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This Injustice 2 tier list features the best fighters in the game, so you can use them to your advantage. Improve your gaming experience by increasing your win rate in tough matches.

Injustice 2, the sequel to 2013’s smash hit Injustice: Gods Among Us, has been fine-tuned for competitive play.

You’ll get a sense of the distinct fighting styles of each DC character as you progress through the game’s roster. However, not every player in the game is a good fighter. The superior design of some makes them stand out from the crowd.

You need look no further than this tier list we made if you want a definitive guide to knowing which fighter to play in competitive matches.

Injustice 2 – A Quick Introduction

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are responsible for the Injustice fighting game series. The original game came out in 2013, and on May 11th, 2017, a sequel called Injustice II was released.

The heroes and villains of DC Comics’ multiverse return in the sequel to the popular fighting game Injustice. The game’s plot centers on a battle between Batman and his group of heroes and Superman and his group of villains. The goal of the game is to achieve victory in all of your character’s battles.

The game’s combat system is very similar to that of Mortal Kombat X, another title developed by NetherRealm Studios. However, Injustice II is more methodical than MKX and necessitates a more cautious approach to gameplay. In addition, the game’s uniqueness stems from the player’s ability to utilize the environment as a weapon.

My Injustice 2 tier list : r/INJUSTICE

There are a lot of new additions to the fighting genre in Injustice II. The visuals are stunning, and the campaign mode’s story does a great job of keeping players engaged.

The game features a large cast of memorable characters and a wealth of hidden content to keep players engaged. This Injustice 2 tier list was made to help you pick the best character for your playstyle. Without further ado, let’s check out Injustice II’s top heroes!


The most well-rounded and effective fighters currently available. Despite a steep learning curve for newcomers, their overall effectiveness in competitive matches cannot be denied.

Fighter Trait Description
Ebony Adam Seth can summon three lightning orbs that encircle him and deal damage to anyone who touches them. You can shoot the orbs at your foe to deal minimal damage. Soul of Shazam: Black Adam channels the strength of Shazam to increase the destructive potential of his fist blows. Injustice 2 has a system that rewards characters who are good at zoning. It’s no surprise that Black Adam is at the top of the list, as he is widely considered the best zoner in the game.

Besides this, Black Adam possesses remarkable abilities that complement his formidable offensive and defensive capabilities. In addition, he possesses passable mix-ups for both up-close and long-range battles.

Catwoman Cat Scratch: Catwoman has a chance to gain one scratch whenever she successfully executes a Basic Attack or uses Feline Evade to avoid an attack. The Scratch stacks allow you to perform a devastating combo, with each additional scratch adding one hit up to a maximum of five hits. Catwoman is a nimble and deadly fighter known for her devastating combo sequences. She may not have the strongest attacks, but thanks to her trait, she can maintain constant pressure on her foe.

Catwoman is most effective when used as a “bully” character whose rapid attacks force opponents into a corner.

Starfire Starfire’s signature star bolts can now be used to prolong her combos thanks to her Tamaranean gift.
With a single button press, Starfire can unleash a directional bolt of energy that can deal up to four hits.
Starfire’s star bolts are particularly effective at medium and long ranges. She can perform devastating combos from the air or the ground, making her an excellent character for playing with a team.
Warrior Princess Wonder Woman’s ability to switch between her Sword and Shield and her Lasso of Truth is a defining characteristic of her character. Wonder Woman has an adaptable but effective style of play. She excels at almost every facet of the game, from zoning to defense to close range play.

Wonder Woman’s offensive potential is marginally diminished by the fact that she is only slightly slower than average.

