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This definitive and up-to-date tier list of Dragon Ball FighterZ characters will provide a concise summary of the game’s strongest fighters.

The video game Dragon Ball FighterZ is a retrospective of the Dragon Ball franchise. The series’ signature flashy, over-the-top fighting style is perfectly represented here.

This elegant facade conceals a technically challenging and highly rewarding fighting game. Fans of Dragon Ball and fighting games will appreciate the extensive roster of over 35 playable characters.

Like the show, not every fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ is equal. We’ve got you covered if you’re a player who wants to improve their performance in multiplayer settings.

The best fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ are ranked and described in the following tier list. Keep in mind that, despite its technical nature, Dragon Ball FighterZ is still primarily a game of skill.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – A Quick Introduction

Arc System Works and Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Fighterz is a fighting video game. In January of 2018, the game came out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game was made for two players to go head to head, and it’s a fighting game based on the Dragon Ball anime series. The mechanics can be picked up quickly, but true mastery takes time. Besides the standard arcade mode, Dragon Ball FighterZ also features ranked matchmaking and player versus player battles.

In Arcade Mode, you can battle your way through the story and take on a wide variety of minigames. You can put your fighting game skills to the test in a ranked matchmaking system where you face off against other players. In Player Matches, you can compete in private duels with friends or join public matches that are accessible to anyone with an account.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List - Best and Worst Characters [DLC Included]

This article serves as a guide to Dragon Ball Fighterz’s character tiers. Each character’s strength and potential are taken into account when creating the Dragon Ball Fighterz tier list. Finding a character that meshes well with your preferred method of combat is crucial. Let’s dive into the items on the list, then.


Given the current meta, these are the top fighters right now.

Fighter Description
Super Saiyan Goku UI Goku, as he is popularly known, is a master of defensive fighting who employs devastating strategic counters. His excellent play in the neutral zone allows him to apply strong corner pressure. In competitive fights, UI Goku is frequently chosen as a meta breaker because he can hold his own against the best fighters. When controlled by a pro, UI Goku can stand toe-to-toe with Bardock as the game’s top fighter.
GT Goku Goku Super GT is known for his mobility and adaptability. He has the smallest hitbox in the game and can perform a number of dangerous leaps and quick attacks. His assist moves are fantastic, so don’t feel bad about not using him as your main.
Bardock Bardock’s dominance in the neutral game makes him a strong contender for best fighter overall. As soon as Bardock gains control of the stage’s center—which he usually does—he can begin applying pressure with attacks both close and far. Bardock’s approachability is a major selling point. You can beat him in matches whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned pro.
Kid Buu Kid Buu is terrifying in battle because he uses aggressive combos to pile on the pressure. His hitbox is tight, he can mix it up, and his neutral game is surprisingly strong. His low damage output may put off some players, but learning his combos will make up for it greatly.
Cell Cell’s arsenal of features is versatile enough to handle a wide range of applications. His excellent frame data complements his fantastic mix-ups. His ability to play neutral leaves much to be desired. To fully utilize Cell, you need to quickly build momentum. When you back your opponent into a corner, Cell becomes extremely effective.
An Older Gohan Adult Gohan is a challenging fighter due to his use of Potential Unleashed, the game’s most original mechanic. Because of his high damage output and fast attacks at varying ranges, mastering him is worth the time and effort. It’s risky because you have to “level up” in the match to get better at controlling him, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.
Gohan, Age 15 Teen Gohan is the only competitor at this level who isn’t primarily a ranged attacker. However, this is counterbalanced by his incredible close-range game, which can easily overpower an opponent. Teen Gohan may be weak at long and medium range, but he makes up for it with excellent gap closers that go well with his in-your-face fighting style.


Combatants who are both powerful and useful in most contexts. They’d do well against most of the other actors in the show. They aren’t quite a top-tier option due to some obvious flaws, but you can’t go wrong by picking them in any game.

