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Want to improve your Dota Underlords game results? Using this current tier list, you can quickly see which heroes are currently the best in the game.

Dota Underlords takes center stage as Valve makes its debut in the competitive auto-battle arena. Players in this competitive strategy game take on the role of multiple heroes, each of whom they must successfully lead to victory.

The available heroes are drawn from a pool of over 60 characters, so it can be difficult to tell them apart.

Fortunately, we’ve ranked every hero in Dota Underlords from best to worst so you can see where they stand.

Continue reading to find out which heroes will strengthen your team and lead you to victory.

What’s Auto Chess?

If platformers are like auto-runners, then strategy games like auto-chess are like auto-runners. You’ll do about half of the work, and the game will take care of the other half. At the beginning of a round, each player places units on the board, and the round proceeds from there. In essence, that is the case. However, once you delve into it, you’ll find that there’s much more to it.

My tierlist from Dota Underlords, what do you think? : r/AutoChess

How to play Dota Underlords

Online matches in Dota Underlords can be played either against human opponents or computer-controlled bots. The latter helps you orient yourself. You’ll be competing against seven other people in each round. Fortunately, you don’t have to take on every foe at once; that would be complete anarchy. Instead, you engage in a one-on-one duel on a chessboard-style board.

The first step of each round is spent at the shop, where gold can be spent to acquire one of five hero units. Since there are countless heroes to choose from, the pool is randomly selected at the beginning of each round. Once you purchase a unit, it will be placed on your bench. You can then move it to a position on your side of the board.

After the preparation phase ends, the actual battle begins automatically. The first three rounds are spent fighting computer-controlled bots for loot and experience. You can win gold and experience in addition to your choice of three loot items if you come out on top in a loot round. In the event of defeat, you will still receive a prize, though it will be selected arbitrarily. Each hero only has one item slot.

Once the loot rounds are over, you’ll begin fighting real players in a rotating series of battles. While it’s ideal to win each round, it’s not game over if you lose a round. The left side of the screen displays your current health percentage. Everyone’s score is set at 100. All of your health will be reduced if all of your units are eliminated. As soon as that reaches 0 the game is over. Sometimes a loot round will occur in between rounds of player versus player combat. This is your second chance to acquire brand-new stuff.

Leveling up and buying units

In the shop, you can spend gold on extra units between rounds. However, heroes can cost a variety of amounts, as shown in the upper right corner. You can prevent the random lineup from appearing in the shop for one turn if you’re short on gold. That way, in the next round, you can afford to buy the hero you want.

Heroes are added to your bench automatically after being purchased. You start with a single unit placement. More of your units on the bench will become available for use as you gain experience. The second tier entails two units, the third tier three, and so on. In a single game, you can only advance as far as level ten. As you play, you’ll gain experience and levels automatically as you rack up victories. However, if you want to level up faster, you can buy experience points with gold.

Your bench has space for up to eight modules. You can make room for new stock by trading in your old units for 3 gold.

Alliance bonuses

Simply clicking on a hero’s name on the board or bench will bring up that character’s data. You can use these numbers to get a feel for their attack, defense, and DPS capabilities. In addition to a hero’s overall rating, you should consider the two square icons to the right of it. Possible benefits for the Alliance. Stat bonuses can greatly improve your chances in battle if you team up multiple heroes with the same Alliance icon.

Upgrading heroes

Alliance bonuses necessitate some roster diversification, but prioritizing hero upgrades is essential. By purchasing three identical units, you can merge their one-star stats into a two-star hero. Heroes with two stars are significantly more powerful than those with one. Having three of the same two-star heroes allows you to upgrade to a three-star unit. That works out to nine copies of the same hero being needed to make a single three-star hero. This can be a lengthy procedure, but the end result is well worth the effort.

Earning gold

You can use gold to level up your existing heroes, unlock new ones, and restock your inventory if you don’t find anything you like the first time around. Gold will accumulate for you naturally, but there are a couple of things to remember about it.

The gold you save up can accrue interest. After each round, you’ll get one gold for every ten you’ve stored up. This can only go as high as 50, but if you already have that much gold, you’ll get five more every turn. Keeping your gold at or around 50 is a good target as the game progresses.

Both winning and losing streaks award bonus gold. While a winning streak is preferable, even a string of losses can be turned around with strategic purchases made easier by your newly acquired gold.

Full cross-play support

Dota Underlords is a free game that can be downloaded on multiple platforms. You can play Auto Chess on any device and against any other user in the world thanks to its cross-platform functionality.

Due to its early access status, Underlords does not have a lot of content. There are currently online matchmaking, friend vs. friend, and solo vs. bot play options. In preparation for the full release, Valve has detailed the next steps for Underlords. After leaving beta, it will still be available at no cost to players.

