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The tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has quickly risen to the top of the online game market. Every each patch brings more of the same: thrilling gameplay, well-balanced changes.

A definitive ranking of the finest operators has been compiled as the game nears its five-year anniversary.

The following list places all operators in order of competitive/ranked match viability, starting with the greatest and going all the way down to the worst. Let’s dive right in.

The following list places all operators in order of competitive/ranked match viability, starting with the greatest and going all the way down to the worst. Let’s dive right in.


The following list places all operators in order of competitive/ranked match viability, starting with the greatest and going all the way down to the worst. Come on in, let’s do this!

From the best to the worst, here is a ranking of all operators in terms of their competitive/ranked match viability. Let’s get right to it.

The Breachers

Ace is at the top of the priority list. Ace’s arrival shattered the equilibrium of the Hard Breachers. However, the Selma nerfs have subsequently toned him down. Our Rainbow Six Tier List still has Ace at the top, despite the modifications. Ace has two Selma’s that take longer to blow up but create enough space to vault over objects. He offers for a lot of imaginative play, positioning, and a chance to peek new holes before a broad enough hole is available..

There is, however, place for Hibana, the finest Hatch-killing Operator. Many map designs use hatches as an essential component. New ways to battle, push, and rotate can be found by destroying hatches. Attackers must occasionally adjust or generate several pressure points in order to successfully plant and obtain picks. She is also capable of assisting with the removal of hard surfaces, if necessary.

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The Best Fragger Operators

Ash is the best fragger the attackers have available. She’s a popular choice thanks to her small hitbox, quick movement speed, and rock-solid weaponry. When it comes to long-range maps and sites, the R4C is her best rifle because it can access magnifications that the other Primary weapon can’t. A great addition to the map rotation is her breaching rounds, which remove uncomfortable defense gadgets from the way. The Rainbow Six Tier List has never been dominated by Ash at any stage in the game’s history.

Like Defender’s greatest defense fragger, Jager is also an important member of the team. The only Defender equipped with an Assault Rifle is Jager, who can wreak havoc both at close range and at a distance. In order to prevent explosives and flashbangs, as well as other utilities, he uses his gadget. Attackers can use them to flush out Jager and his teammates from key angles and locations, making it crucial for any team competition.

Adding Mozzie to the list proves that drone denial, two very good SMGs, and C4 can all be found in one package. The increased elos with C4 stunts and dueling Attackers close range show that many professional players have chosen Mozzie as their pro fragging selection.

Zofia is a well-known attacking fragger who also provides a good deal of team utility. She’s a lot like Ash, except that she plays a little slower. Her grenade launcher and flashbang launcher, on the other hand, are more dependable.

The Best Attackers

Ubisoft created a variety of Operators that might be used in team competitions without directly influencing the outcome. As an outstanding example of this, Thatcher employs an EMP Grenade to disable electronic devices in a certain area. He uses his Hard Breather systems to temporarily breach reinforced walls or neutralize hostile electronic equipment. As a result of the value he delivers, he is virtually always prohibited from attacking sites.

Another noteworthy example of this is Sledge, who can take down soft structures at least 15 times per round due to his exceptional strength. In the process of removing flooring, his Sledgehammer creates new angles for peak roamers and anchored defenses alike. In order to make this, you’ll need a significant amount of map knowledge, though. Sledge, on the other hand, is a ton of fun and a great learning tool for new players. As a bonus, this guy can also use the rare frag-grenade utility option, which is a nice perk to have these days. Sledge excels at flinging frags from or into unusual angles he’s formed by slamming against a wall or the floor.

Backbone Defenders

Aruni is one of the newest Defenders, having been released in late 2020. Using her lazer gates to secure doors, fortified positions, and windows, she has proven a valued asset since her inception. They inflict significant damage on any attacker who crosses them and require a throwable to disable them. She has the ability to reawaken them once a brief time has passed. P10 like Mozzie makes her an excellent tactical and fragging Defender.

