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The best of the Epic Seven should be on your side. But with so many heroes to choose from, how do you decide? The top seven epic heroes are listed below.

When it comes to role-playing gacha games, Epic Seven is currently among the market leaders.

The core of the gameplay is finding and recruiting heroes to aid in your mission. In the turn-based battles of Epic 7, you can choose up to four of these heroes to represent you.

Using their leveling curves, abilities, combat effectiveness, and specific niches, this guide will rank all of Epic 7’s heroes.

To save you time, here is the complete and current tier list for the Epic Seven heroes, adjusted for the most recent patch in the year 2021.


These are exceptional heroes who will usually determine the composition of your combat force. They’re helpful at any stage thanks to their high rate of stat growth. They have top-tier abilities as well.

You can guarantee victory in later battles by investing in these heroes as soon as you obtain them.

Hero Stars
Krau 5-star
Ken, the Martial Artist 5-star
Yufine 5-star
Associated Lands 4-star
Tenebris Spectre 5-star
Vivian 5-star
Luluca 5-star
Iseria 5-star
Bellona by the Sea 5-star
Landy 5-star
Light’s Ruele 5-star
Roana 5-star
Judge Vildred 5-star
Vildred 5-star

Please Step on Me!: The unofficial Epic Seven tier list no one asked for! : r/EpicSeven


Heroes who currently dominate the game’s meta. Their growth in stats and effectiveness in battle are on par with that of S-tier heroes.

Hero Stars
Tywin 5-star
Ras, the Risk Taker 3-star
Charles 5-star
Armin, the Red 4-star
Cecilia’s Fall 5-star
Lilias 5-star
Sigret 5-star
Kise, Judge 5-star
Ravi 5-star
Evil Doer Sol 5-star
Crown Princess Charlotte 5-star
Alencia 5-star
Ken 5-star
Cermia 5-star
Chloe 5-star
Straze 5-star
Aramnitha, the Silver Sword 5-star
Basar 5-star
Dominiel, the Challenger 4-star
Luluca, a Top Model 5-star
Dizzy 5-star
Melissa 5-star
Tenebria 5-star
Iseria, the Briar Witch 5-star
Bellona 5-star
Flan 5-star
Heavenly Montmorancy 3-star
Angelica 4-star
Tamarinne 5-star
Achates 4-star
Dingo Blaze 4-star
Keeper Chloe 5-star
Ray 5-star
Star-Spangled Achates 4-star
Kise 5-star
Blood Sword Karin 4-star
Violet 5-star
Kayron 5-star
Sez 5-star
Celine 5-star
Coli, assassin 4-star


These heroes still have value, but only when used in tandem with one another. Even if your entire party consists of lower-tier characters, you can still complete the game. You should keep these heroes around because they each have specific uses depending on the make-up of your party.

Hero Stars
Kluri, Falconer 3-star
Krau, the Final Rider 5-star
Rose 4-star
Ashes to Roses 4-star
Charlotte 5-star
Maya the Fight 4-star
Rapture Ravi 5-star
Cat Clarissa Kitty 4-star
Killer Cartuja 4-star
Helga, the Mercenary 3-star
Rem 5-star
Luna 5-star
Mercedes, the Stars 4-star
Kawerik 5-star
Aramintha 5-star
Bal and arn 5-star
Imaginary Tenebrism 5-star
Dr. Carrot’s Research 3-star
Ludwig 5-star
Carmainerose, the Zealot 3-star
Zerato, the Champion 4-star
Cerise 5-star
Lidica 5-star
Leo 4-star
All-rounder Wanda 3-star
Sigret, the Operator 5-star
Guard Schuri 4-star
Destina 5-star
Diene 5-star
Hazel the Mascot 3-star
Rin 4-star
In a Hurry, Blood Moon 5-star
Lots 4-star
Doris, the Wizened Scholar 3-star
Baiken 5-star
Last of the Violets 5-star
Karin 4-star
Sample Declares 5-star
Cidd, the Assasin 4-star
Ervalen 5-star
Rin in a Crescent Moon 4-star
Mirsa 3-star
Storm Surin 4-star

I made a tier list based on E7WC2022. : r/EpicSeven


These characters are just okay, and they won’t really impress anyone. Only use them if you’re planning on using them in a specific party setup or if you really dig their abilities.