Fighter Description
The Vegeta Base This Vegeta, in contrast to his Super Saiyan form, relies on aggression to open up space for devastating combos. His excellent neutral game complements his solid damage output. His gimmicks are top-notch as well, giving players some leeway in how they approach battle. Keep in mind that he is more challenging to master than the majority of this tier’s fighters.
We are now on Android 21. A comprehensive familiarity with the game and its many combatants is required to take on Android 21. The abilities she copies with her Steal Ability are superior to the ones she originally had, greatly increasing her utility. Aside from that, Android 21 possesses a solid long-range game, excellent neutral game, and fantastic mix-ups. Prepare to invest a lot of time if you want to learn how to use all of Android 21’s features. The good news is that your hard work in training will pay off in the long run.
Vegito At some point in your time with DB FighterZ, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of one of Vegito’s flashy and punishing combos. His excellent neutral game and high damage output make him a pain to play against. The problem is that taking so much damage means making slow, predictable moves that top players can easily exploit and punish.
Vegeta One of the most technically proficient fighters is Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form. You can play it safe while getting a read on your opponent because he has a solid offense and even stronger defense. Vegeta is a formidable opponent, but he has no chance against specialists because he excels at everything.
Gotenks Gotenks, like Vegito, enjoys frustrating his foes with rapid and extremely lengthy combo sequences. Once he gains momentum, he can put pressure on the opponent with everything at his disposal. At first, playing as him may feel strange due to his unique abilities and hitbox, but after some practice, you’ll come to enjoy playing as him.
Insane Newborn 2 The Ki Blast is Super Baby’s primary weapon. The best part about this character is that even if the Ki Blast misses, he can return it and put even more pressure on the opponent. If the enemy has any assists, Super Baby can use them to his advantage.
Videl It’s not surprising that Videl has such a small number of “mains” in the player base. Her weak attack and defense give her enemies free rein to pick on her. However, Videl makes amends by being undisputedly the master of confusion. If your opponent doesn’t know how to play around Videl’s weaknesses, you have a good chance of winning because she is both unpredictable and rarely picked.
Goku Goku, as a Super Saiyan, is a formidable warrior because he excels in every facet of combat. Goku is generally only used by newer players in Dragon Ball FighterZ because the meta consists of the game’s best specialists. He has a solid combo that is simple to pull off but leaves little room for error.


These warriors are competent, but they lack the distinguishing characteristics of the best. Mastering them will still be possible, but not as quickly or easily as with an S or A tier fighter.

Fighter Description
Trunks Trunks is a roving character who can close gaps and pull off a number of confusing gimmicks. The quality of his defense, however, leaves much to be desired. Because his moves have a long recovery time, he is vulnerable to combo starters and punishes.
Piccolo When it comes to con artists, Piccolo is in elite company. His ability to throw his opponents off balance and create openings for himself is terrifying. While he excels at creating opportunities, his poor neutral game makes him easy to counter, particularly in the early game. His attacks are energy-intensive, and stringing together combos often requires him to use up an entire meter.
Kefla Kefla is an effective zoner in a genre that typically does not favor such players. She is able to keep her opponent at bay thanks to her superior frame data and zoning tools. As a result, she is quite competent in the neutral game. Her lackluster defensive play is her biggest weakness.
Guru Roshi Master Roshi is a skilled combatant who will require some study to defeat. Because of his alternatives to dashing, he may be difficult to play. Even though Master Roshi uses the more complicated Reverse Kamehameha (and hops) in place of dashing, you now have an attack that can cause you to dash in any direction. There are limitations due to this as well. Since Roshi lacks the superdash, he must rely on strategic positioning and in-depth knowledge of the game to avoid becoming predictable.
A Gogeta from Super Showdown 4 Gogeta is a fantastic fighter overall, with strong combos, a wide array of mix-ups, and a superb neutral game. How come he isn’t higher up? His terrible frame data makes it difficult to make strategic decisions and leads to excessive move commitment. Gogeta’s lackluster recovery makes him vulnerable to pressure from more forceful opponents.
Black Goku Goku Black’s usefulness as a fighter is increased by his accessible move set. He has a reliable neutral game that adapts well when you pin your opponent or get pinned yourself. Although his combo structure is simple, it is effective.
Zamasu was fused Fused Zamasu is one of the most nimble fighters because he can freely fly around the arena. His agility allows him to force his opponent into the corner, where his excellent combo sequences can shine. Even with these advantages, Zamasu still can’t win close fights because he has no good neutral game.
The Android 16 In order to beat Android 16, players will need to put in a lot of time in training. He’s one of the few good grapplers in the game. The problem is that you need to know very advanced techniques to take full advantage of his damage potential.
(SSGSS) Goku The fighter “Blue Goku,” as he is known in the fandom, has flawless frame data, making him a joy to control in battle. With his quick attacks and effective combos from medium to close range, he can easily surprise his opponent. The drawback to all of his short frames is that his combos need to be perfectly executed to deal the maximum amount of damage.
Broly Broly, being both a zoner and a grappler, is a fun character to take control of in a fight. His wide variety of offensive options will give him command of the stage. Be wary of picking Broly due to his massive hitbox and meter-intensive play.