If you enjoy the cycle, Valve plans to implement ranked matchmaking, additional Underlord choices, a battle pass, seasons, tournaments, and daily challenges. The battle pass and skins (but hopefully not loot boxes) will cost money, as would be expected.

Dota Underlords Tier List


Currently, these heroes are the most effective in the game. You can build solid decks around them thanks to their powerful individual hero abilities and the cooperative nature of their alliances.

Hero Alliances Ability
Disruptor Stout Warlock Disruptor generates a harmful static storm.
Doom Evil Terrorist Doom deals damage and prevents enemies from casting spells or using items for 20 seconds, but only if they aren’t already disabled. Disables Alliance passives and other passive benefits as well.
Luminary Keeper The Human Mage The Illuminate magical attack is a charged ray of energy that deals damage in increments over a period of time.
Luna Protective Knight The passive ability of her glaive, the “Moon Glaives,” allows her to ricochet off of enemies two cells away. Every time the glaive bounces, it loses 30% of its damage.
Killer of the Templars Watchful Killer of the Void Refraction: A Templar Assassin can deflect attacks and increase her own damage in the process.
Lord of the Trolls Fight Like a Troll Troll Warlord’s attack speed is increased passively thanks to his Fervor ability.
Warlock Healer Warlock Bound by Blood Symbol Shadow Word is a dual-purpose spell that can either protect allies or deal damage to foes. Every second for three seconds, the effect will tick.


These heroes are top-notch, boasting powerful skills and reliable allies. With the right equipment, these heroes can compete with S-tier ones.

Hero Alliances Ability
Axe Strong Man With Berserker’s Call, Axe calls out to foes within a single cell’s range, inciting them to attack. While this ability is active, Axe is protected even more effectively.
Bloodseeker Insanely violent Deadeye When he kills an enemy while in a state of Bloodrage, he takes damage equal to 7% of his total health, but gains 5% attack speed and 35% health back.
Lifestealer Inhuman brute Lifestealer has a passive ability called “Feast,” which deals damage to enemies and restores some of the Lifestealer’s own health.
Solo Druid Savage
Summoner Shaman
The Summon Spirit Bear spell calls a bear spirit to the game.
Medusa Scaled
If an enemy within four cells of her is staring at her, they will move more slowly, attack less frequently, and eventually turn to stone due to her Stone Gaze ability. Inflict 20% more damage on petrified enemies.

With her Split Shot, Medusa can hit multiple targets within a single cell of her intended target. Extra arrows reduce damage by 20% per arrow.

Mirana Vigilant
The long-ranged Sacred Arrow attack deals damage and stuns the target.
Necrophos Heartless
The Healing Warlock
Death Pulse deals damage to and heals friendly units within three cells, respectively.
Dark Enemy Demon
Death to all nearby enemies; a Requiem for Souls.
Thunderous Soul Spirit
The Storm Spirit transforms into a ball of lightning and charges across the battlefield, dealing electrical damage to all units he passes through on his way. The more cells he travels through, the more damage he does.
Tidehunter Skeletal Combatant The tentacles of the Tidehunter rise from the ground when it slams the ground, dealing damage and stunning foes. Tidehunter’s range, damage, and stun time all improve as his level rises.
Defends like a lion Physician Shaman Leech Seed: When planted in an opponent, it slowly drains their health over the course of 1.5 seconds. Reduces by half their ability to move and attack. Allies within one cell’s range can benefit from the sabotaged health system for five seconds.
Sage or Witch Troll Sorcerer The Paralyzing Cask is a bouncing paralysis ability that can be used to deal damage and stun multiple foes.


The best way to catch your opponent off guard and win the game is to use heroes who can help you avoid the entire meta.

Hero Alliances Ability
Abaddon Defeated Hero Protects friendly units for 10 seconds while taking damage itself, then explodes, dealing damage to all enemies within 2 cells. Casting this spell will undo any harm done and stun an opponent.
Bristleback Brutal Wildcat Bristleback’s Quill Spray deals damage to enemies within 2 cells of him when he sprays them from his back. The more times an enemy is hit with Quill Spray in a round, the more damage they will take. There is a five-stack limit.
Princess of Crystal Wizard of the Human Race Arcane Aura is a support ability that periodically bestows mana on friendly units.
Dazzle Poisoner Healer Troll Shadow Wave: Dazzle’s arcing bolt of power heals allies up to 3 cells apart and deals 1 cell of damage to enemies in its path. This ability always restores Dazzle’s health.
Nature Deity Sacred Striker Geomagnetic Grip calls forth a fragment of stone from elsewhere on the map and draws it toward him. When the incoming stone hits an enemy, they are stunned for three seconds and take damage.
Enigma Primal Nothingness Midnight Pulse is an area of effect attack that, for ten seconds, steals a percentage of the target’s maximum health and deals damage to all enemy units in the area equal to that percentage.
Lich Lost Wizard Bounces an icy orb between foes, dealing damage and slowing their attacks and movement.
Morphling Ancient Sorcerer Morphling transforms into a liquid wave that surges forward, damaging anything in its path. During this ability’s use, the Morphling is immune to harm.
Axe Murderer Nyx Killer Insect Nyx Assassin can deflect and negate all damage done to it (on a single target) with its spiked carapace. Stuns the assailants as well.

