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In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the best weapon will get you the best killstreaks. This Cold War weapons tier list for Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best one available.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a fantastic addition to the Call of Duty series. This 2020 entry features a solid single-player campaign alongside the series’ signature multiplayer mode.

Every little bit of an edge counts in competitive games, and in ranked modes this is especially true.

One such benefit is the ability to use weapons that are advantageous in the current game state, also known as the meta. In this article, we take a look at all of Call of Duty: Cold War’s weapons and rate them based on how useful they are in actual gameplay.

Now that we have that settled, we can begin.


The current meta favors these weapons the most due to their utility and adaptability. Since these weapons significantly improve a player’s chances of success, you can expect to see them being used by everyone in the lobby.

Coldwar Weapon Tier List : r/blackopscoldwar

Weapon Type Explanation and Description
MP5 SMG Automatic submachine gun. Low recoil and rapid fire. The shooter has excellent field of view and control.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the MP5 is a strong weapon in Cold War, as it is in most Call of Duty games. The high rate of fire makes up for the weapon’s lackluster damage. It’s accurate from close range to far off with very little recoil.

The MP5’s mid- to long-range performance is adequate, but its close-quarters capability really shines.

Bullfrog SMG Submachine gun firing at full rate. Rapid fire with little or no felt recoil. The shooter has excellent field of view and control.

It appears that the MP5 is the lobby standard, but the Bullfrog is gaining popularity.

It has better long-range accuracy than the MP5 and a larger magazine capacity. Because of this, it’s easier on the players. In addition, it has ergonomic iron sights, which are often overlooked when determining the top firearms.

Krig 6 Combat Rifle Assault rifle capable of firing continuously at full rate of fire. Enhanced accuracy and damage. Superior mastery of one’s weapon and noticeably quicker reload times.

In particular, the Krig shines when viewed from afar. Its basic shape is spot on, but with the right additions, it can take on divine characteristics. If you

AUG Weapon of Tactic Quick-firing tactical rifle. Extremely slow firing speeds and moderate recoil in exchange for devastating damage. The integrated optic offers a magnification factor of 1.5x.

The AUG is a long-range laser that is absolutely precise. It has a powerful sight, manageable recoil, and a fast rate of fire, all of which combine to make it ideal for killing unsuspecting foe.

One drawback of the AUG is that it calls for a certain level of skill to operate properly, as missed shots can be quite expensive. However, once you get past that, you’ll have one of the game’s best weapons at your disposal.


In the vast majority of scenarios, these weapons perform superbly. They are technically S-tier in the hands of a competent player.

Weapon Type Explanation and Description
AK-74u SMG Submachine gun firing at full rate. Weapon accuracy and stability have been greatly enhanced.

The AK-74u has greater per-bullet damage than both the MP5 and the Bullfrog. But there is a cost to this kind of might. You’ll need a steady hand for the recoil, and its range is optimized for close encounters.

Attachments are a simple way to fix the AK-74u’s issues. Once you’ve gotten used to this weapon, it’s incredibly effective.

Tundra LW3 Targeting Rifle Sniper rifle with a bolt action. Significant force with low movement. Head, upper chest, and shoulder shot kills in one.

The LW3 is the best sniper rifle because of its high damage and low recoil. Since snipers are currently at a disadvantage in the meta, using this weapon could result in some easy kills on unsuspecting foes.

AK-47 Machine Gun A fully-automatic assault weapon. Extremely slow firing rate in exchange for high damage output. Superb defense against attacks within a medium range.

The beloved AK-47. The undisputed champion of effective stopping power. This weapon didn’t undergo major changes during the Cold War. Consistent recoil at close and midrange ranges; fast kill time; high damage potential; excellent for both offensive and defensive playstyles.

XM4 Machine Gun Rapid-fire assault weapon. Improved fire rate and consistency in dealing damage. Good mastery of one’s weapon when firing continuously.

You may want to switch to the XM4 if you’re having trouble keeping up with the AK-47’s slower rate of fire. You can keep firing and pin your opponent down with ease. However, its effectiveness decreases rapidly at closer distances.

