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Use this ultimate Battlefield 2042 specialized tier list to ensure that you’re using the greatest Specialist in the game!

Chaos shooters have always had one thing in common: Battlefield is their name. When you initially start out, it can be a little intimidating.

The latest game, “Battlefield 2042,” took the genre in a new direction by introducing futuristic gameplay and a new class structure. A variety of Specialties are available to players, each with their own set of advantages.

Some Specialists can feel overpowered, while others don’t, depending on how the player chooses to play. Your playstyle will be suited to one of the Specialists listed in this Tier List for Battlefield 2042.

In other words: let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Keep in mind that even if your favorite Specialist isn’t at the top of the list, he or she can rise to the top with the correct training.


The best specialists in the game right now are those whose Specialty and Trait simply offer them an advantage over the competition.

With her mobility and agility, she is a great fit for a wide range of players, and her kit is ready to take on any challenge.

Battlefield 2042: Specialist Tier List


The best of the best when it comes to specializing in a variety of different areas. Compared to the top tier, they are simply a little more skill- or situation- or situational-dependent.


Investing time and effort towards these Specialists will pay off in the long run.


There are some great Specialists in the game, however they are mainly employed for specific gameplay and/or tactics. However, if performed correctly, they can be excellent.


Specialists designed for newcomers, but whose utility wanes as the player gains experience.


These can either be detrimental to the metagame or simply boring to use. The odds are against you, but if you enjoy the game’s playstyle, it could be a good fit for you.

Best Battlefield 2042 Specialist – Webster Mackay

In Battlefield 2042, Mackay stands out as the most active specialist. With his Grappling Hook, he is able to get you to a higher position than other specialists, allowing you to obtain an advantage over your opponents by virtue of verticality.

You may move faster when you’re shooting down sights when he has the passive attribute Nimble, which makes him an excellent assault character for anyone seeking a speedy fighter who can battle in any mode.

Using his hook incorrectly can result in long reload times and even longer cooldowns, but overall, Mackay is an excellent specialist who can get you to places other specialists can’t. Check out our Mackay specialist guide page for a comprehensive breakdown!

Emma “Sundance” Rosier

The wingsuits of Sundance, another highly mobile specialist, can fly a colossal distance in the air. Assisting your teammates on a separate capture point can be accomplished by simply zooming across the map to the other side.

Additionally, they have a proven track record of working with a wide variety of Smart Explosives. Cluster grenades and EMP grenades are two of our favorites, because they can do a massive amount of damage at short range and disable the enemy’s weapons. An additional micro-drone can also be used to track down criminals after they’re fired.

On our website dedicated to Emma “Sundance” Rosier, you’ll find even more helpful hints.

Wikus “Casper” Van Daele

Casper is an odd specialist, and he doesn’t have the most exciting appearance. Battlefield 2042’s recon playstyle, on the other hand, is extremely effective and will provide you an advantage over opponents who lack your level of foresight. A squad of buddies can benefit greatly from the OV-P Recon Drone’s ability to communicate with each other. You can see your enemies and communicate with your team, while EMP blasts confuse the bad guys. Lock-on weapons can even be designated as targets.

Casper’s Movement Sensor feature is what we love most about him. Similar to Warzone’s High Alert perk, it notifies you to oncoming opponents. With this ability, you’ll be able to evade an enemy’s firepower far more effectively. As long as you’re able to communicate effectively with your teammates, this defensive skill can save your bacon and the bacon of your teammates.

Ji-Soo Paik

When Ji-Soo Paik uses his Threat Perception ability, anyone who deals harm to him is immediately identified as a potential threat (highlighted and easy to see). As a result, dealing with flankers becomes much simpler when you have this formidable skill at your disposal.

Using her EMG-X Scanner, she can identify opponents lurking in the shadows. It’s possible to see through walls this way. Although it’s short, Warzone’s Snapshot Grenade is an excellent example.

