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There are several weapons in Valorant that aren’t worth your time or money. In spite of the ever-changing meta, we’ve ranked the greatest weapons below.

Valorant’s weaponry have been meticulously sorted into various tiers for your convenience.

In order to choose which firearms are worth your time and money, consult our list of Valorous firearms.

Key weapon information, such as head, body and leg/arm injuries for every bullet struck, can also be viewed, along with the cost.

Valorant Weapon Tier List | Best Valorant Weapons for Every Situation

Patch 4.0 Valorant Weapon Tier List



As the default handgun, the Classic features standard left-click firing as well as right-click burst shooting. If you’re looking to buy both armor and abilities, the Classic is still a strong option in pistol rounds.

Even though it costs 150 credits, the Shorty is one of the most feared weapons in the game. It’s the most cost-effective option for close-quarters shooting because it’s a small shotgun that usually nets at least one kill if the enemy pushes you.

The Frenzy is a fully automatic handgun that excels in close-quarters combat. Because of this, a Frenzy is a good choice for both holding and retaking territory.

As one of the best pistol round buys, Ghost’s bullets can take out adversaries without armor in a single shot. The Ghost’s clip holds the most bullets of any gun in the game, allowing it to swiftly dispatch many opponents with a single shot.

Due to its high price and low ammunition capacity, the Sheriff is a high-risk and high-reward pistol. During pistol rounds, players cannot purchase any armor or abilities for 800 credits. The Sheriff can take out short- to medium-range opponents with a single headshot, but his damage decreases as distance increases. For eco purchases, it is a dangerous option that can swiftly snowball rounds.


Fast and effective at close range, the Stinger only costs 950 credits. The SMG has a very high fire rate which can mow down enemies quickly. Stringer is also effective at medium range thanks to the SMG aim down sight technique.

When a “real” primary rifle is unavailable, the Spectre is the weapon of choice. In the short to medium range, the Spectre’s rapid fire rate makes it particularly effective when rushing and shooting close to the enemy.


As the name suggests, this full automatic rifle is the least expensive and slowest-firing option available today. However, like the Stinger, the Bulldog has a burst fire. The Bulldog’s aim down sight makes it an excellent choice for combat at medium to long range. A headshot with the Bulldog is not possible, but the burst fire and rapid fire can still rapidly take out an enemy with a single shot.

There is only one semi-automatic gun in all of Valorant: the Guardian. Despite only having a total of 12 bullets in the magazine, each one is lethal, capable of penetrating thick walls and killing adversaries within range with a single headshot. For mid and long-range scenarios, this makes the rifle highly powerful and effective. Nonetheless, the Guardian is a highly-skilled weapon because it takes a long time to kill foes by shooting them in the body.

Valorant’s primary weapon, the Phantom, has a medium to high fire rate with a tight recoil, making it a viable option in any situation. While the Phantom is still effective at great distances, its biggest drawback is a reduction in bullet damage.

As with the Phantom, the Vandal has several advantages and disadvantages that make it useful in various combat circumstances. In maps like Breeze, the Vandal is a must-pick due to its bullets not being affected by bullet damage drop. Find out how the Vandal and Phantom stack up against one other in our comprehensive comparison.


An Operator will set you back 2,200 credits. The Marshal is half that, at 950 credits, making it the game’s most affordable sniper. In spite of the fact that it takes more than one body or leg shot to kill an enemy, this weapon is still a dangerous choice for experienced gamers. As a result of its quick-scoping animation and relatively fast run pace, the marshal is a standout character.

Valorant: Sniper weapons guide - Marshal, Operator - Valorant Guide | gamepressure.com

Because of its ability to one-shot foes even from long distances, the Operator stands out as the best gun for holding down angles in a battle As a result, the Operator remains a popular choice among lower-ranking players, despite numerous nerfs.


Because it has a 50-round magazine and a high level of accuracy while pointing down sight, the Ares is a very forgiving rifle. In addition to pre-firing angles and common camping sites, its high wall penetration makes it an excellent weapon for Sova players.

Odin — The Odin has all the same advantages as the Ares, but it costs more than twice as much because it deals more damage, has twice the clip, and fires at a higher pace.


Despite the fact that the best weapons are highly dependent on the situation, playstyle, and rank, we have compiled a list of the most useful and cost-effective Valorous weapons.

Weapons and pistols are ranked according to their playability, success rate, and frequency of use in the following categories. To show how prevalent each weapon is and how well it performs in terms of accuracy and headshot rate, you can only choose 1-2-3 as your loadout and the rest is rubbish.


