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Pokemon Masters adds a new twist to battling by introducing the sync pairTrainer-Pokemon Sync Pairs are a useful tool in battle. In order to progress in Pokemon Masters, it is essential to train your sync pairs.

Therefore, we must ask: in what sync pairs should we place our bets? How do you decide which one to invest in so that you can bring out their full potential?

Here’s where our ranking chart comes in handy. With it, The best duos will be highlighted for you to base your team around..

In this article, we’ll go over the top pairings in the game so you can start improving your team immediately.

Due to the similarity between lower-tier pairs where only roles differ, only explanations for S-tier to B-tier pairs will be provided.

Tier List Overview

The very nature of tier lists makes them open to interpretation. There are many different ways to construct a Tier List, and this list should not be used as the only source of information. Player feedback on Tier Lists and overall gameplay is highly encouraged. For more, peruse our Community Lists; if you’d like to discuss this Tier List in particular, feel free to start a Community Discussion or comment on our most recent Changelog article.

Pokemon Masters Tier List (2022): Time to Turn Your Sync On!

Criteria Overview

The primary criteria for our Tier List are the unit’s relative effectiveness in competitive play and how well it fits into the current metagame, regardless of the player’s roster.(not in any particular order; we’re trying to strike a balance between all of these factors rather than zeroing in on any one of them.):

  • Modularity and adaptability in teams
  • Relevance and vigor in the composition
  • When conditions are ideal, performance peaks.
  • Downsizing and independence

Note:All units are assumed to be at their maximum potential, and EX availability is also considered.(especially important for Sync Nukers and Supports, or for pairs with incentives to Sync).

Content Priority

The following is a weighted list of game features, taking into account the aforementioned criteria:

  1. Super Bowl Stadium Champion Mode
  2. The Gauntlet/Arena of Legend
  3. Bloody Conflicts
  4. Full-Force Battles & Defending Your Villa


Sync There are three distinct types of pairings.(as opposed to how they function in the game)to better reflect how their kits could be used. You must remember that there is no one-to-one correspondence between the categories; rather, everything is ranked within its own category and the categories are not intended to be compared with one another. The rankings of Sync Pairs are not based solely on the division in which they operate.(That is, their completeness is considered when assigning value, regardless of their classification).


These can be thought of as “Tiers within Tiers.” Some units are close enough together that they can be grouped, and even have interchangeable places within the group, despite the fact that Sync Pairs are already ordered within the Tiers individually. Each group has its own distinct color scheme for its icon.The units on the same Tier that share a common background color are considered to be part of the same sub-group.. That way, we can distinguish between the units even more clearly without being overly strict with the individual positions.


Sync Pair Role Explanation
Super Mega Cynthia Garchomp Attack with Force Due to its dependence on the Acerola – Palossand pair, this duo may eventually reach A-tier. Despite this promise, it is currently classified as S-tier. Earthquake’s damage is amplified in sandy environments. You have an area-of-effect killing machine that can deal with multiple foes at once if you consider Garchomp’s incredible attack stats.
Mightyena – Hilbert Attack with Force This is a fantastic choice for a damage dealing pair. As the meta shifts toward a greater emphasis on damage, Mightyena continues to improve and rise to the top of the pile.
Mega Houndoom, Karen Strike of Special Attack The potential damage from this duo is among the highest in the game. However, that’s not the only thing that makes it so brilliant. The pair is unstoppable thanks to their high critical hit rates and ability to cause enemies to flinch.
Zekrom N Attack with Force Zekrom resembles Garchomp but is significantly more destructive. The fact that the current meta favors his one-shot playstyle is what gives him the most relevance. Works wonderfully with Electric Terrain creatures for maximum damage.
The Mega Metagross of Steven Attack with Force The team with the best attack stat should naturally be prioritized. This duo is your best bet if you’re looking to deal significant damage to your foes. It also has decent MP refresh and healing, which are both nice additions.
Acai berry; Palossian Tech Palossand is a fantastic addition to any team, and not just because it is Garchomp’s greatest supporter. The team’s Attack and Critical Hit Rate can be boosted, and they’ll be kept alive thanks to some respectable healing and weather effects.
Musharna, a.k.a. Bianca Tech They have a fantastic sync grid, which increases their adaptability. This duo works wonderfully for strengthening their defenses and dealing massive damage with their Stored Power.
Swampert – May Tech Depending on the conditions, this duo can deal a lot of damage with their Water AoE. May’s Sync Grid provides numerous advantages to Swampert. They have high health pools and high damage output if played correctly.
The Delphox, Serena Tech The incredible damage potential of this duo, as well as the best way to spread status effects to the opponent, is their calling card. Go Viral is a fantastic tool that can be used successfully against any political group.
Leaf Sygna Armor, Mega Venusaur Tech This duo has great potential as a tank support due to the massive healing they provide. It’s incredibly versatile, and its debuffs can turn the tide of any fight in your favor. This duo is a classic all-star and should remain on your team for the duration of the game.
Difference between Hilbert and Samurott Support Excellent for teams that rely on brute force to win. They are extremely flexible due to their ability to use the grid to improve their strengths in any given situation.
Torchic, the Player Support The initial team will consist of you and Torchic. This dynamic duo boosts the attack, special attack, and Critical Rate of any team composition.
Xerneas Sycamore, Professor Support This duo is fantastic for both new and veteran players thanks to their high damage resistance and wide sync grid customization options. An excellent duo that can provide reliable tank support.
Mega Alakazam, by Sabrina Support A highly versatile duo that thrives in offensive team compositions thanks to their high healing and buffing output.
Swanna – Skyla Support Another strong support, this one specializing in defensive and tanking enhancements. If you want to keep going in longer, more difficult battles, you need a Master Healer on your side.
Mega Blastoise Sygna Suit (Blue) Support These two together make up the bulkiest, most durable team in the game. Blastoise’s offensive capabilities are average at best, but its defense is so solid that it can be a game-changer in almost any circumstance. While this duo isn’t as adaptable as some of the others on the list, they perform admirably in its designated role.


