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Almost twenty years ago, Smash 64 (also known as Super Smash Bros.) was released, the game that paved the way for the iconic franchise. Even more difficult is the fact that this two-decade-old fighting game still has a strong following.

In this post, we’ll look back at the original 12 characters most beloved by fans and rank them according on how likely they are to help you win a battle. Let us now begin.

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The game’s best fighter.

Despite its diminutive stature, the electric mouse packs a powerful punch with its array of features. It’s possible that Pikachu’s lack of defense stems from his/her low weight. Although he or she is commonly considered to be the finest fighter in Smash 64,


The best fighter in the game, however it is hampered by a few small weaknesses.

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Furthermore, he is extremely agile and adept at protecting the perimeter. However, his recuperation has been less than stellar. This animation is too slow and predictable for opponents to take advantage of it.


Characters that are solid all-around.

Even with all of his weapons, Fox has a hard time finishing off his foes. His strikes aren’t as powerful as those of other fighters, which prolongs a fight.

The Captain’s ledge trapping and edge-guarding skills are likewise above average. His downside is his limited range and fast falling mechanic.

Even though he had so much movement, it’s a shame he couldn’t use it to his advantage.


Fights that are only possible with the help of highly skilled opponents.

His combos are adequate, but he is hampered by his short range and lack of recovery options.

Her biggest flaw is that she’s easily knocked off the stage or knocked out cold. Kirby’s predictable rebound, on the other hand, doesn’t help either.


Fighters who have a difficult time winning because of a lack of competence.

She’s shockingly sluggish and jerky for someone of her stature, which could be confusing for some.

If you’re going to employ DK, you’ll need to KO your opponent quickly due of DK’s inability to recover in close encounters.

Despite his good mobility, he also moves slowly.


They’re the worst characters in the game, especially for competitive matchups.

To put it simply, he is woefully underprepared and in desperate need of all of the above.

There you have it, the complete Smash 64 roster. Everyone in the sport has the potential to win fights for you, but it will take years of training and experience for an amateur fighter to compete with the best.

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Smash 64 Tiers Analysis


There has never been a time when Pikachu wasn’t the number one character. Along with his excellent mobility and off-stage game, he possesses good recovery and tools. This may be due to the high level of mobility he has, or because of his incredible combo and aerial abilities.


One of the best, he has only been surpassed by Fox once and since then has maintained his position at the top of the heap. Because of this, he is more predictable and weak than Pikachu. With his Inhale and Copy abilities, Kirby is slightly more flexible than Pikachu, and his Inhale Kirbycide in Smash 64 is significantly more effective than in any other version because to the shallow lower blast zones Dream Land has and the incredible fall speed he possesses while being inhaled (this stage being the only legal stage competitively). Pikachu has a much better offstage game, combo potential, and kill potential than Pikachu, despite his lack of mobility.

The Falcon, Captain

Unlike the other two, his main flaws are his recovery and absence of a projectile move. However, this hasn’t stopped him from rising in popularity.


A brief leap to the second slot and victory over Kirby brought him back to this position.


Aside with his shieldstab-proof shield and super armor during his second jump, Yoshi has numerous other tactical benefits. It’s also because of the fact that double-jumping cancels his momentum while executing a move (double-jump cancel), which is a technique unique to Yoshi and Ness. This makes his recovery highly limited.

He ranked 10th in the Japanese version and 5th in the American version because of the geographical differences. Similarly to Falcon, Yoshi has ascended from the NTSC version’s eighth position to his current fifth position.

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Jigglepuff is described to as the “funny character,” even by Sakurai himself, due to her exceedingly light body and lack of a recovery special move. Her shield, on the other hand, has a peculiar property that can instantly kill her if it cracks. However, she has a total of five midair hops and a larger, stronger-than-usual shield, allowing for less shieldstab potential, to compensate for these drawbacks.

Jigglypuff began the tiers at number six and slipped to number nine before rising to number six on last year’s tier ranking. Her ever-increasing popularity and tournament appearances are to blame for her rollercoaster trip up and down the levels.


There was a brief jump out of seventh place before Mario returned to the bottom of the tiers. These alterations, on the other hand, differed dramatically from beginning to end. There were two levels above and two levels below Mario’s current position in the “Middle” tier in the original list; however, Mario is currently in the second-to-last tier and is ranked last. And whereas Mario was always put just above Yoshi, the latter now stands taller than him in the ranks, while he has sunk.


Characters with more difficulty in the metagame appear with Samus. Samus’s powerful attacks like ChargeShot rely on reads or baits to connect, and she requires even more solid plays to deal damage because she lacks a lot of combo potential. However, because she is tethered, her grab has a long range, and her up special move can deal a lot of damage, although smash DI can negate it.

During Samus’ tier trip, she has been the lowest character on two occasions and the second-lowest character on one occasion. Despite this, she is currently rated 8th, largely due to the decline of other characters.

Donkey Kong is a popular video game.

DK’s tier placements are a metaphor for his recovery ability, since he has never been able to rise above seventh and presently sits at ninth.


He’s the only character in the game who can heal himself without using items, and he has legendary throws and wide-ranging smashattacks that cover a large area. He is, however, prone to edgeguarding because of his predictable and easily exploited recovery.


Bombs and his boomerang, an extremely versatile projectile with three different shooting angles with the potential to stop approaching enemiesand shieldstab, are his primary defense weapons. They make him a camp-dependent figure who requires too much effort for a successful strategy to be implemented.

Because his recovery tactics are ineffective and his combo potential is limited, he has poor edgeguarding abilities. He is now ranked eleventh on the character tier list, making him the second-lowest character.


His skills are much behind those of his sibling. Most of his tilts inflict less damage or aren’t capable of forming any kind of combination. The rest of his up special is weaker, delivering only 1% damage and having no knockback despite the fact that it has a nice first-frame sweetspot.

Because of his shaky and flimsy build, he’s particularly vulnerable to high-knockback attacks. In the neutral game, his characteristic difference from his brother, his higher jump, has a negative impact on his spacing and combo potential..


How are smash tiers determined?

When it comes to video games, the tier list evaluates all characters according to their combat prowess as well as their capacity to win matches under tournament settings, presuming that all players are of similar quality.

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Is Ness good Smash 64?

With the help of Yoshi, he is able to double jump cancel, allowing him to perform rapid aerial and special attacks. Furthermore, this makes it possible for him to constantly perform one of the most powerful combos in the entire game.

Why is Dr Mario bottom tier?

While Dr. Mario was formerly considered a low-tier character in Super Smash Bros. 4, this has since changed due to a combination of factors including his subpar mobility and short range, as well as his dismal recovery and restricted combo game.


Despite having a limited cast, it appears that the Smash 64 metagame has been one of the most unstable, with spectacular drops like Ness’s from third best to third worst or low rises like Captain Falcon’s.

So, what do you think of it? Is there a character who you have a unique perspective about? What do you think about the tier list? Please inform us as soon as possible!