S.A. Gallo 12 Shotgun Semiautomatic shotgun. Dependable piercing and pellet dispersion. Recoil and sight radius are both about average.

When it comes to 12 gauge shotguns, the Gallo SA 12 is unrivaled. You can hit and recenter your shots in gunfights without taking as much damage thanks to the semi-auto rate of fire. If you can get close enough to the enemy, it does ridiculous damage.


These are powerful weapons, but they can’t reach their full potential until the player puts in more time and effort to perfecting their use.

Weapon Type Explanation and Description
M16 Weapon of Tactic The tactical rifle is semi-automatic. Powerful accuracy and devastating damage, but limited ammunition. Superior aimability and control under fire.

When compared to other tactical rifles, the AUG is in a league of its own. Two tiers below it, the M16 is the second-best. Because of its low recoil, it can travel far and kill with ease. However, it lacks the AUG’s pinpoint accuracy at long range.

The Pelington 703 Targeting Rifle Sniper rifle with a bolt action. Enhanced rechambering and faster handling times thanks to a handload. Head or chest shots kill instantly.

If you’re a good sniper, the Pelington is a great sniper rifle because it can kill an enemy in one shot if you aim for the head or upper body. Its drag is higher than that of the Tundra, keeping it in the lower tiers.

A.C. 821 Milan SMG Submachine gun firing at full rate. Significant damage, moderate rate of fire, and recoil. Quicker reflexes and a more concentrated pattern of hip fire.

The Milano 821 performs admirably in close quarters. It has high ADS speeds and prioritizes damage over firing rate. While using it, your accuracy will suffer due to the high recoil.

Stoner 63 LMG Light machine gun firing at full rate. faster firing rate and more bullets. Light recoil and decent sight radius for accurate shooting.

In Call of Duty multiplayer, LMGs are rarely used by players. They take a while to reload and have a lot of recoil. The biggest drawback of the Stoner 63 is its recoil, but this can be mitigated by adding accessories.

It has a massive clip capacity, making it useful whether you’re pinned down or free to spray bullets across the battlefield. Its high rate of fire guarantees swift terminations, allowing you to move on to the next target without delay.

Type 63 Rifle, Tactical Tactical rifle with semi-automatic fire. Extremely lethal accuracy and precision, but with a smaller magazine. High levels of target awareness and accuracy while firing.

The Type 63 may look like it was designed for long range, but that’s not all it can do. Its light recoil allows for more controlled shooting. The Type 63’s reliability makes it useful at medium range and, if you’re good at hip-firing, even in close combat.


Typical firearms that won’t tip the scales in your favor but also won’t do you any major favors.

My CODCW weapon and map tier list : r/blackopscoldwar

Weapon Type Specification and Clarification
FFAR 1 Combat Rifle Fires automatically at high rates of speed; an assault rifle. Rapid firing and reloading times. Reduced ammo capacity and moderate damage.

The FFAR, like other Assault Rifles, is a lethal weapon. However, it achieves this by trading fire rate for damage. This means that your enemies will take more of your hits before they are finally defeated. But it’s tough to accomplish this with a tiny clip.

M60 LMG Rapid-fire lightweight machine gun. Heavy-grain ammunition ensures reliable stopping power and low per-round costs. Reduced firing and handling velocities.

The M60 has good features aside from its terrible recoil. High damage and ammunition capacity are intended to compensate, but even for experienced players, the results are too inconsistent to be reliable.

1911 Handgun Semiautomatic weapon. Accurate, but it only holds a few rounds. Extremely lethal in close quarters.

The 1911 is the best of the three pistols because of its superior safety. Its clip size and accuracy make it a viable backup weapon for use in critical situations or as a killing blow.

RPG-7 Launcher Fire rockets without reloading. Larger blast radius, dealing more damage to buildings, machinery, and people. Extra rockets are available.