Kimble “Irish” Graves

Boris and Irish are both members of the ‘engineering’ class. Even though he’s inaccessible in the open beta, we prefer Irish’s powers. Using the Fortification System gadget, you can place deployable cover wherever on the battlefield. This can open up new assault angles that would have previously been unduly exposed to the outside world and become available.

Veteran is an Irish attribute. He can take greater punishment than other soldiers, and his armor is already on him when he joins the combat. As well as allowing him to come out on top in a close-quarters encounter, this also frees up a gadget slot in his loadout.

Maria Falck

The doctor Maria works for isn’t a terrible one. Those above her on this list have more specialized skills, and hers aren’t quite up to the task. S21 Syrette Pistols are great for accurate shooters, and the fact that they can heal you means that you can return to battle while an enemy is still under cover and recuperating.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists – Maria Falck – Electronic Arts

Her Combat Surgeon attribute, on the other hand, has a lower influence. Allies can be resurrected, but Maria has the ability to do so with full health. Even though it’s quite useful in a pinch, it lacks the same level of potency as other qualities. However, if you’re a fan of the band, you’ll love it!

7 – Constantin “Angel” Anghel

Angel, a Romanian support character, may call in boxes of ammunition and armor for resupply. You can alter loadouts at any time when you have him around, but it’s less effective when you’re on your own in combat.

In a manner similar to Falck’s, when he revives allies, he receives a benefit in the form of armor. In the midst of battle, it’s generally better to go with Falck rather than a resurrection spree.


Despite the fact that Boris is listed as a “bottom-tier specialist,” don’t be deterred! Many times he’s an excellent choice, and his SG-36 Sentry Gun can be a big headache for enemies trying to sneak up on an objective when you’re defending.

However, the sentry guns’ superior performance is mostly due to his experience as a Sentry Operator. While the firearms themselves aren’t a huge threat on their own, they can be targeted by your own weapons and your enemy will be highlighted. Using your sentries this manner won’t get you a ton of free kills if you’re playing as Boris.

Navin Rao

It is possible that Navin Rao, a computer expert, may sabotage the enemy’s preparations. Using his Cyber Warfare Suite, he may prevent the intended operation of an adversary’s equipment. Because this ability takes a while to use, adversaries have plenty of time to notice that you’re hacking and shoot you dead before continuing on with their day.

Trojan Network may also be used to create a tiny UAV, allowing you to see your enemies on the minimap and identify their locations. With the ability to locate and transmit the positions of enemies, he rises above his position as the game’s lowest-ranked expert.

Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza

But when you get your hands on Dozer’s weapons and ammo, he’ll turn into an even more terrifying monster. Blast Resistance is one of his abilities, and it lowers the amount of damage he takes from explosions. It’s a nice addition, especially because frag grenades were so potent in our LCMG loadout, but it falls short of some of the other operators’ offerings.

It appears that the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield, which deflects enemy small-arms fire, will be yet another powerful skill. Dozer has a riot shield, in a nutshell. In Battlefield 2042, if explosives become more prevalent in the meta, you may expect to see a lot more Dozers.

If you want to know all about the Specialists, including those that will be released as DLC, bookmark this page. Check out our other Battlefield 2042 guides while you wait! If you’re not sure which mode you’d like to play, check out the Battlefield 2042 PC requirements and see if your system is up to the challenge.

Battlefield 2042: The Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

Some Specialists are significantly superior to others in that they provide more practical devices or passives that avoid or mitigate some of the most problematic aspects of 2042. Here are the Battlefield 2042’s top 10 Specialists, graded from worst to finest, including everything from hacking to classic medics. The Specialist classes introduced in Battlefield Portal are not included in this list because they were only introduced in the main modes of 2042.


Every Specialist in Battlefield 2042 has a specialization that allows them to flourish in specific scenarios. Rao is the only one who is missing from this group. Recon and anti-vehicle roles are planned to be combined in Rao, who can hack into vehicles to disable their guns and defense systems.

