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Exos Heroes is a widely played role-playing game with a large cast. This fresh Exos Heroes character tier list will show you who the best heroes currently are.

Turn-based RPG Exos Heroes features gacha elements and a compelling cast to keep players engaged.

Beginners may find it difficult to prepare for endgame or PvP content when there are hundreds of these heroes available to summon.

To assist with this, we have created a hero tier list from best to worst. Read on for advice on throwing the best possible party for you and your friends.

Exos Heroes Best Exos and Tier List [October 2021 Update]-Game Guides-LDPlayer

To avoid overwhelming the reader, this list will only feature the most formidable characters. People who don’t belong in the advanced material are left out.


These are the top-tier troops available. They characterize the vast majority of the modern meta.

Character Element Type
Dorka Machine Chaos
Bathory, or “Lost Recollection” Frost Attack
The Supreme Queen, or Jinai. Nature Chaos
The Original Watcher, Rera Nature Chaos
Talia, the Solar Prophet Nature Support
The Banga Family, or Tantalo. Nature Defense


Superior units that, with the right infrastructure and funding, can compete with S-tier.

Character Element Type
Garff (The World Turned Upside Down) Light Defense
“Iris” (Vacation on the White Ocean). Light Support
The Inverted World, or Uloom. Machine Defense
Rudley (In Distant Recall) Nature Attack
Schmid Light Attack
Ramge, or the Original Watchers. Darkness Support
The Forgotten Memory of Annie Fire Attack
Brook (The World Turned Upside Down) Fire Attack
Artist of Death, or Shell Machine Support
Deva (Lost Recollection) Machine Chaos
Magi, or the Original Watchers. Fire Attack
(Awakening) Rachel. Fire Attack
An Awakening, or Lepin. Frost Support


Good troops held back by a few serious flaws. Everything about them is still rock-solid.

Character Element Type
Awakening; Shufraken. Darkness Defense
The Princess Vacation (Valentina) Frost Chaos
Forgotten Memory Emma Darkness Support
Zeon, the Original Watchers Fire Attack
Adams (The Banga Clan) Darkness Attack
Baraka, or the Original Watchers. Machine Chaos
Bathory Frost Attack


Normal, run-of-the-mill troops that can hold their own in combat but don’t stand out.

Character Element Type
Garff Light Defense
Awakening; Otard Fire Attack
(Of the Banga Family) Jinn Machine Chaos
Luke (of the Bangas) Fire Defense
Anastasia (The Original Watchers) Frost Support
Blood-Red (Scorching Hot) Fire Attack
Degas (Blue Sea Beach) Frost Defense
Rachel (In My Memories) Fire Attack
Uloom Machine Defense


These are the worst units available. They’re not very helpful in either PvP or PvE. Take advantage of them if you have a preferred make-up for your team.

Character Element Type
Neomi Nature Defense
Insight, or Baraka. Machine Chaos
Rudley Nature Attack
Melting Ice Bernadette Frost Attack
Awakening, or Ramge. Darkness Support

Exos Heroes – Useful Tips and Tricks For Getting Started

1. Identify Your Foe’s Elemental Weaknesses

In Exos Heroes, each playable character has a unique set of Guardian Stones equipped that can be broken by attacks of the same element. If a character with a green stone is hit by an attack using the Nature element, the stone will shatter. When a character’s final stone is destroyed, they enter the “Break” status, where they are temporarily stunned for 7 turns and take damage appropriate to the attack that caused the Break.

Exos Heroes Tier List - Best Characters in The Game

New enemies have their Guardian Stones concealed at first, so you won’t know their weaknesses until you discover them by accident. To this end, it is important to employ a wide variety of attacks against an unknown foe before learning their specific weak spots.

The key to quickly dispatching even the hardest enemies in Exos Heroes is to exploit their elemental weaknesses.

2. Learn How Your Characters Generate Mana

Learning how different character types generate mana, a resource needed to power their special skills, is just as crucial as learning your enemy’s weaknesses in order to exploit them.

Unlike in other games, Exos Heroes does not have an automatic mana generator. Instead, mana is gained by performing specific actions and is not class specific. While Defense and Support types gain MP whenever they take damage, Attack and Chaos types gain 1 MP whenever they land a critical hit. Similarly, once a character reaches 5*, they gain access to new mana generation techniques that are specific to their element.

If you are new to Exos Heroes and would like an introduction to the game’s Break and Mana systems, we recommend checking out our beginner’s guide.

3. Reroll For the Best Heroes

Exos Heroes, like any gacha game, has a large pool of heroes to choose from. There are over 250 playable characters to find and unlock in this game, not counting the ones used for combining and enhancing. There may be a large number of heroes to unlock, but as is typical of games in this genre, some heroes are better than others simply because of their statistics and abilities.

Since these powerful characters can be summoned at the start of the game, most players choose to reroll in the hopes of getting their hands on one or two that will allow them to breeze through the story missions.

