Armor Tank If you’re looking for a reliable tank, the Belial is a good choice. It’s immune to ranged attacks and can recover if its health drops below 50%. The Belial is your safest bet if you value survivability.
Paimon Tank destroyer The Paimon, like Belial, is equipped with a recharging anti-ranged shield. It has improved crowd control options, including area-of-effect (AoE) skills that can paralyze enemy units.
Reno mk2 Invader Submarine The Reno mk2 is a devastating melee weapon that can put the pressure on enemies early in the fight. This strength is tempered by its extremely flimsy framework. The Reno is the ideal fighting mech for those who are supremely confident in their offensive abilities.
Samurai Bats Attacker When it comes to melee weapons, the Bat Samurai is a welcome change of pace. It deals a lot of damage, but it doesn’t advertise that fact. Instead, it chooses to heal itself and bolster its stealth synergies.
Dangaioh Anti-Tank Blow The Dangaioh is an excellent tool for frustrating your foes. It’s nearly impossible to kill and will constantly try to cripple you with status effects. This mech is ideal for battles that last a long time.
Susanoo Attacker Susanoos are swift attackers with a respectable suite of area-of-effect (AoE) abilities. Its arsenal is complete with a protective barrier.
Tsukiyomi Dispel an Attacker’s Range Since it can halt time and disrupt enemy waves, the Tsukiyomi is an A-rank support mech. It also has a ranged defense mechanism to protect itself.
Thor Containment of the Assault When the Thor is in a tough spot, it can heal itself or deal out status effects. Because of this, it is one of the most frustrating mechs to encounter.
Goraiga Dive Attacker An extremely rapid mech equipped with far-reaching area-of-effect attacks. However, the Goraiga’s damage output leaves something to be desired.
Jormungand Firearms User With the right components, this mech can kill from great distances. If you want to get the most out of it, have Wood or Trista fly it.

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In competitive play, you can rely on these mechs. Even though they aren’t as strong as the ones higher on the list, you shouldn’t count them out of a victory.

Mech Role Description
Xuang Wu Refuting the Attack The Xuang Wu emphasizes brute force and paralyzing throws in close quarters.
Kaguya Invader Submarine A quick mech that can deal damage using the element of fire. A reliable and devastating weapon.
Eternal Universe Targeted Shooter A top pick for taking on bosses in PvE. Igarashi’s piloting will bring out the ship’s full potential in PvP content, where it also performs admirably.
Stalker of Deer Defense against Ranged Attacks When it comes to dodging, the Deer Stalker is unrivaled. It has the ability to attack foes and then retreat, leaving them vulnerable to status conditions.
Nero S Defense against Ranged Attacks After receiving the Kai upgrade, the Nero transforms into a long-range mech. Keep this in mind, as the mech is only an F-tier without the upgrade in question.
Taotiegai Defense against Ranged Attacks Some parallels can be drawn to the Infinity Cosmos. It can also hold its own in a tank battle.
Albatross Scuba Diver The Albatross is a tank of a mech, capable of both absorbing and avoiding damage. Its durability is enhanced by the fact that it can heal itself.


These mechs are still good picks for PvP, but they need more preparation to be competitive.

Mechs Role Description
GL Lancelot Targeted Shooter High levels of resilience and adaptability. It’s only a C-rank because its damage and debuffing abilities are so mediocre.
Zhuque Dive Attacker The Zhuque has respectable attack power and utility but a weak body. There are superior mechs that offer the same benefits without compromising on safety.
Gawain Defense against Ranged Attacks The Gawain is a one-of-a-kind debuffing ranged mech with the ability to disrupt the fight.
Astaroth Tank destroyer While the Astaroth’s primary attack range is close, it can close the gap on unsuspecting foe with its grapple.
Valk SC Tank The pilot of a Valk can make use of a string of abilities at once. The Valk’s otherwise subpar statistics mitigate the impact of this seemingly overpowered ability.
Devil’s Sword Dive Attacker The Demon Blade’s blinking ability makes it difficult to capture. It can teleport around the battlefield and deal damage to enemies as it does so.
Longdan Firearms User The Longdan is a standard, ranged mech capable of firing both missiles and bullets. It’s not helpless in a close combat situation, either.
Brynhild Dive Attacker The Brynhild mech moves quickly and works well with its pilots. The problem arises because of the weapon components it employs. They are terrible.
Tao Wu Attacker Excellent as a close combat mech option. However, it’s incredibly simplistic.
Typhoon III S Targeted Shooter The Tyrant is an adequate long-range mech, but it lacks the resources to effectively counter melee attackers.
Kongou Heavey Defense against Ranged Attacks Designed to cause trouble for foes from a great distance. Due to its low damage output, it is largely useless.
Tyrant II Defense against Ranged Attacks The Tyrant II is not experiencing a particularly exciting time. Because of its unique configuration, it is primarily employed in PvE situations.
Spilornis Helicopter Has decent damage and range, but survival is entirely dependent on dodging.