It is unfortunate that Rao’s hacking abilities are now limited. An EMP-like effect can take hours to hack a vehicle, and the opponent is aware they’re being hacked throughout the entire process, allowing them sufficient opportunity to either retreat or eliminate you. There is a very limited window of opportunity to attack a vehicle even if you are able to hack it. With C5, you won’t have time to fire four RPG rockets into the target, and the vehicle will simply retreat.

When it comes to countering land vehicles, Sundance is the game to play. You can employ Angel’s loadout-swapping gadget to oppose air vehicles. If Rao is to compete with the rest of the Specialists in 2042, he will need a major boost.


For Dozer, aggression is more important than diplomacy when it comes to defeating the enemy. His Ballistic Shield protects him from small-arms fire, and Dozer’s passive makes him more resistant to exploding weapons. It’s a good kit for battling only infantry.

Battlefield 2042's Dozer can glitch through buildings thanks to a new exploit | VG247

However, this is not how the main modes of 2042 operate. Vehicles abound in All-Out Warfare and Breakthrough, and your shield is powerless against them. Vehicles and C5 still have enough power to kill Dozer despite its low explosive resistance. The Ballistic Shield, on the other hand, appears to be either bugged or ineffective against infantry weapons, as the shield will at times fail to block incoming gunfire. Using Dozer over other Specialists in 2042’s core offers is a waste of time.


Since she was first disclosed, Paik’s wallhacking talent has sparked debate. The 2042 Specialist metagame was widely expected to be dominated by Paik. For two reasons, that hasn’t happened:

  1. The battery life of her device is poor.
  2. Vehicle combat dominates Battlefield 2042.

It is possible to use a large number of vehicles in both All-Out Warfare and Breakthrough. Currently, vehicle domination is a severe problem, and Paik has no answer for it. However, even if you’re simply using infantry, Paik’s device is worthless in open areas, pulses four times over its duration, and has a long cooldown. The element of surprise is eliminated when you spot a target that has been marked.

In order to accomplish the same goal without alerting the entire opposing team, you can hurl a Prox Sensor and label the adversaries for your squad at the same time. Paik is an excellent choice if you’re playing in an infantry-only server. In terms of the game’s fundamental modes, Paik has nothing to offer you or your squad.


Battlefield 4 players may recall Irish from the game’s story mode. “The most versatile gadget” from the game is back in 2042, with him returning to the battlefield. It is possible for Irish to place a cover or a trophy system anywhere he wants thanks to his inventions.

The Irish’s deployable cover may be employed anywhere on the map and is quite robust. Stuck in the middle of a gunfight in the open? To give oneself a little breathing room, set up some kind of barrier on the place. Are you about to take a lift? The doors are about to open, so you’ll need to get some cover up. There are several circumstances where his shield is useful, and his trophy system works well in Breakthrough. Irish is a great Specialist if you like to snipe or battle in the open.


In-game, Boris is far more powerful than he appears on paper. Suppression fire from the gun can be deployed at any time by this Specialist’s Sentry Gun. It’s a strong weapon on its own, but it’s not the only reason why Boris is so dangerous.

A 3D image of each adversary that your turret manages to hit will be displayed to the rest of your team. It’s similar to Paik’s device in operation, except the opponent is marked for a somewhat longer period of time. With the exception of Boris’ turret’s inability to deal with vehicles, Boris’ turret can mark enemies through barriers, making him an improved version of Paik.


Infantry in 2042 will need to be mobile if they want to survive. Repositioning objects is a breeze with the Grappling Hook from Mackay. C5 Explosives can be planted by closing the distance on a neighboring vehicle, scaling roofs, or launching yourself in a certain direction. Because of its simplicity and short cooldown, Mackay’s device is useful in nearly every situation. No matter what game mode you’re playing, Mackay is always a good option.