Sync Pair Role Explanation
Charizard vs. Leon Unique Assault Strike While Leon and Charizard offer tremendous damage output, they are dependent on their teammates for gauge support and buffs, which is a weakness.
Volcarona, an Alder Unique Assault Strike A reliable damage-dealing duo that has no effect on the environment or climate. They can be used in a wide variety of contexts and are often the best choice.
Skeptical Brendan Assault, Physique This duo ranks highly due to its ability to handle itself independently. After a few turns of preparation, Sceptile can inflict devastating damage. This kind of short-term damage is great for quick skirmishes, but it loses steam as the match progresses. The only thing holding the duo back from S-tier status is this.
Mega Pidgeons are blue. Unique Assault Strike Pidgeot can reach a Special Attack cap almost as high as Charizard’s and has access to enough self-buffs to make it very versatile. Pidgeot may lack in initial damage output, but its high speed makes up for it.
Haxorus – Iris Assault, Physique With better numbers, Haxorus would be a strong contender in the S-tier. Its arsenal centers on moves that boost its own capabilities, making it independent of others.
Dragonite Lance Attack with Force Due to its superior qualities, dragonite is a popular choice. There is a Hyper Beam in Dragonite. The damage that dragonite can inflict is staggering. But there’s a catch. Unlike other mutually beneficial pairs, dragonite can’t improve its own stats. You’d better be prepared to construct a support team if you want reliable damage from this duo.
Yveltal – Lysandre Unique Assault Strike The type-splitting abilities of Yveltal make this duo extremely flexible. This is both the pair’s strength and its potential weakness. They are not the most damaging pair in this category, but their adaptability makes them a top choice.
Mega Lopunny in May Attack with Force The perfect combination of Attack and Defense. They deal tremendous damage while also being capable of dishing out numerous buffs. They pose an extremely dangerous risk that must be taken seriously.
Determining Eye of Selene Attack with Force Fantastically adaptable and self-reliant, but not quite as strong as some other pairs. This pair may be a bad pick for some compositions due to their tendency to fall off, but they still deal a lot of damage.
Kommo-o Sygna Suit Cynthia Unique Assault Strike Like Garchomp, Kommo-O’s early investment in setup is repaid by a devastating offensive arsenal late in the game. The damage output of this duo is fantastic once you’ve taken care of their support needs.
A Mega Sharpedo Suit for Grimsley Attack with Force Sharpedo is effective as yet another striker that prioritizes speed. Only a few minor flaws prevent it from competing at the highest levels. Although fast, its true destructive power doesn’t emerge until late in the game. It’s annoying to have to keep healing Sharpedo throughout the battle if you’re using Heavy Recoil.
Mega Gengar Agatha Tech When compared to Houndoom, Gengar is like Palossand. You’d have a ton of Special Attack potential with a Gengar and Houndoom team. Separately, both members of this duo have strong offensive stats and potentially helpful debuff abilities.
Daybreak in Alcremie Tech A bit pricey, but a reliable healer and debuff remover. While they don’t have Potion, they make up for it by providing a wide variety of useful buffs and move gauge support.
Tokoal Flannery Tech This is a solid tanking pair with plenty of muscle to spare. In addition, it has beneficial buffs that provide a number of advantages to your party.
Kyurem – Ghetsis Tech This duo needs fast-regenerating allies to compensate for their slow build-up. They have the ability to decrease their attack speed and increase their critical hit rate. Because of this, they are excellent for both dealing and absorbing substantial amounts of damage.
Hydreigon – Iris Tech An excellent choice for a dual-role offensive and defensive utility duo. Both their damage and their debuff are very effective. Because of this, they are a great choice in any circumstance.
Crobat – Koga Tech The goal in pairing these two players was to create an offensive nightmare for the opposition. Even without using MP, it can inflict poison, the severity of which increases over time. For drawn-out battles, Crobat is your best bet.
Prof. Oak’s Pet Mew Tech Mew is incredibly useful due to its full complement of counters. In addition, it can increase evasion, which is an extremely underappreciated mitigation stat.
Whimsicott, Serena Tech Essential if you want to pull off the Kommo-O. They are very useful for reducing damage taken and aiding in the spread of Paralysis to a large number of foes. This pair works wonderfully as a third choice.
Luxray – Volkner Tech If you want to do a lot of damage, this is a great pair to use. Putting money into Electric type Striker is a good idea because its viability and adaptability increase with each new addition.
Xatu’s Will Tech Since Xatu has a passive ability that prevents it from taking damage from negative status effects, it naturally ranks quite high. It’s impossible to overstate the value of being able to buff this duo once at the beginning of battle and then bask in their effects for the duration of the match.
Sunrise in Torterra Support This duo works wonderfully together to soak up damage and slow the enemy’s attack rate over time. Their numbers are impressive, and the damage from sync nuke can help you get out of some jams.
Comfortable Erika Support A sturdy duo that can both heal themselves and their allies in a pinch. Because of their tankiness, they make an excellent choice for a team tasked with protecting a Striker.
Mega-Steelix Jasmine Support An excellent squishy choice overall, with numbers to back it up. They have the ability to weaken their opponents’ defenses, which is always helpful, and they gain significant power as their own defenses are weakened.
Clefairy – Lillie Support This dynamic duo is highly adaptable and effective at bolstering area-of-effect attacks. These are useful in a wide variety of compositions where stat boosts are prioritized over damage mitigation.
Eevee – Leaf Support You can count on this duo to tank your sync moves with ease. They are most entertaining when played with compositions that focus on physical damage. The inability to use mega evolution is the only negative aspect of this couple.
Meganium – Lyra Support Lyra and Meganium are another great pair for taking advantage of the weather, as they increase a team’s overall performance. Together, they make a formidable tanking unit with respectable healing and defensive capabilities.
Starmie and Misty. Support Starmie can fill a variety of roles as a support due to his strong healing and respectable buffs. The pair is most useful as a secondary tank or emergency backup for main tanks.
Piers: Dangerous Waters Support A strong choice that can keep you alive while providing excellent support. This duo’s placement in the lower bracket is entirely dependent on the skill and fortune of the players.
Rosa, the Snackbird Support Having physical attackers in your party is where this duo truly shines. It’s not limited to boosting Attack and Speed, but can do so when necessary. The stout build of a Delibird helps it stay alive for longer during battle.
Rotom Sygna Suit Elesa Support When you need reliable support for special attackers like Charizard, this duo is your best bet. The evasion bonuses and the ability to lower the sync move cooldown are what really set this Rotom pair apart, though.