Teleports to an enemy and attacks, dealing 200 more damage than normal. Whenever an enemy takes damage from Nyx Assassin, they will be hit with Break for 4 seconds, rendering them immune to all passive effects.

Sand King Killer Bug Sand King’s Burrow Strike involves him tunneling forward while burrowing into the ground, dealing damage and stunning foes for 2 seconds.

Sand King’s Caustic Finale slows the target’s attack speed by 35% for 3.5 seconds. Caustic Finale causes an explosion that harms allies within one cell if the target dies while under its effects.

Ghostly Healer A Caller of Trolls For four to eight seconds, depending on the Shadow Shaman’s level, all hostile creatures are rendered harmless.
Slark Assasin with Scales Essence Shift reduces the enemy’s attack and damage output while increasing Slark’s.

Pounce: Slark jumps to a target, rendering them defenseless for three seconds.

Breaker of Spirits Big Bad Wolf Spirit Breaker charges at an unseen foe, stunning it and any nearby foes with a barrage of dark energy.
Terrorblade Death of the Demon Hunter Terrorblade’s demon form allows him to switch to a ranged attack, deal more damage, and strike more quickly. When Terrorblade uses this ability, he or she will also swap health values with a friend or companion.
Viper Poisoner of Dragons Viper Strike is a poison attack that deals damage over time and slows the target’s movement and attack speed.

Dragon Alliance is your source for Corrosive Skin. Infectious venom from a viper can deal damage in a split second.

Windranger Observant Tracker Windranger can charge her bow for up to 1.5 seconds before unleashing a powerful Powershot that deals level-appropriate damage. When a Powershot kills an enemy, the damage done to them is reduced by 10%.


Normal heroes that require a lot of time and effort to master in order to compete with the best.

Hero Alliances Ability
Arc Protector The First Caller Arc Warden’s Tempest Double is a clone of himself that shares his equipment and abilities but has its own cooldowns.
Beastmaster Strong shaman hunter With Wild Axes, the Beastmaster hurls his axes in a straight line, dealing damage to any and all foes in the way.
Hunter of Bounties Freelance Killer A shuriken thrown at an opponent causes a brief paralysis. As one levels up, so does their damage.
Knight of Chaos Dark Warrior The damage and duration of the stun inflicted by a Chaos Bolt are completely at random.
A Prophecy of Doom Soulless Rejects For 6 seconds, during an exorcism, the Death Prophet releases a torrent of malevolent spirits. They have a 3-cell range and roam the battlefield, dealing damage to all enemies they encounter and healing Death Prophet for 25% of the damage they inflict.
Black Ranger ruthless watcher and hunter Allies within one cell benefit from increased attack speed and damage as the hero level increases thanks to the precision aura.
Sparkling Flame Assassin with a Sword of Spirit With a dazzling display of speed and agility, Ember Spirit attacks all foes within two to three cells, depending on his level, before returning to his original position. Bonus damage that scales with his level is applied to his attacks.
Juggernaut The Stout Swordsman When Juggernaut is surrounded by two or more foes, he can unleash a five-second burst of Blade Fury, during which he is immune to magical attacks but deals damage to foes within one cell.
General of the Legion A Victorious Human Legion Commander will duel the enemy with the lowest health that is one cell away from them. There is no healing or use of abilities for either hero. In the event of either hero’s untimely demise, the victor of the Duel will receive a permanent enhancement to their damage output.
Lycan Rogue Human Summoner Lycan transforms into a wolf form, increasing his health by 30% from its maximum, his speed, and his chance to deal critical hits while attacking.
God’s Chosen Seer Conjurer Shaman The Treant can be called in from the board’s edge using Nature’s Call.
Ogre Magi The Blood-bound Magical Brute While the Ogre Magi can cast Blood Lust on friendly units to increase their movement and attack speed, he can also cast it on himself to increase his own attack speed.
Omniknight Knightly Healer, Human Instantly heals friendly units and damages all enemy units within one cell with “Purification.”
Pain’s Queen Evil Poisoner Assassin Every enemy within a three-cell radius takes damage from Scream of Pain.
Pudge Cold-hearted Combatant Meat Hook deals damage and draws in the enemy who is the farthest away from Pudge. If the target is less than one cell away, Pudge and his friend will attack it until it dies.
Razor Ancient Sorcerer Razor fires a ring of plasma that strengthens with distance. Up to three cells away, it will slow down foes and deal damage to them. Distance from Razor increases damage and slow. There is a two-hit limit for each foe.
Slardar Warrior with Scales For 20 seconds, all enemies in the area will take damage and have their armor decreased by the effect of Corrosive Haze. The degree to which Slaradar’s level is reduced varies.
Ethereal Vacuum Ethereal Vacuum Void Spirit dissipates into the ether, vanishes, and opens up three gateways. He leaves one of the portals after 1.3 seconds, dealing damage to nearby enemies and lowering their armor for 5 seconds.

