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This ranked list of all heroes is extremely helpful if you want to get the most out of your team in Last Cloudia. Our final ranking of Cloudia can be found below.

New from AIDIS, Last Cloudia combines a gripping story with exciting battles and a deep role-playing game system. The basic idea is that you and your party embark on an epic journey, and as you go, you find and recruit new members of your party to join your cause. These new members are the “heroes” of the game.

The game uses gacha mechanics, wherein the player pays either in-game or real money to summon a random hero at random, in order to obtain these heroes. These heroes each have their own special skills and abilities.

The equality of the heroes is not implied by this symmetry. There’s most definitely a meta for the game that consists of the top characters, the ones who can breeze through the story with relative ease.

So, we compiled this list so you can quickly see which heroes are the best to use in the game.

Any player looking to build the strongest possible team should refer to this list. Okay, let’s get down to business.

Please take note that only story, permanent, and Descent of Heroes units are featured here. The exception is for seasonal housing.

Last Cloudia – A Quick Introduction

On April 15, 2019, the free-to-play action role-playing game Last Cloudia was introduced. The AIDIS organization created and released it. It works with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Last Cloudia Best Characters Tier List 2023 - Gamer Tweak

The objective of the game is to save the world by controlling a character who must fight through waves of enemies. The game’s story is told filmically, and it features a vast, expansive world. Players will get the sense that they are in the middle of the action thanks to the game’s fantastic background music.

The game’s wide selection of customizable units and open-ended training system make it fun for everyone to create their own dream squad. PvP allows players to test their mettle against others, and there are plenty of quests and achievements for players of all skill levels to enjoy.

Having such a talented group of voice actors bring the story to life is a huge plus.


At this point in time, these players are the most powerful in the game. You won’t find any glaring flaws in them, and their statistics and skills will come in handy no matter where your adventure takes you.

Hero Type Role Element
Meteor Sevia Soldier Breaker, Melee Damage Dealt Lightning
Saviour Davan Soldier Combat Damage Dealer, Tank Earth


Superb heroes who, given the right conditions, can compete with S-Tier foes. In spite of their weaknesses, their overall power makes up for it.

Hero Type Role Element
Leena is a powerful witch. Sorcerer Healer Earth
Lily God Magical Damage Per Second at a Distance In the Light, in the Shadows
Shining Sword Blaze Soldier Melee DPS Darkness, Fire
Sevia, Princess of the Killing Ice Soldier Melee DPS Ice
The Huge Goroth Creature Carry, Melee Damage Dealer Neutral
Zaix Soldier Damage Dealing Martial Artist, Destroyer, Robber Neutral
Zekus, Ice Commander Sorcerer Effective Damage Dealt at Range by a Magical Effect, Breaker Ice


Superb heroes who just need a little tweaking to make them overpowered. They are not the game’s strongest units, but they’re very good nonetheless.

Hero Type Role Element
Vaughn, the Valiant Flame Soldier Breaker’s Melee DPS Fire
Lanceveil Knight Tank Lightning
Zouglas Knight Combat Damage Dealer, Tank Earth
Shadow Bandit Robin Soldier DPS in melee, robber Dark
Robin, the Master Thief Soldier Damage Dealt in Melee, Robber Dark
Noblewoman Princess Lilah Sorcerer Magical Ranged DPS and Healer Light
Lords of the Three Wise Men’s Dyne Sorcerer Magical Ranged Damage Dealt Inferno, Pitch Black
As told by Doura Bluebeard Soldier Damage Dealt in Melee, Counter Ice
Gorm, Prince Soldier Direct Damage from Melee, Tank, and Support Neutral
Lukiel God Direct Damage From Melee, and Support Light

Last Cloudia Best Characters Tier List 2023 - Gamer Tweak


Commonly regarded as heroes, though. They won’t amaze you, but you shouldn’t ignore them either.

Hero Type Role Element
Melza the Reaper of Souls God Physical and magical damage dealt in melee Dark
Shin Godhunter – Seeking God Soldier Melee DPS Neutral
The Blood Was Rising Sorcerer Breaker, a Melee Magical DPS Dark
Blaze, the Lilebette Sniper Support, Ranged DPS Neutral
Rei, Mystical Beast Beast Breaker Cold, Thunder


Heroes who need balancing changes to compete with those of higher tiers.

Hero Type Role Element
Eliza Sorcerer Amazing damage per second Fire
Maddine Sorcerer Physical and magical damage dealt in melee, support, tank Earth
Shocking Theria, a Girl with a Mysterious Past Sorcerer Helper, Advocate Light
Romel the Beast Beast Statistically Significant Damage Per Second in Melee, and Support Light
Selios Soldier Melee DPS Ice


When it comes to the current meta, these heroes are the weakest. We suggest that you get new ones as soon as possible.

Hero Type Role Element
Hero Graevin of the Skies Spirit Melee DPS Neutral
Assailant Kyle Soldier Damage Per Second Dealt in Melee, Breaker Fire
A Melza, the White Knight Knight Attack Damage, and Helper Light

Last Cloudia Reroll Tier List 2022: Best Characters to Try Your Luck With

Many gacha games, including Genshin Impact, feature a reroll option. You’ll need to sign up for a brand new account if you want to try your luck at the early Last Cloudia bounties. In the end, this will allow you to acquire the characters of your choice without having to spend any real-world money to do so.

Most players who choose to reroll do so with the Tier-S Last Cloudia names in mind, given their obvious power potential. Don’t forget to make a few additions from the lower tiers, as the characters who live there might also be the best choice.