Dr. Fate In order to make his magic attacks even more potent, Doctor Fate will utter an enchantment. In terms of potential zoning, Doctor Fate is next to Black Adam. While he can outrange him, he’s no match for him up close. As long as you stick to your combos, his trait will allow him to deal a large amount of damage quickly.
Batman Batman’s ability to summon three mechanical bats to float above him is a defining feature of his character. These bats have an offensive and a defensive purpose.
Bat Strike: Batman calls upon WayneTech bats, which affix themselves to his foe and explode.
Bats help Batman play more aggressively without worrying about his chances of success. He’s a defensive specialist with the ability to switch to offense on the fly.


They’re great fighters who hold their own in just about any conflict. They aren’t as powerful out of the box as S-tier fighters, but with enough training, the player can easily outclass them.

Fighter Trait Description
Red Hood Red Hood goes ballistic by electrifying his pistols and using them as blunt weapons, opening up a wide variety of new combos and mix-ups for him to use. Once you get past Red Hood’s extremely high skill ceiling, he becomes a mix-up god. He excels not only at zoning, but also at making unpredictable combos thanks to his trait. If you want to be successful with Red Hood, you need to put in the time practicing.
Firestorm Firestorm improves the destructive potential of his flames, allowing him to attack from greater distances. Firestorm, like many other great zoners, can bait his foes into a corner and then move in for the kill.
Toxic Vine Night Shade: Ivy conjures a small dinosaur-like plant creature from the ground behind her. It doesn’t move from its starting position and constantly spits ooze at the enemy. When Ivy takes damage, it vanishes.
Ivy sends Night Shade burrowing underground for a low-impact charge attack, and then she vanishes.
Ivy’s ability adds a new line of defense and keeps the offense going for the duration of the game. Her abilities, Night Shade and Burrow, make her accessible to new players by making it simple to set up combos.
Manta nigra Black Manta can use his jetpack to fly for a short period of time, allowing him to open more combos or avoid attacks. Thanks to his jetpack, Black Manta has exceptional speed and agility. He can use this to counterattack and set up his own combos. His zoning tools are adequate, but he excels at close quarters combat.
Supergirl Supergirl can aim her heat vision straight ahead, upwards, or downwards, like a Kryptonian laser. Additionally, she can use it while flying. Supergirl can perform powerful combos and her float ability comes in handy. She’s a more honed fighter than the rest of the cast because she doesn’t have too many moving parts to control.
Hellboy With the press of a button, Hellboy activates one of his medallions, giving him one of the following abilities:
Broom’s Rosary: Until the buff ends, Hellboy is protected by a patchy red aura. If you take too much damage, the benefit will expire early.
Agrippa’s Charm: Hellboy is surrounded by a fiery aura that increases the damage of his attacks, except for his Super Move. Whittier’s Amulet is roughly equivalent in duration to this effect.
With the help of Whittier’s Amulet, Hellboy is protected from harm by a crimson aura. This is the longest-lasting buff.
Mohlomi’s Bell: When Hellboy is defeated, an ethereal light emanates from his shoulders, allowing him to rise again with some of his health intact. If Hellboy is on his second health bar or lower when he is defeated, he will regain health proportionally to the amount of Super Meter he had at the time of his defeat. Among his buffs, this one has the shortest duration.
Even if Hellboy’s trait system seems complicated at first, taking the time to learn it will be well worth it.

Despite his versatility, he is best known as a defensive fighting master. If you’re consistently on the losing end of fights, he’s your man.

Superman By absorbing additional solar energy from the sun, Superman develops a red aura that makes his attacks immune to armor and more powerful than usual for a limited time. Superman is one of the most technically proficient fighters in the game.

He is adept at both close combat and long range. When used properly, his ability can deal massive damage to an opponent very quickly.


Competent fighters who have a reasonable amount of success in the ring. Mid-tier competitive matches are ideal for counter picking with them because few opponents will be prepared for them.