6. 4. 2021 Meta builds tier list by Dani : r/underlords


These once-popular heroes have almost entirely lost their place in the meta.

Hero Alliances Ability
Anti-Mage Rebel Stalker With each attack, the Anti-Mage drains a certain amount of mana from the target, based on the level of the attack. Damage equal to half the amount of mana burned is dealt.
Batrider Knave of Trolls Sticky Napalm can be used to slow down enemies by 5% for up to ten stacks, dealing extra damage to its attacks (level dependent) and coating the ground two cells from impact.
Broodmother Pestilence Warlock Spiderlings are hatched when a broodmother injects her young into an enemy unit. Spiderlings will hatch if the target is successfully eliminated. Spiderlings are invincible, one-hit-kill units that deal very little damage.
Dragon Warrior Dragon Slayer Human Dragon Alliance is required to access Elder Dragon Form. The Dragon Knight can change into one of three different dragons, each of which grants him new abilities and a 30% boost to his base movement speed.

The Dragon Knight lets loose a flaming breath in front of him, damaging his foes and making their attacks less effective for 6 seconds.

Invisible abyss Invisible Killer All units caught within two cells of the center of the chronocube are stunned as it creates a blister in spacetime. Inside the cube, Faceless Void’s movement speed increases significantly, to 75. Only the Isolated Void is immune to this. Once activated, Faceless Void will attempt to teleport any allied assassins out of the cube.
IO Druid of the First Age Tether: Io attaches itself to the nearest friendly hero and begins to pull itself in their direction. The tethered hero and Io both benefit from increased attack speed and reduced damage. If Io gets more than 4 cells away, the tether will snap.

To bring back a fallen hero from the dead, Io teleports away for four seconds. Both units have been restored to full health and any harmful effects have been removed.

Kunkka A Human Warrior With a Sword Kunkka’s Ghostship moves through the battlefield undetected until it shatters, dealing damage and stunning enemies up to three cells away.
Magnus Wild shaman Magnus’s rage empowers a friendly unit for 20 seconds, increasing its damage and granting it Cleave.
Dark Entity Demon with no heart Demonic Purge: Deals repeated damage over 5 seconds to the target enemy unit, removing all buffs and applying break and slow. The unit’s movement and attack speed gradually return until the end of the duration, at which point it takes damage.
Snapfire Strong as a Dragon Snapfire’s “Ol’ Scatteblast” is activated after four basic attacks, and it slows the attack of affected units and blasts an enemy within two cells in a cone three cells wide.
Sven Swordsman of the False Order Sven becomes enraged and more damaging for 60 seconds thanks to God’s Strength.

Sven has a passive ability called “Cleave,” which causes his attacks to deal a portion of their damage to nearby enemies.

Tiny Ancient Combatant Tiny picks up an enemy at random from the area and hurls them at the farthest enemy target. All enemies within a single cell of the target are damaged and stunned on impact.
Tusk Brutal Combatant The Walrus Punch is a critical hit that knocks the opponent into the air and slows them down by 40% when they land.
Venomancer A Poisonous Summoner of Scales Venomancer calls forth a Plague Ward to aid in battle.
Weaver Trapper of Pests When using Shukuchi, a Weaver can make themselves invisible, making them impossible to shoot down from up to three cells away. Every foe it slices through takes damage from Weaver.


These characters are currently the worst heroes available. If you’re looking for a serious test, use them.

Hero Alliances Ability
Alchemist Tough Guerrilla Poisoner Acid Spray is a ranged acid attack that deals damage over time to enemies within three cells and weakens their armor if they step in it.
Lina Human Sorcerer With her Laguna Blade, Lina strikes an individual unit with a bolt of lightning.
Meepo Contraband Psychic Meepo suddenly teleports to an arbitrary enemy location, dealing damage to all nearby foes.

Meepo makes a duplicate of himself with his current health every time he uses an ability (called “Divided We Stand”). When one Meepo or one of his clones dies, they all perish.

Pangolier Killer with a Sword Pangolier performs a leaping slam landing, dealing damage to enemies within 2 cells and gaining 8% damage reduction per enemy for 10 seconds with his Shield Crash ability. Immediately following the jump, all nearby enemies will attempt to attack Pangolier.
Puck Mage of Dragons The Illusory Orb is a sphere of magic that travels in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies along the way.

The Dragon Alliance activated Phase Shift. Puck enters a dimension where it is immune to harm for half a second right before it takes it.

