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One of the most well-known fighting games of all time is Street Fighter V. But there are so many characters to choose from that it might be difficult for newcomers. What better way than to assist you figure out which character best suits your play style and degree of expertise than with our SFV tier list?

A look at the Street Fighter 5 tier list can help you narrow down your options for which character to choose in a given match. They are ranked based on their ability to attack and defend, as well as their speed and combinations. Inexperienced as well as seasoned gamers alike can benefit from this tier list. Many people who are trying to figure out who the greatest characters are to team up with in order to engage in more combat turn to this list for guidance.

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Street Fighter V is a great game, but it’s even better when you know which characters are the best and how to use them. This tier list for Street Fighter V is an excellent place to begin.

About The Tier List

The following factors were taken into account when compiling this list:

  • The move set, V-skills and triggers, hitbox and frame counts of the combatant.
  • As a general rule, characters that naturally match up well with more characters are put higher in the matchup profile.
  • Accomplishment in the workplace.

Keep in mind that all characters in Street Fighter V are well-designed and can help you win some matches if you train with them. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only guide that attempts to rank fighters based on the information that is currently available.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get to the list.

Tiers for all characters


In the current meta, these fighters are the best bets to use. Their move sets and V-Triggers/Skills make them a matchup dilemma for most of the cast, making them a serious threat. They’re excellent for both aggressive play and regaining the upper hand after a loss. It’s no surprise that these characters’ choice and win rates are so high in tournaments, given how good they are in competitive play.


Fighters at the top of the ladder excel in every facet of the game. The lack of distinctive, game-changing characteristics of tier S players doesn’t stop them from winning competitions due of their well-rounded toolbox. As long as the player puts forth the effort, these fighters can perform better than S-tier ones.


In Tier B, you’ll find a wide range of characters that can be used to fit a specific playstyle or counter an opponent. They have obvious weaknesses, but most of them may be remedied if they are used by an experienced player.

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It takes a lot of practice to beat C-tier fighters in competitive bouts, but they aren’t terrible.

C-Tier mains can succeed, but it will be difficult; for this reason, C-Tier mains are typically utilized as an off-pick to confuse more experienced players who don’t see them very often.


A few tweaks are needed to encourage more gamers to select these characters. Investment to reward ratio is not worth it at all in the current meta. Only utilize these fighters if you want to throw off your opponent’s strategy. Leave them alone if you can.


These are the very worst characters in the game right now. Even if it’s their first encounter with these foes, skilled gamers can take them down. You can foresee their every action, and their abilities are mediocre at best. Only use these characters if you have a particular place in your heart for them.


What is a tier list?

A tier list is a list of the greatest and worst fighters in a given game. In order to come up with the list, it’s common to look at the characters’ talents and how well they fare versus other opponents.

What purpose does a tier list serve?

Tier lists can be used for many various purposes, depending on who is utilizing them and how they intend to utilize them. Inexperienced gamers may find it useful in choosing which characters they should practice with in order to improve their gaming skills. Gamers with more experience or higher skill levels can use these rankings to identify which characters are best suited for online battles and which ones should be avoided.

Which tier includes the best fighters?

Strong and powerful characters are included in the S tier of Street Fighter V’s roster. They can easily defeat other players and are the most effective in any situation.

What should I do if I’m using a lower-ranked fighter?

You should aim to defeat opponents who aren’t utilizing fighters from the S or A tiers if you’re using a lower-ranked fighter to do so. However, with enough experience, you can still win against higher-ranked opponents.

How do I use a tier list?

Many different purposes can be served by tier lists. During practice sessions, beginners should stick to fighters in the S and A tiers, while more experienced players will find that these are the best to use online versus other players. In an online match, you may also use them to handicap yourself or decide which characters to challenge.

What is the counter in Street Fighter V?

To be able to “counter” another fighter, one must be able to dodge or deflect the attacks of that opponent. If they can get some hits in while the other player is missing, they will gain an edge and be able to employ new tactics to win games.

How often is the tier list updated?

No matter how much information comes out about Street Fighter V, the list of tiers is never static. When it comes to determining their rank versus other players, this could include changes in their fighting abilities, matchups, or strategies.

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Gamers of different ages, genders, and backgrounds can have a great time playing games. Players of all skill levels can benefit from the Street Fighter V (SFV) tier list. Beginners will be able to identify which characters to focus on first, while seasoned players will have a better sense of who to avoid when participating in online games.

To that end, we have put up this Street Fighter 5 difficulty chart in the hopes that it would be a helpful tool for anyone who are having difficulty. Feel free to ask any questions or make any recommendations in the comments section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this!