It’s safe to say that Falck is an equally versatile Specialist as Mackay. She has the ability to resurrect allies, restore ally health at a distance, and even heal herself while engaged in combat. That third point is what makes Falck such a fearsome weapon in the hands of a skilled operator. While performing a tactical sprint, no other Specialist in 2042 may heal oneself at will. However, even though Falck is an excellent medic who can quickly resurrect an entire team that has been knocked out, she truly shines in almost every game style due to her willingness to play aggressively.


Casper’s drone has been in high demand since 2042’s inception, mostly because of the XP it provides for spotting targets. Even though his drone and passive are valuable, they aren’t as as important as his XP farming ability.

Battlefield 2042 Specialists – Wikus Van Daele – Electronic Arts

In 2042, a good Casper player can counter almost any technique. Because he has remote control of his drone, he is able to damage vehicles with an EMP attack, making him a more effective hacker than Rao. Casper’s drone can be outfitted with various add-ons, such as a C5 bomb or a mobile medical facility. As of the game’s release, putting C5 on Casper’s drone is a frequent tactic that can kill any vehicle in the game. Go on another murdering spree after refueling your C5 from an Angel. Casper’s passive even alerts you to adjacent dangers, making it nearly impossible to perish in combat.


Sundance was designed for Titanfall Pilots who desire to play in 2042. The wingsuit equipped by this Specialist is perhaps the game’s most overpowered passive ability. As long as you’re above the ground, you can use a wingsuit to get a quick burst of speed.

With the right movement, you can maintain this momentum for a long time. Using a wingsuit, begin by deploying it, dipping slightly to create velocity, then coasting and bunny hopping back to the ground. It’s possible to move quicker than some land vehicles and cover more ground than any other Specialist if you do it correctly.

When all else fails, Sundance’s gizmo is the best defense against automobiles of 2042. With the anti-infantry scatter, anti-vehicle tracking, and persistent EMP grenades that Sundance has at her disposal, she can take on any foe. With C5 and Sundance’s wingsuit, the second grenade is slightly more powerful than an RPG round. Nothing will stand in your way after you’ve mastered Sundance’s wingsuit.


A wingsuit and anti-everything grenades are the ultimate weapon. A character who can do just about anything is all you need. In the right hands, Angel is the most powerful Specialist in 2042. It is possible for this one Specialist to:

  • Allies receive open gadget charges as well.
  • Allies should be revived and given new armor.
  • Aircraft designed solely for a single flight.
  • Two-shot vehicles for the land
  • Shift your weaponry depending on the distance.
  • Using an Insertion Beacon, you can create spawn points wherever you want.

There’s a lot more to this story. Utilizing a SOFLAM to designate a vehicle and then using the Loadout Beacon to equip a rocket launcher is arguably the best combination with Angel. Targets marked with a SOFLAM get tracking and additional damage, allowing you to one-shot air aircraft and two-shot land vehicles with the Recoiless M5. Angel is the finest Specialist in the game if you want to win.


Which specialist is the best in Battlefield 2042?

Best Specialists in Battlefield 2042

  • Sundance. In Battlefield 2042, Sundance is the finest Specialist….
  • Casper. Casper’s Recon Drone makes him a formidable offensive Specialist. …
  • Boris. As a sentry, Boris can keep an eye out for any intruders and use his sentry gun to take them out. …
  • …Irish.
  • Mackay
  • In other words, Falck…
  • As if by magic, there was an angel in the sky.
  • Dozer.

Will Battlefield 2042 get rid of specialists?

According to Fans, removing Specialists from Battlefield 2042 is a must. EA has promised to listen to player comments in order to improve Battlefield 2042, and it appears that fans want the classes back in the game.

Why are there specialists in Battlefield 2042?

Specialists have a distinct Specialty and Trait based on Battlefield’s four classes, while the remainder of their loadout is completely customisable. With the help of your Specialist, you’ll be able to fortify your team and take on any fighting circumstance.