Here's my personal tier list on each fighter in Injustice 2, based on a  combination of factors. Feel free to comment your thoughts. : r/INJUSTICE

Fighter Trait Description
Flash The Flash’s defining characteristic is his use of a time loop to make his opponent appear to be moving at a much slower speed than the Flash himself. He can now perform combos he never could have before and easily avoid his opponent’s attacks. It’s not hard to see why The Flash is so popular, especially among newcomers. It’s simple to perform his opening combos. The player can use his ability to get out of a jam or fix a botched combo setup.

As might be guessed, Flash has lightning-fast attacks that can be chained into lengthy combos. The downside is that he does very little damage.

Verdant Sword Take Aim: One of Green Arrow’s distinguishing features is the ease with which he can fire his arrows. Green Arrow can switch between using fire, electricity, and ice arrows simply by pressing the character trait button in different directions. Green Arrow exemplified the zoning lifestyle in the original Injustice. This allowed the designers of Injustice 2 to tailor the game’s balancing to zoners. Simply put, he was a blast to assume the role of.

Green Arrow is a reliable choice for competitive play thanks to his speed, range, and trap-setting skills. However, he could use some work on the variety of his combos.

Atrocitus Atrocitus calls upon Dex-Starr to fight by his side.
Regurgitate Fury: When activated, Dex-Starr charges forward, spewing blood and doing gradual damage.
Dex-Starr’s Rage causes Dex-Starr to launch himself into a flurry of flying kicks when summoned.
Having Dex-Starr as a teammate improves Atrocitus’ performance in battle. In addition to fending off your close-range attacks, your opponent will have to watch out for your Dex-Starr summon.
Aquaman Aquaman has the ability to rapidly recover from hit-stun for a limited amount of time thanks to his unique power, Water of Life. Aquaman has an ability that can easily break combos. Especially in ranked play, this is frustrating to face because it prevents you from making any progress. Because of this, Aquaman is used primarily as a defensive fighter, with unchained combos serving as the primary focus of his offense.
Darkseid Darkseid activates the Apokoliptian gate, the Boom Tube, and calls for help from a Parademon. Compared to Dex-Starr, Darkseid’s Parademon is a weakling. However, he makes up for it with superior skill up close and in the middle range.
Robin Robin’s deadly arsenal consists of trap Birdarangs that can be remotely activated by pressing the button again while they are active, a skill he learned from his mentor, the Joker. Robin is able to use the “stick and move” tactic, in which he moves in for a few shots before quickly retreating, because of his quick reflexes. However, good zoners will find this to be counterproductive. Although Robin is a skilled zoner in his own right, he is at a disadvantage if his opponent is able to quickly close the distance.
Green Arrow The Light/Power Ring, worn by Green Lantern, increases his overall damage and boosts the effectiveness of many of his Special Attacks. Green Lantern’s midrange attacks are powerful and serve as a solid foundation for his aerial combos. When not properly positioned, he leaves himself vulnerable to enemy attacks.
Scarecrow Scarecrow’s devastating move is powered by his fear meter, which he can fill by focusing his inner strength. Among the league’s elite close-quarters fighters. Scarecrow’s ability works well with his fighting style. When his fear gauge is full, he can send out a shockwave that temporarily incapacitates the target, buying you time to launch a devastating combo.
Coliforme azure Blue Beetle, the Ancient Scarab, can use both his power blades and his bare hands. With the power blades engaged, his melee attacks travel further and deal more damage. While they are in effect, however, he is unable to use projectile weapons. Blue Beetle’s trait makes it much easier to play his various play styles. It allows for a rapid transition between a highly aggressive up-close strategy and a more conservative long-range one.
Cyborg The ability to self-heal is one of Cyborg’s defining characteristics. Cyborg’s health regeneration increases the longer the button is held. Cyborg is another defensive character who, thanks to his regen ability, can stay in fights for longer. Veteran players know how to maximize their health by popping this regen at every opportunity.
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero’s Ice Klone is an ice replica of himself that can be used as a weapon or a shield. Sub-Zero is an excellent mix-up fighter who can employ his clones as traps, projectiles, and shields. With the enemy backed into a corner, he can safely set up his combos.


