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Take control of the arena with the help of Battlerite’s top champions. To give you an overview of the current Battlerite tiers, below is the most recent list.

Battlerite matches can be extremely competitive and heated. The fundamentals of the game and its extensive array of champions are essential if you wish to dominate your opponents at every turn.

In order to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best and worst Battlerite champions. As a starting point for character selection, this is a good place to start.

The selection of champions in Battlerite is well-balanced. Thus, there is little difference between the levels. Make sure to keep this in mind when you’re playing in the competitive meta.


The best champions in the game right now are these. For players of all abilities, they contain few defects and are therefore safe.

Battlerite Tier List May 2022 | Finest Characters Ranked

Squishy is why she’s in the bottom rung of the ladder. Other champions will put an end to her in a matter of hits. As a result, you’ll find yourself down a unit in team battles if the adversary manages to eliminate her on their own (which happens more often than you think).

In addition to dealing damage, Shen Rao also has a number of abilities that can disrupt the actions of an opponent. DPS units should have a solid balance of power and adaptability, and this armament provides that.

She’s a no-nonsense champion with the ability to enter fights from a respectable distance. She can also freeze her foes, which adds some tactical value to her arsenal.

All of her gameplay relies around unit-to-unit healing and/or harm. To begin with, it’s difficult enough without having to worry about her positioning or dealing with the creatures she encounters.


The best champions in the game are hampered by a few weaknesses that keep them from reaching the summit. No need to panic – with the correct coaching, an A-Tier winner may easily dominate an S-Tier.


Ashka is a one-stop shop. His assaults have a wide spread, and he moves like a gazelle. His range of abilities makes him effective in a variety of contexts.

This fighter can move like no other, taking use of his immaterial shape and lightning-fast attacks to gain an advantage over his opponents. For those who want a straightforward melee champion, he’s a good choice.

When the going gets rough, Shifu players will be pleased to know that they have a number of defensive responses at their disposal.

If you or your team is caught off guard, he has a slew of debuffs and interrupts at his disposal. He can’t make it to the top of this ranking because to his lackluster damage output.

His style of play relies heavily on powerful combos that can effectively manage large groups of people when used correctly. For larger battles, he has the ability to amplify his attacks. In addition, he has the ability to disrupt or defuse the opposition squad.

Users of the Rook must deal with his incredibly sluggish movement speed and possibly the lowest mobility of any champion in the game. Rooks. This is compounded by the fact that he is only able to deliver his trademark damage output if the enemy is in close proximity.

Pulling enemy units can be utilized to relieve pressure on allies or to set up adversaries for concentrated strikes with his ability to pull them together.


These are great champions who come equipped with everything they need to make a significant impact on any squad.

Protect Blossom at all times if you intend to battle with her, as she is very easily taken out. She’s more of an escape artist than a defensive bulwark when it comes to stuns.

His strengths lie on sneaking up on opponents and poisoning them for long enough to deal enormous harm. Even if he’s far from a tank, he doesn’t have to be. It’s impossible to surprise him because of his excellent mobility.

After incapacitating his foes, Croak sprints out of harm’s way and returns to the fray. This is a successful tactic that frequently causes confusion among the opposing side.

When it comes to melee combat, Freya’s long and intricate combos make her a force to be reckoned with. These combos aren’t for the faint of heart, but when they do land, they can put the opposing side at a significant disadvantage.

Freya’s shield values increase over time to assist her move closer to adversaries (and remain there).

While Raigon is capable of handling himself on the battlefield, he is confined to B-tier status because his talents only serve a small portion of the roster. When it comes to team fights, he doesn’t contribute as much as he does in terms of damage output.

Pestilus has a problem since he doesn’t focus enough on his toolbox. Even though he has the ability to both heal and attack at the same time, it’s not worth it for him to try.

We feel that if this champion receives a powerful healing or damaging spell, he will rise to B or possibly A-tier. His current state, on the other hand, places him in the middle of the field.

When you have a Pearl in your team for full team fights, you’ll always be happy. She has the ability to both heal your team and do damage.


These are average champions that can be very useful in certain scenarios. Their lack of any excellent qualities hinders their viability in the competitive stages, however.

If you’re in a situation where you need an ordinary champion, these are your best options. In the end, their lack of exceptional talents makes it difficult for them to compete.

Since she has more disruptive weapons at her disposal, she can compensate for her inconsistent damage output.

Croak’s poison makes him more useful in fight, despite her superior agility. Jamila prefers a more direct approach to combat, focusing on dealing massive damage to her opponents while still being able to quickly counterattack. To be fair, she has a limited toolkit compared to better players.

When viewed from the outside, Bakko appears to be an abrasive warrior. This character’s damage output is strong, but it’s his ability to protect the party from incoming damage and displace adversaries that makes him so valuable.

Battlerite Tier List [June 2022] - GamingScan


Situational toolkits are available to these champions. Use them only if the team composition allows them to shine in terms of their viability.

Your team’s reliance on Ezmo is jeopardized by his low survivability. He’s good at long range, but if the adversary flanks him, he’ll be in big trouble.

When it comes to team fighting, she’s not a tremendous asset to have on your side. It is recommended to use other, more aggressive champions instead.

Sirius is lagging behind other support characters because he lacks a game-changing skill.

In addition to healing and protecting her teammates, she is able to disrupt and destabilize the other team. One of her biggest flaws is that she doesn’t excel in any of these areas. In general, she’s useful, although a lot depends on the team’s composition, the matchup, and the current scenario.


