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Arena of Valor combines elements of MOBAs with a deep team strategy game. Multiple factors, including team chemistry and opponent matchups, contribute to victories.

The game’s large and varied cast of characters (referred to as “players”) is central to this.heroesEach side brings its own set of abilities to the table, which will have an effect on the game.

Who, then, are the Arena of Valor’s most effective heroes? In order to answer this question, we ranked all of the playable heroes from best to worst. To help you choose which to use and invest in, consider the following.

With that preamble completed, we can get down to business.


These are the courageous individuals who make up themain metarelated to the game. Due to their significance on the battlefield, a select few of these heroes will likely be featured in competitive matches. Start here if you’re looking for powerful heroes to learn from.

Hero Class The Suggested Position (Laning)
Lauriel Mage Mid
Violet Marksman Subterranean Dragon
Tulen Mage Mid
Dirak Mage Mid
Teemee Support Roamer
Lorion Mage Mid
Ryoma Warrior Jungler
Zip Support Roamer
Riktor Warrior Evil Cannibal

Doyser Tier List | May 4th, 2023 : r/arenaofvalor

Tier SS

These heroes, in contrast to our previous SS tier, are more powerful than those of the S Tier but are still manageable.

Hero guides, item builds, and more can be found by clicking on their names.

Hero Role Description
Arena of Valor Y'bnethY’bneth One, DS Lane
Two, back up
At times, Y’bneth can act like The Immovable Object, moving his adversaries around until Nature’s Realm keeps them where they are.
The developers decided to tone down Y’bneth’s stats because his damage output was too high in the beginning of the game. Still, he is a monster in solo queue and a true beast overall, able to quickly dispatch even the most well-prepared opponents.
Arena of Valor LindisLindis 1. Jungle
2. Injury
A marksman who can deal tremendous damage and move swiftly and unobtrusively through the jungle.
One of the heroes helped by Kriknak is Lindis. The damage of Piercing Gaze has been scaled down slightly, but not too much, toward the end of the game. She is still a formidable opponent in the jungle.
Arena of Valor ElsuElsu 1. Mid
The Second: a Wild Place
Damage #3
A sniper who can deal insane amounts of damage from afar but moves slowly and strikes slowly.
Bugs have been fixed in Elsu, which is great news for Elsu Mains. He’s just as effective as ever (if his snipes land).
Arena of Valor RiktorRiktor One, DS Lane
2) The Wild
A versatile fighter with high mobility, damage, and health who specializes in dealing out bursts of damage.
Reduce the raw values of Riktor’s abilities by a small amount, but not enough to drop him out of the top tier. Those who have learned to exploit the duelist still consider him a threat.
Quillen Killer, No. 1
2. a jungler
Mr. Cloak and Dagger, whose insane AD burst damage makes short work of soft targets.
Recently, Quillen has been killing it (haha) on the North American server. Like a more advanced version of Butterfly, his equipment makes him a fantastic choice for heroes who prefer stealthy assassination.
Hero Role Description
Cresht 1. Backing
DS Lane, No. 2
A tank who excels at protecting weak allies and whose ultimate allows him to become an offensive and defensive powerhouse.
In this meta, Cresht hasn’t changed at all. He is versatile enough that players can use him as either a tanky DS laner or a babysitting support.
The Flash 1. Mid
2 – The Wild
The Flash is a quick assassin who can dart in and out of battles, dealing damage to his foes before they have a chance to defend themselves.
This update increases his base movement speed and decreases the cooldown of his Super Speed ability. After all, he is the fastest man alive, so we can always use more fans. After doing some more investigation, we’ll see if his ranking improves.
Kriknak 1. Jungle
2) DS Lane
A quick, stealthy killer with a percentage-based ability that can decimate both low- and high-health targets.
Due to some adjustments made to Kriknak’s damage output (both in terms of base damage and scaling), he has been demoted to the S tier. Some veteran Kriknak players may notice a difference as a result, but the rest of us can still count on the beetle to deal the kind of high burst damage that befits an assassin. Furthermore, with this adjustment, other junglers now have a chance to contribute.
Max DS Lane, No. 1
2. Backing
A powerful tank whose ultimate can completely turn the tide of battle against enemies who rely on healing abilities.
The starting damage and scaling of Max’s Liftoff have both been increased. In contrast to before, it now increases with additional AD. This could lead to debates over the best approach to taking with Max. He can now take on the role of either a bursty AD warrior who eliminates enemy carries or a tanky bruiser who holds off the enemy team’s carries until his team is ready to engage in battle. But, in a game like AOV, there is always room for new ideas.
Zephys 1. Jungle
Two, DS Lane
An assassin who can take a lot of punishment from the enemy but still deals a lot of damage and causes a lot of disruption.
