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Because of the large number of heroes available in AFK Arena, players can try out a variety of game modes.

You’ll quickly learn, as you will in most games of this type, that some units are worth your time and effort while others aren’t.

We’ve graded AFK Arena’s heroes based on how valuable they are to players in this list. You’ll want to read the descriptions of each tier that we’ve included if you want to put together the finest possible party.

Tier List Methodology

The following considerations were taken into account when creating this tier list:

  • Due to our focus on the endgame, we’ve created a list that implies all heroes are at least level 240 and have attained full acclaim.
  • The feasibility of the hero in various game modes is taken into account.
  • Synergy with other party members is also taken into account.

Tier List

Every hero was assessed not just on their overall rating, but also on their performance in the game modes PvE, PvP, Arcane Labyrinth, and Quests. There are a lot of different ways to maximize your party, and this information can help you make better judgments.

  • Because of their incredible stats and value in the endgame, these heroes are worth every second invested. These heroes have a wide range of skills and abilities, making it possible to use them in a wide variety of party settings.
  • In the later phases of the game, A-tier heroes are quite effective, but they lack too many other qualities to be included in the S-tier list. No matter where your team is in the game, these are still important bringing up whenever possible.
  • In the endgame, where every stat point matters in all game modes, B-tier units are good, but they don’t stand out.
  • As a general rule, C-tier characters aren’t worth keeping around unless you have a really particular reason for keeping them in your party late in the game.
  • D-tier: It’s best to get rid of these early on in the game’s final stages of grinding. In higher-level combat, they serve no purpose.


Ainz Ooal Gown

The first hero on our AFK Arena tier list is Aniz Oal Gowan. The very sight of him is enough to fill his adversaries with dread. Aniz’s ultimate ability, Fallen Down, allowing him to simultaneously target numerous foes.


Khazard is yet another powerful hero in the series. Frozen Mist is his most powerful talent. It gives him the ability to set off an explosion, which deals 130% damage to anyone caught in its path. Immediately following the explosion, a mist covers the battlefield for 14 seconds and deals 40% damage to any foes within it.


Unlike the widely renowned Lord of the Rings series, Merlin looks like Gandalf the Grey. He is a Support hero who has the ability to unleash Destiny Foreseen, an ultimate power. Using this ability, he can help his comrades by lowering the damage they take by 25%. This is one of his strongest abilities ever.


In AFK Arena, Zaphrael’s teleportation skills are some of the most useful because they let him move across the battlefield at will. A devastating set of seven lightning bolts can be unleashed on his foes with his ultimate ability, Lightning Purge, which allows him to teleport to a congested area.


With the addition of Eluard, the crew has yet another wizard who can lend a hand in battle. Eluard’s ultimate skill, Sanctimony, allows him to summon a powerful shield that absorbs a large amount of damage before it can be destroyed. You can hurl practically anything at the shield and it will take it like a champ.


When it comes to combat, Athalia relies on two razor-sharp blades to dispatch her foes. Her greatest asset is the lightning-quickness of her attacks. With Divine Fury she can unleash a sequence of rapid-fire assaults on her adversaries that inflict 160 percent damage on all of them.


As like Athalia, Eironn fights his foes with a pair of dual-wielding blades. In spite of this, he has the ability to merge his two blades into one deadly weapon. The combined blade’s attacks inflict roughly 270 percent damage.


When Ferael fights his adversaries, he employs a bow in the style of Hawkeye from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A powerful arrow can be fired at numerous adversaries at the same time using his ultimate ability, called Nether Blaze.


Ungodly Defiance is the name of Lucertia’s ultimate power. She has the power to take in two skulls, although this only happens once. For the second time, she can unleash a devastating amount of AoE damage on her enemies.


When it comes to fighting, Lyca prefers to employ a bow and arrow against the enemy. The use of Star Shot, her ultimate power, is as simple as shooting an arrow in the direction of your target. Damage is increased by 220 percent as the enemy is pushed back as well.


Popular video game series “Assassin’s Creed” has made Ezio a household name. A master of stealth, he is able to take down his prey without drawing attention to him. If the health of the marked targets drops below 27%, he can utilize his ultimate ability to instantly execute them.