You won’t see many of these mechs in PvP due to their limited utility. Some of them are especially effective in PvE situations.

Mech Role Description
R. S. Agaress Tank The Agaress’s anti-ranged shields and long-range attacks give it a high chance of survival. However, its weak damage output puts it squarely in the D-ranking.
The Police in a Riot Counterattack Against Tanks Like the Agaress, but it can counterattack. It does very little damage, too.
Baal KS Targeted Shooter The Baal drone mech has average attack power and defenses.
Artemis Q Debuff The Artemis is a good starting point if you’re just getting started. It can cause significant disruption in the system. Due to low damage and vulnerability, it struggles greatly in the late game.
Guru Hei Attacker The ability to duplicate itself and launch shurikens makes this mech an effective offensive weapon. Due to its frail nature, it has a very low chance of survival.
Tsukikage Attacker The Tsukikage’s respectable damage will get you far in PvE, but its vulnerability will hold you back in PvP.
Bloodwolf Targeted Shooter You can think of the Bloodwolf as a standard, long-range missile launcher. Generally disappointing.
Baihu Attacker The Baihu is not unlike any other melee mech out there; it is merely average.
Long Qi () Refuting the Attack Although it has poor damage and survival, this mech’s disruption capabilities are adequate.


If you’re looking for the worst mechs for PvP, look no further. You should know going in that using them will be challenging.

Mech Role Description
Blackjack Firearms User A good long-range option for challenging bosses, but it’s useless in PvP.
Star Taylor Debuff The Taylor Star fails miserably in every possible way.
Flamewind Firearms User Benefits from fire-based missiles but is weak due to its fragile state in PvP.
Tyrant I Attacker The point of the Tyrant I is to be dismantled for materials to build the Tyrant II or III.
Kamui Firearms User The Kamui isn’t a bad mech, but it’s rarely seen in PvP due to its low popularity. However, it is generally agreed that this mech is among the best for use in rushing bosses.
Juque Attacker The Juque’s shotgun style of play is unlike anything else. The issue is that it does not work. Use the parts from this robot to create something better.

How to Reroll and Unlock the Best Mechas in Iron Saga – Battle Mecha on PC

Rerolling in Iron Saga

If you aren’t happy with the results of your first free summoning attempt in a game, you can reroll by starting a new game and playing through to the point where you can do so. Especially in Iron Saga, where there are nearly 300 mechs to summon, you may need to do this dozens of times.

However, BlueStacks’ Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync functions make it possible to reroll with multiple accounts at once. Using multiple accounts won’t increase your chances of summoning stronger mechs, but it will greatly increase the rate at which you can do so.

Iron Saga makes it simple to reroll by allowing players to create an unlimited number of accounts from the login screen and switch between them after each pull. Account creation is as simple as entering a username and password, which is convenient given the likelihood of having to do so repeatedly. No email verification is required.

Starting the Game

Before venturing into the world of Iron Saga, you must first select your initial three pilots. Since you’ll eventually gain access to every pilot on this list regardless of your decision, it’s not terribly consequential. Mephis, Slokai, Linda, Matilda, Kelly, Vesper, Elaine, Catalina, and Wood are some of the most sought after characters in the Japanese server, and they make excellent pilots right off the bat.

