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This ultimate PvE Langrisser tier list features rankings for every hero in the game. Free-to-play compatible and regularly updated, the tier list is a must-have.

The gacha elements of Langrisser, a mobile strategy role-playing game, complement the gameplay well. The game plays true to form by letting you assemble a powerful squad out of a variety of collectible heroes.

However, getting the right people together to form a winning team isn’t simple. You need to know how everything works in the game and how each hero performs.

Because of this, we went ahead and made a complete index ranking every unit in the game according to how well they perform in combat.

The cost effectiveness of each hero was taken into account when compiling this list, making it suitable for free-to-play systems. If you’re interested in learning how to put together a winning team in Langrisser, keep reading!

Unless otherwise specified, Hero Skill descriptions assume the highest possible hero level. This is meant to show you what the hero can become at maximum level.


These are the game’s most powerful heroes. Their special skills make them useful in a wide variety of game contexts, so they can be integrated into the teams of any of the game’s factions.

Hero Role Skill Description
Tiaris Healer Allies within two blocks of your last action will immediately gain [Heal] from your healing light. 100% chance to recover HP after the battle equal to three times Tiaris’ INT. You should pair Tiaris with whoever is both your main tank and main damage dealer.

She can keep your tank alive for a long time and is the best healer in the game. She can also provide offensive buffs to your main DPS character, allowing them to one-shot even the game’s toughest enemies.

Liana Healer Liana’s Holy Sister ability is a self-action that heals her allies for 3x her Intelligence bonus and removes two debuffs from them if they are within two blocks of her after she takes an action. Liana’s inability to burst heal isn’t as potent as Tiaris’s because of her lower INT stat. In contrast to other healers, she excels at healing large areas at once. If everyone in your party has full health, she can save everyone.

Liana’s dispels also work to counteract the negative effects of your opponents’ buffs. In later parts of the game, when combat becomes more intricate, this is a major issue.

Leon The Actual DPS The damage of an Epic Knight increases by 4% and their defense by 20% for every single block they move. After attacking, you’re free to advance another three blocks. When it comes to attacking, Leon is without peer. His ATK is at its highest with the Empire faction, but he’s still potent no matter which side you’re on.

His mobility after attacks gives him an edge in the game’s toughest battles. With Leon on your side, you can stop worrying about getting hurt.

APEX Arena Tier list for Season 5 (Langrisser Mobile) - YouTube


These heroes are formidable thanks to their impressive stat growth, practical skills, and positive faction synergies.

Hero Role Skill Description
Bozel Mage An evil from antiquity has you multiply your MDEF by 1.5 points. There is a 100% chance to apply a random debuff after dealing damage to an opponent. Any adversary can benefit from Bozel’s expertise. It always deals damage to an opponent, limiting their potential with every turn.
Ledin Tank By order of the king, all damage taken is reduced by 15%. Hero’s HP greater than 50% double counters any melee attack. Ledin is a holy element tank class. Since his foes lack this ability, he would be a great addition to your main frontline.

Although he lacks the bulk of other tanks, Ledin’s high damage potential more than makes up for this and makes him a very useful character.

Luna Attack Power at a Distance With the help of the Sylph’s blessing, MDEF will grow by 20%. Within a 2 block radius of an ally, they will take 30% less Magical Damage. As a result of her defensive buffs, having Luna in your party will improve your chances of survival. She is a healer who can also deal respectable amounts of damage.
Cherie The Actual DPS Princess of the Wild: Gain 25% to both Attack and Defense when there are no allies within two blocks. Once the two-turn cooldown for eliminating an enemy has passed, you will have one more chance to act. After Leon, Cherie is your primary damage dealer for the Princess and Glory armies.

You can treat her like a one-woman army thanks to her abilities, which allow you to deal more damage and give you an extra turn when fighting against the enemy.