Elijah and Lailah

Arknight’s most powerful duo is Elijah and Lailah. Their ultimate power has two distinct consequences on the world around them. For starters, it has the potential to improve their health by 35%. Both of them begin to dance when the ability is activated, which helps them excite their comrades and raises their Haste. The effect lasts around 8 seconds.


Ezizh, like Khazard, can use his ultimate ability, Fissure, to cause an explosion. Anyone caught in the blast suffers a 180 percent increase in damage. An additional 5 seconds of fire damage is inflicted on foes who are standing on the ground.


With the help of his beloved duck, Rowan is a Support hero. When he throws gold coins on the ground, he can fool his foes. The enemy will be shocked for 4 seconds if they pick up the gold coins. However, if they are picked up by a teammate, they will get an additional 50 energy.


Assisting teammates is one of Silas’s greatest strengths in AFK Arena. A rare drug that he injects into his weakest partner allows him to boost their Attack Rating by 50%, making them more dangerous. After the injection, the target ally is also immune for 8 seconds.


Talene has a special skill that allows her to transform into a fierce phoenix. It’s called “Fire Born.” Her normal attacks begin to do more damage in this form, which grants Talene a powerful shield.


It takes Tasi only four seconds to put her prey to sleep. A large group of adversaries can be taken down swiftly when they are asleep thanks to this ability. Upon waking up, the enemy targeted take 25% more damage.


‘Soul Feast’ is Daimon’s ultimate power, and he’s a Tank hero. This gives him the ability to deal 260 percent more damage to all of his targets at once.


The primary goal of Titus’ Temple Guardian ultimate ability is to improve his odds of surviving combat. 35 percent less damage is taken from enemy strikes, as well as immunity to control effects.


Albedo is instantly recognisable to fans of the Overlord series. Ginnungagap, her ultimate ability, allowing her to teleport to a hostile region and do 300 percent more AoE damage to all opponents inside that area than she would normally deal. You can use this ability when you want to take out a large group of foes at once.


When Alna summons a Blizzard, she can deliver 340 percent more damage to a group of opponents. Winter War Cry, her ultimate power, allows her to achieve this. The Haste of all heroes can be reduced by 40 points as a passive effect of this ability. The major drawback, on the other hand, is a decrease in her teammates’ reaction time.


You know what’s stronger than a Saurus? A pair of Saurus. Sasurus may create a phased replica of himself utilizing his ultimate ability. You may expect this version to perform the same strikes as he does and to take down every adversary in its path.


Toxic Transfusion, Izold’s ultimate ability, focuses on increasing his numbers. It can help him regain half of the health he lost while fighting. In addition, his Attack Rating will rise by 35%, and his Haste will rise by 20%. Only 12 seconds will elapse before the effect wears off.



Flora is the first of our Arknights tier list’s A-tier characters. Now, she may appear innocent, but that’s not the case. Using her Sea of Flowers ultimate skill, she can deliver 200 percent damage to a whole group of opponents at once.


Lorsan, a Mage, has the power to summon a tempest from thin air. Damage is dealt to all foes in its vicinity by the tempest. What makes it even more terrifying is the fact that it continues to expand until it reaches its maximum size, at which point it explodes and injures everyone caught in its path.


On our tier list, we have yet another Mage, Morael, to add. Star Core can be summoned with her Cosmic Field ability. One of her greatest advantages is that she is immune to Control Effects because to this Star Core.


A Shadow Mastiff statue placed in front of an opponent can be used by Leofric to tease them. It will target the enemy with the greatest Attack Rating, and if it is destroyed before its time is up, the enemy will lose 18% of its Attack Rating.


With her greatest skill, young Pippa is capable of mimicking Nemora, Arden and Tasi in their most basic form. Only one hero’s ultimate ability can be imitated by her. If all three heroes are present on her team, she will select the hero with the best powers, regardless of which one she has on hand.


Using her tremendous energy orb, Safiya may strike her prey. Safiya’s charging time affects the amount of damage the orb inflicts. 100% of all damage is inflicted by the orb. However, the orb’s damage increases by 540 percent when fully charged. You can utilize this ability to quickly take down a powerful enemy.


Skraith’s ultimate ability, Desert Vortex, allows him to create a sand vortex, as its name suggests. Typically, Skriath places the vortex at the center of the opposing party. The vortex drags all nearby opponents into it and deals 70% damage each second to anything caught in its path. Approximately 5 seconds is more than enough time.