Sync Pair Role Explanation
Leavanny, Burgh Weapon of Special Assault In addition to respectable raw numbers, this duo also possesses useful buffs and debuffs. If you haven’t settled on a theme for your get-together, Leavanny is a fantastic option.
C. A. Reuniclus Uniquely Effective Striker The uniqueness of this duo lies in the fact that they make a respectable tank support for a snow/sand team. It works wonderfully as a protector and a healer.
As Palkia to Cyrus, Uniquely Effective Striker Another pair with subpar statistics that more than makes up for with a fantastic arsenal. Although she requires help to become effective, Palkia is a worthy contender for your team at any time.
Mega Lucario, Korrina Fights with his fists This duo does decent damage and has the potential to raise the Critical Hit Rate even more. You can have a powerful squad if you construct around this framework.
Gyarados, the Lancer Fighter in the flesh Powerful destructive capacity and remarkable adaptability. They were demoted here because more desirable alternatives that accomplish the same goals more effectively existed in the previous tiers.
Mega Pinsir of Noland Assaulter in the flesh Pinsir has one of the highest damage outputs of any physical attacker in the game. It also has respectable speed, which can be improved through Noland’s training expertise. Fury Cutter is a fast attack that deals multiple hits at once and doesn’t drain your move gauge too quickly.
Solgaleo, the Player Fights with his fists If you’re willing to dedicate other slots in your team to supporting this duo, they have a very high damage ceiling. Due to its lack of depth, it is classified as a B-movie at best.
Mega Gallade Wally Assaulter in the flesh Gallade is no match for physical attackers of the S-tier. However, it makes up for this by having a debuff ability, which is unusual for physical attackers. As a whole, this is a strong offensive combination.
Onix – Brock Tech Despite having subpar raw stats, this duo has proven to be an effective defensive support unit thanks to Sync Grid. The ability to increase defense without using MP is invaluable, and Potion Master provides a powerful toolbox for heavy pairs.
Lycanroc, the Kukui Tech The Lycanroc pokemon is a good all-around choice. Its powerful attacks are inaccurate but can be instantly buffed by the opponent. Increasing Lycanroc’s Critical Hit Rate is one of the best ways to put it to use. A speed boost is activated with every critical hit.
Mega Altaria – Lisia Tech This duo has dated equipment and does not do very much damage. They have their uses, but in the same category, there are alternatives that perform much better.
Tsareena Mallow Tech When used in tandem, they can be extremely powerful. They deal a lot of damage and have some good debuffs, but their dependence on offensive buffs can make them difficult to control.
Togekiss, Skyla Tech Both Skyla and Togekiss need a lot of work without providing much payoff. As sync nukers go, this is a solid choice, but it lacks the overall power to compete at the meta level.
Salamence vs. Drake Support This duo adds tremendous bulk and potent defense to your party. Drake and Salamence may be offensively inept, but they are invaluable in drawn-out battles.
Primarina – Elio Support Useful for bolstering your team’s stats and lowering the opposition’s defenses without draining your own health. Since no single buff is particularly powerful, their adaptability can backfire at times.
Dusknoir, Phoebe Support This pair once held the top spot among support duos, but they have since fallen down the rankings. In spite of this, Dusknoir has respectable bulk, an increase to Critical Chance, and the ability to reload the move gauge at will. This is a good tank duo that can serve many purposes.
Participant: Pikachu Critical Strike Weapon Because of its low bulk compared to other supports, Pikachu cannot be used as a tank. However, the player can make up for this drawback with high Speed and a distinctive set of moves that includes Potion Master Healer and MP Refresh.