Kaid has developed into an excellent Defender, allowing players to easily electrify hatches and several hard walls. Electrifying places like the Clubhouse’s cash room and the Consulate’s garage is made easier by this. With his SMG as an alternative, the TCSG is a fantastic weapon.

To this day, Mira, the first game-changing Operator, still transforms Siege into something altogether new. There is so much information, protection, and difficulty in defeating her Mira Windows. Map strategies for higher elo players can be developed entirely through the use of these windows. It’s clear why she’s been permanently banned.

For those who can tolerate the second SMG spray pattern, smoke is a potent staple wall demolisher. His gas canisters, on the other hand, have a tremendous amount of power and may make or break a game on Bomb.

Among Siege Defenders, Valkyrie is another popular choice. Her Black Eye Cameras are detachable cameras that she may lob into other locations to gather fresh footage for her research. She can even toss them out of the building to see the direction in which the assailants are traveling toward the target area. Her selections provide her access to a wealth of knowledge that she may exploit to generate kills, c4s, or even to peak unsuspecting attackers.


They’re equally adept at fighting on their own or as part of a squad. However, an experienced player can make up for the lack of power compared to S-tier opponents.

Situational Attackers

Attacking Operators like as IQ, armed with an effective LMG and the ability to detect electronic warfare, are excellent choices for strategic attacks. A risky selection, IQ is worth it when you know the other team will be using Valkyrie, Echo, or Lesion. Regardless of elo, she’s a valuable asset, earning her a spot on the Rainbow Six Tier List in the A Tier.

Kali is a popular attacker who uses a weapon based on the AWP in CSGO. As a result, her job as a shooter is somewhat ambiguous. Despite her obvious advantages as a Sniper, she still contributes a lot of value. A pule from her Lance ability destroys electronics and hard surfaces like Castle’s gadget, even through walls, by attaching itself to surfaces. These abilities allow her to handle Mute, Kaid, and Bandit. When Thatcher isn’t available, this can be used as a fallback.

A Tier Breachers

It’s no surprise that Maverick, an Operator for Breaching, was introduced by Ubisoft. One aspect of his concept is to make his way past reinforced walls and hatches by quietly blast torching his way through It is one of his greatest advantages that he lacks a direct reply. It may take some time to dismantle the reinforced barriers, but it is necessary to take cover to win the battle. As a bonus, he is the most difficult breacher to learn.

Thermite, on the other hand, is the most straightforward. When Siege was published in 2015, Thermite was the initial Hard Breacher. The fact that he’s so young doesn’t detract from his ability to perform well in the Rainbow Six Siege Tier List. He’s a hard-breacher with a wide range of abilities, and he can use his charges to break down both walls and hatches. His Thermite Charge, however, has the same flaws as other breachers because he has to get up close and personal to use it effectively. He is thus more vulnerable than the S Tier Breachers and Bandit tricking.

Flex Attackers

Capitao’s LMG is one of the best for the attackers, and it has a lot of usefulness in different situations. Smokes and a wall of fire are essential for planting and flushing out and managing the Defenders.

Dokkaebi is a versatile attacker that can be used in virtually any team. Call the Defenders’ phones and work out where they are, and that’s it. Once an adversary is defeated, she can access Defender cameras, which are a fantastic addition to her arsenal.

Especially when working alongside Zofia, Iana’s popularity is rising in the game. The hologram she brings is a better drone because it is an exact replica of her. She explains how to find out where the adversary is hiding, how to draw fire, and how to ping the gadgets of the enemy more safely.

One of the two anti-roaming operators, Nomad is also an excellent post-plant operator. At close range, she uses air jabs that detonate and send her foes into the air. This is an excellent way to keep her team’s roving defenders from finding out what’s up. For post-plant scenarios, Nomad air jabs are a solid option for defenders.