What you see when using a rocket launcher in Call of Duty is typically what you get. They excel at their designated function but fail miserably in all other contexts.

The RPG’s automatic fire and wide range make it ideal for taking out vehicles or ambushing groups of enemies.

Cigmia 2 Launcher Tracer rocket launcher. A devastating weapon designed to destroy vehicles. Few weapons and slow movement speeds.

The Cigmia, like the RPG, serves a very specific purpose. This one, unlike the other, has auto-locking, making it ideal for when you just want to wipe out enemy vehicles without wasting time aiming.


Rarely used weapons in light of the current meta. It takes a very skilled player to achieve significant results when employing these.

Weapon Type Clarification and Description
Magnum Pistol Rifle with two separate actions. Significantly reduced muzzle velocity and increased damage thanks to deeper penetration.

The Magnum is a great secondary weapon for experienced players. Close range damage is high, and it can even get through some light cover. However, it is not easy to use and is harsh on sloppy players.

QBZ 83 Machine Gun Rapid-fire assault weapon. Enhanced portability and responsiveness. Poor initial recoil and a wider but less accurate spread when firing from the hip.

The QBZ can achieve ADS speeds that are on par with SMGs. Unfortunately, it ranks dead last among Assault Rifles due to its horrible recoil.

KSP 45 SMG Submachine gun with a burst fire rate of three rounds. Large area of effect and high damage. Long-distance burst fire is less effective at spreading.

The KSP 45 isn’t terrible, but it pales in comparison to other submachine guns. You could give its burst-fire mode a shot and see if it improves your shooting experience. If not, then there must be other solutions.

DMR 14 Rifle, Tactical A tactical rifle with a semi-automatic firing mechanism. Faster firing with less shaking of the gun. Capable of consistent damage even at great distances.

Unfortunately, the DMR shares the fate of the KSP. Even though it’s a serviceable weapon, there are better alternatives available.

Hauer 77 Shotgun Shotgun with a pump action. Potential one-hit KO damage at close range. Rechambering speed is about average and it’s hand loaded.

The Hauer is devastating at close range but falls short of the Gallo due to its harsh character and slow re-chamber animation. Try this gun out if you’re good at aiming in confined spaces.


In the current state of the cold war, these weapons are the least effective. If you want to push yourself, try one of these.

Weapon Type Detailed Discussion and Description
Knife Killer close-range weapon. A single, powerful slash from this straight blade is enough to dispatch any adversary.

Knife kills on unsuspecting foes are incredibly satisfying, but unfortunately they are also extremely rare. Given the level of expertise of the players, you can count on being lasered before you even get within striking distance.

Diamatti Pistol Pistol with a burst capacity of three rounds. Rapidly cycling bursts of fire with minimal downtime. Added capacity, but reloading time is now slightly longer.

The Diamatti’s primary flaw is its burst-fire mode. Players who miss their shots will be severely punished. Because of how long it takes to reload, you’ll be at a disadvantage in firefights.

M82 Bow and Arrow Semiautomatic sniper rifle. Long reaction times and heavy recoil. A fatal shot to the head or upper chest area. Steady with R3 while pressing ADS.

The M82 has the worst control scheme of any available weapon. Its semi-auto rate of fire is in stark contrast to the heavy recoil and slow drag it has. It also takes too much time to steady your aim, making it useless for shooting quick scopes.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: The 10 Best Weapons To Use In Multiplayer

Stoner 63

Gun Type: LMG

Field Agent Grip, Tactical Stock, Extra 100 Round Magazine, and Speed Tape are Suggested Add-Ons.

The Stoner 63 stands out as the best light machine gun in Cold War’s multiplayer, particularly in the objective modes, thanks to its large magazine and high fire rate, which allow it to hold down areas of the map. As long as you can manage the recoil, it is also accurate, meaning your shots won’t go astray.

It’s lighter than most other LMGs, so you can move around the map quickly and respond nimbly to changing circumstances during a match. The Stoner’s attachments should minimize recoil and maximize magazine capacity.