Sync Pair Role
Jiggler, or Lyra Weapon of Special Assault
Empoleon – Barry Weapon of Special Assault
The Bruno-Machamp Fights with his fists
Ho-oh, Silver Weapon of Special Assault
Megabeedrill Bugsy Assaulter in the flesh
Typhoid Ethan Weapon of Special Assault
Roserade, or Gardenia Weapon of Special Assault
Feraligatr, Kris Fights with his fists
Electra – Zebstrika Fighter in the flesh
Dugtrio – Molayne Fights with his fists
Scolipede Roxie Fights with his fists
Dewgong – Pryce Critical Strike Weapon
For the town of Clemont, the Heliolisk Tech
Victreebel – Ramos Tech
Acai Berry / Mimikyu Tech
Meowstic Calem Tech
Rapidash, Blaine Tech
To be feisty: Hariyama Tech
In the Case of Wallace and Milotic Tech
Floatzel’s Crasher Wake Tech
Vileplume Erika Tech
Silvaly – Gladion Tech
A Morpeko for Marnie Tech
The Octillery of Siebold Tech
Masquerain Viola Tech
Togedemaru by Sophocles Tech
Pelipper, Winona Tech
Araquanid Lana Support
Serperior – Rosa Support
Mega Glalie Glacia Support
In honor of Cheryl – Blissey Support
Lunatone by Liza Support
Medicine Woman Maylene Support
Probopass – Roxanne Support


