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If you want to succeed in Marvel Strike Force, you need to use the best characters you can find. This article provides a ranking of the top Marvel Strike Force heroes.

If you want to reach the endgame and succeed in Marvel Strike Force, you’ll need to make use of the best characters available. Find below a ranking of all Marvel Strike Force characters from best to worst.

Over 150 different Marvel characters, including heroes and villains, can be recruited into Marvel Strike Force.

It can be difficult for new players to decide which characters to focus on in order to reach the game’s endgame content and competitive battles, given the sheer number of available options.

We hope that by providing a clear best-to-worst ranking of the roster, we can help newcomers overcome this initial hurdle. Find out what happened to your favorite characters by reading on.

Characters that did not make the cut are not better than the worst of the bunch. Due to our efforts to streamline the content and get rid of unnecessary “filler” characters, they were left out.

Marvel Strike Force – A Quick Introduction

FoxNext Games and Marvel present their mobile role-playing game, Marvel Strike Force. On March 28, 2018, the game was made available for download on iOS and Android devices. It’s a tactical RPG where you build a team of Marvel characters and do battle with other players.

The primary player-versus-environment mode allows players to progress through levels, battle bosses, and earn rewards. Gaining experience (XP) through successful battles allows players to increase their user level, while increasing the character’s character power (or ability) increases that character’s offensive and defensive prowess.

3.7.0 Tier List Stream! - MARVEL Strike Force - MSF - YouTube

Players can form groups, or “guilds,” and work together to take on challenges and earn rewards for themselves. Numerous playable characters can be unlocked in the course of the game, with some being more accessible than others. Synergies are important for players to consider when assembling their teams, as they provide an edge in combat.

Players need to know the top heroes and villains in order to maximize their gaming experience. Here, our list comes in handy; use it as a resource when assembling your own Marvel Strike Force teams. In that case, let’s not waste any more time and get down to business.


These are the top-tier players currently available. The sheer amount of benefits you receive from simply including them in your party has led many to conclude that they are overpowered.

Name Origin Class
Doomsday Doctor Tech/Mystic Controller
Echo Skill Brawler
Ghost Tech Controller
Moondragon Skill Support
Taskmaster Skill Controller
Yo-Yo Bio Protector
Distinguished Scientist Tech Support
A.K.A. The Black Panther Mystic Brawler
Shuri Tech Support
The Symbiote Spider-Man Bio Brawler
Hela Mystic Controller
Ebony Maw Mystic Support
Omega Red Mutant Controller
Magneto Mutant Controller
Phoenix Mutant Controller
Minn-Erva Tech Support
Kestrel Tech/Skill Blaster
Vision Tech Controller
Deadpool Mutant Brawler
Ultron Tech Blaster
Loki Mystic Controller
Absent Female Bio Protector
Bolt, Black Bio Blaster
Domino Mutant Controller
Phantom Biker Mystic Brawler


Wonderful people who would be welcome on any team. Certainly not as potent as those in the S-tier, but close!

Name Origin Class
Mister America Bio Protector
Scream Bio Controller
Samurai of Silver Mutant Protector
Sift Obsidian Bio Protector
The Thing Bio Brawler
Those Raccoons Can Really Go Places! Tech Blaster
Colby Wing and Colleen Skill Brawler
Carnage Bio Brawler
Yesena Belova Skill Blaster
Death’s Doll, Lady Tech Brawler
Negasonic Mutant Blaster
Swarm Bio Controller
Tiger, White Mystic Brawler
Graviton Bio Controller
Assault Rifle, Corvus Glaive Skill Brawler
Golden Age of the Silver Surfer Mystic Blaster
The Red Watchman Skill Protector
Star-Lord Tech Controller
“Emma Frost” Mutant Controller
Anti-Venom Bio Support
Falcon Tech Blaster
Magician, Stranger, or Doctor Mystic Support
“Moon Knight” Mystic Brawler
Superheroine Ms. Marvel Bio Brawler
Nick Fury Skill Support
The Amazing Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Bio Brawler
Midnight is Nearest in Proximity. Skill Controller
Toxic Man Mutant Support
Quake Bio Controller
Venom Bio Controller
By: Sharon Carter Skill Controller
Bishop Mutant Blaster
The Scarlet Witch Mystic Controller
Pyro Mutant Blaster
This is Jessica Jones. Bio Controller
Yondu Mystic Support
Spider-Man Bio Brawler
It’s a Black Widow Skill Controller
Iron Man Tech Blaster
Superhero Captain Marvel Bio Brawler
Crystal Bio Blaster
Combat Vehicles Tech Blaster
Phyla-Vell Bio Protector


The game benefits greatly from having these good people around. They are still present in the metagame, though they no longer hold sway.