Gwyneth, like Ferael, utilizes a bow to take down her foes, just like Ferael. Using her ultimate skill, she can shoot an arrow into the sky that splits into several smaller arrows. The enemies are then hit with a 210 percent damage increase from the arrows that rain down on them.


Persona 5’s Joker is a Persona 5 crossover hero. Arsene can be summoned using his ultimate power, allowing him to obtain some more help. Whenever Arsene is called, it assaults anything in its path, dealing 260 percent more damage than normal.


Mesmerize, Mehria’s most powerful talent, helping her put her adversaries in a difficult situation. She has the ability to bring all of them together in front of her and then cause them to fight for four seconds.




With his ultimate talent, Kren is able to set down the launcher and fire two shells in less than a second. He may keep firing shells for 10 seconds at a time, each doing 180 percent AoE damage to all targets. There are 20 shells in this time frame, which is enough to take out a group of adversaries.


Thoran, the Fallen King, possesses one of the game’s most devastating ultimate abilities. His weapon has a special ability called Retaliation, which allows him to deliver 140 percent more damage when he swings it at his foes. The finest aspect is that Thoran becomes immune to control abilities when this ability is employed. In addition, he receives less damage from opposing assaults as a result.


A single adversary can be targeted by Nakoruru’s ultimate ability, although it is exceedingly harsh. She begins by knocking the enemy to the ground and removing all of their defensive shields. Nakoruru then stabs the opponent cruelly and inflicts 480 percent of the target’s maximum health damage on it.

Prince of Persia

Crossover hero from the Prince of Persia film series, he goes by the name of Prince of Persia. He’s so well-known that nearly every player can identify him. While playing in the AFK Arena, he has the Sands of Time ultimate ability, which allows him to inflict 230 percent more damage and stun his opponents.


As a Support hero, Desira has a variety of healing skills that benefit both her and the other members of her squad. Sieren’s Call is her most powerful ability, and she can use it to heal both herself and her friends. Attack Rating is equal to 130 percent of the amount of health Desira’s teammates will receive.


On our tier list for AFK Arena, we have Mortas, yet another Support hero with a disturbing appearance. With Empowerment he may help his teammates by giving them Attack Rating and Attack Speed points, which he can use to help them in battle.


None of the others can match Nemora’s dedication to assisting his teammates. When she activates her ultimate ability named Wild Wonder, which is 30% of her maximum health, she can heal the entire team. When your entire squad is pinned into a corner and running low on health, this ability can come in handy. It is, nevertheless, possible for them to make an incredible comeback with this strategy.


A longer time on the battlefield is made possible by Rosaline’s Motivation ultimate ability. Rosaline will follow an ally of hers until they are slain if she is used. She will suffer 40% less damage during this period. Rosaline will automatically start following the one with the highest Combat Rating if you fail to identify a suitable ally to follow.


As one of the most powerful swords in the AFK Arena, Arthur wields Excalibur. Smite, his ultimate power, is likewise based on this blade. When activated, Arthur will be able to inflict more damage with his regular attacks.


Grezhul, a tank hero, has the ability to summon a gravestone behind his enemies. When the gravestone is activated, it will inflict 130 percent damage on all foes in its vicinity. A skeleton will be summoned by the hero after that, and it will take on all of the enemies in its path.


Mezoth’s ultimate power allows him to become completely resistant to any kind of control effect. To be effective, the patient must be in good health and be at least 50 percent there. Debuffs will only last half as long on Mezoth while this ability is active.


Orthros’s ability in AFK Arena is one of the best. With Time Suspension, he may pause the clock for three seconds. In this time, everything except Orthros is frozen solid. With each subsequent hit, he will inflict 60 percent damage on the weakest enemy.


Kaz’s Assassinate ability allows her to rush behind her enemy’s back and attack them twice, each time inflicting 250 percent of the target’s maximum damage. Kaz will then resume her previous employment. The finest thing is that Kaz cannot be assaulted while he is using this ability. Because of this, there is no way to prevent her from executing this devastating move.