Sync Pair Role
Conkeldur, Marshal Assaulter in the flesh
Slacking Norman Fights with his fists
Solgaleo, the Player Weapon of Special Assault
Rampardos – Roark Fights with his fists
Chandelier, Shauntal Weapon of Special Assault
Táte – Sólrók Fights with his fists
Flower Power: Rayquaza Weapon of Special Assault
Cregonal – Brycen Tech
Abomasnow, Candice Tech
Weezing, James Tech
Seviper, Lucy Tech
Electrode Lieutenant Tech
Tong – Thorton Tech
Stoutland, Cheren Support


Sync Pair Role
Mudsdale – Hapu Fights with his fists
The Valerie/Sylveon Critical Strike Weapon
Both Siebold and Clawitzer Weapon of Special Assault
Ira – Miltank Whitney Tech
Aurorus Grant Tech
As for Lorelei and Lapras: Tech
Granbull – Mina Tech
It’s Marlon Carracosta. Support
The Arcanine, Marley Support


Cynthia and Mega Garchomp are nearly invincible when combined with the Acerola and Palosand Tech sync pair. Mega Garchomp deals enormous damage while Palosand generates a powerful sandstorm that increases the party’s attack and critical hit rate.

Extreme data:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Defense Only Speed
561 409 177 131 145 334


Move Power Effect
Earthquake 100 / 120 Causes harm to everyone in range
X Attack 0 Sharply increases aggression.
Slash 50 / 60 Increased potential for a critical hit
Wow, what a thrilling match! 0 Enhances both your rate of attack and your chance of getting a critical hit. In a sandstorm, your statistics will increase dramatically.

Competencies at rest:

Skill Effect
Track 2 Express Possesses a percentage chance, after using a move, to increase the Pokémon’s Speed
Sandstorm 5 Increase the intensity of your sandstorm moves.
Contextual Shift Normal-type attacks morph into Ground-type ones.

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
Mythical Ancient Earthquake 160 / 192 Transform into Mega Garchomp for the duration of the fight.


There aren’t many Dark-type sync pairs in the early game, but Hilbert and Mightyena are one of them. They have incredible HP, but it may take some time to get the pair set up for maximum effectiveness.

Maximum data:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Defense Only Speed
745 350 123 230 123 267


Move Power Effect
Crunch 99 / 118 Could weaken the defenses of the target.
X Attack 0 Strengthens attacks by a lot.
Double-Edge 167 / 200 A quarter of the attack’s damage will be transferred to you.
Rawr! 0 Boosts velocity. Increases haste significantly if the user is experiencing the effects of a status condition. Enhances the percentage of critical hits. Reduces both regular and special defense

Inactive abilities:

Skill Effect
Bring One Bag Attack increases whenever a Pokémon in battle passes out.
Spur On 4 Each Pokémon’s death in battle adds four to your available gauge.
Deep Change Normal attacks become Dark ones.

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
Sleep-Disrupting Crunch 250 / 300 Increases the probability of a critical hit


This late-game sync unit has fantastic numbers, making it a very flexible choice. With the right people by Zacian’s side, even the strongest opponents are no match for the incredible power of Behemoth Blade.

Extreme data:

HP Attack Defence Unique Assault Exceptional Defense Speed
561 390 162 252 162 395


Move Power Effect
Huge Sword 144 / 172 If the target has a sync buff, the attack’s power will increase.
Power Up Your Moves 0 Adds three to the move bar.
Be Aggressive 111 / 133 There is a slim possibility of weakening the opponent’s attack.
Extremely Precise! 0 Removes one from the sync move counter. Attack level increased. The upcoming blow will land like a ton of bricks.

Capabilities that only appear to be active

Skill Effect
Tough Breakout 2 Enhances the Pokémon’s attack whenever it enters a fight.
Indicator Reset 4 When a move is successful, the user’s move gauge may be charged.
Burst 1 Syncing Recovers 1 MP upon the first use of a synchronized attack.

in time with the music:

Move Power Effect
Magnificent Giant Sword 200 / 240 If the target has a sync buff, the attack’s power will increase.


Special strikers, like physical strikers, excel at dealing a lot of damage but typically do so at the expense of their size.