Dragon ball Fighterz tier list | Fandom


As far as battlers go, these are just average. Be ready to put in extra time training to learn how to maximize their potential when facing off against superior opponents.

Fighter Description
To the Max In Super Broly, you have the option of playing as a rushdown fighter or a grappler. You’ll want to take advantage of his devastating close combat skills either way. Super Broly’s high damage output is offset by poor frame data and a lack of mix-ups.
Base Goku It’s likely that this iteration of Goku is the game’s only true support character. He does a lot of damage from supers, and he has a wide range of mix-ups to choose from. His assist moves are fantastic, but your team must be well-structured for him to excel.
Hit A murderer The combination of Hit’s unconventional move set and impressive range makes for one of the game’s best neutral phases. Keep this in mind if you plan on maining him, as his unusual mechanics make him challenging to play. Hit’s aerial options are extremely limited, so you’ll have to rely on his ground combos almost exclusively.
Tien Tien is one of the least complicated characters to control because he is exactly as he appears. His ability to deal insane damage with supers and mix-ups is his greatest strength. His lack of defensive options and poor neutral game are serious flaws.
Jiren Jiren fights defensively and relies on counterattacks to win. His counter mix-ups are accompanied by good damage, but they are very risky and situational. UI Goku’s gameplay is identical to Jiren’s, except superior.
Yamcha Even when on a good team, Yamcha never seems to contribute much. His speed and ability to corner foes are negated by his moves’ limited range and high resource requirements.
Janemba Janemba is competent in every facet of the game. His grabs are effective and hard to predict because of their range and his good mix up. That’s his shortcoming, actually, that he’s just okay at everything. It’s not like Janemba has anything special going on that would merit a higher ranking.
Cooler Cooler, in contrast to his brother Frieza, wins matches thanks to his neutral game and corner pressure. His defense is commensurate with his size, but he can be painfully slow compared to the rest of the team.


Players rarely use these fighters in tournaments because of their obvious weaknesses.

Fighter Description
Frieza Frieza is another long-range zoner who is particularly effective at harassing his opponents. Although his range is impressive, it often puts him at a disadvantage against more skilled opponents.
A18 Robotics Android 18’s mix-up abilities allow him to easily penetrate his opponents’ defenses. Her damage output is low, and her neutral performance is subpar.
Beerus The effectiveness of your defenses against Beerus’ orbs is crucial. In most cases, the setup doesn’t pay off because the orbs themselves are easily destroyed by the opponent. Beerus may be able to pull off a few victories against inexperienced opponents, but he has no chance against skilled opponents.
Majin Buu Majin Buu’s destructive potential is unleashed when his combos are perfectly timed. In a pinch, his healing abilities come in handy as well. Due to his unconventional fighting style, he is a dangerous fighter to employ.
Master Chief Ginyu Ginyu has the potential to be the game’s best damage dealer in the hands of a master player. It’s not easy to get to this point in a game when you don’t have any momentum. You might have the most fun playing as him, but he just doesn’t have the “normal” tools to compete with the more powerful fighters.
Purple Vegeta At the outset of each match, Blue Vegeta likes to force his opponents into the corner. His offence is solid, but his poor neutral game prevents him from setting up his opponent.


The current worst fighters in the meta are these. You should only use them if the characters are particularly dear to you or if you want to show off your abilities.

Fighter Description
Inorganic 17 In order to be a threat, Android 17 must always be on the move. His meter building is adequate thanks to his combos and good assists, but he is weak when he is on his own.
Krillin Zoner Krillin has a limited hitbox. It’s actually annoying that he can heal himself or his teammates an infinite number of times. The rest of Krillin’s personality doesn’t stand out either.
Nappa Nappa has a wide array of techniques that work wonderfully in his confusions. He deals decent damage, but his high speed and low defense leave him vulnerable to the opposition.