Zephys’s Death Rift now deals more damage in the early game, and Death’s Flurry has a more stable cooldown. Due to potential difficulties in the early game clearing the jungle, Zephys players should be pleased with these buffs.
Violet’s kit took a hit when she lost Soulreaver, but she can still succeed. While the marksman won’t be able to tear enemies apart quite as easily if he or she uses Mr. Stabby as a jungling item or switches to Scorching Wind instead of Soulreaver, they will still be able to hit like a truck. Now that players must trade in Mr. Stabby for a more direct damage item late game, she will have a harder time taking down epic creatures.
Ryoma DS Lane, No. 1
2. Subterranean Forest
A warrior who can annihilate foes from afar and then flip out of harm’s way.
The starting damage and scaling of Ryoma’s Wailing Blade have been increased. His position as a bursty DS laner/jungler who can also throw down thanks to his sustain has been further cemented.
Murad 1. Jungle
The DS Lane 2nd
Murad is a challenging character to control, but he can deal massive amounts of damage while remaining out of sight.
Murad’s passive gives him a greater early-game burst and gradually decreases as the game progresses. This is a bonus for seasoned Murad users, who understand the importance of winning games quickly. His continued evasiveness makes him a pain to deal with in solo queue.
Arum One, DS Lane
2. Backing
A tank who can call upon the spirits of lions to deal damage and drain health from her foes.
When Arum hides in the underbrush, the Ravenous Beasts can no longer spot her. We can make out the jubilant yelling of the Arum leaders off in the distance. This is another developer-implemented quality-of-life change that makes Arum significantly more dangerous for brush-checkers.
Kil’Groth Priority No. 1, DS Lane
2 – The Wild
A powerful, fast-moving normal attacker who can safely ignore control effects as he rips apart towers and enemies.
Kil’groth is incredibly deadly and can easily avoid harm from his enemies’ attacks. The Terror’s ability to quickly and efficiently tear down towers and epic monsters makes him a powerful split pusher. This isn’t at the expense of Kil’Groth’s utility in team fights, as his regeneration will keep him alive and his splash damage will help you deal with multiple foes at once.
Liliana 1. Mid
two, jungle
A mage who can switch between dealing massive damage as a long-range nuker and as a close-range assassin.
Liliana is still a formidable force in the midlane thanks to her massive burst damage. Since she always has an out thanks to her super speed, she can be as bursty as possible in her constructions without worrying about getting into any trouble. Due to Shining Light being a point target ability rather than a line shot, minions pose no difficulty at all when attempting to strike enemies.
Xeniel DS Lane, No. 1
Two, back up
A powerful tank who commands respect from allies and foes alike with his formidable shield and ability to absorb and deal out a great deal of damage.
In many team battles, Xeniel can prove to be the deciding factor. The healing and protection he provides can turn the tide of battle decisively in his team’s favor. With his high HP and consistent shields, he also excels as a tank. The angel is everywhere at once, ready to jump into any fight from wherever he may be. Angelic Splendor is a fantastic panic button to hit when the team’s back line is getting dived by an assassin, so recent changes to the meta have increased Xeniel’s influence.
Lu Bu One, DS Lane
2 – The Wild
A powerful fighter who can flip flights with a large damage and survivability steroid and use his disruptive abilities to keep his enemies under control.
Lu Bu’s recent buffs from the previous patch are still effective. His abilities are just as oppressive as ever, and the increased attack speed will help him get into damage city much faster. The warrior will challenge the established top laners and prove to be a formidable opponent. Since Kriknak was weakened, he could also survive in the jungle.
Zanis 1. Jungle
Two, DS Lane
Zanis is a warrior whose strength increases with every kill and assist he contributes to, and he has enough true damage to rip apart even the tankiest of enemies.
Zanis’s Tail Sweep has been improved in numerous ways, allowing him to more safely clear his jungle. However, he no longer plays like an Ult-first then hope for the best jungler thanks to a nerf to Dragon’s Wrath. Nonetheless, he is one of the junglers who has seen improvements to his kit as a result of developer work.
Superman DS Lane, No. 1
Two, back up
Superman is an agile, hardy, and aggressive sidelaner who can tear enemy teams to shreds.
Superman is still powerful and oppressive despite being out of the spotlight since his nerfs. The Man of Steel has the ability to push enemies around the battlefield, take significant damage, and deal moderate damage himself. Superman may not be as devastating as he was earlier in the year, but in the hands of those who know how to use him, he is still a very powerful weapon.
Omen# (1) DS Lane
2 – The Wild
Omen is a powerful duelist who excels in one-on-one combat and whose ultimate cannot be avoided, effectively trapping the target within its range.