Rubick Maestro Magos Using his arcane power, Rubick fires a bolt of energy at his foe, which then bounces off of him four more times, dealing damage and reducing his attack damage by 20% for 5 seconds.
Spectre Satanic Void The Spectre deals damage to the target and draws a Shadow Path in front of them, reducing the enemy unit’s Movement Speed by 50 for 4 seconds and their Attack Speed by 50 for the same duration. Spectre gains 200 Attack Speed, 100% increased movement speed, and phasing movement for 4 seconds after running at the target and attacking it.
Techies Innovator with Guts Gang members plant remote mines that explode three seconds later, dealing damage to anyone in a three-cell radius.
Spirit of Revenge Unfeeling Fallen Wave of Terror: Vengeful Spirit lets out a vile cry in a straight line, dealing damage to and temporarily lowering the armor of nearby enemy units.
Ghostly Monarch Miserable Warrior With his spectral fire attack, “Wraithfire Blast,” the Wraith King can vaporize an opponent within 3 cells, stunning it for 2 seconds and dealing damage per second for 5 seconds.

Top 5 BEST DotA Underlords Builds 2021

5. Knights / Trolls / Healers – Best DotA Underlords Builds

You can use either Knights/Trolls or Knights/Healers for this entry in the top DotA Underlords builds. Both options use essentially the same units, and their performance is equivalent. Knights/Trolls leans slightly more toward offense, while Knights/Healers prioritizes defense. The two options are to level up Trolls to maximum and healers to level 1, or vice versa.

Knights / Trolls is one of the first strategies I’d recommend learning if you’re new to DotA Underlords because it performs adequately and the units you need are easy to come by. The backbone of your team won’t change whether you choose Trolls or Healers.

Chaos Knight, Batrider, Luna, Omniknight, and Dazzle are all useful early-game picks. You get two-level knights, one-level trolls, and one-level healers from that core group. Depending on the units you receive, you can then decide whether to spend gold on increasing their star level to two or three or to level up your account to unlock more units.

Keep in mind that Abaddon is the Knight with the highest health pool before you pick him up. A lot of players like to put him in the point, where all eyes will be on him. To do this, you can move your characters into the corner, as shown:

When you have roughly that lineup, you must decide whether you will focus on killing Healers or Trolls. In my opinion, this is the most effective method for reaching a conclusion: The best time to use a healer is between the middle and late game. In the late game, trolls shine. As a result, I favor the Trolls if I anticipate the game will last a while. I favor Healers when the game seems likely to end quickly or when I’m behind in the middle of the game.

Shadow Shaman, Sven, and Troll Warlord are the next three cards you should acquire if you’re playing Trolls.

If you’re building a Healer team, I’d recommend picking up an Enchantress, a Treant Protector, and a Sven as your next three heroes.

There is no point in progressing to level 10 because both of these builds stop at level 9. Actually, doing so serves little purpose. Gaining three-star units is preferable to adding a unit that doesn’t fit into the structure at all. The incredible 3 star bonuses of Omniknight and Luna make them invaluable allies.

In the end, this top-tier DotA Underlords build for Trolls should look something like this:

Your main damage dealers, Luna, the Troll Warlord, and Sven, should be out of the line of sight of the enemy team’s focus fire, in my opinion. Abaddon and the Chaos Knight are the ones I like to put in the lead. But you should try different positions out on your own.

Your final build for this top-tier DotA Underlords Healer composition should resemble this:

The Enchantress and the Treant Protector should be placed on the edges of the battlefield, as they gain no advantage from the Knights’ alliance and need to take some early damage in order to build up enough mana to cast their spells. You should try different formations to see what works best, especially if you get a 3-star Chaos Knight that grants the Knights the Knight alliance bonus whether or not they are adjacent to other allied Knights.

You have a lot of leeway to accommodate your Underlord. Any Underlord will do, so focus on their random abilities. Hobgen’s giant nuke ability might be the way to go if he manages to get it. As a rule, Jull is the most dependable and top pick. However, I think this build can function adequately with the majority of Underlords, with the possible exception of Enno.

Aside from the Necronomicon on Batrider, which is insanely good if you have the Summoners alliance bonus from Shadow Shaman, Knights don’t have many obvious best-in-slot items, but here are some good ones to look out for: Specifically, the Paladin Sword, which will boost your party’s healing, the Satanic, which is likely the best-in-slot item for Sven and the Chaos Knight, the Necronomicon, which is the best-in-slot for Batrider, and either the Moonglaive or the Butterfly, both of which are excellent items for Luna.

This is not the best build in the game, but it is 1) extremely consistent, 2) above average in the B tier, below average in the A tier, and 3) simple enough for new players to remember. But randomness plays a huge role in DotA Underlords, so it’s not always about the best build. If you get a roll on the first two rounds with Chaos Knight, Luna, and Dazzle, you can get so far out in front and get this build so powered up that you’ve already run away with the game by the time anyone executes a “better” build.