Tier Sync Pair
S Mega Charizard X, Sygna Suit Red, Lusamine, and Pheromosa; Karen and Mega Houndoom; Leon and Charizard;
A These pairs: Alder and Volcarona, Archie and Kyogre, Blue and Mega Pidgeot, Brendan and Sceptile, Lance and Dragonite, Lysandre and Yveltal, Raihan and Duraludon, Sygna Suit Cynthia and Kommo-o, Wally and Mega Gallade.
B Pokédex: Burgh & Leavanny, Caitlin & Reuniclus, Cyrus & Palkia, Giovanni & Mewtwo, Lance & Gyarados, & Gyarados & Gyarados
C Hau and Alolan Ralts, Gardenia and Roserade, Flint and Infernape, Fantina and Mismagius, Gardenia and Empoleon, Ethan and Typhlosion, and Barry and Empoleon. Pokemon: Raichu, Jessie, and Arbok; Plumeria and Salazzle; Pryce and Dewgong; Silver and Ho-Oh; and more!
D Players, Shauntal, Chandelure, Siebold, Clawitzer, Valerie, Sylveon, Zinnia, and Rayquaza


Due to its rapid Mega Evolution rate, Mega Charizard X can quickly become useful in battle. Sygna Suit Red and Mega Charizard X are essential to any team, boasting some of the best stats in the game, amazing attacks, and abilities that boost its power even further.

Top numbers:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Defense Only Speed
678 469 133 469 133 273


Move Power Effect
Heat Wave 109 / 130 Threatens to burn the intended victim
Rocket Attack 123 / 147 Unfreezes the situation. 25% of the damage done is returned to the user. Possibly causes burns on the target
Flaming Torch 178 / 213 causes harm to the target
Oh, Fate! 0 Power up your speed and special attacks! Defense and special defense are both reduced. This move further boosts attack if Charizard has Mega Evolved.

Competencies at rest:

Skill Effect
Driving Force 1 A successful synchronized move has the potential to shorten the countdown by one.
Sharp Look Attacks never fail
Indicator Reset 4 When a move is successful, the gauge could fill up by one.

in time with the music:

Move Power Effect
Infamous Blaze and Burning Legend 160 / 192 Change into Mega Charizard X and stay that way until the battle is over. Boosts the probability of scoring a critical hit


Pheromosa is a great early game attacker despite its lack of long-term stats that can compete with Mega Charizard X. This duo is excellent until you obtain Sygna Suit Red and Mega Charizard X, thanks to Pheromosa’s high base stats and typing.

Maximum data:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Defense Only Speed
513 474 66 474 66 458


Move Power Effect
Bug Buzz 99 / 118 The target’s special defenses may be weakened.
Lunge 80 / 96 Reduces the enemy’s defenses
Blizzard 126 / 151 Never fails to hit even in the worst hail. Perhaps causes the target to become unmovingly frozen
Yes, Yes… 0 Improves stealth and critical hit chance. Restores some health and, in a pinch, adds two charges to the move bar.

Competencies at rest:

Skill Effect
Endurance If Pheromosa goes into battle at full health, it can take the next hit that would otherwise kill it without dying.
Change Indicator Reload 4 It’s possible that a successful move could add one to the gauge.
Reinforcement Learning Level 3 Upon defeating an opponent, its attack and special attack levels increase.

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
The Cruel Twist of Maternal Love 250 / 300 causes harm to the target


When used in tandem with Acerola and Palosand, another sync pair that shines, Houndoom receives incredible stat boosts whenever its foes are debuffed.

Top numbers:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Defense Only Speed
530 313 176 391 161 405


Move Power Effect
Snarl 39 / 46 Decreases the enemy’s special defenses
Bad Luck Plus 0 Increases the probability of a critical hit
Shadowed Rhythm 95 / 114 The intended recipient might recoil.
Fascinate Me! 0 The greater the percentage increase in special attack, the lower the user’s health.

Compensatory abilities:

Skill Effect
Flameproof Protects Pokémon from the sun’s rays
Fully Aware Helps keep Pokémon awake when they try to sleep

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
charmingly sinister pulse 160 / 192 Make use of Mega Houndoom until the fight is over.


Tech units are renowned for inflicting devastating status ailments on their foes. Tech units can be used to pin down strong targets while another unit knocks them out of the field, and it is not uncommon for them to then carve out additional damage with their sync moves against inflicted enemies.