Swiss K31

Sniper Rifle is a Type of Weapon.

Tiger Team Barrel, Airborne Wrap, and Raider Stock are Suggested Add-Ons.

The Swiss K31 is unrivaled in the Cold War sniper rifle category thanks to its ability to excel at both close and long range. Its class-leading ADS speed makes it the go-to choice for rapid ranging, but it retains sufficient power and range for use at longer ranges as well.

When fitted with the Tiger Team barrel, the K31’s damage increases to the point where nearly every shot is a one-shot kill if directed at the chest or higher. If you want to use the Swiss K31 as a long-range weapon, we also suggest turning on the spotlight to increase the reveal distance.

Wonder Weapon Tier List WaW-BO3 my opinion (The images didn't load in fully  so they might be hard to determine, if you need clarification on what's  what just say and ill get

AMP 63

Pistol is a Type of Weapon.

You should get a laser sight, fast magazine, and dual wield.

To win a gunfight, it is crucial to have a weapon like the AMP 63, as any Call of Duty fan knows that switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading. With the AMP’s damage increased in Season 4, using it with the dual wield attachment is a potent strategy, provided that you don’t miss your targets.

Although it is usually outclassed by primary weapons, it is a great secondary option and can be used effectively for quick movement on smaller maps. Accuracy can be improved by using the laser sight, and the Salvo fast mags improve magazine capacity and reload time.

Gallo SA12

Type of Weapon: Shotgun

This Rifle Needs a Duckbill Choke, a Wire Stock, and a 9mm Round Tube.

Overpowered, effective-at-range shotguns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveal the series’ ongoing struggle with shotgun balance. Two shotguns were initially included in Black Ops Cold War in an effort to rectify this. The Gallo is one of the most effective Cold War close-quarters weapons, even when used as a secondary weapon.

When compared to the Hauer 77, the Gallo SA12 is clearly the superior shotgun due to its superior range, full-auto fire rate, and devastating power. Its predecessor’s shotguns had much greater range, but this weapon can still help players in close quarters and at medium range.


Type of Weapon: Tactical Rifle

Field Agent Grip, Serpent Wrap, and the SAS Combat Stock are all highly recommended additions.

At launch, the AUG was one of the best guns in the game, and even after a few nerfs, it is still among the most dangerous weapons in the hands of skilled players. A player could be eliminated in two shots from the DMR, before they had time to react to its incredible speed.

At long range, it can compete successfully with virtually any other gun in the game thanks to its incredible accuracy. The AUG’s recoil is its biggest drawback, but with the right accessories and a good player, it can be overcome with relative ease.


Type of Weapon: SMG

Spetsnaz Grip, VDV 50 Round Fast Mag, and Elastic Wrap are Suggested Add-Ons.

The AK-74u is the game’s second-best submachine gun. Despite its low starting ammo, it packs quite the punch and can easily move around the map thanks to its mobility. It’s a good option for fast-paced game modes because it combines the best features of a submachine gun and an assault rifle.

It’s submachine gun stats mean it’s best used in close quarters, where its superior hip-fire accuracy can really make an impact. Most players will benefit from using a gun like the 74u in Black Ops Cold War because the maps are more varied and better suited for close-quarter combat than in Modern Warfare. The recoil is hard to control at first, but once you do, the AK-74u becomes a formidable weapon.


Gun Type: SMG

Elastic Band, Field Agent Grip, and Rifled Barrel are all Highly Recommended Add-Ons.

The LC10 is the best submachine gun currently available, and they became more widely available in Season 4. One of the most potent all-around Cold War weapons, it features a high damage output, a rapid fire rate, and respectable accuracy at medium ranges.

To maximize the LC10’s potential, you should select accessories that dampen recoil in both the vertical and horizontal planes, like the Field Agent Grip. Although the optics could be a problem due to the polarizing nature of the iron sights, there are sufficient alternatives for sights to make this a relatively minor issue.


Assault rifles are a type of firearm.

Include a GRU Elastic Wrap, a Spetsnaz Grip, and a 40-Round Magazine if you can.