With stealth kits designed to make Sam Fisher’s life a little easier, Zero is Sam Fisher. Devices embedded in surfaces allow him to capture images. When a camera can pierce a surface, it can view the other side of it, too. Almost any electronic defense device may be destroyed by the camera’s zap capability, which is included as standard equipment. He’s also got Frags, so he’s a whole package.

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A Tier Defenders

If there are no counters, Echo is one of the most difficult defenders to deal with. When Echo employs the fire ability of his drones, he knocks hostile attackers out cold. A roamer may be able to catch him if the defenders are able to communicate effectively. To win Pro games, he relies heavily on his ability to thwart the diffuser’s movement once it has been planted.

However, Maestro has lost the ACOG on his LMG and is now slightly less powerful than he used to be. It’s also worth noting that Maestro’s Evil Eyes are useful information tools and provide additional pressure points for the enemy.

Although Mute is one of the more straightforward defenders to utilize, he does not lose any of his effectiveness in the process. To prevent hostile drones from landing and countering Hard Breachers, a large number of Defenders deploy him in both professional play and informal play. Although Mute is a vulnerability for many Attackers, it is clear to see why he is so highly prized.

Good Defender Fraggers

Melusi is a difficult Defender to take down because of her wub wub skill, which she acquired from the community. When an enemy Operator is in the line of sight of the Sonic Defense, it will slow them down. Attackers must use either explosives or melee to take them down, which exposes them during the melee animation and has a limited utility. When roamers are at a disadvantage, they are more likely to glance at the attackers. In addition, the wubbing noise it makes may be heard by everyone, providing acoustic cues as to Attackers’ whereabouts.

Vigil is a roamer with an unusual ability that prevents Drone from seeing him from afar. Because of his ERC-7’s wide detection range, the Defender remains almost undetectable. In addition, his K1A is a high-quality SMG, and it aids his gameplay.

Wamai is a Jager-lite alcoholic beverage. Unlike Jagers ADS, he uses long-range throwable discs that magnetize a thrown gadget instead of the center of his kit. EMP grenades, Flashbangs, and Frags are no match for this ability, which is best used to misdirect them. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, Jager is the better choice.


Despite their weaknesses, these are excellent operators who are unable to rise to the top of the lineup. It’s common for them to specialize in a particular team tactic.

In order to avoid revealing your position to the enemy, you might use Sledge to break through hostile lines.

Only after she’s been killed can Ela use a fourth mine.

Defenders’ phones will be dropped while Dokkaebi is on the attacking team. In order for Dokkaebi’s crew to access all of the Defender’s cameras, she can hack into these phones.


As an S-tier player, Buck’s frag-grenade loss has been devastating. Compared to Sledge, he has the advantage of being able to take out floors and walls from a distance. Buck, on the other hand, is superior to Sledge when it comes to removing floorboards from the floor above.

Flores is the Operator of Year 6 Season 1, and he possesses the ability to remotely control explosive drones. Unfortunately, he’s not that good; his drone is easily defeated. Be prepared to bid goodbye to plaster, deployables and even Defenders if it makes it inside the target area and no one can get out in time. Flores’ value will rise if we return to a Defender-deployable meta.

Sniper for attackers, Glaz is the first. As a result of his small thermal upgrade, his thermal vision is no longer dependent on moving. It does, however, imply that you can more easily decipher a Glaz’s motivations and have an extra second or two to dodge his sights.

To counter those who are wandering around the map aimlessly, Jackal is a great Operator. Having being that, Jackal isn’t all that threatening if you proceed gently and with support. Because he is powerful in low elo but loses power in higher elo, he is placed in the B Tier of the Rainbow Six Tier List.

On the offensive side, Nokk resembles a cross between Vigil and Caviera. However, she isn’t exactly a team player. If you’re looking for a solo queue ranked grinder in lower elos, Ash is a better option.

Twitch used to be a huge thing. However, her electric drones have been slashed in power. As she does now, Zero excels in her duty as her counterpart. In order to use the F2 bullet hose or particular attack techniques, Zero needs to go to Twitch.