Tier Sync Pair
S You can’t go wrong with combinations like acerola and palosand, serena and delphox, sygna suit leaf and mega venusaur.
A Professor Oak and Mew, May and Swampert, Koga and Luxray, Volkner and Bianca, and Koga and Bianca.
B All the Mega Evolutions: Agatha and Mega Gengar, Calem and Meowstic, Clemont and Heliolisk, Kukui and Lycanroc, Lisia and Mega Altaria, Mallow and Tsareena, Skyla and Togekiss, the Masked Royal and Incineroar, Viola and Masquerain, Wallace and Milotic, Will and Xatu.
C Acerola and Mimikyu, Brawly and Hariyama, Brock and Onix, Crasher Wake and Floatzel, Flannery and Torkoal, Gladion and Silvaly, James and Weezing, Marnie and Morpeko, Nanu and Alolan Persian, Player and Pikachu, Ramos and Victreebel, Siebold and Octillery, and Ramos and Silvaly.
D Everyone from Brycen and Cryogonal to Candice and Abomasnow to Grant and Aurorus to Grimsley and Liepard to Janine and Ariados to Lorelei and Lapras to Lucy and Seviper and Electrode and Granbull and Thorton and Bronzong and Whitney and Miltank.


Your team would benefit just as much from having Sygna Suit Leaf and Mega Venusaur as it would from having Sygna Suit Red and Mega Charizard X. Mega Venusaur is unparalleled in its capacity to heal and deal damage, making it the ideal tank.

Maximum data:

HP Attack Defence Unique Assault Exceptional Defense Speed
677 247 226 296 271 154


Move Power Effect
Leaf Blade 43 / 51 Critically likely to succeed
Potion 0 Boosts stamina
Huge Remedy! 95 / 114 Reduces the number of synchronized moves by one. Mega Venusaur can use this to cut the time it takes for its sync moves by two. Helps allies recover over time.
Crazy Flower 90 causes harm to the target

Competencies at rest:

Skill Effect
Strong Poison 2 Boosts the poison damage dealt to a target.
Splitting 9 If an attack hits an enemy, it reduces their Defense, Special Defense, or both.
Second Shot of Adrenaline When a synchronized move is used for the first time, the countdown is halved.

Swing in time:

Move Power Effect
Resilient Frenzy Flower 160 / 192 Transform into Mega Venusaur for the duration of the fight. If the opponent is poisoned, the impact of this move is amplified.


Acerola and Palossand are a powerful duo, especially when paired with Cynthia and Mega Garchomp or Karen and Mega Houndoom. Palossand has a sync move that makes it difficult to take down and increases the team’s attack and critical hit rate.

Top numbers:

HP Attack Defence Unique Assault Unique Defense Speed
502 163 174 126 164 210


Move Power Effect
Astonish 12 / 14 The intended recipient might recoil.
X Defense 0 improves defenses
Sandstorm 0 A sandstorm is created.
This Way! 0 For a while, Palossand will be the focus of enemies’ attention. improves over time

Competencies at rest:

Skill Effect
Desert Stronghold When a sandstorm hits, you can’t lower your stats.

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
Royal Nightmare That Will Never End 200 / 240 The more your defenses have been strengthened, the more devastating this attack will be.


Delphox can inflict a wide variety of status conditions on foes and deal substantial damage. Can’t Stop Us! is a powerful combination of Serena and Delphox’s abilities that helps the team by removing status effects, putting enemies to sleep, and dealing high amounts of damage.

Top numbers:

HP Attack Defence Unique Assault Defense Only Speed
640 129 137 276 158 349


Move Power Effect
Fire Spin 38 / 45 holds the enemy in a fire trap
Hypnosis 0 causes sleep in the enemy
It’s Impossible to Prevent Us! 0 Cure for all social problems. Improves range and special attack
Overheat 136 / 163 The user’s special attack is weakened.

Inactive abilities:

Skill Effect
Leech, Level 4 (Stat) Attack, defense, special attack, special defense, speed, accuracy, and avoidance are all possible hit conditions. The same amount is also added to the user’s stat.
Happy Dream Number 5 When the enemy is sleeping, your attacks will hit harder.
Get the Word Out 9 When an opponent is hit with a status effect, it ripples through all of their sync partners.

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
Positive Energy, a Mystical Flame 200 / 240 If the opponent is sleeping, this move will be more effective.


Not by healing, but by tanking hits with their high bulk and buffing allies to hold their own, support units specialize in keeping the rest of the team fighting fit.