It stands to reason that the people of Japan, Korea, and China, where Iron Saga has been available for over a year, know far more about the game than we do. There must be a good reason why they suggest picking three of the aforementioned personalities to begin with.

Play Iron Saga – Battle Mecha on PC

After selecting your top three pilots, you may have noticed that you begin with none of them. However, you will always get one of your choices for every 10x pilot summoning. However, given that we will need diamonds to summon our formidable mechs, we advise you to forego the pilot summoning and instead save your diamonds.

Iron Saga Tier List 2022 - (Update) (Best Mechs & Pilots) - Faind X

The Best Mechs

You can now begin the game after selecting your three initial pilots. You should probably pay attention to the tutorial and pick up the fundamentals if this is your first time. Don’t freak out if things seem overwhelming at first; the game doesn’t explain itself very well. As you progress through the game and win battles, you’ll learn more and more.

At the time of publication, the preregistration rewards for completing the tutorial included a whopping three thousand diamonds. If you can put away 1,000 more, you can buy two 10x mech summonings from the store, increasing your chances of unlocking some very powerful mechs. However, if you aren’t satisfied with your results, you can quickly reroll by taking your preregistration reward, rolling a 10x once, and starting over.

When you first go to summon a mech, you should keep an eye out for characters like Achilles (A-Rank), Galahad (SS-Rank), Odysseus (A-Rank), Kongou (A-Rank), and Dou Jiang Gai (SS-Rank).

While SS and SSS Ranks are generally the best choices due to their superior stats and skills, you may want to consider adding a few A-Ranks to your lineup as they are moderately powerful as well and are quite easier to upgrade as they do not require duplicates of the same mech to reach the higher ranks. Even when compared to mechs of the SS or SSS ranks, a fully upgraded A-Rank mech can be quite powerful.

The chances of summoning SS or SSS mechs are 3% each, while the odds of summoning A-Rank mechs on a 10x summoning are 90%. This means that you will likely need to reroll many times before unlocking your target mechs. Fortunately, as we’ve just mentioned, there are a number of A-Ranks that, regardless of their current position on your team, you should strongly consider recruiting.

Once you’ve managed to call upon at least one of the aforementioned mechs, you should connect your account with Twitter to safeguard your data even further. This way, if you ever misplace your login information, you can simply sign in with your Twitter account and continue playing without losing any progress.

Preregistration bonuses make it simple to call upon powerful mechs in Iron Saga. In fact, if you summon ten times, you will definitely get a rank between A and SSS. In addition, you can use our BlueStacks tools to play with multiple accounts at once, allowing you to rapidly and easily summon powerful characters.

How to Choose the Right Mech for the Right Role?

Now that we have an in-depth knowledge of the tier list, I’d like to assist you in selecting the best mech for your playstyle. After all, it doesn’t matter how powerful a mech is if you don’t feel confident piloting it.

Choosing the right mech requires taking into account not only your preferred role in Iron Saga, but also your preferred playstyle.

The offensive role, represented by attacks, and the defensive role, represented by survival skills, are the game’s two primary foci. Tank, melee, ranged, and so on are all types of attacks. The same can be said for defense, which also splits up into different subsets.

Knowing your intended role and preferred playstyle will help you select the Mech that is right for you. If you’re the type of player who always rushes in for the kill, like I am, then you need a mech that can withstand the impact.

  • Is an Effective Melee Fighter
  • Is nimble and quick

I’ve determined that Asura is the optimal mech for my requirements and preferred mode of play. This is how you’ll determine which mech to use in a given situation.

Just remember that you need to assess your playstyle and role in order to determine which mech best fits you.

When searching for a match, it is best to begin at the top of the tier list and work your way down through each increment.


The article has reached its conclusion now that all relevant information about the Iron Saga tier list has been presented.

This article provides a concise summary of the Iron saga mech Tier list, which is ranked from best to worst.

To help you find the Mech that fits your playstyle and needs the most, this article also discusses how to choose the right Mech for the right role.

Before I go, tell me which mech you like best and what loadout you like to use with it in the comments. Please share your thoughts with me. I trust this article was informative and answered your questions.