  •  Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Operator
  • Judge
  • Spectre
  • Marshal
  • Guardian
  • Odin
  • Stinger
  • Bulldog
  • Ares
  • Bucky


  1. Ghost
  2. Classic
  3. Frenzy
  4. Sheriff
  5. Shorty


Every now and then, things don’t go as to plan. After losing post-plant or critical economy rounds, you may have to force-buy or play sub-optimal load-outs. Here are some investments that are currently making money.

Top 3 eco buys

  1. Shorty + Half-Armor =
  2. Full-body armor for the sheriff
  3. Marshal

Top 3 force buys

  1. Judge
  2. Half-armor + Spectre
  3. Ares + the rest of his body armor

Visit our Valorant Beginner’s Guide to learn more about the platform. Alternatively, our Valorous Betting guide is a good place to start if you’re new to betting.

S Tier – The Best Valorant Weapons

The following are Valorant’s top-quality weapons, which you should consider purchasing.


If you’re a skilled sniper, the Operator weapon can quickly change the course of warfare. Valorant’s ‘AWP’ is this.


The Vandal has an advantage over the Phantom because it can take out an enemy with full armor with a single headshot. It’s beneficial for skilled players, who tend to headshot more often than less skilled players, because distance is irrelevant.


It’s wiser to go with the Phantom if you’re more of a “spray and pray” type of player. It boasts a larger magazine and a faster rate of fire.


The Spectre is the best SMG to buy if you want to go that route. Even with full armor, it only takes two headshots to take the enemy out.

A Tier – Strong Weapons


In order to kill an adversary at close range, the Stinger requires three head shots. Because it is cheaper than the specter, its effectiveness is also lower. Still, it’s a powerful weapon to have at your disposal.


If you can hit your headshots and favor single-fire guns, the guardian is still a formidable weapon, even if it lacks the power of the Phantom and Vandal.


It costs 800, which is all you have in the beginning, making the Sheriff the king of guns. Because it deals at least 145 damage to headshots and heavy armor isn’t available in pistol rounds, it’s a lock for a one-tap headshot.


After winning pistol rounds, the Bulldog is a respectable weapon.

Valorant Weapon Tier List for March 2021

B Tier – Good Weapons


In spite of its higher price, the Odin machine gun does not kill on headshots, especially if the target lacks any kind of armor. Because of the high rate of fire, you can actually spray and pray on your adversaries. In close combat, he’s excellent.


The Marshal is Valorant’s’scout’ if you’re adept at sniping. You can shoot or chest-punch adversaries lacking armor to death. If they have armor, you’ll need to headshot the first one in order to kill them.


The Ares is a less powerful Heavy weapon than the Odin, however it costs less than a third of what the Odin would cost. After winning pistol rounds, this is a good option.


For pistol rounds, the ghost is an excellent choice. If the enemy hasn’t purchased armor, it will kill them with a headshot. The fact that it is so accurate is an added bonus.

C Tier – Average Weapons


The Judge is the best shotgun for the money. However, it isn’t anything extraordinary.

D Tier – Bad Weapons


You should never buy the bucky since it’s a complete waste of time and money. It’s impossible to deal much damage if the enemy is more than 8 meters away, as the delay between bullets is far longer than the time it takes to kill an enemy.


The only thing to say is that it is horrendously flawed and erroneous.


The frenzy is useful during 1v1 pistol rounds, but that’s about the only time you’ll use it. Simply said, the magazine is too small. It’s a scam.


The shorty is one of the game’s worst weapons. Even at close quarters, you’re unlikely to score a kill with it anyway. It’s a scam.

E Tier – Worst Valorant Weapons

Tactical Knife

You can see that the tactical knife is clearly a terrible weapon to have in this game. Knife attacks are entertaining, and you get more XP for killing with a knife.


What is an S tier weapon?

S-Tier Weapons in Warzone: A Guide and Tip List Weapons in this category include the M4A1, FAL, MP7, and MP5.

What gun is meta in VALORANT?

Our specialists (Immortal-Radiant) rank every weapon in our Valorant weapon tier list based on its current ranking meta strength.

Is Phantom or vandal better?

This is the last say. The Vandal has a minor edge over the Phantom in terms of numbers. If you tap it, you know you’ll get a kill with just one shot. As far as rifles go, the Vandal is almost certainly the best option for lengthy corridors or open areas.

Is Shorty good VALORANT?

The Shorty is the cheapest weapon in the game to acquire. It is a semi-automatic, sawed-off double-barreled shotgun that costs 150 credits. Players that are trying to save money will benefit greatly from this weapon. For short-range fighting and ambush operations, especially in confined passages and choke places.