Typical heroes who are rarely used in high-stakes matches. Picking them as a challenge is fine if you have enough experience, but you should expect more difficulty than usual.

Fighter Trait Description
Enchantress Xibalba, the enchantress, calls forth a demon to fight by her side. He can act as a shield, detonate an explosive, or be freed to charge the enemy on foot. Although having a fighting partner like Enchantress is always welcome, her mediocre stats make her a poor choice for training time. Her style of play is shared by other, stronger fighters.
Deadshot Deadshot is a living weapon who can switch up the types of bullets fired from his wrist cannons.
Explosive ammunition increases damage over time.
Extra damage and knockdown from explosive ammunition.
Poison Ammo – Consumes the target’s Super Bar.
Deadshot was an S-tier fighter in the early stages of Injustice 2. Due to several nerfs and other fighters catching up to him, he has since been removed from the meta.

His quick projectiles still give him value as a great zoner, even if he isn’t as good as he once was.

Harleen Quinzel Harley tosses a treat for the dog, and Bud or Lou rushes their foe. Harley can force Bud and Lou to rush the enemy by holding the button down for longer. Harley has smooth, effective combos. The issue is that she has terrible range, making her easy prey for zoners.
Bane Venom Boost has been supercharged, increasing the damage buff but no longer giving Bane’s special attacks any additional defense. When the buff wears off, so do the withdrawal symptoms. Bane, despite his massive frame, has incredible speed. When his opponent makes a mistake, he is able to punish them severely thanks to the well-setup combos he has at his disposal. During his supercharged phase, he is at his most effective when used up close.
Cheetah Claws of Death: Cheetah’s scratch attacks gain an active buff. Cheetah’s style of play is reminiscent of Catwoman’s, albeit at a slower and weaker level. There are just too many parallels to ignore; you might as well just play Catwoman.


Combatants on the verge of extinction as a competitive force. If you want more of a test during your race, use them.

Fighter Trait Description
Canary in the Coal Mine Canary’s trait gives her the ability to use her canary cry, which does damage and knocks down her foe, making them easier to kill with subsequent attacks. I think the hitbox for Black Canary is currently broken. You never know when your opponent is going to strike. This complicates positioning, especially in close combat.
Captain Freezing The Cold Gun can shoot icy beams from its barrel, freezing whatever it hits. Although Cold’s gun is useful for kicking off combos, its unpredictability means it won’t see much use in tournament play.
Joker Wild as a Joker, Joker can parry with either a high or low attack. Each successful hit awards a “ha,” which in turn increases Joker’s base movement speed and vertical range. The uniqueness of Joker’s trait is that it has a greater impact on frame data than damage. The issue is that even at maximum level, opponents know exactly how fast Joker will be.
It’s a Swamp Thing Abigail’s Garden: As Swamp Thing advances, he leaves a trail of grass and thorns that grows longer and longer, trapping his opponent and dealing them damage over time. Despite having solid offensive and defensive numbers, Swamp Thing is largely ineffective due to his trait.


If you want to do well in competitive matches, you should stay away from these fighters, who are currently the worst in the game.

Fighter Trait Description
Grodd the Gorilla Instincts of an Animal: Grodd uses telepathy to improve his offensive and defensive capabilities. Grodd’s hitbox is too large and his movement speed is too slow for him to be a bully, despite his high defense.
Raiden For a limited time, while using High Voltage, Raiden’s combos and special moves will deal additional shock damage and have additional properties. Raiden is not very effective in competitive play due to his low damage and short range. His skill set is insufficient for long-term success.

About Injustice 2 Game Wiki 

Injustice, developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is a series of highly regarded fighting video games. Injustice II, the sequel to the 2013 original, was released on May 11, 2017.

The second game in the Injustice series, it features some of DC Comics’ best heroes and villains. The plot of this incredible game centers on a battle between Batman and his team of superheroes and Superman and his team of supervillains. The main objective of the game is to complete the story by completing battle rounds and eliminating all other playable characters.