Tier Sync Pair
S Skyla and Swanna, Mega Alakazam and Sabrina, Blue and Mega Blastoise, Elesa and Rotom in their Sygna Suits
A Pokemon: Dawn and Torterra; Erika and Comfey; Evelyn and Entei; Ingo and Excadrill; Jasmine and Mega Steelix; Kiawe and Alolan Form Alolan Form Marowak, Clefairy, Ribombee, Lyra, Meganium, Misty, Starmie, Obstagoon, Piers, Sycamore, Xerneas, Xerneas, Rosa, and Delibird.
B Some examples of Pokémon pairs are Drake and Salamence, Elio and Primarina, Glacia and Mega Glalie, Lana and Araquanid, Leaf and Eevee, Phoebe and Dusknoir, Player and Torchic, and Rosa and Serperior.
C Roxanne and Probopass, Hilbert and Samurott, Cheren and Stoutland
D Marley and Arcanine and Cheryl and Blissey and Marlon and Carracosta and Maylene and Medicham and Cheryl and Blissey


Sygna Suit Blue and Mega Blastoise are an effective sync pair, just like the others. When it comes to providing support and acting as a tank, Mega Blastoise shines. In a team with a strong attacker, it can defeat any foe thanks to its high-quality stat buffing skills.

Maximum data:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Unique Defense Speed
636 154 332 175 332 154


Move Power Effect
Hydraulic Shock 47 / 56 Potential for target’s perplexity
All-X Defense 0 Increases everyone’s defenses significantly
Way to Go! 0 Allies get a boost on the movement meters. Increases allies’ chance to deal critical hits
Water Guns 178 / 213 hurts the opposition

Competencies at rest:

Skill Effect
Protection Zone 4 When Blastoise uses a move, its allies have the option of calling in a special defense.
No. 9 Team Rally When Blastoise takes damage, allies’ attack, special attack, or both, whichever is higher, are boosted.
Secure Haven When an ally uses a sync move for the first time, they are all able to take the next hit that would normally kill them.

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
Invincible Water-Based Cannon 160 / 192 Transform into a Mega Blastoise for the duration of the fight. This move’s effectiveness increases in proportion to the amount by which Blastoise’s defense has been boosted.


Your striker will benefit greatly from the enhancements to special attack, critical hit rate, accuracy, and defense that Sabrina and Mega Alakazam provide. Mega Alakazam can also deal respectable damage to foes, making it a versatile weapon.

Maximum data:

HP Attack Defence Distinctive Assault Exceptional Defense Speed
504 65 165 275 253 403


Move Power Effect
Psychic 99 / 118 Potentially reduces the target’s special defense
Bad Luck Strikes Everyone 0 Increases allies’ chance to critically hit
The Sixth Sense! 0 Revives a friend’s HP a little bit. Enhances a friend’s unique attack and precision
Reflect 0 Protects allies from harm

Inactive abilities:

Skill Effect
Unflappable Maintains Mega Alakazam’s composure
Quick Ingress 1 Accelerates more when Mega Alakazam joins the fight.
Dauntless One cannot decrease special attack.

Harmonized steps:

Move Power Effect
Psychic Prodigy Superwave 160 / 192 To finish the fight, you must transform into Mega Alakazam.


Swanna is a powerful tank with excellent defense, healing, and buffing skills. Skyla and Swanna will be in charge of the team’s survival and damage mitigation.

Top numbers:

HP Attack Defence Unique Assault Defense Only Speed
722 248 215 266 215 269


Move Power Effect
Gust 20 / 24 causes harm to the target
Potion 0 Boosts stamina
Get in the Air! 0 Increases allies’ defense and movement speed
Ace in the Air 45 / 54 The move is never in vain.

Inactive abilities:

Skill Effect
Haste There is no way to slow down

Step in time:

Move Power Effect
Sky-High Assault 200 / 240 Increases in Swanna’s speed make this move more effective.


Who is the best in Pokemon Masters?

Team Type
Blue – Super Pidgeon Unique Assault Strike
Haxorus – Iris Attack with Force
Grimsley’s Sygna Suit: Mega Sharpedo Assault, Physique
Draconite Lance Attack with Force

What are the best trainers in Pokemon Masters?

We’ve organized these into subheadings so you can quickly find the top Pokemon in each category for Pokemon Masters.

  • It’s Noland and Mega Pinsir.
  • Treecko and Brendan.
  • Mega Houndoom and Karen.
  • Bart and Emeterion.
  • Rosario and Serpentior.
  • Hilbert and Oshawa.
  • Crobat and Koga.
  • Breaker Wake and Floatzel.

What is the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Masters EX?

Hyper Mega Charizard Xis capable of Mega Evolving more quickly than any other Pokémon, making it a valuable asset with minimal effort. Sygna Suit Red and Mega Charizard X are indispensable additions to any team, boasting some of the best stats in the game, amazing attacks, and abilities that boost its power even further.