Hero Stars
Tywin’s Ambitions 5-star
Cecilia 5-star
Mort 5-star
Armin 4-star
Inquisitor of Discord 3-star
Crozet 4-star
Ilynav 5-star
Senya 5-star
Belian 5-star
Ras 3-star
Dingo 4-star
Tieria, the Free Spirit 4-star
Yuletide Blessings 5-star
Khawazu, the Infernal 4-star
Lilibet 5-star
Lorina, Commander 3-star
Purgis, the General 4-star
Clarissa 4-star
Inky Corvus 5-star
Khawazu 4-star
Lena 3-star
Mui 5-star
Batisse 3-star
Gunther 3-star
Rikoris, Captain 3-star
Temple of the Axe of Ilryos 3-star
Craftswoman Lilibet 5-star
Choux 5-star
Guards of Taranor 3-star
Mercedes 4-star
Serila 4-star
Ram 5-star
Experts Baal and Sezan 5-star
Angelica, Brightest Angel 4-star
Carmainerose 3-star
Politis 5-star
Gloomyrain 3-star
Zerato 4-star
Romann 4-star
Helpful Romans 4-star
Helpful Aither 4-star
Hurado 3-star
Mistychain 3-star
Snowy Isolation 5-star
Craftswoman Pearlhorizon 3-star
Dominiel 4-star
Carrot 3-star
Zeno 5-star
St. Valentine Elphelt 5-star
Silk, the Wayfarer 4-star
Lidica, the Unfaithful 5-star
Pavel 5-star
Silk 4-star
Yuna 5-star
Celeste 3-star
Furious 4-star
Schuri 4-star
Canna, the Bomb Model 5-star
Glenn 3-star
Wanda 3-star
During the Isseria summer 5-star
Elena 5-star
Bad Angelica 4-star
Jecht 3-star
Emilia 5-star
Requiemroar 3-star
Sonia 3-star
Kizuna AI 4-star
Lucy 3-star
Aither 3-star
Ainos 3-star
Cidd 4-star
Honest Robber Roozid 3-star
Surin 4-star
Finisher Charles 5-star
Khawana 4-star
Penelope 3-star
Coli 4-star


These heroes aren’t very useful because of their slow improvement in stats and lackluster performance in battle. These aren’t the absolute worst items available, but they come close. If you find better ones, replace these immediately.

Hero Stars
Eaton 3-star
V2 Kikirat 3-star
Bask 3-star
Maya 4-star
Helen 3-star
Crozet, the Disruptor 4-star
Pyllis 3-star
Lorina 3-star
Mucacha 3-star
Great Khawana, the Chief 4-star
Camilla 3-star
Purrgis 4-star
Rikoris 3-star
Ains 3-star
Eda 5-star
Shadow of the Archdemon 5-star
Otillie 3-star
Adlay 3-star
Pearlhorizon 3-star
Ian 3-star
Godmother 3-star
Nemunas 3-star
Hazel 3-star
Doris 3-star
Montmorancy 3-star
Alexa 3-star
Sven 3-star
Haste 5-star
Hataan 3-star
Roozid 3-star
Judith 3-star


These heroes are useless in combat unless you are at the very beginning of the game. These heroes have reached their peak performance and should be removed from the roster immediately.

Hero Stars
Arowell 3-star
Inspector of the Butchery Corps 3-star
Christy 3-star
Kluri 3-star
Royal Guard of Taranor 3-star
Cartuja 4-star
An Axe From The Chaos Cult 3-star
Helga 3-star
The Kawerik Mediator 5-star
Melany 3-star
Corvus 4-star
Tieria 3-star
Enott 3-star
Azalea 3-star
Jena 3-star
Warrior Leo on the Loose 4-star
Kiris 3-star
Muse Rima 3-star
Rima 3-star
Jewel of the Desert Basar 5-star
Elson 3-star

Epic Seven Beginners Guide: best starting characters, how to find the best equipment, combat basics, and more

Rolling and Rerolling

Epic Seven, like all gacha games, provides the player with four rolls at the start of the first chapter to randomly select an item. When the first chapter has been completed, the “Selective Summons” feature becomes available, allowing you to reroll up to 30 times until you are satisfied. One of the gacha rolls can be taken home with this. Don’t get carried away, though; once you’ve rolled 30 times, you’ll be stuck with whatever summon you rolled last unless you create a new account.

Many people’s time spent rerolling in the game will be spared as a result of this. You can, if you’re really desperate, reroll through the first couple of chapters until you get a 5-star character, but it’s a long and tedious process that we don’t recommend.

You’ll also need to select a unique username for your account before you can begin playing; use caution lest your choice be automatically converted to a string of random characters.


In Epic Seven, there are no truly evil people. When fully promoted to the same rank, some of the lower-rank characters are superior to their 5-star counterparts. However, some apartments are more sought after than others. Characters like Sez, Sigret, Ravi, Haste, Cecilla, Destina, Krau, Yufine, Tenebria, and Iseria (all of whom are rated 5 stars) should be your ultimate goal.

Characters from the Moonlight Summon are not included because you must reach Chapter 10 before you can roll for them.

Angelica, Silk, Karin, Achates, Cidd, and Armin are all noteworthy characters at the 4 star level.

Camainrose, Kiris, and Lorina are all three-star characters worth remembering from Connection Quest.

You should also finish some of the connection quests as soon as possible to gain access to free characters like Elson and Lorina who will join your group. Despite their low starting levels, these heroes can be developed into some of the best in the game.

The game does feature a pity system for banners with limited characters, which is useful if you intend to hoard Covenant Bookmarks. If you save up for 121 draws, you’ll unlock the rare one.

Epic Seven Reroll Guide | Epic Seven Wiki - GamePress


The gear your characters use is more crucial than the characters themselves. Without the right equipment, even if you roll the best characters in the game, you won’t get very far in the story. There are a number of tiers of equipment, and each has a random trait that can be combined with others to increase their effectiveness. Later in the game, after you’ve completed the Labyrinth and the various Hunts, you’ll be able to forge new and improved equipment to help you survive. You should always use any extra gear you have to improve your current setup.