Omen is a formidable split pusher and duelist, and he is still one of the best solo laners in the game. The warrior’s high damage and resilience make him or her a formidable foe. While not the best in team fights, once Omen has built up a few essential items, he can easily kill wave after wave of enemies. It’s unusual to have a hero who primarily plays on the solo laner position benefit so greatly from teamwork, but Omen is a special case in which his allies need to be able to play around his split-pushing abilities and capitalize late-game on opportunities he creates with Death’s Embrace.
Jinnar 1. Mid
Two, DS Lane
A resilient mage with a number of area-of-effect abilities and a protective ultimate, making them particularly useful in team fights.
A powerful mage who prefers close quarters combat to long-range attacks. Even when fully stacked, Jinnar can take a lot of punishment in battle. He has the ability to ensnare his pursuers, dooming them to an inevitable death as he rushes over them.
Raz 1. Mid
2 – The Wild
A melee mage who can poke his foes with a power fireball and then finish them off with a flurry of magical fists.
Although his Power Surge was nerfed slightly, Raz is still a must-have hero, especially in the mid lane.
Marja DS Lane, No. 1
2. Mid
Marja is a magical fighter who can heal herself during battle and safely dive under towers to pursue and finish off her fleeing foes.
Marja is still a potent slayer lane hero, one who can consistently deal damage while taking minimal damage herself. Through her invulnerability and life-steal frames, she is able to engage in extremely risk-free trading. In addition to giving her incredible control over her lane, the slows that her abilities have punish enemies for getting close.
Ignis 1. Mid
(2) DS Lane
Ignis prefers to deal continuous damage rather than burst, and he has fun running around fights, trapping opponents, and then pelting them with fireballs.
This patch slightly nerfed Ignis by reducing the base damage of Fire Crash at higher levels. Even though it’s a necessary nerf, no one should stop using the old man at any skill level.
Maloch DS Lane, No. 1
Two, back up
Maloch’s high health and damage allow him to tear apart enemy teams with his devastating cleave and exceptional initiating ultimate.
The main antagonist of AOV has been strengthened in this update. We appreciate the increased AD scaling on his passive and Cleave. Just treat him like any other character.
Skud DS Lane, No. 1
2. Backing
A brawler with powerful control abilities who can dish out massive burst damage and set up ganks for his team.
Another figure who was in danger of falling not because of his own weakness but because of the strength of the heroes protecting him. He has a high damage output and can one-shot weaker opponents. In addition, he is a reasonably sturdy tank who can knock enemies around with a variety of control abilities. Although he may be outclassed by some of the more potent Slayer lane heroes of today, Skud is still a formidable hero who shines whether fighting alone in lane or alongside his allies.
Rourke 1. Jungle
DS Lane, No. 2
With his incredible stamina and mustache, Rourke can take on and destroy enemies in direct confrontation.
The duration of Rourke’s Charged Shot’s bonus attack damage has been increased, and his damage to turrets and structures has been increased as well. This boosts him up our tier list, and he’s a good choice for those who need a quick, accurate marksman close up.
Warrior Princess 1) DS Lane
2. Backing
A formidable fighter, she can charge at opposing teams or lure low-health foes toward her with her whip and then tear them apart with a variety of devastating attacks.
Her sword and shield have gained a maximum damage of 1000 against jungle foes. It’s not that dealing more than a thousand damage to jungle creatures is a goal worth pursuing. The whole WW in the AD? Because… reasons, Tencent has just removed the damage cap. But I guess it’s just another buff nobody asked for but isn’t going to be resented either. While a Jungle WW is possible, it’s recommended that you play her in the DS Lane/Support role for the best chance of victory.
Zuka One, DS Lane
Second, the jungle
A nimble assassin who can outrun and outburst enemies with their many different types of mobility and then finish them off with their powerful normal attacks.
With Kriknak’s nerfs, Zuka has also become a more competitive Jungler. He’s still a deadly assassin who can clear the jungle of his foes.
Florentino One, DS Lane
2) The Wild
A swift and deadly swordsman who can dart around the battlefield with ease.
Florentino is the newest hero for us to play around with. His unique equipment currently serves him best in the DS Lane. For the time being, we’ll keep him in S Tier while we gather more information about this new hero.
Sephera One, Backing
2. Mage
A versatile hero who can be used as a powerful healer for your team or as a nagging mage to annoy your foes.
Since her release in December, Sephera has caused quite a stir. She has an incredible toolkit that allows her to easily poke at foes and heal allies. To put it simply, she is one of the safer heroes to use, and her versatility makes her very useful in a wide variety of team compositions.