Yes, Ying is a good choice. Her Candelas function like a cluster bomb, but instead fire flashbangs. However, her arms aren’t feeling quite as strong as they used to. Her ability, on the other hand, necessitates some reconnaissance and familiarity with maps before it can be put to good use.

The Best Beginner Defenders

To get your feet wet with the game’s fragging and electrical powers, Bandit is your starting point. An excellent SMG, Bandit’s MP7 is easy to operate and does a lot of damage. When it comes to the site’s strategy, his energy is critical. It is even possible for more experienced players to deceive Hard Breachers into wasting their precious resource by using a mechanic called Bandit tricking. Bandit has his advantages, but Kiad is becoming more and more useful in the modern world. Kaid is best for large-scale electrifying and protecting hatches, while Bandit is best for fooling.

Doc is a low-level Defender with a stim gun and a lot of HP. When he uses his stim gun on someone, they are revived and their HP is increased by 50, even if he is overhealing. As far as I can tell, it’s a pleasure to use his enhanced MP5.

Because of his Heartbeat Sensor, Pulse is your entry point into Valkyrie. Despite Pule’s best efforts, he is unable to locate the Attacking Operator. Detecting them, he can pass on the information to other soldiers, alerting them to the enemy’s whereabouts. However, compared to Valkyrie, it is less potent over the map as a whole. If you like Pulse, then go ahead and purchase Valkyrie.

While Doc offers plates to his buddies, Rook is in a similar situation. He, too, is armed with the same weapons as Doc.

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Advanced Average Defenders

There is now a good balance between the other two Defenders in this tier. In the past, both of them held sway over SIege’s metagame, which caused havoc. That would be his Gu mines. They were fire and forget with heavy dot and immediate damage, making him the most notorious of them all. As a result of this meta-defining role for Goyo, the attackers had to play MOBA-style, methodically dismantling his numerous Deployable and Goyo Shields. It’s entirely OK to play either of these, as they provide far fewer problems in the meta than either of the others do.

In addition, Thunderbird was the first operator to join Operation North Star in Season 2 of Year 6. Her Kona Station provides temporary heal boosts or revives injured comrades within its range, making her an intriguing new defense Operator. It’s a terrific tool for anchors, but its obvious drawback is that it keeps players in the same place for long periods of time. Overall, it’s a one-of-a-kind defender, capable of making some spectacular plays. As a result, this is a good B pick. Jaeger, on the other hand, can be even more effective if teams employ a turtle strategy.


This is a group of average players who won’t have a major impact on your team’s success. They can nevertheless be useful in the hands of a good player.

Below Average Attackers

Blitz, like most shielders these days, is a below-average attacker. Blitz is all about being right in the middle of the action and flashing the people in front of him. Even yet, his legs remain exposed while he sprints, making it much easier to bring him to a halt or kill him with C4.

It’s hard to get excited about Finka as an Operator. Her friends’ health is increased in a manner similar to Doc, but she lacks the star power that Attackers require in a team composition. As a result of these factors, she has earned a spot on the Rainbow Six Tier List’s C Division.

Beginners will find Fuze a joy to play with because of his capacity to be lighthearted. His Ak is of the same caliber as Ace’s. However, the ability isn’t particularly strong, and roamers have little trouble surprising a Fuse. While it’s wonderful in low-elo or fun, casual modes, it falls short in most others.

Gridlock appears to be a good choice only for dealing with roamers and in the post-production stages. With weaker weapons and a power that generates far more noise than necessary, she falls far short of Nomad in terms of effectiveness. When she deploys spiked barbed wire over several seconds, she gives away her location to roamers.

Once upon a time, Lion was one of the year’s most talked-about picks. He is, however, in a less-than-ideal situation due to recent nerfs. To get the most out of his drones’ scans, he has to be creative and compliant in his use of them. Only useful for well-coordinated teams testing out a non-meta strategy.