If you want to be successful in DotA Underlords, you should learn the ins and outs of the Knights / Trolls build.

4. Brawny – Best DotA Underlords Builds

If you’re using one of the best DotA Underlords builds, brawny can be unbeatable. It’s risky but potentially rewarding, more so than the other top DotA Underlords builds. A party with enough Brawny units can amass tens of thousands of health by the endgame, making it nearly impossible for any build to overcome. You’ll probably lose the first few turns and the middle of the game, but if you make it to the end of the match, you’ll be unstoppable.

The problem is that if you take too many losses early or midgame, you might not be able to recover from them, or worse, your team might be too weak to defeat enough units to gain enough HP to matter.

You should avoid secondary alliances at all costs when using the Brawny build. You should only worry about using Brawny units. You’ll need to bring in a few allies at a later date, and you want to make sure they’re added at the optimal time and placed so that they take as few fatal hits as possible.

Snapfire, Juggernaut, Beastmaster, and Bristleback are the four most important Brawny units, and you can obtain them very quickly.

You should aim to raise the star levels of your four most important units to three as soon as possible. You want that above all else. When your unit stockpile is full or when a new level is easily accessible, you should release any extra copies onto the battlefield.

In the middle of the game, for one of the best DotA Underlords builds, for instance, you might see something like this:

At the same time, you should be stocking up on additional units for your bench, which you won’t use until your core units reach the three-star level and make room for them on the field. Magnus and Puck are the most important units to watch out for. Magnus will finish both the Savage and Shaman alliances at level 1. When Puck joins the Dragons, Snapfire will have access to a powerful new spell.

For this entry in our series of best DotA Underlords builds, your roster should resemble this by about the middle of the game:

If you want to start rolling for Axe, you’ll need to level up your team to 8, so keep rotating any available duplicates onto the field. If you’re incredibly lucky and manage to 3-star every unit except the Axe, the only other unit you should consider grabbing is a Brute unit, such as Spiritbreaker, Lifestealer, or Doom. In most cases, Spiritbreaker. A Spiritbreaker should only be brought onto the field if all of your Brawny units are three stars and you need an extra unit; otherwise, it is preferable to have duplicate two-star versions of any of the Brawny units.

This is one of the best DotA Underlords builds, and by the end of the game, your team should look something like this (although most games will end before you find an Axe).

Your Underlord of choice should be Jull. The addition of Jull, who rarely killsteals and who is the best Underlord for the best DotA Underlords builds, increases the team’s strength.

When shopping, keep an eye out for “best-in-slot” items. The most important item is a Stonehall Cloak, which is essential for Bristleback. Since there is no cap on the amount of bonus health the Stonehall Cloak can give, combined with the fact that Bristleback usually takes the lion’s share of the game’s final hits, this build can have Bristleback end up with 20,000 or more HP if he wears one. The Octarine Essence and Vanguard/Blade Mail/Heart of Tarrasque/Radiance are fantastic on Bristleback if you don’t roll a Stonehall Cloak.

Snapfire’s ability improves with attack speed, so be on the lookout for Moonshards to give to her. With an Octarine Essence, Puck excels. Typically, DPS or support items are held by Juggernaut and Beastmaster. Axe will be on the lookout for Bristleback knockoffs.

Brawny is one of the most enjoyable Dota Underlords builds because of the satisfying sense of accomplishment you get from mastering it. When your health bar is full, you function similarly to a boss fight. Almost no structure will be able to stop you.

In the middle of the game, you must avoid getting knocked out, losing too much health, or being incapacitated. This is one of the best DotA Underlords builds, and you should use it to snowball. You will lose big if you don’t start the snowball rolling.

Alliance & Units Per Cost Tier List! Dota Underlords Guides & Strategies :  r/underlords

3. Assassins / Rogues – Best DotA Underlords Builds

You won’t find a better DotA Underlords build than the Assassins/Rogues composition. The only real issue is that there are a small number of builds that can counter it in a rock-paper-scissors fashion, and if you run into those builds without being significantly overleveled, you’ll likely lose. It struggles mightily against Knights and other super-sturdy builds. However, if you get a head start, you can easily win by a large margin. Assassins / Rogues is a great game that has helped me win many times.

Phantom Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Queen of Pain, Meepo, and Venomancer are all useful early-game allies. If you don’t have room for Venomancer right now, that’s fine; he’s mostly useful for the alliance bonuses (Poison, Summoners, and Scaled) and can be ignored otherwise.

This DotA Underlords build’s recommended early-game setup is as follows.

If you’re having trouble tracking down a Meepo, you can use Antimage as a temporary tank character and to unlock the level 1 Rogues alliance bonus; just don’t get attached, as Antimage isn’t included in the final build.