While the process of rerolling in Exos Heroes is simple in theory, in practice it’s a pain because you have to make a new Google account for each try. This is because you cannot immediately delete your existing account, but must instead wait 7 days for it to be deleted. Additionally, Google login is required to play Exos Heroes as a guest login is not available.

If you want to know the specifics of rerolling in Exos Heroes, feel free to read our guide. The only advice we can give you right now is to reroll if you want to get ahead in this gacha RPG. To make rerolling even simpler, BlueStacks provides a number of tools, such as an Instance Manager and Multi-Instance Sync Tools, that let you use multiple accounts at once while rerolling.

4. Upgrade Your Heroes as Much as You Can

Of course, even if you DO manage to summon the best characters, they will be completely useless if you don’t upgrade them at all before facing the tougher enemies. Simply raising your characters’ levels will improve them immediately by increasing their base stats. In addition, once they reach a certain level, you can outfit them with various pieces of equipment and enhance them with various materials. Finally, you can increase your heroes’ maximum level by transcending them.

Once you’ve unlocked your airship, go to “Manage Heroes” to make these adjustments.

 5. Explore the Massive World

In Exos Heroes, you have access to a vast open world. Even though most of the story takes place at specific locations, you are free to explore the area and enjoy the sights. This game excels in this regard; the world map is stunning to behold, and it only increases our desire to explore it and become lost in its depths.

On the other hand, there are a lot of unexpected NPCs, battles, and other events scattered around the world map that can net you some extra loot. Example: once a day, you can go after and defeat “Garrote, the Grave Robber” in order to earn some bonus loot. In addition, you can send your characters on treasure hunts by directing them to scour the world map for potential dig sites. If you’re going to explore, keep in mind that you might encounter hostile NPCs.

You can also go offline and keep exploring by turning on Smart Exploration after logging out. Your characters will continue to explore and collect rewards (up to the “Easy” difficulty level) while you’re away. Both approaches call for Levistones, which are created naturally over time.

Next-level graphics for a mobile game

In the year 2020, it will come as no surprise if mobile games rival the visual quality of their console equivalents. The impressive visuals of Exo Heroes, however, are tough to downplay. Characters with full voice acting have more personality and make fights and cutscenes more entertaining than their Gacha counterparts.

The battle animations, including attacks and abilities, also have an action anime vibe. The story centers on Zeon, a young man on a quest to find buried treasure. At first glance, he seems like a standard main “protagonist,” but his nimble movements and impressive swordplay really impressed me. The mobile role-playing game genre is guaranteed to involve a substantial amount of grinding, so it’s essential that each character fight with flair that matches their personality.

Distinguished Art Style

The game’s varied art styles are one of its most interesting features in Exo Heroes. As your band of warriors explores the world, the view above the world changes to a “Chibi” version. Meanwhile, the character portraits in the game’s menu screens are all hand-drawn and really come to life when the characters are speaking.

Meanwhile, full 3D models of your team are displayed prominently on the main home screen. You can access your character’s individual animations and voice lines by tapping on the screen. When using the standard cast, this may not seem like much, but after you’ve collected your favorite characters, you can enjoy seeing how the artists have interpreted them in different situations.

Strategy combat that encourages customized teams

Each character you meet serves a unique purpose, just as they would in a classic role-playing game. Different enemies have different weaknesses, so your team needs a variety of tank, attack, healer, support, and chaos types (Chaos types do combinations of many things). Each character (even your allies!) has been given a weakness in the form of an elemental affinities (Fire, Ice, Nature, Light, Machinery, Light, and Dark). Each character fights with the aid of a guardian stone that represents their alignment.

This stone can only be “Broken” by an attack of the same alignment. The guardian stone of an unfamiliar foe is hidden, so you’ll need to use a variety of attacks to determine where the weakness lies. Making a team optimized to quickly break enemies’ guardian stones is crucial if you want to defeat elite opponents later in the game. Once you successfully Break an enemy, the advantage is tremendous as they are stunned and receive double damage for several turns.

Because of this, it’s important to have characters with area-of-effect (AoE) abilities, so you can probe the defenses of multiple foes at once. It’s important to remember that your enemies can use this same elemental advantage against your characters, as the goal is to match the element of your attack with that of your enemies.

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A useful AFK mode when you are busy

Not everyone has the patience (or interest) to level up their team manually. Exos Heroes features a definitive “Sleep Mode” that allows players to relax and tend to other matters while the squad goes on “Expeditions,” replacing the manual grind that has been a mainstay of RPGs for decades.

It’s a good way to make sure a player isn’t wasting Stamina (the resource needed to battle and progress through the game) just because they don’t have time to play. The exploration process is a great opportunity for players to gain experience, gold, and other items. Ideal for the gamer who needs to grind while they sleep, this mode has a “Battery Saver” screen that uses very little battery life.


Those who are eager to discover what the world of Exos Heroes has to offer will not be disappointed. Never stop exploring and interacting with the world around you; you never know when good fortune will find you!