These champions can only be used in specific situations. Your team’s chances of long-term success are sometimes harmed by the inferior talents of your team members.

Players who prefer not to be in the heart of the action but yet like to make a positive impact on the game can do so by using Jumong.

Battlerite roles


Throughout the game, these warriors play an important role in aiding and supporting their fellow players. In order to heal themselves and protect their companions, they can do anything they can.


It’s no secret that Bruisers can cause a lot of damage. They’re known for their quickness and agility, making them a popular choice. Bruisers typically have low health and rely on their ability to position themselves to maximize damage.


According to your knowledge, an assassin is a person responsible for the death of a public figure. As the name implies, assassins have the capacity to cause maximum devastation, yet they are extremely vulnerable. It is imperative that you know how to position and manipulate these guys in order to maximize their potential. That’s the greatest way to get the most out of these heroes and cause the most damage.


When it comes to their overall well-being, they’re a sight to behold. Tanks have a lot of health and are often the ones setting the pace. They protect their allies well and effectively.


A new set of characters have a role to play in the story. They may strike quickly and eat up a lot of the enemy’s health while posing a major danger. They will quickly demolish the enemy’s defenses if left to their own devices and permitted to play their natural game.


It doesn’t really matter if they have the ability to heal or harm. Their unique abilities and energies can help them fight even the most formidable foes, and this is what we need to know.

A brief description of the Tier list

S+ Tier

These superheroes stand head and shoulders above the others. Because of their overwhelming strength, these warriors can take down any opponent they come across. They can be used at any point in the process because they are set up for it.


Pearl’s healing and damaging potential make it a favorite among the gamers. When used correctly, it can take down even the most formidable foes. It contributes greatly to the team’s vitality and enthusiasm because to its impressive abilities. Opponents may find it difficult to deal with.


Despite its little role, it has the potential to cause significant harm to the enemy. Poloma can be a challenge to deal with at its finest. It is capable of wreaking havoc and has a reputation for making life difficult for its opponents. Its powerful and merciless strikes can wipe out any remnants of the enemy. Furthermore, it’s impossible to overlook her healing proclivities!


Another top contender is Shifu. These powers allow this hero to liberate its comrades from the enemy’s clutches.

S Tier

Due to their high level of talent, these characters are frequently the first to be selected by the gamers. Even at the highest levels of the game, they can be useful.


Because to her incredible damage output, impressive healing proclivity, and flawless shielding, Luci is a highly sought after hero. As far as I’m concerned, Luci is the best of the bunch.


Taya is another talented athlete who has the potential to be extremely valuable at any level of play.


Jumong is one of the best players in the league and a wonderful human being. It has the ability to self-heal and is immune when necessary. Take advantage of Jumong!


One of Varesh’s most well-known strengths is the ability to manage large crowds. Under strain, it has proven to be resilient against a variety of foes.

Battlerite - Different Champions Tierlist - Steam Lists

A+ Tier

The A+ Tiers play an important role and should never be overlooked, but their characters are not regarded as highly as those found in the higher tiers.


When it comes to A+ students, Ashka is head and shoulders above the others. Ashka has a wide range of impressive maneuvers that may leave anyone in a state of awe. With a single burst, it can decimate an opponent and put them to the test. She can shatter her opponents’ backs if she uses all of her abilities.


Aside from Ashka’s agility, its defenses are impressive, and it has other methods to flee. Keep an eye out for Croak, he can be a handful.


For a player of her stature, Iva’s mobility is exceptional. Its rapid and precise movements make it extremely deceiving. Iva’s skill set doesn’t stop there; she also plays flawless defense. Technically, her only weakness is a short-range strike.


When it comes to movement, Jade isn’t much different from the rest of his group. This weapon is capable of defeating the enemy no matter how powerful they are. Attacks lasting a long time can be disastrous.

A Tier

Every player in the tiers we’re going through has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Because their flaws outweigh their virtues, these characters aren’t the most likable. A character from a given tier isn’t necessary for a skillful player. He’s adept at dealing with a wide range of customers.


Freya is a joy to be around and has a lot of fun with. She is well-known for its agility and powerful poke, but she can also hold an opponent for extended periods of time. In addition, she is a skilled healer and defender. If you’re able to master her, you’ll be able to maximize her potential.


Sirius is a talented player, too. She possesses a fair amount of healing and defense abilities. With Sirius by your side, you can rest assured that she will never let you down.


Ezmo, like Sirius, can move quickly and deal a lot of damage with his pokes. Her only drawback is that she doesn’t have the burst to be considered one of the best players.


Even though Oldur is predictable, he has a high healing potential and a powerful damage output.

Tier B+

These characters have mediocre abilities, but they are unsuited to any difficulty setting. If you’re good at gaming, you can make the most of your strengths. The only thing you need to know is how to play the game.


One of the best-known aspects of Bakko is how well he controls himself. There are instances when it’s predictable, but it doesn’t mean he is a waste of resources.

Tier B

The inefficiency of these heroes makes them the least desirable. They typically require the assistance of a champion in order to succeed.

Tier C

There is no use in picking characters from this tier because they are of no use to anyone.

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Is Battlerite shut down?

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Does Battlerite still get updated?

Patch 1.3.0 for Battlerite Royale has been released! I’m here, and I’d want to introduce myself Battlerite Royale’s final content update is here. For the time being, both games will be in maintenance mode.

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