Skreg’s Beast of Burden ultimate ability allows him to ride his Iron-Jaw. When he’s riding it, his attacks do 30% more damage. Furthermore, he is immune to all forms of control at this time. Iron-main Jaw’s drawback is that he can ride it indefinitely until he exhausts his energy reserves.


In order to ruthlessly slay her foes, Nara’s weapon has been meticulously developed. Using her ultimate ability, Butchery, she can inflict 110 percent damage on her target. However, the overall damage is increased by six times if the target’s health is lower than 40%. This implies that she has the power to deal a single fatal blow to her adversary.


Persona 5’s Queen is yet another one of our top-ranked AFK Arena heroes. Using her ultimate power, Johanna may produce a nuclear tornado while riding her bike around in battle. As a result, the tornado swoops in and deals 60% damage to everything in its path. Final blow: The tornado delivers a 200 percent AoE damage strike to the enemy before it vanishes.

Wu Kong

Using Wu Kong’s Cloud Clones, he is able to get out of some dangerous circumstances. When Wu Kong is activated, he will send forth three clones of himself and then vanish. For the duration of three seconds, the clones will be able to use his usual attacks. Waving his arms once more in battle, Wu Long will make his way back to the fray. You can use this ability when you’re running low on health and need to get out of the area immediately.



Using her magic, Belinda can take out a big number of foes at once. All foes in the area take 110 percent of their health with her ultimate ability, Divine Light. This is the finest portion since she performs the assault four times, resulting in 440 percent damage.


Isabella’s Decimation ultimate power allows her to unleash eight arcane orbs, which is quite impressive. In order to do 220 percent more damage per orb, these orbs are directed at opposing heroes. Priority is given to those enemies with the lowest HP.


Oden’s ultimate ability, Soul Burn, can severely disadvantage his opponent. Oden may use it to target the adversary with the most energy, and then drain them of all of their energy with ease. The target will be drained of energy and suffer damage equal to 160 percent of their maximum health.


Heal yourself and your opponents at the same time using Shemira’s Tortured Souls ability. When activated, Shemria will be surrounded by a horde of souls that will attack and inflict damage on all adjacent opponents. Furthermore, Shemria will gain health equal to 50% of the damage done by the ability. Around 12 seconds is the average lifespan of a soul.


Our AFK Arena tier list includes another innocent-looking but dangerous hero in the form of Solise. Using her Blossom Fall ability, she can do 280 percent more damage to a group of foes than she would normally do to them. To help Solise’s other powers, 20 cherry blossom leaves will fall on to the ground for the duration of the ability.


Cecilia’s single-target assault is one of the most potent in the AFK Arena. Her ultimate ability, Judgement Day, allows her to summon a divine blade that lands on the skull of her enemy. The damage is increased by a factor of three hundred percent.


Drez may appear to be a small creature, yet he is capable of putting his opponent through an absolute torment. While utilizing Deadly Ambush, Drez can stalk the weakest enemy for 15 seconds before unleashing his ultimate ability on them. His melee attacks do more damage while this ability is active. In addition, his Crit Rate soars to 100%, making his onslaught even more devastating.


A Ranged hero, Fawkes has the Purification ultimate ability. It gives him the ability to deal 130% damage to a group of opponents at once. Because of this, all buffs are removed from the target.


Undoubtedly, Kelthur’s Blades of Fury are a one-of-a-kind power in the game. Using this, he can throw a shuriken at his target, which will also inflict damage on any other enemies in its path. Kelthur vanishes for a while, but reappears when the shuriken is about to hit the ultimate target after a period of time. Then, he snatches the shuriken and launches a 180-percent attack on the target. The remaining foes are dealt 65 percent damage for every hit they take.


A single enemy is the target of Respen’s ultimate ability, which also allows him to have fun with the target. Inflicts 250 percent damage while launching his target into the air. In addition, the target is stunned for a total of three seconds as a result.


Despite being a Ranged hero, Theowyn is another one of our AFK Arena’s creepier characters. In order to use her ultimate ability, Spectral Divergence, she can send out specters of herself in various directions. Everyone who comes into contact with the specters takes a 150 percent increase in harm. All attacks against Theowyn will be ineffective during this period. However, this has the drawback of preventing her from benefiting from any boosts given to her by her teammates.