Ten Ton Hammer | Arena of Valor Tier List February 2018


The meta still heavily features these heroes. Basically, they don’t use the same definition as the S-tiers. They’re still top-notch across the board, making them solid additions to any kind of squad.

Hero Class Proposed Assignment (Preferred)
Laville Marksman Subterranean Dragon
Maloch Warrior Roamer
Xeniel Tank Roamer
Marja Mage Mid
Hayate Marksman Deep Ones Dragon
Veres Warrior Monster Killer
Rouie Support Roamer
Quillen Assassin Jungler
Krixi Mage Mid
Ignis Mage Mid
Warrior Princess Warrior Roamer
Yorn Marksman Deep Ones Dragon
Kriknak Assassin Jungler
Thane Tank Roamer
Yena Warrior Evil Cannibal
Raz Mage Mid
Paine Assassin Mid
Zata Mage Mid
Murad Assassin Jungler
Nakroth Assassin Jungler
Omen Warrior Evil Cannibal
Lumburr Support Roamer
Hero Role Description
Alice#~ 1 Backing Deftly aids her team with speed-boosting shields and traps enemies with her strong control abilities.
Alice is still a mainstay in the game’s community. The Adorable Mystic is a very powerful hero, but she does not consistently game-swing at an S-tier level. Her Friendship’s speed and protection, as well as her control over Sunshine and Hissy Fit, can be game-changers in close encounters. However, players will need to be rather experienced with her because she requires such precise aim, timing, and positioning.
Lauriel 1. Mid
DS Lane, No. 2
Lauriel plays like a resilient mage warrior due to her high regeneration and spammable abilities, allowing her to take on multiple foes at once.
Lauriel’s status in the top tier was secured by the recent buff to her passive. The angel can have a huge impact on battles thanks to her ability to deal a lot of damage without taking any herself. However, she needs more preparation time than most mages before she can cast any spells. Her power spike requires cautious play from the player in the early game.
Wukong~ 1. Jungle
Two, DS Lane
Wukong’s critical strikes deal enormous burst damage, making him devastating against single heroes.
The Monkey King’s popularity is on the rise despite his flaws. The nerf that Kriknak received helped him, along with many other junglers.
The monkey king has the same issues as the rest of the average jungle dwellers. Potential is highest early on, but it dwindles and you have to rely on snowballs later. The worst part is that Wukong has to rely even more on random chance to deal damage in the early game. A lack of early crits can be disastrous for players who are unlucky. They won’t be able to get kills early on without early crits. If they don’t score some quick kills, they’ll fall behind, and that will make no one happy.
Mina#~ One, Backing
DS Lane, No. 2
A tank who aids her allies by luring their foes in for an attack, whereupon she quickly dispatches them with a whirling scythe.
Her mobility has been slightly reduced, but not enough to significantly weaken her otherwise potent arsenal. When her team is cohesive, she is still a threat.
Natalya 1. Mid
2. Injury
A burst mage who, if successful, can deal out massive amounts of damage with her combo.
In this patch, Natalya received some much-needed increases to both her base armor and maximum health. Her primary benefit, though, is the accelerated cancellation of Lethal Rays. Because of this, she has a better chance of escaping.
Zill~ 1. Jungle
Two, DS Lane
A jungle mage whose powerful ultimate allows him to quickly close the distance to his targets while remaining unharmed.
Zill has experienced a surge in popularity since the reappearance of jungle assassins. He can deal a lot of damage without putting himself in danger. When he uses his ultimate, he becomes invulnerable and can immediately warp away. He’s a lot like The Flash and Murad in that respect. However, he lacks The Flash’s command and Murad’s damage output and cannot reliably retreat from battle.
Preyta 1. Mid
Two, DS Lane
A long-range siege mage who, upon using his ultimate and absorbing his wyvern’s spirit, can transform into a monster capable of normal attacks.
The damage from Preyta’s abilities has been scaled down to better fit the late game. His Ultimate was also changed so that, instead of using it to fortify his defense and bombard enemies from a safe distance, he will instead assume the role of a Mage-DPS once he activates Disciple of the Plague.
Chaugnar One, Backing
Two, DS Lane
3. Mid
A support tank who can quickly switch between harassing the back line and freeing himself and his allies from control effects.
Chaugnar’s escape from the slow abilities of certain heroes has been fixed. This change is more of a preference than anything else, and his function in the scheme of things will not change.
Grakk#~ Support Grakk is a hybrid tank/support who can pull enemies to his team and then use his ultimate to suppress them.
Like Mina, his players have been enjoying his increasingly potent support abilities as of late. Grakk can pick off individual players with pinpoint accuracy, dragging them to an untimely demise away from their teams. With his ultimate, World Devourer, the Glutton can also trap teams of heroes. Grakk’s inconsistent performance can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game, both literally and figuratively.
Krixi 1. Mid
Two, DS Lane
A quick mage whose aura-based ultimate can deal massive damage to close-range foes.
Krixi’s continued success as a popular mage can be attributed to her high burst and adaptability. Krixi still relies solely on her movement speed to get around, so she doesn’t have quite the dramatic potential of an S-tier mage. After gathering some equipment, however, the pixie can unleash devastating attacks on her foes. Her knock up can also be used to great effect in starting fights.
Fennik~ 1. Jungle
2 – Broken
Fennik is a skilled marksman who deals massive burst damage in the early game, making him effective against both jungle monsters and enemy towers.
Reduced cooldowns for Thief’s Mark and Chain Hammer Cyclone, two of Fennik’s abilities. Because of this, he will be more frustrating to deal with during conflicts and a little more difficult to defeat in direct confrontation.
Valhein 1 DS Lane
Random Number Generator’s Second Stun
Valhein is a versatile marksman who stun locks opponents and places more emphasis on attack speed than damage.
The new lifesteal mechanic in certain items (like Blitz Blade) provides an indirect buff to this class. The effectiveness of Valhein’s duels has been improved. If you plan on using him as a Crit DPS, a Blitz Blade is an absolute must-have.