3.4.0 TIER LIST STREAM!! (08/09/2019) - MARVEL Strike Force - YouTube

Name Origin Class
Several Men Mutant Protector
Sif Skill Protector
Hawkeye Skill Controller
Korath Tech Blaster
Red Skull Bio Controller
Iceman Mutant Controller
A.I. Coulson Tech Controller
She-Hulk Bio Protector
Groot Bio Support
Polaris Mutant Controller
Spider-Man’s Green Enemy Bio Blaster
Ronan Mystic Controller
Karnak Skill Controller
Bloodstone, Elsa Mystic Blaster
Yellowjacket Tech Blaster
Killmonger Skill Blaster
Mordo Mystic Controller
Ultimus Mystic Brawler
Toad Mutant Controller
Psylocke Mutant Brawler
Octopus Doctor Tech Support
Count Baron Zemo Skill Controller
Superman, You’re Mr. Incredible Bio Controller
Longshot Mutant Blaster
Flammable Human Torch Bio Blaster
Hulk Bio Protector
Ironheart Tech Blaster
Thor Mystic Blaster
Storm Mutant Controller
Thanos Mystic Protector
Cyclops Mutant Blaster
Warlock, Adam Mystic Support
Shocker Tech Blaster
Colossus Mutant Protector
Punisher Skill Blaster
Sam Wilson, a.k.a. “Captain America,” Skill Protector
Kingpin Skill Protector
Vulture Tech Brawler
Drax Bio Protector
Stature Bio Protector


These are generic NPCs who will not be in your ultimate party.

Name Origin Class
Daredevil Bio Brawler
The Maria Hill Skill Support
Missy Knight Tech Controller
Shatterstar Mutant Brawler
Rhino Bio Protector
Polar Soldier Bio Blaster
Pryde, Kitty Mutant Protector
Baby Squirrel Bio Support
Jubilee Mutant Controller
Okoye Skill Controller
Beast Mutant Support
Elektra Mystic Brawler
Mystique Mutant Controller
Luke Cage Bio Protector
Sabretooth Mutant Brawler
Heimdall Mystic Brawler
Juggernaut Mystic Protector
Mantis Bio Controller
Gamora Skill Brawler
Chavez, Americana Mystic Brawler
Cable Mutant Blaster
Mysterio Tech Controller
Iron Fist Mystic Brawler
Wolverine Mutant Brawler
Stryfe Mutant Protector
Ant-Man Tech Controller


People like these are dangerously close to being forgotten. As soon as upgraded options become available, you should think about replacing them.

Name Origin Class
Namor Mutant Brawler
Wasp Tech Blaster
Bullseye Skill Blaster
Crossbones Tech Protector
X-23 Mutant Brawler
In the role of the night shift nurse Skill Support
Blob Mutant Protector
Nebula Tech Brawler
Rescue Tech Support
Electro Bio Blaster
Nobu Mystic Controller
Hexer of the Hands Mystic Support


Any playable character not on this list is considered to be of the lowest quality and should be avoided at all costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are RPG games?

Role-Playing It’s common for players to assume the role of a heroic protagonist in games, often a member of a group tasked with preventing global catastrophe. Multiple quests and missions are available throughout the game, each of which contributes to the growth of your character’s skills and the advancement of the plot.

2. What is the best hero or villain in Marvel Strike Force?

How you would answer this question is determined by what qualities you look for in a person. The many different types of classes in Marvel Strike Force each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some heroes have greater resilience to harm, while others are more versatile. The best hero is the one who complements your existing heroes and villains or who fits your play style.

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3. Why are the benefits of using the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

The purpose of the Marvel Strike Force tier list is to give players an idea of how strong each character is. This can help you determine what role a character plays on your team and what tactics you should employ when facing off against other groups.

4. How to use the Marvel Strike Force tier list?

The simplicity and accessibility of the Marvel Strike Force tier list are two of its many strengths. Find the player character you’re interested in, and the list will reveal their class and the tier in which they currently reside. If a character is highly ranked, that means they are currently in a strong position and should be used.

5. How often is the Marvel Strike Force tier list updated?

Tier lists for Marvel Strike Force are regularly updated, typically following major content patches. With this method in place, you can rest assured that the list will never be out of date or inaccurate.

Final Words

The tier list is a fantastic tool for contrasting various Marvel Strike Force heroes and villains. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro curious about your team’s strength, these stats can help.

We created this Marvel Strike Force tier list in the hopes that it will be helpful in deciding which heroes and villains are best for your team and playstyle.

Feel free to ask us anything you want to know about the Marvel Strike Force tier list down in the comments. Have a wonderful time, gamers!