Vargas Tank Extraordinary valor reduces enemy troop damage by 30%. Even if Vargas takes fatal damage, he will survive. Instead, his HP will return to 30 percent of maximum. One use only per fight. When it comes to Physical Defense, Vargas is unrivaled. Because of this, he can be your tank in almost any circumstance. Since mage units can easily pick off Vargas due to his low MDEF, you may want to give Ledin more consideration.
Sonya Defense Pressure Shields When you use your Demon Blood ability, you can advance three spaces after killing an enemy unit. Enhance your attack, intelligence, defense, and magic defense by 20% for 3 turns (maximum 2 stacks). If your party is built to go on the offensive, Sonya’s talents are invaluable. She has the ability to grant all-around improvements to your units. Because she is the only hero with this skill, she is extremely useful in the late game.
Shelfaniel Mage Due to their magical ancestry, troops with a higher Health Point total also have a higher Intelligence Point total, with a maximum increase of 20%. A skill’s cooldown is halved for every 3 points of damage dealt with that skill. Shelfaniel is best known for her devastating area-of-effect spells. These spells of mass control are useful in almost any conflict.
Lana Mage Arcane Expansion: Magic Damage is increased by 30% upon entering combat, and skill range is increased by 1. There is no better mage than Lana. Her debuffs are fairly useful, and her single-target and area-of-effect damage are both excellent.

You’ll need to design your deck around her faction buffs, though, to maximize this potential. The effort required is substantial, but the benefits more than compensate.


These heroes can hold their own against A-tiers in terms of stats and abilities, but they are still essential cogs in their respective factions’ machinery.

Langrisser Tier List - Best Heroes Worth Investing In

Hero Role Skill Description
Angelina The Actual DPS When standing on terrain with defensive effects, you, the Battle Goddess, absorb 20% less damage. If you don’t use the other option, your ATK will increase by 20%. Possibly the best physical crowd control ability in the game, Angelina is also a fantastic flier. She can’t move up to A-tier because she’s too similar to Cherie, and Cherie is the better unit.
Bernhardt Damage Dealt by Weapons, Physical Tank The Lord’s Will: A 20% damage bonus is applied at the start of combat. The attack and defense of all nearby enemies are lowered by 15%. Bernhardt is an indispensable member of the Empire’s ranks. Because of his skill, which strengthens the party and hinders the enemy, he is an effective tank.
Freya Tank It’s a Sad Option, but you’ll take half as much damage before you go critical. Before entering combat, deal damage to the enemy if your health is higher than 50%. Two times the hero’s defense value in damage. Freya is equipped with fixed-damage counterattacks. Because of this, she shines in specific musical settings. In that case, there are safer alternatives available.
Altemuller Damage Per Second, Tank Physical Supreme Ruler: Gain 10% ATK as you enter battle. The percentage of physical damage you take is now lower than before by 5%. A maximum of 4 stacks are allowed, each of which lasts 4 turns. When paired with Leon, Altemuller makes for a formidable buffer. However, he does not shine right out of the gate, so you will need to invest heavily to show his true potential.
Egbert Absurdly High Damage Per Second Damage dealt by Raging Inferno is equal to twice Egbert’s INT, but it only occurs once. It won’t take a lot of effort or money to make Egbert an asset to your team. He makes contributions both with the Empire and independently. In the late game, his area-of-effect attacks and debuff spells are extremely useful.
Elwin The Actual DPS Will of the Brave: Attacks dealt at the outset of a fight are boosted by 30%. There is a 100% chance for HP restoration after the battle, equal to 30% of the damage Elwin inflicted. Elwin is known as a “selfish DPS,” which means he prefers to operate independently and devote all of his attention to his offensive capabilities. This is because he deals good damage, has a respectable self-sustain (thanks to his automatic heal), and possesses a debuff ability that is among the best single-target debuffs in the game.


These protagonists are useful up to a point. If more powerful heroes become available, you should consider replacing them.