The AK-47 is another fan favorite among Call of Duty players, but it hasn’t always been implemented well in previous games. Black Ops Cold War does the classic gun justice, with high damage output and a recoil pattern that is easy to counteract.

The Season 4 update gave it a slight power boost, making it slightly stronger than it already was. This Call of Duty mainstay is unbeatable in the hands of a pro due to the wide variety of attachments available to mitigate the weapon’s weaknesses.


Assault Rifle Type of Weapon

LED Optic, Field Agent Grip, and Takedown Barrel are Suggested Add-Ons.

Being the game’s default assault rifle can be limiting, as players will eventually gain access to other ARs that they may find to be superior. However, the XM4 is an exceptionally dependable primary weapon, excelling equally well at short, medium, and long ranges.

The weapon’s damage and speed aren’t great out of the box, but they improve significantly once you equip some of the available attachments. It can be upgraded to an effective assault rifle by adding a barrel that increases damage range, a magazine that holds more rounds, or a handle that increases aim down sight speed.

Krig 6

Assault Rifle Type of Weapon

LED Optic, Ranger Barrel, and Infantry Compensator are Suggested Add-Ons.

There are no major issues with the Krig 6, and the recoil can be reduced by using the Field Agent Grip and Infantry Compensator. Despite its lower damage rate, it dominates at all ranges due to its high accuracy in longer range encounters.

As one of the earliest assault rifles in Cold War, it can be quickly accessed after reaching level 16 and then leveled up to gain access to the many attachments that will render it nearly invincible. It’s the best firearm in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War and will be used by every serious player for a long time to come.

15 Call of Duty Warzone tips to help you win

1. Prioritize acquiring your loadout…

You can get by using weapons and equipment from the floor, but ultimately, your best results will come from using your preferred arsenal. Obtaining $10,000 as soon as possible will allow you to purchase a Loadout Drop from the nearest (or safest) Buy Station.

As the game progresses, having a unique arsenal and set of abilities will be a huge advantage. Whether you’re playing alone or with a team, getting the loadout should be your top priority.

2. …but don’t stop looting after you get your loadout

You’ll need at least $10,000 to get your loadout, but you should keep looting even after you have that much. Your primary objectives should be to stock up on ammunition, money, and an armor satchel (which allows you to carry eight plates instead of five).

Twenty thousand dollars is ideal, as it will cover the cost of a Self-Revive, a gas mask (if you haven’t already found one), and a killstreak like a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Precision Airstrike. Stocking up on essentials is a match-winning tactic.

3. Play to your strengths

Warzone is challenging, let’s be honest about it. Not everyone can hit two targets in quick succession with a sniper, and not everyone can eliminate an entire squad with a single magazine of ammunition. To get there, you need lots of practice, so focus on what you’re good at for the time being.

Some players are more adept with submachine guns than others, while others are known for their aggressive playstyle. Master your own unique playing approach. It takes some time to get the hang of it, but once you do, the matches will start going your way.

4. Do not shoot unless you’re sure you’ll secure the elimination

The stakes are high for this one. Even seasoned gamers sometimes make the fatal error of opening fire as soon as they see an enemy. It’s understandable, but doing so usually just gives the enemy more time to take cover, arm themselves, and plan their retaliation.

Wait until there is less hiding space for the enemy, and make sure no allies are nearby to provide backup. If you’re not an experienced player, it’s best not to try and kill anyone until you’re sure you can.

5. Landing in the right spot can set you up to succeed

Although shooting accurately is crucial, landing in the optimal location (one that suits your playstyle) is also crucial. Busier areas include Superstores and Hospitals, while outlying regions of the map are typically less populated.

Numerous Contracts (discussed further on) are located in a few specific places. Keep in mind that Scavenger Contracts are the most popular when deciding where to land. Using the plane’s path in relation to the first circle as a reference point is a good place to begin.

