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Azur Lane is a cakewalk for you. To help you win more battles, we’ve compiled the best Azur Lane tier list.

An enjoyable mix of side-scrolling shooting and RPG with a dash of gacha components completes the Azur Lane experience.

The “shipgirls” you acquire in this game are human representations of World War II warships.

To further pique your interest, the game also has unique battle techniques.

How Battles Work In Azur Lane

Both the front row (Vanguard) and the back row (Azur) are used in Azur Lane to arrange your ships for combat. It’s up to you to decide which ships you’ll bring and how you’ll position them for the approaching conflict, as each row has three spots.

Azur Lane Global Tier List October Update 2021-LDPlayer

While some ships can only be placed in front, others can only be deployed in the back.

It begins to scroll once the placements are complete, and the player’s fleet is confronted by opponents. The player’s ships must be maneuvered in order to take out enemies and other obstacles while while minimizing the amount of damage they sustain. In every battle, the goal is to get to the final boss.

The Azur Lane fighting system has given you a better notion of how to build your game now that you’ve learned about it. With everything out of the way, here is the tier list.


If you can get your hands on a few of these ships, you’ll have a much better time playing this game.

They’re well-rounded, with great numbers and abilities that work in nearly every situation.

  • Tier S+ Friedrich der Große – Type: Battleship – Affiliation: Iron Blood – Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Jersey – Tier S+ > Rarity: Ultra Rare – New Jersey Type: Battleship, with the Eagle Union as an affiliation.
  • Tier S+> Ulrich von Hutten – Type: Battleship – Iron Blood Affiliation: Ultra Rare
  • • Type • Affiliation • Rarity: Super Rare • Type • Rarity: Super Rare
  • Affiliation with Iris Libre Champagne: Extremely Rare – Type: Battleship
  • Super-rare Gascogne > Type: Battleship; Vichya Dominion affiliation – Rarity: Exceptional
  • Battleship Georgia, a member of the Eagle Union, is extremely rare.
  • In terms of rarity, Marco Polo falls into the “very rare” category. Type: Battleship – Affiliation: Sardegna Empire
  • In terms of rarity, Marco Polo falls into the “very rare” category. Type: Battleship – Affiliation: Sardegna Empire
  • In terms of rarity, Marco Polo is one of the most sought-after. Battleship – Sardegna Empire – Type
  • Howe > Rarity: Exceptional – Battleship – Royal Navy – Type
  • An Iris Libre-affiliated Richelieu is extremely rare, and is a type of battleship.
  • Rarity: Super-Rare – Type of Ship: Battleship – Affiliation: Sardegna Empire –


Good and powerful ships of the A-Tier class. Unlike the S Tier ships, these aren’t the best of the best, but they’re still fairly high on our list.

  • Izumo > Type: Battleship – Affiliation: Sakura Empire – Rarity: Super Rare
  • Super Rare Akane Shinjo – Battleship – SSSS Affiliation: Super Rare Akane Shinjo
  • This is the Alabama, a battleship of the Eagle Union.
  • Super-Rare Amagi > Type: Battlecruiser, Sakura Empire Affiliation – Rarity:
  • An Iron Blood-affiliated Bismarck has a rarity level of Super Rare and a type of battleship.
  • Relatively scarce, the Duke of York is one of the Royal Navy’s most powerful battleships.
  • Gneisenau META > Type: Battlecruiser – Affiliation: META – Rarity: Super Rare
  • Type: Battleship, Extremely Rarious, Honoka > – Relationship with Venus Holiday
  • Super Rarity for Iori Minase Classification: Battleship, Idolmaster
  • Affiliation: Sakura Empire, Super-Rare Rarity — Type: Battleship
  • Sakura Empire’s Nagato has a rarity level of “Super Rare” and a type of battleship.
  • Soviet Belorussian Battleship – Type: Battleship – Northern Parliamentary Affiliation: Sovetskaya Belorusskaya
  • Rarity: Exceptional – Type: Battleship – Sakura Empire allegiance:


This tier contains ships that make up the current meta of the game.

Even while they don’t have the same clout as the aforementioned weapons, these can nonetheless be quite effective in the hands of skilled players.