Annette# One, Backing
2. Mid
Annette is a support who deals decent damage, and she has a plethora of situational healing and disruptive abilities that, when used correctly, can be devastating.
We lowered Hurricane Wall’s duration and widened its area to make Annette’s Gust Force more suitable for the late game. To counteract the benefit it provides to Annette’s allies, this was done. If your team doesn’t have a reliable and obnoxious support who can bail them out of sticky situations, she’s still a good pick.
TeeMee 1 Backing
2 – Broken
A powerful support tank with excellent crowd control and a game-changing revive ultimate who can direct the pace of battle.
The Tanuki couple has been hit by a series of nerfs over the course of the year, and it has finally caught up to them. While they are still useful to their teams, they do not have the same impact as they once did. With the brothers on the field, players will need to put in extra effort to safeguard their teammates. If they fall behind, they risk becoming a revive bot, which is significantly less effective than other supports.
Tulen 1. Mid
2) The Wild
A powerful early-game mage who specializes in the kill and in dodging the enemy’s attacks.
Tulen’s movement speed has returned, but he still can’t catch up to the meta. While he can deal significant damage and start a snowball effect, he puts himself in far greater danger than his contemporaries. However, the lightning mage will greatly benefit from the increased mobility as he ganks across lanes.
The Joker 1. Mid
Two, harm
3 Backing
The Joker is a skilled marksman who acts more like a mage assassin, allowing him to both burst away opponents and escape from battles unscathed.
Joker’s Canned Laughter’s base damage has been significantly increased. This makes him an entertaining choice in solo queue, although you should watch out for teammates who will criticize you for not going with a more conventional marksman.
Airi DS Lane, No. 1
2 – The Wild
An incredibly nimble top laner who can sneak up on foes, strike, and then dash away to safety.
It’s unclear why, but the kunoichi’s durability was reduced and the points allocated to damage increased in the most recent patch. The goal was to get people to use her as an assassin, but in reality it will likely lead to a greater emphasis on durability. Despite this, the assassin is still quite capable of killing people. This is especially true when charging the enemy rearguard.
Aleister# 1. Mid
2. Backing
Aleister is great at zoning enemies out of fights and setting up easy pickings for his team thanks to his wide array of control abilities.
Aleister’s solid zoning and lockdown skills make him a potentially useful mid laner and support. Since players are starting to recognize his potential, we felt it was necessary to promote him a tier.
Moren 1. Jungle
2. Injury
Moren is a devastating marksman, and he can tear enemies to shreds with a barrage of attacks.
A discussion about Moren’s placement on this tier list was heated at times. He’s a great jungle marksman, but his strength increase lags behind the pack. We couldn’t afford to drop him just yet because of his high damage, average speed, and decent durability. However, as the meta moves away from jungle marksmen, we may see a decline in the future.
Slimz 1. Jungle
2. Damage
Slimz can perform devastating ganks and quickly tear down enemy tanks by stunning them from a distance with a large spear and then jumping in to finish them off.
It has been adjusted so that Slimz’s initial bonus damage from using the Savage Potion is 3%, down from 4%, and his maximum bonus damage is 5%, down from 6%. Despite this nerf, he is still a useful Tier 1 marksman thanks to his knack for stunning the right opponent at the right time.
Amily DS Lane, No. 1
two, jungle
A hardy fighter who can zip around the world in search of isolated foes to wipe out.
Amily is a powerful warrior who is, as of this writing, just beginning to gain a following. After Amily’s dominating performance in the GCS, we seriously considered promoting her to Tier S. However, since the warrior’s true potential has not yet been fully realized, she will remain in tier 1 for the time being while we collect more data. We have since shifted her responsibilities to a more independent position.
Roxie DS Lane, No. 1
secondly, jungle
A hero with a wide range of uses, from early game control of the Dark Slayer lane to late game dominance in team fights.
While Wild Fire’s base damage and scaling have been reduced, its initial 2.5 seconds of activation have had their healing and damage increased by 100%. This change was made so that players would give more thought to using this power. The cooldowns and duration of Angie’s Grasp have been reduced and made consistent across all pull levels. These changes elevate skill requirement when using her.
Tel’Annas^ 1. Damage
2 – The Wild
An expert markswoman who, from a safe distance, can rip her foes to shreds with her rapid fire.
Tel’Annas’s ascent through the ranks is unabated thanks to the wonderful buffs she received in the Winter Wonderland update. Tel’Annas’s damage output in the early game has been boosted thanks to Eagle Eye. Meanwhile, Penetrating Shot has found a new niche as a frustrating utility ability that can be used to harass and annoy targets.
Nakroth ~ Jungle An effective assassin who deals a lot of damage but relies on his speed to compensate for his vulnerability.
Nakroth is another jungler with promotion potential, and he has been making strides recently. A word of warning to those hoping to use him to advance in rank: he is still a notoriously difficult hero to master, so make sure you put in plenty of practice time before attempting the solo queue crucible.
Wiro#~ Killer’s Alley A Warrior-Tank with a knack for starting battles and driving out foes. In a one-on-one setting, he holds his own fairly well.
Wiro was added to our Tier List after much deliberation. We ranked him as Tier 1 due to the high skill ceiling required to master him and the small sample size of his actual gameplay outside of the Valiant Server. Wiro must decide when to charge in and wreak havoc on the opposing team despite his good initiates and decent dueling abilities. As the game progresses, he has some trouble early on against enemies that can poke at him.