After that, you’ll have Assassins and Rogues at level 1, at which point you should recruit an Alchemist and a Slark for the midgame. This is your essential team, so make sure they’re solid. Depending on your luck, you can choose to either upgrade these units or add your next Assassin, Ember Spirit, to your roster.

This one of the best DotA Underlords builds requires a roster that resembles this by late midgame or early late game:

As the late game progresses, you’ll need to decide whether to prioritize reaching level 10 and adding your final Assassin and Sven to unlock the level 2 Assassin, level 2 Rogue, and level 1 Swordsman bonuses, or whether to invest in upgrading your current units.

Herein lies the rub. There are a lot of great 3 star bonuses on these units. If you have an extra 2 Star Slark on your bench, you should try to level him up to a 3 Star Slark so that he can equip the game-winning Mask of Madness and guarantee victory. The Phantom Assassin and Bounty Hunter, both rated three stars, are also excellent choices. A 3 star Meepo can be wildly broken as well. If random chance brings you close to a three-star bonus, you should definitely put off your leveling to get it.

If not, keep leveling up and aiming for the final build for this entry in the best DotA Underlords builds:

There are two main paths you can take with your Underlord. If you roll an Enno and use All Out Attack, you can use Jull instead. For me, it’s all about the All Out Attack. I’d rather have Enno get All Out Attack than Yoink, so I’d pick Enno. If not, Jull.

You should keep an eye out for the best-in-slot items, as there are many of them here. The first is the Madman’s Mask. If possible, you should acquire two of them, one for Slark and another for Phantom Assassin. Meepo is intriguing; once you get him to 3 stars, equip him with the insanely broken Heart of Tarrasque or Horn of the Alpha. Each time Meepo separates, Horn of the Alpha calls forth a new Thunderhide companion. If it seems like you won’t be able to get Meepo to 3 stars, you can just give up and use a Vanguard on him.

If you have the opportunity, grab a Vladimir’s Offering and toss it on Bounty Hunter; Venomancer synergizes well with Necronomicon. The Butterfly, Bloodthorn, and Monkey King Bar are all effective DPS items. We approve of Moonshard. Unless you roll a Mask of Madness, Skullbasher is useful on Slark. The Ember Spirit is a good ship for Maelstrom.

If you’re looking for the best DotA Underlords Builds, this is a good option. From my testing, I’ve found that this composition outperforms the Knights/Trolls build while maintaining the same level of dependability. Ironically, it usually loses to the Knights / Trolls build but usually wins against other builds.

2. Mages / Spirits – Best DotA Underlords Builds

Mages have a hard time getting off to a good start in the best DotA Underlords builds, but they are extremely powerful in the late game and can dominate in the mid game with some good fortune. There aren’t many decks that can compete with Mages/Spirits, so if you can weather an early loss without collapsing completely, you’ll likely come out on top.

In the early game, this top DotA Underlords build prioritizes acquiring Earth Spirit, Crystal Maiden, Storm Spirit, and Lich. The final product should resemble this:

Nothing good can come of this for you. Unless you get a 2 star Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Crystal Maiden early, you will likely lose most matchups. If you’re losing your matches, at least hopefully it’s by a small margin and your HP is being reduced by only 1-2 points each time. Your primary objective at this stage should be simply to stay alive until you have 30 gold and can begin receiving larger payouts after each round.

You can begin to turn the tide sometime around the middle of the game. Ember Spirit and Puck are two more that you must have. As soon as you locate Puck, substitute him for Lich. Keep your Lich around if you can, but be prepared for him to spend a lot of time on the bench from here on out.

You should start winning more often once you have both the Mage bonus from level 1 and the Spirit bonus from level 1. If you want the Delta Attack to trigger more frequently as you level up, it’s a good idea to bring in as many extra copies of the Spirit units as possible. Maintain a Storm Spirit mindset.

This top-tier DotA Underlords build requires a level 6 roster consisting of:

Improving your core units should be your top priority. When your roster is full and you have no more room for new additions, then you should switch to leveling as a priority. You should gather new units, but remember that you won’t be able to deploy them until you reach a new level or upgrade one of your Spirits to its third star.

Mage units, and especially Lina, are the other ones you should seek out. While completing the Mage alliance bonus, you should consider picking up Void Spirit.

This one of the best DotA Underlords builds requires a loadout similar to the following by level 8:

If you have several three-star Spirit units and four Spirit units in total on the field, you should be able to win most matches with relative ease once you reach this stage. As you enter the late game, it’s time to wrap up the Mage alliance and bring Void Spirit into the fold. If you make it to level 10, recruit another Human to form an alliance with Puck’s preferred race (the Dragons) and gain an additional 2 levels of alliance power.

Eventually, you’ll want to move into the corner to give your most vulnerable units the best possible protection.

This is one of the best DotA Underlords builds, and it should look like this when you’re done.