Hero Role Skill Description
Sophia Counselor, Helper When a hero with the Merciful Heart buff uses a skill on a member of the party, that member’s HP and DEF are both restored by 30% and increased by 30%, respectively. This benefit lasts for two full turns. Sophia’s utility is diminished by the presence of two other strong healers in the S tier. Yes, her heals and buff are strong, but they are no match for Tiaris’ or Liana’s.
Lester Digitally Produced Stress When fighting on the water, all units’ attack power is increased by 30% thanks to the expertise of the Navy. While Lester’s growth in stats is above average for a DPS class, his skill’s specific application makes him difficult to use effectively. However, his usefulness is increased by the fact that he is a central member of the Glory faction.
Grenier Strength, Physical DPS, and Backing Forced into battle? Tenacity gives you a 100% chance to increase your attack and defense by 10% for two turns. This effect can stack up to three times. The delay involved with activating Grenier’s buff makes it an unusual one. The current meta favors a strategy based on making a quick kill, which this mechanic completely nullifies.
Matthew DPS (Defensive Physical Action) If a friendly unit is within three blocks of you when you enter battle, your attack and defense will automatically be increased by 20% due to your “Bonds of Friendship.” Matthew isn’t a great DPS unit, but he’s useful because of the buff he receives at the beginning of the match. If you pair him with a powerful DPS or tank character, you can give your team a significant advantage.


In their specific roles, these heroes shine.

Hero Role Skill Description
Lewin Help, Direct Physical Strike The origins of light grant a 15% boost to attack and defense right before an attack is made. This only lasts for 1 turn. After a battle, there is a one hundred per cent chance that your health will be restored by 30%. Lewin’s stats are below average, and his skills are only marginally helpful. If you lack any other party buffing units, he may be worth using. If that’s the case, he needs to be replaced.
Lance Tank Warfare Expertise: Gain 30% to Attack and Defense when facing Flying and Mounted enemies. Most of the game’s PvE content can easily be handled without using Lance’s skill. Because of his middling statistics and marginally useful debuff, he avoids being last on this list.
Imelda Support Crown of the Queen: 20% more damage done to units. Acting first, then casting Iron Hand on four allies within two blocks. The hero’s damage is increased by 20% while using Iron Hand, but their HP is reduced by 10% after the battle. Abilities are Imelda’s strongest suit. Unfortunately, the damage boost from the Iron Hand buff isn’t worth being so vulnerable, especially in more challenging fights.
Jessica Extraordinary Damage Per Second Master of Magic: At full health, your unit’s INT increases by 15%. There is an increase of 40% INT in MDEF. Jessica’s ability is well-designed in that it works well with all of the buffs. However, Jessica can’t move up from tier D due to her dismal offensive stats and prowess.


Currently, these heroes are the worst option for playing PvE missions. Investing time and money into raising them is a waste of time and money.

Hero Role Skill Description
Emerick DPS (Direct Physical Strike) Benefit from a 20% increase in attack power when using the Wise Veil ability. When under attack, your damage reduction is 20%. In addition to being unable to Guard, all enemies within two blocks now have a -2 Mobility penalty. Emerick does not provide many options for buffing or dispelling the entire party. With his “selfish DPS” build, he is wasting his time by increasing bad stats.
Narm Help, Direct Physical Strike Trickery: 15% initial attack bonus when starting a fight (when using diversionary tactics). Target’s Mobility is reduced by 3, and they lose the ability to Guard. Lasts for 1 round. When first getting started, a narm is a good unit to have. For the most part, her abilities are most effective against waves of enemies or bosses. The further you get into the game, the more she disappears.
Silverwolf Displacement Pressure Shock Wolf’s Nature: Attack and Defense increase by 7% for each buff, up to a maximum of 21%. With a critical hit, you can remove two of your opponent’s buffs. Silverwolf’s power is mostly just for show. Extremely shaky and dependent on context. You would be better off replacing him with a more conventional support staff member.
Kirikaze Precisely-Measured Physical Strength A 15% increase in critical hit rate when using dual weapons. Critical hits in combat not only reduce skill cooldowns by one turn, but also restore health equal to thirty percent of the damage dealt. When it comes to the Crit stat, Langrisser’s current meta is lacking. Unfortunately, Kirikaze relies on this stat to be effective, making him a poor choice at the moment. In short, he is not a reliable means of harm.