These heroes excel in their designated roles but are merely adequate in all others. They’d be solid additions to your team as support players or for filling out your roster.

Hero Class Position Suggested (Laning).
Natalya Mage Mid
Florentino Warrior Evil Cannibal
Superman Warrior Evil Cannibal
Lu Bu Warrior Evil Cannibal
Airi Assassin Monster Killer
Grakk Tank Roamer
Cresht Tank Roamer
Jinnar Mage Mid
Arthur Warrior Monster Killer
Brunhilda Marksman Subterranean Dragon
Slimz Marksman Infernal Reptile
Mina Tank Roamer
Preyta Mage Mid
Wukong Assassin Jungler
Liliana Mage Mid
Fennik Marksman Jungler
Butterfly Assassin Jungler
Chaugnar Support Roamer
Tel’Annas Marksman Infernal Reptile
Kil’Groth Warrior Monster Killer
Eland’orr Marksman Jungler
Hero Role Description
Batman~ 1. Jungle
Two, DS Lane
Batman, as one of the few heroes, can utterly decimate soft targets if they are left exposed in open combat.
Batman’s ultimate ability has been modified to increase his stealthiness. Once he has activated his Dark Knight, is stealthed, and is about to glide-kick an unsuspecting target, he is immune to being targeted. Yes, we also hear Batman music.
Arthur Number One, DS Lane
2. Backing
A fighter who can zip around the map with a spammable speed boost and take out important foes with ease in team battles.
As the populace once more grows accustomed to Arthur’s tricks and other heroes receive enhancements, he is demoted to Tier 2. He’s still the quick, explosive, and hardy hero who can step in and help out in a variety of roles for the team. His versatility more than makes up for the fact that he isn’t as good as any specialists at one particular role.
Arduin 1, DS Lane
2 – Backing
A powerful warrior who can heal himself and his allies back to full health with his passive ability, in addition to having access to a regular shield.
Despite not having quite the same potential as some others, Arduin has proven himself as a solid Slayer lane hero. Arduin isn’t great at dealing damage, but he has plenty of stamina and excellent command of the situation. He can infiltrate enemy teams, where his Rend and Cull abilities can cause constant disruption, all while he is protected by Undying Protector and his damage is amplified. His relative anonymity makes him useful in other contexts as well. Because of this, many of the players won’t have as much experience playing against him.
Diao Chan 1. Mid
Two, back up
Diao Chan’s abilities have a large amount of crowd control and some moderate damage, allowing her to significantly disrupt enemies when used successfully.
Diao Chan’s newfound utility thanks to her buffs is likely to propel her popularity among players. Her damage is on the low side, but she more than makes up for it by providing the team with a wide variety of stuns and slows. Because of her slow movement, she is easy prey for assassins and other burst damage dealers. The fact that players must mute the game in order to stand playing as her remains the character’s biggest drawback.
Kahlii 1. Mid
2 DS Lane
A powerful mage with a long range, capable of striking from great distances and tearing through waves of minions.
Kahlii’s standard attack damage has been increased slightly. Nothing particularly remarkable about a 10 damage bonus, though. She is still an effective zoner, able to ensnare foes from a safe distance.
Baldum One, Backing
DS Lane, No. 2
An interfering tank who can brawl and pick off enemies while they’re out of position.
Wild Charge now has a reduced cooldown, giving Baldum a greater opportunity to consistently displace his opponents. When used against jungle monsters, Wild Stomp deals double normal damage and its cooldown is reduced by 0.3 seconds. They are extremely risk-takers to venture into the jungles of Baldum. The enhanced protection from this ability is just icing on the cake. The developers clearly want a jungle tank meta. Interesting.
Ormarr One, Backing
DS Lane, No. 2
Ormarr is one of the best roaming supports and is a crowd control machine thanks to his preference for setting up kills rather than collecting large amounts of his own.
Ormarr isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s also not the pillar of strength he once was. In the current meta, where protect-the-carry compositions are prominent, he is not the best choice. The warrior isn’t always the safest bet because he relies on a nebulous RNG mechanic. However, he excels in teams with a lot of aggression, especially those that plan to dive under towers frequently.