Tidus’ Twisted Fate ultimate ability allows him to spin extremely quickly and inflict 160 percent damage on all foes in the vicinity. Finally, he comes to a halt and engages the weakest adversary in range. In the final assault, the damage is doubled.


As a Support hero, Numisu has the ability to heal those around him. Two of his allies can be healed by his ultimate ability, which is based on his own Attack Rating. In addition, while he’s healing, all opponents within a 260 percent AoE radius of the targeted heroes take 260 percent AoE damage for the duration of their healing.


Peggy relies heavily on two of her Royal Guards on the battlefield. Her ultimate ability, Duty Bound, gives the guards 45 haste points and a higher defense rating than they already have. For a total of 12 seconds, the effect is visible. While this ability is in effect, Peggy will summon a second security guard who will utilize his shield to protect her and her allies from any harm.


AFK Arena’s Brutus has one of the most intimidating appearances. Using his strong sword, he fights off his enemies as a Tank hero. His ultimate ability, Whirlwind, allows him to strike twice at his adversaries.


Hendrik may have lost one of his eyes at some point in the past, but it hasn’t prevented him from defeating great adversaries in the past. As his ultimate ability, his Crippling Blow allows him to strike the ground with his shield, which causes 140 percent damage to all adjacent enemies. In addition, the attack temporarily blinds the victims.


There is little doubt that Zolrath stands out as one of the most distinctive characters in the entire game. He has the ability to conjure a Time Rift, which he can use to heal himself, thanks to his ultimate ability. However, he loses 120 energy points for every 7.5 percent increase in his maximum health.


With her Joust ability, Estrilda can charge in a straight line and inflict 60% damage on all adversaries. Afterward, she’ll unleash a final attack that will inflict an additional 150% damage.


As part of his ultimate attack, Warek can inflict 65 percent damage on his opponent. It’s a bonus that when this is activated, Warek is completely resistant to all forms of control.



Satrana is a Mage with the ultimate power of Firedance. When she activates this ability, she can do her Fire Dance, in which her attacks inflict 80 percent of their target’s maximum health loss. The final attack, on the other hand, deals a whopping 2000% damage. When Satrana is dancing, her foes are unable to attack or control her.


As a tank, Anoki may summon a group of Iron-Jaw creatures that will wreak havoc on anything they come into contact with. When a creature hits an adversary, it deals 50% damage. You can use this when your team is outnumbered.


The slingshot-wielding hero Raku battles his foes from a distance. The slingshot’s assaults may appear weak, but they are quite powerful. A slingshot shot from Raku’s ultimate ability deals 330 percent more damage to the weakest adversary. In addition, the target is stunned for four seconds by the strike.


Raine’s Cripple ultimate ability allows her to mark her foes with a Bounty Mark. She obtains 80 energy points each second for 10 seconds whenever she eliminates a marked adversary. This indicates that she gets 800 energy points for killing her enemy. The enemy’s assault gains 15% more damage as a result of the Bounty Mark, so be careful.


Despite the fact that Gorvo’s ultimate ability isn’t anything exceptional, it nevertheless allows him to inflict a fair amount of damage on his foes. Attacks are dealt at a 130 percent rate when Gorvo’s roar is activated. Additionally, he can use the roar to tease some of his adversaries if they are within its range.


Multiple adversaries can be targeted at the same time with Vurk’s Crossbow. This power allows him to run wild for 15 seconds. During this moment, he unleashes a barrage of lightning bolts, causing 100 percent damage to every target he hits.


As a tank hero, Lucius is able to protect his comrades. When Lucius activates his ultimate ability, Heaven’s Protection, he can defend his comrades from oncoming strikes. This is ideal for when your colleagues need a breather before resuming combat with the adversary.


AFK Arena Tier 5 hero Torne is yet another distinctive and creepy-looking character. For eight seconds, he has the ability to unleash bone spikes on the ground that inflict 300 percent damage on all opponents that walk through them. With the help of his Piercing Bones ultimate power, he can accomplish this.


Baden is another another hero with the ability to enlist the assistance of a third party in the fight against his foes. Using the ultimate power of his Phantom Assassin, he can unleash a Phantom on the battlefield, ready to pounce on any adversary who comes within range. The finest aspect is that the Phantom will not fade away over time, but rather will be extinguished when he is killed.