  • Vichya Dominion Gascogne > Super Rare – Type: Battleship – Rarity
  • This is a super-rare Hood, which is a type of battlecruiser belonging to the Royal Navy.
  • King George V > Super Rare – Type: Battleship – Royal Navy Affiliation:
  • Type: Battleship – Eagle Union affiliation: Massachusetts
  • Affiliation: Royal Navy – Type: Battleship – Rarity: Super Rare
  • It is a rare type of battleship belonging to the Northern Parliament of the Soviet Union.
  • Super-Rare Suruga > Type: Battleship, Sakura Empire Affiliation:
  • Washington > Type: Battleship – Affiliation: Eagle Union – Rarity: Super Rare
  • Rare – Type: Battleship – Sakura Empire Affiliation: Hyuuga
  • The Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth is a rare battleship of elite rarity.

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We have a group of average ships here, but they’re unable to stand out. Consider upgrading to one of the better ships in the upper tiers instead of this one.

  • Battleship – Vichya Dominion Allegiance – Super Rare Rarity: Jean Bart
  • In the Sakura Empire, the Kaga (Battleship) is extremely rare.
  • Battleship Littorio – Super Rare – Sardegna Empire – Rarity: Super Rare
  • An elite-class battleship, the Gangut is affiliated with the Northern Parliament.
  • Rarity > Little Reputation: Elite The Royal Navy’s Battlecruiser type ship.
  • Nagisa > Elite – Battleship Type – Venus Vacation Affiliation:


If you want to construct a fleet that can last you through the game’s endgame content, these are bad options. Once better ships are available, consider scrapping these ones immediately.

  • Affiliation: Eagle Union, Super Rare, Type: Battleship, North Carolina
  • South Dakota > Type: Battleship – Affiliation: Eagle Union – Rarity: Super Rare
  • In the case of the Tirpitz, the rarity is super-rare, and it belongs to the Iron Blood faction.
  • Elite – Type: Battleships – Affiliation: Eagle Unions
  • Rare – Type: Battleship – Sakura Empire affiliation: Ise
  • Affiliation: The SSSS, Elite Rarity, Type: Battleship, and
  • In the Sakura Empire, Mutsu is an Elite-level battleship with a high rarity.
  • Eagle Union > Pennsylvania Rarity: Rarity – Type: Battleship


If you can, we recommend avoiding these ships at all costs.

Except in the early to mid-game, they’re practically worthless. In order to assemble the best fleet possible, these ships should be left out of your selection.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch > Elite Rarity – Monitor Type – Royal Navy Affiliation
  • Rocky Mountain > Elite – Battleship – Eagle Union Rarity
  • Relatively scarce, this ship is a battleship of the Sardegna Empire.
  • Rarity: Elite; Type: Battlecruiser; Iron Blood affiliation;
  • As an Elite Battlecruiser of the Sakura Empire, Haruna is extremely rare.
  • Elite – Type: Battlecruiser, Sakura Empire, Rarity: Hiei
  • Elite – Type: Battlecruiser – Sakura Empire Affiliation: Hiei-chan
  • Rarity: Elite; Type: Battlecruiser; Sakura Empire affiliation.
  • Sakura Empire – Affiliation > Kongou > Rarity > Elite > Type > Battlecruiser
  • Rarity: Elite – Type: Battleship – Affiliation: The Eagle Union of Maryland
  • A Royal Navy battleship, Nelson is an Elite-level rarity in the Royal Navy’s fleet.
  • Rarity trumps fame: Elite The Royal Navy’s Battlecruiser type ship.
  • Affiliation: Royal Navy Type: Battleship Rarity: Elite
  • Battlecruiser – Type: Scharnhorst, Iron Blood – Rarity: Elite
  • Affiliation: Eagle Union, Elite Rarity, Type: Battleship, and Rarity: West Virginia
  • There are just a few examples of this type of ship in existence, and this one is one of them.
  • Contra Cavour > Rarity: Extremely scarce Battleship – Sardegna Empire – Type
  • Rarity > Repulse: Rare – Battlecruiser – Royal Navy affiliation
  • Type: Battleship – Allegiance: Eagle Union Rarity: Rare


Who is the strongest in Azur Lane?

At the very top of the food chain.

What is the best destroyer in Azur Lane?

These Are the Most Effective Destroyers (DD)

Azur lane destroyers Tier List - TierLists.com


So there you have it, the best to the worst of Azur Lane’s shipgirls. If you want to improve your performance in this game, take a look at our guide.

Even though powerful units are important, there is much more to the game.

A solid core of ships will allow you to adjust your team to suit your preferences while avoiding the aggravation that comes with the game’s difficulty rise.