Astrid One, DS Lane
2. Backing
An assaulting warrior who can take a lot of punishment and emerge unscathed with her ultimate ability.
Astrid is still just another generic warrior who can’t seem to make a name for herself. She does decent damage and can stay alive for a while, but she’s missing something. Because there are so many excellent heroes in the Slayer lane, her mediocrity stands out even more. Warrior fans shouldn’t ignore her, though. In the right hands, the girl still has what it takes to compete with the males.
Butterfly~ Jungle An assassin who can recover her strength and health as she moves from fight to fight, allowing her to quickly dispatch multiple foes.
Butterfly’s new abilities fit in well with the rest of the game. The assassin is now able to successfully engage in combat, pursue targets, brutally murder them, and then escape unharmed. Even though she isn’t as useful as some of the other notable assassins, she’s still a good bet in the jungle. Moreover, Butterfly may rise in the ranks if the hunt for blow-em-up style jungle assassins continues.
Lumburr#~ Support A powerful tank with excellent crowd control abilities, making him an ideal babysitter.
The cooldown reduction of Ramapge and Earth Splitter was shortened at lower levels, providing much-needed help to Lumburr. Since this walking rock formation frequently loses their mana, the reduced mana costs are also appreciated.
Wisp~ 1. Damage
2) The Wild
An expert shot who can dismantle enemy groups with a combination of high-explosive bullets and a long-range artillery barrage.
A respectable marksman who has benefited greatly from the recent patch. Among Wisp’s new toys are a Barrel Bomb with increased speed and a Shock and Awe that causes enemies to move more slowly. The latter is especially helpful because it makes it harder for enemies to simply leave the area. At this point, Wisp has almost no weaknesses (aside from a lackluster passive) but is still not quite enough to be considered tier 1. Perhaps she will be picked up in the future by a different meta shift or creative build.
Yorn 1. Damage
2. Mid
Yorn is devastating when strategically placed, dealing massive amounts of damage that rips through enemies in a straight line.
Yorn’s passive nature is more pronounced late in games. This is a good buff that will allow Yorn to reliably deal his damage. Even so, the marksman packs a tremendous punch and will be a major asset in wiping out the opposition. His inability to advance past tier 2 is due to his over-reliance on positioning and damage-and-damage-only equipment.
Thane~ One, Backing An exceptionally tough tank who can bait out enemies, set up fights, and finish them off with his devastating ultimate.
Even though Thane received a buff in the most recent patch, his abilities have become fairly standard, so we decided to downgrade him. He’s still tough as nails and very useful. However, he is essentially defenseless without his teammates, as he deals almost no damage on his own. His primary combo strikes out rather than pulls. He can use it to trap foes for extended periods of time, but it is trickier to set up than other supports.
Mganga 1. Mid
2 DS Lane
Mganga is great in long-drawn-out battles because his poisons deal damage over time and also heal his allies.
Mganga’s base movement speed and attack speed growth have both received slight buffs. What can we say, a buff is a buff.
Peura/Payna~ One, Backing A pure support who uses auras to heal and defend allies and chain stuns enemies in large groups.
The deer girl received nerfs from Tencent after she caused a global uproar with her buffs in the previous patch. While still being able to keep her team together and disable the opposition. To feel like the old Peura, you need to pop Healing Light early because her heal is now more effective on enemies above 80% health than it was before.
Omega DS Lane, No. 1
2 – Backing
Omega can quickly tear down enemy structures thanks to the fact that all of his abilities deal damage to towers and two can stun them.
In the Winter Wonderland update, Omega received two major buffs. Shortening the duration of Crash Mode’s cast time makes it easier to land, and increasing his utility with Exterminate is a welcome addition to any team. These were the things that pulled him up from the gutter. So long, Toro. It will be intriguing to see Omega’s meta position—what specific niche he will fill. Do you have DS or AD? How things turn out, only time will tell.