The 18 Best Fighters In Dragon Ball FighterZ


Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Inclusion Date: Sunday, March 25 (FighterZ Pass 1), 2018.
Stunning Attacks: Big Meteor, Eraser Gun

In the anime, Broly is a powerful fighter who can compete with the best of them if his speed doesn’t pose a problem. His power and range are top-notch compared to the rest of the Dragon Ball FighterZ cast, but his real strength is his speed.

When it comes to grappling, Broly also shines, as many of his special moves are so powerful that they completely overwhelm their opponents and force them into a corner, where he can exert complete control.

Android 21

Race: Bio-Android
Gender: Female
Added on: Base Game – January 26, 2018
Extreme Assaults: Light Cone, Sugar Rush, and a Mouthwatering Main Dish

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Android 21 is a powerful fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ, as game developers have an understandable emotional investment in their creations. She is the game’s primary antagonist and was made specifically for this project.

According to canon, she was cloned from the DNA of Majin Buu. Her fighting method is straightforward, and her skills in general are highly effective. Her speed and range make up for the fact that she isn’t particularly skilled otherwise.

SS4 Gogeta

Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: Friday, March 12, 2021 (FighterZ Pass 3)
Extreme Assaults: Extremely Powerful Kamehameha Strike; Equal to One Hundred Big Bangs

Gogeta is already a formidable opponent in battle, so it makes sense that his Super Saiyan 4 form would be among the best. His ability sheet is jaw-dropping because he has reached the highest possible levels of power, speed, and energy. He’s a pressure applier who fights with all his might.

Even if he isn’t the best choice for your playstyle, which may favor melee-focused characters, he’s so good at everything else that it may not matter. In terms of his character archetype, SS4 Gogeta is typically thought of as a rushdown character.

Goku (GT)

Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, May 19th, 2019 (FighterZ Pass 2)
Extreme Assaults: The Ultimate Spirit Bomb, Dragon Fist Explosion, and Super Kamehameha

Goku (GT) may lack the extreme strength of his later incarnations, but he still has a number of useful moves at his disposal. Given his Dragon Ball GT roots, his diminutive stature makes him a particularly frustrating opponent.

The young genius has formidable defenses and some extremely helpful attacks. His Supers, especially the Super Ultra Spirit Bomb, can rip through an opponent’s health bar like tissue paper, and his Dragon Flurry Fist attack can deal respectable damage without expending too much Ki.


Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, March 25 (FighterZ Pass 1), 2018.
Extreme Assaults: Saiyan Spirit, Revenge Assault, and the Riot Javelin

Although Brolly was the main attraction, he was largely overshadowed by Bardock’s excellent move set, who was added to the game at the same time as Goku’s father. His combos are lightning fast and relentless, giving him the upper hand whenever his opponent relaxes their defenses.

Although there are more powerful Supers in the game, its enormous AoE makes it one of the very best, and his revenge assault allows him to transform into a Super Saiyan—something we never got to see in the anime. With just two Ki bars, you can do a lot of damage thanks to the combination of Saiyan Spirit and Riot Javelin.

Vegito (SSGSS)

Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, May 27 (FighterZ Pass 2), 2018
Extreme Assaults: Final Kamehameha, Spirit Excalibur, and the Omega Finishing Blow

Given that Vegito was created when two of the series’ most powerful fighters fused, his incredible strength shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. However, the fact that he controls with such ease is a pleasant surprise, and it makes Vegito a good option for offensive players.

Vegito’s excellent reach and solid counters make him incredibly difficult to effectively defend against, and chaining together combos with him is as fun as it is simple. Sometimes his assists are the deciding factor in a game, and he contributes to that as well.

Gohan (Teen)

Race: Humans and Saiyans
Gender: Male
Added on: 26 January, 2018 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: Kamehameha the Unmoving, Kamehameha the Father-Son, and Kamehameha the Father-Son (At Full Power)

Teen Gohan may lack the variety of moves displayed by his adult self, but he more than makes up for it with his incredible speed and strength. His Supers are among the best in the game, and he gains Ki much more quickly than the majority of the available fighters.