Khasos attacks his foes with a pair of axes. However, he has the ability to use more of them during fight. As an example, his ultimate ability, Spinning Obliteration, allows him to unleash five axes that each deal 220 percent damage.


In battle, Ukyo wields a sword, as do all samurai. When he uses his ultimate ability, he may deal 10 powerful but rapid attacks to a large number of enemies at once. Ukyo deals 70 percent damage on each hit. Finally, he unleashes a devastating blow that flies the adversaries away.



Ira is another another AFK Arena hero with the ability to dispatch her adversaries with a bow. Ten arrows are fired at a group of foes, each doing 80 percent damage, and her ultimate ability, Hail of Arrows, allows her to do so.


Throwing four knives on the ground can produce a mystical aura. While under the aura, his haste is amplified by 100. All opponents within 270 feet of the aura take 270 percent AoE damage as a result of this effect. After 11 seconds, the halo fades away.


An assassin, Silvina understands how to get the job done. Fatal Strike is her ultimate ability, and it allows her to sneak up on an opponent in an instant. She will next unleash a devastating blow that will inflict a whopping 110% of the damage. You should keep in mind that when the ability is utilized, Silvina will target the enemy that has the most energy.


In battle, Thane wields a formidable sword, and the majority of his strikes center around it. Eviscerate, his ultimate ability, allows him to strike multiple targets seven times. Thane does 80 percent damage on each strike. Thane deals 80 percent damage on each hit. In addition, Thane is protected from all opponent attacks by this ability.


Hogan, like Thane, is a Tank hero who fights with a sword. Because Hogan’s sword appears to be much larger than Thane’s, this is the only difference. When it comes to his ultimate ability, it allows him to unleash a tremendous assault that inflicts 200 percent damage on his foes.


Niru’s Death Call ultimate ability is rather simple. AFK Arena’s ultimate ability may be the simplest in the game. Niru may inflict 220 percent more damage on the weakest adversary when she activates it.


Love and Peace is Angelo’s ultimate power, and he can use it to stop his opponents from attacking him. There is a four-second timeout when attacking the targets. In addition, they suffer a total loss of life as a result.


Arden is one of AFK Arena’s oldest characters. Force of Nature, one of his ultimate abilities, enabling him to deal 150 percent magic damage to his targets by sending out a powerful force.


Deep Roots, Ulmus’ final and most powerful talent, enabling him to root himself firmly into the ground. For the duration of the war, he remains this way. Since his Attack Rating increases by 40%, his opponents can’t use any control effects on him during this time period. Ulmus gains 40% of his maximum health when this ability is used.


Known as Fire Phoenix, Mirael can summon a Phoenix to attack any foe in its path using her final and most powerful ability. The Phoenix may inflict up to a quarter of its target’s maximum health loss with its assaults.


Antandra’s ultimate power, Fury Strike, allows her to unleash a barrage of assaults on many targets at once. The final blow does a stunning 190 percent damage, with each hit giving half as much damage as the previous one. In addition, the final blow temporarily blinds the victims for a period of three seconds.


It is possible for Rigby to target a single target with his ultimate ability, the Barrel Bomb. Upon impact, the barrel deals 150 percent damage.


On our AFK Arena tier list, we’d like to name Seirus as the final hero. He has the ability to unleash huge waves of water that inflict 70% damage on his foes. Enemies who are trapped in the waves are likewise temporarily incapacitated by the force of the currents.

Additional Tips When Building Your Party

Gacha games are at the heart of AFK Arena. As a result, you have no immediate control over the characters you’ll get in the game. Best players always devise strategies around their current hero lineups rather than those they wish to have, in order to get past non-optimal hero lineups in this way.

But if you want to maximize your party in AFK Arena, you need to recognize early on that some heroes are simply superior than others in the long run. This could be due to other heroes hitting their maximum mid-game stat increase or simply being outclassed.

In order to get an idea of how your heroes will fare in the long run, you can use this tier list. You need to think strategically in AFK Arena, and this list will help you do just that!


Who is the most powerful hero in AFK Arena?

In the AFK Arena, Ainz Ooal Gown and Athalia are two of the most formidable heroes.

Who is the weakest hero in AFK Arena?

Both Rigby and Serius are among the game’s weakest heroes.