Who is the best character in Langrisser?

The best character in Langrisser, in our opinion, is Liana.

Liana is from the line of Light and serves as a Priestess of Light in Salrath. At the end of each round, everyone in close proximity to her will be healed and have any negative effects removed. The healing is helpful, and the removal of debuffs, such as those caused by Fire Dragon, is invaluable. As a result of her skill, Again, she is able to defeat particularly resilient foes who would normally be impossible to defeat. A true monster of the game.

How Fire Emblem And Langrisser Inspired Each Other

The original Langrisser appeared for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in Japan) in 1991. Similar to how Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light was released roughly a year before Langrisser, it was released in the West the same year.

Affinity system where certain units are strong against others; for example, fliers are strong against soldiers but weak against archers; and the same grid-based style as in other games are both present in Langrisser. Fire Emblem’s invention of the weapon triangle would go on to have an impact on subsequent iterations of this affinity system. In a nod to its predecessors, Langrisser features commander units that charge headfirst into battle. The scale of the battles is much greater than in a game like Fire Emblem, and winning battles would allow you to hire more units.

Even though it came out in the West before Fire Emblem, only the first Langrisser game was ever localized. The series’ final entry, Langrisser 5, was released in 1999, four years before the first Fire Emblem game was released in the United States. It took nearly a decade for Fire Emblem to find a fanbase in the west, and this is the main reason why no one outside of strategy genre enthusiasts knows much about Langrisser.

Throughout the years, both series in Japan shared a lot of the same features and mechanics. Both Langrisser and the Dresden Files feature medieval fantasy worlds torn apart by war and feature a job change system that allows heroes to transform into higher classes. Falchion from Fire Emblem and the Langrisser from the same franchise are both mythical swords. They have a lot in common, and it can be eerie. In 1996, games in both the Fire Emblem and Langrisser series introduced new ways for players to interact with each other through romantic relationships. Langrisser’s central idea of hiring units for commanders would even find its way into Fire Emblem. Similar to this system is the battalion system introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, in which each character is accompanied by an army unit with its own HP.

Why Fire Emblem Fans Should Care About Langrisser’s Return

The success of Fire Emblem has brought the strategy RPG genre to a wider audience than ever before. Fire Emblem popularized this style of gameplay while Langrisser was inactive and forgotten by thousands. The games in the Fire Emblem series are set in a serious medieval world, while the Langrisser games tend to focus more on fan service, but there are clear aesthetic and world similarities between the two series.

Langrisser Tier List - Best Heroes Worth Investing In

Fire Emblem is a rare example of a tactical grid-based game these days. Square Enix, for example, has discontinued both the Final Fantasy Tactics and Front Mission series. If Langrisser I and II are successful, it will give the strategy series a chance to explore new areas. Fire Emblem is more popular than ever and will likely remain so, but fans don’t have much to look forward to in the time between new installments. In addition, another series that pushes the boundaries of what a tactical strategy game can be would be exciting to see. The remake of Langrissser I & II is largely faithful to the original, though it does feature updated graphics, music, localization, and a slightly altered plot. That said, this could be Langrisser’s best shot at winning over listeners in the States.


Once you’ve finished perusing our Langrisser Tier List, we hope you’ll be prepared to dive into the game headfirst. You are not obligated to choose a flashy character just because they exist. However, you have complete freedom of action, so….

The satisfaction you’ll feel after defeating a particularly challenging boss more than makes up for the time and effort you’ll have to put in to get there. Of course, it’s simpler to just play at the lower levels and take in the game’s pretty colors and design, but we’ve found that the more effort you put into a task, the more satisfaction you’ll get out of it.