6. Use the gas to rotate around, rather than heading straight to the center

In terms of the circle, players usually proceed in a sequential manner, moving from one ring to the next. It’s not always possible to avoid this, but if you can, try moving in a pinwheel pattern instead. The gas acts as a shield, protecting you from attacks from behind, which is why it is so widely used in war.

Instead of blindly running to the next circle, a spiraling approach ensures that you will not be attacked from the sides or behind.

7. Make an effort to complete Contracts

You can earn a lot of money, kills, and gear from contracts, and if you do Recons, you can also learn the location of the next circle. Here are the five most important Contracts:

  • Bounty — Aim for a certain player’s general area.
  • Recon — Seize a nearby point to pinpoint the next concentric circle’s location.
  • Explore the area and crack open the three chests for some gear.
  • Most Wanted: Put your dot on the map and make it through the next three minutes alive.
  • Gain savings by making it to the nearest Buy Station before time runs out in “Supply Run.”

Your Contract multiplier will increase as you complete more Contracts, increasing the amount you will be rewarded for each one. Don’t give up on Contracts; they offer huge bonuses to money, experience, and weapon level.

8. Always plate up

This is a quick piece of advice, but it’s crucial. Make good use of plates in order to avoid going hungry. Up to three plates can be equipped, and another five can be stored (or eight with a satchel). Even in the midst of gunfire, it’s best to plate up. And if you don’t have plates, go out and buy some or make finding them a top priority while looting.

I rated the cold war guns for multiplayer if you don't agree with one then  ask me why i put it there : r/blackopscoldwar

9. Fine-tune your settings for maximum efficiency

You can optimize your performance by adjusting various settings; experiment with different levels of sensitivity and different control schemes to find what works best for you. Outside of that, we recommend altering the following:

  • Behaving Like a Tank: It Works in Every Situation
  • Behavior When Sliding and Tapping
  • Auto-Deployment of Parachute – Off
  • Miniature Map: Rectangular
  • To zero decibels, please!

10. Don’t revive a teammate until you’re sure it’s safe

If a teammate falls, you should wait until the enemy who brought them down is dead or far away before attempting a revive. It’s easy to kill you when you’re reviving because of how defenseless you are. It’s important to keep an ear out because the sound of a revive is audible to an enemy.

11. Use sound to your advantage

Keep an ear out for things like an enemy’s footsteps, plating, coughing in the gas, a revive, a shot, a reload, and more. This will allow you to determine the approximate location of a nearby enemy and the appropriate time to strike. When sneaking up on an opposing team, be sure to employ the Dead Silence (aka “Deddy”) Field Upgrade.

12. Make effective callouts

You should alert your team if you spot or hear an enemy. In addition, you should do so using as few words as is necessary. Although it may be challenging to put into practice, having efficient callouts can save time and improve communication.

Instead of saying “my enemy is right next to me,” just say “on me.” Instead of “an enemy team just called their loadout to the west of us,” you could say “enemy loadout west.” Every second (or even millisecond) counts in the heat of battle, and this is especially true.

13. Coming back from the Gulag

Your only hope for redemption (apart from being bought back) lies in the Gulag. After the end of the Cold War, the Gulag was transformed into a dystopian version of Nuketown, where prisoners must compete against one another in deathmatches to determine who will be rehabilitated.

The most important piece of advice is to make good use of the tools at your disposal. When spawning in with more difficult weapons, like a crossbow, having access to flash grenades, stuns, and lethals can make all the difference. Play to your strengths by making use of sound, and consider using the rooftops on either side of the map to gain an advantageous vantage point.

14. Stick with your team

Running off to face enemies by themselves is a common mistake made by players. Tell your team that you want to fight the other side (and be specific about where and how you want to infiltrate the other side). Your teammates ought to duplicate your efforts. Communicate quickly if something comes up that prevents you from continuing.

Your team will be outnumbered if they go into battle expecting you to be close but you’re still in the next building over. It’s important that your team knows you’re not there, but in the midst of battle, that’s not always possible. To avoid this, teams should keep open lines of communication and remain cohesive at all times.