We suggest keeping an eye out for the following when rerolling. These are the top Last Cloudia characters from tiers lower than S, some of whom may end up surprising you with their worth.

  • Kyle

Kyle prefers to use melee weapons against most foes. He uses the combined might of his formidable skills and the speed with which he can unleash his attacks to quickly dispatch his opponents. The best character also has access to area-of-effect and ranged attacks.

Then what? Kyle can call forth a powerful shadow clone to fight on his behalf. If his allies are in trouble, he can boost their STR by a factor of three. Which means that the rest of the group benefits from Kyle’s participation as well. Despite this, the character’s soft spots still show through at odd moments.

However, with Kyle’s reliable attack set and fast move recharge rate, players can achieve the massive damage inflicting potential required early on.

  • Rei

While Rei may not seem incredible at first glance, she can become a truly unique character in the right hands. He also possesses a small area of effect (AoE) manifestation ability and a unique lightning one. Rei’s ability to increase his crit rate for spells and attacks, as well as his resilience in the face of danger, are both useful complements to this.

All sorts of opposing beasts are no match for Rei’s ability to rain down 10,000,000 Volt thunderbolts upon them. The character has a low ultimate recharge rate and INT, however. Also, his MP is below average. While early victory via Rei is relatively simple to achieve for most players, defeating the game’s final bosses can be a challenge for some.

  • White Melza

A fighter skilled in close quarters combat and a competent healer. White Melza is accustomed to delivering quick attacks while displaying a 360-degree attack stance. Light Area-of-Effect attacks range from close-range to long-range. As icing on the cake, she maxes it out by including extra elemental damage, which also has a very rapid reload time.

As for White Melza’s healing abilities, she can restore HP to all party members and fix damage done to MP and defense when HP is critically low. For a Last Cloudia reroll team, White Melza can be a fantastic Light damage rendering support unit. However, its full potential can be unlocked by players with more experience.

  • Theria

Theria’s primary function is that of a healer, but she also has powerful long-range attacks that can help your team take out enemies from afar. In this category are attacks with a large area of effect that use Light, as well as attacks that use Light as an element. While her other skills are adequate, Theria excels at healing her allies and neutralizing their negative effects.

But when her health is low, the character has no defenses left. Theria has a painfully slow recharging time, too. Theria is a good choice if you need a healer on your reroll team who can also provide occasional support for your ranged attack stance.

  • Zekus

If you want to inflict your opponents with some cool magic ranged attacks, he is a great magical unit to summon on board. Zekus’s arsenal also includes small ice attacks that are paired with high break power, but these come at the expense of a slow reloading speed.

However, the larger ice attacks are well worth the wait as they will render the enemies’ vision nearly useless. In addition to being the team’s best fighter, this Last Cloudia member can increase their teammates’ intelligence and strength. Zekus’s ultimate skill has a relatively fast recharge rate, despite the slow reloading time.

  • Lilebette

Like Rei, this C-Tier character may not look too promising to most players, but they can be a fantastic asset to a reroll team if you’re willing to take a chance on them. Lilebette prefers ranged combat to close quarters combat. Her ranged attacks deal a lot of damage, she reloads quickly, and she can deal area-of-effect damage, so she can be used against bosses from any distance.

Lilebette has a fast ultimate attack and a fast recharge time. Combine this character with two melee specialists and you’ll be well-equipped to take on any challenge in Last Cloudia.

You are correct in your assumption. There are also good healing stats on board for Lilebette. Overall, players should focus on syncing Lilebette with strong units to get as much out of her as possible.

However, players who want to reroll their characters also need Arks. These Arks are not only useful for simplifying the first adventure, but are also the primary factor in determining the abilities of the character you create. You should stop looking for Cloudia Arks after you find these.

  • Sandwyrm
  • Starship Lonvalion
  • Legnis, the Pirate Ship

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the ranking system work?

This order is determined by the total strength of each unit. To put it simply, the higher a unit’s statistics, the higher it will be in the overall rankings. Comparing two units with equal HP, one with a higher attack will be considered superior.

2. Why do players use the Last Cloudia tier list?

One of the primary functions of the Last Cloudia tier list is to help players prioritize their character purchases. This is a great way for beginners to select their first companion and find one that complements their playstyle.

Last Cloudia Tier List: The Best Characters Ranked in Order 2023

3. Which tier includes the best characters?

Characters who are the absolute best in the Last Cloudia are found in the S tier. The heroes of this story are so potent that they can easily defeat their foes.

4. Which tier includes the worst characters?

As a whole, the Last Cloudia’s worst characters are located in Tier F. These people don’t have much firepower and will likely die easily in battle.

5. How often is the Last Cloudia tier list updated?

As more details about the characters become available, the tier list will be revised accordingly. This means that it is subject to change at any time, so check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.

6. Why do players use the Last Cloudia tier list?

Most players consult the Last Cloudia tier list when trying to decide which character is the best to level up. To find the first companion that fits your playstyle, this is a great option for those just starting out.

Final Words

A good time can be had by all in Last Cloudia, but only if the player picks the right character. If you consult the most recent Cloudia tier list, you’ll be able to pick the best possible unit for your next fight.

We wish you much success in your gaming endeavors, and we hope that this article has helped you improve your game play and make good use of the tier list. Pick carefully, friends, and may the best team triumph!

Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions in the space provided below. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible. The article has been read.