Teen Gohan is best used by players who take advantage of his natural strengths and avoid using a high volume of close-range attacks. However, players who choose to main him will find it extremely challenging to defeat other players.

Gogeta (SSGSS)

Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: (FighterZ Pass 2) September 26th, 2019
Stunning Attacks: Kamehameha, Big Bang, Stardust Breaker, Stardust Fall, Meteor Explosion, and Ultimate Kamehameha are all names for this devastating Hawaiian weapon.

Gogeta’s two forms each have their advantages and disadvantages, but the absurd number of Supers available to him in Super Saiyan Blue gives him the upper hand. He doesn’t have any particularly powerful ones, but having so many options means he can always find a way out of any jam.

Gogeta’s versatility isn’t his only strength, though; the fused fighter also has a good amount of speed and power. He has a wide variety of attacks, so he may take some time to get used to, but once you do, he’s a formidable opponent.

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Goku (SSJ)

Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: Base Game – January 26, 2018
Extreme Assaults: The Meteor Smash, Warp Kamehameha, and Super Kamehameha

While we tend to agree with the argument that Super Saiyan Blue Goku is the superior character, we believe that players who are just getting started with the game would benefit from spending some time with this Goku. He’s much simpler to learn than the other characters until you’ve mastered the combos and mechanics.

This character, for instance, is one of the few who, with his Instant Transmission Kamehameha, can chain together not one but two super moves. It is recommended that you begin here and then move on to SSB Goku when you feel ready.


Race: Tong / Saiyan
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, January 28 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: Heat Dome and Flame Attack

Even though he isn’t the most powerful character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, this guy is still one of the best choices for those looking to add a solid neutral to their team.

His regular combos deal a lot of damage and have a long range, both of which are benefits of using a large sword. This guy can dish out a lot of damage in a hurry thanks to the large hitboxes on his moves. He can easily capitalize on his opponents’ missteps thanks to their lack of mobility.


Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, January 28 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: God of Destruction’s Judgment Beerus Ball Beerus Ball of Destruction

There are those who think Beerus is one of the worst playable characters, but that’s not fair. His ability to put on the pressure and force opponents out of their comfort zones complements one of the best low-level super moves in the game.

In the same vein as other underappreciated characters in fighting games, those who have mastered this God have the ability to deal devastating damage to an opponent who misjudge their capabilities. However, he is not very helpful in terms of assists.


Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Added on: The 2018-01-26 (Home Game)
Extreme Assaults: Death Blow, Power Realized, and Progress Ever Forward

Hit is essentially in the same situation as Beerus. Hit receives a lot of criticism from skeptics, even though his adept users can brutally defeat their foes.

Proper use of this character’s diagonal mix-up attacks is essential. How well you use them will determine how far you get as Hit. Despite his online slander, we’re confident that fans will enjoy using this character in battle, but many remain reluctant to experiment with characters outside the game’s traditional high tiers.

Goku Black

Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Inclusion Date: Sunday, January 28 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: The Work of a God, Holy Light Grenade, and the God Slicer Dance

Goku Black’s full-screen command grab is one of his best features, and it can even set up additional combos if you want it to. However, he has a lot more going for him than that, making him great for newcomers as well (including one of the largest hitboxes in the game).

Many fighting game enthusiasts agree that Goku Black’s Instant Transmission move is the best teleport in the game because it forces the opponent to rapidly adjust their strategy.

Kid Buu

Race: Majin
Gender: Male
Added on: 26 January, 2018 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: Threats to Humanity, the Pearl, and the Planet

To be completely forthright, it hurts us to have to include this person on the list, but despite the fact that he is incredibly annoying, he is still fantastic. Kid Buu specializes in techniques that are both straightforward and highly effective.

His regular attacks have an exceptionally wide range, and the combination of his super moves is far more powerful than anything else in the game. As an added bonus, he is a tremendous help to have on hand, making his presence in the background extremely valuable. In a nutshell, you should seriously consider inviting this person to your party.

Android 16

Race: Android
Gender: Male
Inclusion Date: The 2018-01-26 (Home Game)
Extreme Assaults: Hellfire, Maximum Hellfire, and the Last Resort

If you ask someone to name the best fighters in the Dragon Ball franchise, Android 16 probably won’t be the first name that comes to mind.