Montagne is a superior defender than Blitz, but he lacks the ability to score goals.. Montagne excels in two situations. The other is to prohibit a method in order to prevent bad guys from getting through. Stall for time on the diffuser is another option. In the grand scheme of things, he’s a bit of a wuss on well-oiled teams.

Less favoured Defenders

Despite her outwardly shrewd and strategic demeanor, Alibi isn’t very good at fabricating plausible deniability. It’s possible to get some information from an alibi video every now and then. Other than that, it is ineffective and feeble.

Aruni’s arrival has made Castle a lot less impressive than it was before. However, his Barricade is good at stopping pushes, but it usually wastes one piece of utility from any meta Attacker. Furthermore, the UMP isn’t that impressive.

Ela was once a fantastic Operator, but recent changes to her Scorpion have left the Fragger feeling underwhelmed. On any map, her Grozmats are perfect for fragging attackers who land on-site or in rotations that are particularly vulnerable. When it comes to actual shooting, Ela is still at a disadvantage.

When rushing opponents fail to inspect the floor, Frost is a suitable choice for casual, friendly play. Even the most experienced players have been astonished by the placement of the first mats. However, the best defense against Forst is to think, drone, and shoot. The low ranking is due to the fact that there is nothing revolutionary to counter her. Other than that, this is a great Defender.

Another good choice for players at the beginner or lower elo levels is Kapkan. On doorways and windows he sets trip mines, which inflict massive harm on any attackers that come through them. They’re easy to notice and don’t require a lot of effort to get rid of, despite that fact. Is that Frost’s reasoning all over again?

Tachanka’s redesign has made him a humorous Smoke-like character. His pistol has a satisfying weight to it, and his ability is intriguing. In spite of this, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t as good as Smoke in terms of total strength.

The Frequently Banned Picks

Caveira is a strange choice that is frequently ostracized. Interrogation is a game-winning play in low elo games, and she has a good chance of getting it off. The easiest way to deal with Cav is to not wander about alone and instead use drones to track her down. There is no good news for her then.

Because of her obnoxious nature, the Defenders shielder Operator, Clash, has been frequently banned. But most players have the ability to flank her or utilize utility to get her to drop, making her vulnerable to attack. For these reasons, Clash and Cav feel like A tier options in lower elos or casual queues for many individuals ranking gold and above.


These operators have largely faded from the professional scene, so you won’t see many of them in high-stakes contests.


Right present, the worst operators to utilize in competitive games are:

The Worst of the Worst

There’s no better choice for a high-intensity meme than Amaru. Despite this, she’s a bit of an interloper, ziplining through windows and roofs with reckless abandon. It seems like she has a 50/50 chance of making it into a structure or not. Even so, she’s got a solid technique for getting to the roof of Kafe for Bar Cocktails. Despite this, he’s a pleasant choice for casual play.

One of the worst Attacking Entry Fraggers is Blackbeard. His shields are a nuisance, yet he plays a selfishly selfish style of gameplay. Even with his crew, he is nothing without his shields.

One of the more popular choices is Oryx. He can through walls up to the size of a human, but at the expense of his health. In addition, he takes on Shielders. In most games, Shielders aren’t picked, so he doesn’t play a significant part.

Warden and Oryx are both in the same place. He can see through smoke grenades and flashbangs if he stands still. He was created by Ubisoft to be an antidote to Glaz and Ying. Regular smokes and flashbangs are handled better by Jager and Wamai, who have less skill.


Who is the best operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Iana. Iana is currently the finest attacking operator in Rainbow Six Siege since she has the most useful intelligence.

What are the best attackers in Rainbow Six Siege?

Amaru, Iana, Lion, and Zofia are currently Rainbow Six Siege’s top four attackers. Their low-complexity toolkits allow them to be extremely versatile and they all have excellent victory rates on every map.


This is the end of our Rainbow Six Tier List for all of the game’s Operators. We’ll keep this Rainbow Six Tier List up to date as new patches, seasons, and Operators are made available. Each operator’s pro usage will be taken into account when determining their rank, and queue patterns will be taken into account as well.