These heroes don’t stand out in any way. Their weaknesses won’t prevent your team from winning, but they won’t drastically alter the game’s outcome, either.

Hero Class Position Suggested (Laning).
Omega Tank Roamer
Mganga Mage Mid
Valhein Marksman Deep Ones Dragon
Moren Marksman Infernal Reptile
Qi Warrior Monster Killer
Ilumia Mage Mid
Elsu Marksman Deep Ones Dragon
Rourke Warrior Jungler
Zill Mage Jungler
The Joker Marksman Infernal Reptile
Bright Assassin Jungler
Dextra Warrior Evil Cannibal
Khalii Mage Mid
Roxie Tank Evil Cannibal
Allain Warrior Evil Cannibal
Thorne Marksman Deep Ones Dragon
Zanis Warrior Jungler
Zephys Warrior Jungler
Hero Role Description
Azzen’Ka 1. Mid
Two, back up
While Azzen’ka’s control abilities are powerful, they aren’t always easy to land on opponents. In addition, Azzen’ka has very poor mobility and durability.
Although Azzen’ka’s Dust Devil now has slightly more range, he is still a below-average mage. If you keep buffing this sand guy, he’ll get to a good place.
Ilumia 1. Mid
2 – Backing
Ilumia is a powerful mage whose ultimate has the potential to lock down the entire enemy team, and she can spam her abilities to release a constant stream of controlling orbs.
It’s nice that she can get a simple boost to her Divine Light. If only they could find her more foolproof ways to stay alive. However, she lacks the necessary resilience to advance past Tier 3.
Toro One, Backing
A Second DS Lane
Toro is extremely resilient, so he doesn’t have to worry about taking a lot of damage from the enemy.
Toro’s participation in the prior AIC was enough to promote him from Tier 4 to Tier 3. Hopefully this trend continues into the solo queue hell now that players have figured out how to use him effectively and competitively in matches. I hope he gets some solid playing time.
Gildur One, Backing
2 – Broken
Gildur is a control tank who can help his allies by setting up fights by trapping enemies with his ultimate or stunning them with his Brilliance.
One of Gildur’s shields was returned to him. Woohoo! The Gold Geezer is showing his age in battle, unfortunately. It’s true that he has some playmaking tools in his arsenal. However, it is riskier and less dependable than comparable heroes and offers no compensation for the challenge it presents. Whether you choose to build him tankily or with AP, he won’t be able to contribute to battles because he won’t deal enough damage.
Veera 1. Mid
2. Injury
Veera is a straightforward mage who deals a lot of damage to single targets in one-on-one fights.
Veera keeps recruiting math nerds even though she desperately needs help with her machinery. She’s not a very general hero because she only does well in duels. She can’t get that satisfying one-hit-kill if there’s another enemy nearby. This makes her an easy target for an assault, where she will almost certainly perish.
Taara First, DS Lane
2 – Backing
A powerful warrior tank with the ability to heal herself with her ultimate and deal out massive damage when her health is low.
Taara’s maximum HP growth was increased, giving her a nice boost. Those used to her tankier build may take some time to adjust to her increased damage potential thanks to her passive (though she would still get owned when enemies get Tome of the Reaper and/or Curse of Death).


These heroes don’t stand out in any way. Their weaknesses won’t ruin the game for your team, but they won’t help you win, either.

Arena of Valor Tier List : (Characters Ranked!) (June 2023) - Faindx

Hero Class Highly Recommended (Laning) Role
Astrid Warrior Evil Cannibal
Azzen’Ka Mage Mid
D’Arcy Mage Jungler
Diaochan Mage Mid
Enzo Assassin Jungler
Max Tank Monster Killer
Skud Warrior Evil Cannibal


Generally speaking, these heroes don’t stand out. Their weaknesses won’t ruin the game for your team, but they won’t help you win, either.

Hero Class Proposed Assignment (Preferred)
Gildur Mage Mid
Errol Warrior Monster Killer
Taara Tank Evil Cannibal
Arduin Warrior Evil Cannibal


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  • Place 2: Lauriel. The most damage is dealt by Lauriel (Mage), the only mage among the five. …
  • Ryoma is third. Quick combos that deal a lot of physical damage quickly are one of Ryoma’s strengths. …
  • Murad is in fourth place.
  • Nakroth is fifth.