Against opponents who commit too much, he can cancel block strings into a punishing command grab and combo, and he also has some attacks with armor. Android 16 has everything he needs to complete the task at hand, so exercise caution around him.

Gohan (Adult)

Race: Humans and Saiyans
Gender: Male
Inclusion Date: Sunday, January 28 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: The Power of Now & Kamehameha’s Brothers

Oh, okay. It’s a given that you’ll be facing Adult Gohan in a lot of fights. He’s just a random guy like that. Suppose you let him raise his Release Power to its maximum level of seven. That’s what happens when you go up against one of the game’s top fighters; it’s not pretty.

Adult Gohan has a powerful fall, excellent normal attacks with a long range, and a devastating Ultimate Back Attack that involves an overhead cross-up. What we mean is that if you choose Adult Gohan, you already have a good character, but once you start to increase his power, you have one of the very best.


Race: Bio-Android
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, January 28 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: Lightning Bolt and Solar Kamehameha

There are good and bad versions of every character in a fighting game. At least, that’s the plan. You already know that there are strong characters that are clumsy and slow, and that there are fast, agile characters that don’t deal a lot of damage. Still, many in the Dragon Ball FighterZ community consider Cell to be a top-tier fighter because of his versatility.

Like in the show, Cell is a formidable foe with powerful attacks that can cover a wide area. He’s great for newcomers to the game, and he also has plenty of complex combos that veterans of the genre will enjoy.


Race: It’s a Frieza Smackdown!
Gender: Male
Added on: Sunday, January 28 (Opening Round)
Extreme Assaults: Death Blow, Nuclear Attack, Your End Is In My Hands!, The Ring Gun of Sorbet and the Golden Frieza

Like Cell, Frieza has a plethora of powerful normal attacks that can be chained together to devastating effect. While he shares some similarities with Cell, he lacks the grasping antics that make Cell so formidable.

As an alternative, this character has the ability to throw the longest projectiles of anyone in the cast, allowing skilled players to effectively keep the enemy at bay. Frieza will make life difficult for an opponent who lacks the experience to deal with zoning strategies, which is a common occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between tiers in Dragon Ball Fighterz and ranks?

Tiers represent a character’s current and potential power, while ranks reflect your actual skill level. The higher the tier, the greater their advantage against lower tier opponents; however, it is not required that you play high tier characters constantly; if you can only find someone lower than S, don’t worry about it!

2. How do I rank up?

The only way to move up in ranks is to defeat an opponent with a higher one. When you reach a certain number of victories, your ranking will increase to the next level.

3. What do I get when my rank goes up?

When you win, you gain ranked experience points, and the more experience points you have, the higher your potential rank and strength.

4. What does the Dragon Ball Fighterz S tier mean?

If you want to compete at the highest level in Dragon Ball Fighterz, then you should play at the S tier. It would be foolish to underestimate these warriors because they have perfected their craft and can handle any situation with ease.

5. What should I do if my tier is lower than S?

Don’t be concerned; many other players control characters of lower levels than you. Don’t worry too much about your current ranking; instead, focus on improving your skills to move up the ranks.

6. Why are some characters ranked higher than others?

Don’t worry if your fighter is low tier; there’s no real reason for this besides how powerful they are. There are many powerful warriors available for use in battle.

7. How can I tell how powerful a character is?

Seeing where they stand on a list of competitors is the quickest method of doing this. The larger the number, the greater their power and the greater the challenge of defeating them. You can use a higher-tier character if you’re having trouble with a specific opponent.

8. What’s the difference between a high-tier and low-tier character?

It’s a simple fact that stronger characters are assigned to higher tiers. They are more resilient, have more effective attacks, and can deal more damage before going down. If you’re having trouble with a certain foe, swap them out for a stronger one.

Final Words

Dragon Ball Fighterz is accessible to new players and features a wide variety of gameplay options. You can battle human opponents in the story mode or play against computer-controlled foes in the multiplayer modes.

To help you decide which characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ are the best for your play style, we’ve compiled a tier list. Play them in the practice or lab mode to see if they work for you if you’re still unsure.

Have fun, gamers!