The gameplay mechanics are identical to those found in Mortal Kombat X, another title developed by NetherRealm Studios. Injustice 2 is more deliberate than Mortal Kombat X and calls for a professional defensive approach. The ability to use the environment as a weapon sets Injustice 2 apart from its competitors.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Injustice 2 is the best fighting game ever made. The game does a great job of entertaining players with its high-quality visuals and narrative campaign mode.

Injustice 2 features an impressive roster of playable characters and a wealth of unlockable content to keep players engaged. We hope this Injustice 2 tier list helps you determine which character is the best fit for your play style.

Benefits of Using Injustice 2 Tiers List 

Some advantages of using the character rankings from Injustice 2

  • It can help you quickly find the best characters to use in Injustice 2, saving you valuable game time.
  • Knowing where each character stands in relation to the rest can give you a huge advantage in Injustice 2, as well as clues as to what tactics you should employ.
  • A rough idea of which Injustice 2 characters are worth your time and which you should avoid is provided.
  • The top-ranked characters in Injustice 2 are the best teachers because they know how to get the most out of their characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tier list?

Video game characters’ overall potential and strength can be ranked using a tier list. The purpose of the tier list is to advise players on which characters to use in competitive situations.

this is my injustice 2 character tier list not at all based on gameplay or  anything, just my opinion on their vibes : r/INJUSTICE

2. What is the Injustice 2 tier list?

The Injustice 2 tier list ranks all of the playable characters in the game from strongest to weakest. From “S” for “superior” to “E” for “extremely poor,” with “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D” in between.

3. Why should I care about the Injustice 2 tier list?

There are many situations in which the Injustice 2 tier list will prove useful. If you want to know which characters have the best shot at helping you win tournaments or online competitions, this is a great resource. It can also be used as a teaching tool to show you the reasoning behind certain characters’ superior abilities.

4. How is the Injustice 2 tier list created?

Multiple criteria were used to create the Injustice 2 tier list. When deciding which character is better than another, we consider their damage, speed, range, combo ability, and difficulty. When all of the fighters’ values for these categories are known, a ranking can be made with confidence.

5. How can I learn how to use the Injustice tier list?

You don’t have to be a pro or even very well-versed in the game’s mechanics to make good use of it. It is intended that the Injustice tier list serve as a learning tool for players of all skill levels; as such, you should feel free to try out different characters to see which ones you like best.

6. How often is the Injustice tier list updated?

Changes to Injustice are reflected in regular updates to the tier list. It’s possible for a character’s ranking to change as a result of new DLC additions, balance patches, or tournament results. Therefore, monitoring it is essential for staying ahead of the curve.

7. Why do players use the Injustice tier list?

There are a number of ways in which players make use of the Injustice tier list. Some people use it as a learning tool, while others use it to figure out which characters will give them the best chance of success in competitive play.

8. Who is the Best Character in Injustice 2 Game?

Our Injustice 2 Tier List finds that the game’s top heroes, including Batman, Black Adam, Doctor Fate, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Starfire, and Red Hood, all reside in Tier S.

9. How are the Injustice 2 Tier List Characters Ranked?

Characters are ranked on a number of criteria in the Injustice 2 tier list. Which characters are superior to others depends on a number of factors, including range, combo ability, damage, speed, and difficulty.

10. Who is the Worst Character in Injustice 2 Game?

Tier-E characters, including Gorilla Grodd and Raiden, are the weakest in the Injustice 2 game.

Final Words

The popularity of video games has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Many gamers take their hobby seriously, going so far as to compete in tournaments and even on the internet. Players can use the Injustice 2 tier list to determine which characters have the best chance of winning.

We aspire for this piece to be of service to you. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Keep checking back as we will be updating this list as new characters are introduced and the meta shifts.