The thing is, even Artifact cards can be improved upon in this game. As soon as possible, you should upgrade the equipment you are currently using to Level 15, as the stats gained at that level are significantly better than those gained at lower levels.

There are five places to acquire supplies, but the gear obtained on an Adventure is of much lower quality than that obtained from the other four. These are excellent fodder for upgrading your already top-notch equipment.

In general, labyrinth gear has a higher maximum status than other types of equipment. In the meantime, Hunt missions often provide useful loot and materials for crafting new weapons and armor. There is a steep difficulty curve per level with the enemies you’ll face here, so mastering strategies to defeat them is essential if you want to progress.


Clearing Epic Seven’s main story as soon as possible is recommended, as completing more story chapters grants access to more game features. One neat feature is that you don’t always have to rely on gacha luck to add new characters to your party; some will automatically join once their quest line has been finished. If you clear the story right away, you’ll unlock the Connection quests and be able to complete them much faster.

The next smart move is to sign up for a guild right away. Having your heroes bolstered by rewards after battle is just one of many advantages to joining a guild. Brave Crests can also be purchased with monetary donations to your guild. These can be traded in for benefits outside of the main storyline. In addition to assisting your guild mates in exchange for Brave Crest, you can ask for rare items from them.


You can strengthen your heroes by amassing supplies at the Sanctuary. The Breath of Orbis is an item that can be used to improve any area of the Sanctuary. This item is extremely rare and can only be obtained by completing certain quests.

After spending time in the Heart of Orbis, you will be rewarded with Skystone and gold.

You can raise creatures in the Forest of Souls. This is where you will find some of the most valuable items in the entire sanctuary:

  • Penguins: Useful as filler to speed up the leveling process for your characters.
  • Phantasma: You can quickly level this creature up to the maximum possible level because it begins play at that level. You won’t find better fodder to help your characters level up.
  • The seeds of the plant MolaGora can be used to give your heroes a performance boost.

Leaders, send out missions to earn experience and pay. Without risking their lives in battle, weaker units can be quickly and easily leveled up in this way.

Forge new items in the Steel Workshop using materials gathered on Hunts.


Combat will be central to the game, as it usually is. When you find the sweet spot between combat and farming, you can maximize your returns while spending less time on the former and more on the latter. The gacha currency, Skystones, can be earned by completing daily quests associated with these dungeons, and you should still do so.

  • Action-packed interludes in a story. This area’s enemies and equipment are significantly weaker than those in other zones, but it can be used to quickly farm fodder material or complete quests that require you to defeat a specific monster a certain number of times. They also provide a useful means of cultivating catalyst components.
  • Labyrinth is a dungeon with powerful equipment compared to the rest of the game. It is also the only place to get ancient coins, which are needed to buy the item shop’s accessories. The main feature of Labyrinth is the Morale system; as you move deeper into the Labyrinth, your morale will rapidly drain, and once it reaches -50, you will be unable to survive in combat. If you want to avoid having your party wiped out in the Labyrinth, you should look for previously unexplored areas and leave the dungeon when your stamina reaches zero. If that doesn’t work, just turn around and try another path.
  • The Abyss is an 80-floor dungeon that can be accessed once a day after completing Chapter 2. Each level has a one-time-only bonus that can be earned by completing that level. Keep going back to the Abyss until you’ve used up your daily allotment of tickets. Even if you don’t intend to engage in combat, you should still use a ticket to cleanse the Abyss, as doing so will net you some free gold and stigma.
  • Hunts: Here, you’ll have no choice but to face off against formidable foes in order to collect the raw materials needed to create new weapons and armor. The enemies here rapidly increase in strength with each new stage, so you should only venture here if you have a significant elemental advantage. Once you’ve settled on a method for farming in this area, you can start relying on auto-combat to save time.
  • At the Spirit Altar, you can find the elemental runes you need to unleash your full potential. Each day, a different element will be highlighted, and your team’s farming efforts should be directed toward developing expertise in one of these elements. If you’d rather use auto combat until your characters are significantly stronger, starting on a lower difficulty is also recommended.
  • Combat against opposing teams takes place in the arena. You don’t have to like PVP to benefit from challenging an NPC’s generated team for simple loot. Depending on your weekly Arena standing, you’ll earn free Skystone at the end of the week. Higher-ranked players can even receive as much as five rolls’ worth of free currency each week.
  • Defeating the first part of Chapter 6 is required to access this quest. Bosses here are formidable, and they may drop charms that can be used to improve your equipment.


A majority of the heroes are found in Tiers A through C, while only a small fraction are in S-tier. Especially after the early 2021 patch release, this will be the case. With so many new heroes available in B and C Tiers, it’s easier than ever to assemble a squad that has a chance to succeed.

This is a perfect example of the fantastic game balance in Epic 7. It allows players to construct their party based on any number of viable strategies.

Keep this checklist handy if you plan on continuing your journey all the way to the end. We’ll be updating this page periodically to reflect the current meta, so be sure to save it and check back.