You should most certainly have Jull as your Underlord. Your Earth Spirit will likely perish before he can take part in the Delta Attack if you don’t have Jull. Choose Jull. Put everyone else out of your mind. This is one of the best DotA Underlords builds, but it requires a tank.

The game makes it simple to acquire items. For the most part, you should grab whatever is blue. Items such as Void Stones and Arcane Boots. Some top-performing items are listed below: You should equip Puck with Octarine Essence, Storm Spirit with either Octarine Essence or Kaya, Earth Spirit with Vanguard, and Ember Spirit with a mana regen item, especially early on when his mana pool is the bottleneck for Delta Attacks.

Scythe of Vyse and Eul’s Scepter are the big mana regen items you want for all your backline units. It’s nice that Keeper of the Light can use a Refresher Orb.

This build is a lot of fun to play, just like the rest of the top DotA Underlords builds on this list. If you can get it going, it’s very satisfying and fairly reliable, though not as reliable as Knights/Trolls or Assassins/Rogues. Most opponents won’t bother countering this build by positioning characters to avoid Delta Attacks unless you’re in a back-and-forth duel with a single opponent late game.

1. Shamans / Healers – Best DotA Underlords Builds

The Shaman/Healer build is widely considered to be the best for DotA Underlords. It has a slight decline in performance in the late game, but it still does reasonably well. It’s not as effective in the late game, but early and midgame are times when it absolutely dominates, so the goal is to get so far ahead that you’re unstoppable regardless.

You should use this configuration if you want to earn the Untouchable trophy.

One of the best DotA Underlords builds, this one centers around the early game trio of Enchantress, Magnus, and Nature’s Prophet. Getting two of these on the first round will give you a significant advantage over your opponents for the next three to five rounds, as the Shaman alliance creature is extremely powerful in the beginning of the game.

To get the most out of Enchantress’ healing wisps in the early going, she should be placed at the front of the battle line. Otherwise, the Enchantress will be the last one standing and will waste her time pelting enemies with her low-damage spear before eventually succumbing to her wounds.

You should then proceed to eliminate the remaining members of the Healers’ alliance. Shamans and savages are popular among many people. Stupid rookie move. It’s all about the shamans and the healers now. You’ll still get some Savage benefits no matter what, but Shamans / Savages has a huge power slump between levels 8 and 10, so most games won’t let you get there. In my opinion, the best DotA Underlords builds feature healers because they are more reliable than any other class.

As the game progresses into the midpoint, you should have the following lineup for this top-tier DotA Underlords composition:

When that’s done, go find the remaining Shamans, Beastmaster, and Lone Druid. This entry of the best DotA Underlords builds will have you looking like this as the game nears its late stages:

The foundation of your structure is this. You’ll be in the eighth level. Unless the game lasts an extremely long time, you’ll probably only be able to focus on adding more characters or upgrading your characters to 3 stars by the time the game ends.

If you decide to level up your cast, you’ll have to pick between two bonuses: the Savages’ level 2 bonus, which boosts summon damage each time a summoned unit attacks, and the Summoners’ level 2 bonus, which boosts summon damage without regard to how often they attack. Lycan is the next potential recruit. Then, you’ll need Pangolier if you decide to go the Savages route (which is worse, in my opinion). The superior choice, Summoners, requires Shadow Shaman.

Even though you’ll likely win the game at level 9, this is how your level 10 build for one of the best DotA Underlords strategies should look:

You’ll see that I’ve arranged things in a slightly off-kilter fashion. To slow Lycan down, I like to position the front line a little behind him. It buys Magnus some time to throw an Empower at him and keeps him from getting focus fired.

DotA Underlords RNG works by having you share a unit pool with the other players in the game, so if one or more players are going this build, you’ll struggle to get the units you need to pull it off. This is one of the most popular builds, so keep that in mind. In fact, remember that for any and all of these constructions.

Remember that this build struggles late game when other builds can easily kill summoned units and prevent being overrun. The typical outcome of using this build is to win the first couple of games, only to get rolled in the late game. It’s the antithesis of the bulky or magical physiques. You need to start out strong and build up a large enough gold advantage so that you can reach level 10 before most of your opponents even reach level 8.

Choose whichever Underlord you like best for this particular build among the best DotA Underlords builds. Annesix is a viable option, as you already have tanking covered and she receives buffs from the Summoners. Hobgen’s nuclear weapon has the potential to be beneficial. And Jull is always a safe bet.

There are some best-in-slot items that you should prioritize acquiring. Nature’s Prophet features a fantastic Necronomicon. If you have the chance, you should definitely take it. With Healers in your team, Paladin’s Sword is a must-have item. If a Refresher Orb pops up, you should toss it to Lone Druid right away because it doubles his bear summoning capacity. Due to Shadow Shaman’s absurdly fast attacks, Kaden’s Blade is nearly destroyed. Items that tank damage and provide support are useful up front. Most damage-dealing (DPS) items, or a Satanic, work well with Lycan.