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Dota’s Auto Chess mod is largely regarded as the origin of the auto-battlefielder subculture. The combination of strategy and chess components with Dota’s lore and characters was a major factor in its success.

Dota’s auto chess mod features all of the game’s heroes, just like the original. As a result, each hero has a unique set of abilities that players can put to use in a variety of different scenarios. However, they are not all made equal. Some are more valuable than others, while others flourish under specific circumstances.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at this list, which ranks each character from greatest to worst. This will aid you in deciding which heroes to invest your gold in at various phases of a match.

Dota 2 Auto Chess Hero Tier List and Review | GuideScroll

Now that we’ve cleared that out, let’s go to the list of tiers.


In your rotation, these are the best characters. There is no problem finding a purpose for them in any situation because of their versatility.

Because of his natural synergy and his crowd management ability, Sven makes an excellent damage dealer.

Lone Druid’s Druid synergy makes him a cheap and quick upgrade. This hero’s strength and adaptability make him an asset in every match.


Heroes capable of defeating S-tier opponents with the right setup.

Use him early so he can start planting mines right away. Unchecked Techies are a recipe for disaster for the opposing player throughout the course of the conflict.

As a result, he is an essential element of any squad employing that technique.

The strongest opponents will waste their time and energy trying to hit her if she is placed at the front of the line

Late-game, he’ll need both Druid and Elf synergies ready to counter the opponent’s heavy damage output. This is the only way to maximize his potential.

In order to get the most out of him, you need to maximize the synergy between the Orcs.

By focusing on her Hunter or Undead synergies, you can counterbalance these weaknesses.


Heroes with a specific purpose. They don’t have much else going for them, but they’re good at what they’re supposed to be good at.

Because to his Troll synergy, he possesses the best single-target damage potential. If you are an inexperienced player, you will be able to defeat him with ease because he is only a one-dimensional hero.

Windranger’s Powershot is good, but it falls short due to its lack of AoE coverage.

A front-line role is best for her because she can clear the enemy’s vanguard with her special ability.


Consistently viable heroes that aren’t sought for for high-level strategies.


Heroes that have practically vanished from the game’s competitive landscape. Use them if you have a very particular strategy you want to test, otherwise leave them alone.


High-level play is impossible with these characters.

Auto Chess Mobile Tier List

6 Mage Dragons

  • Tortolla elder and pirate captain at Lvl 8, as well as the winter chiropteran and thunder ghost at Lvl 7.
  • Storm shaman, dark spirit, helicopter, tsunami stalker, devastator at level nine and ten.
  • Swordsman 3, God of War 3, or Redaxe 3* as a substitute for the pirate captain (stronger)
  • The god of thunder as a replacement for the thunder spirit (stronger)
  • Venom for the dragon knight is the third replacement (weaker)
  • For tortollas and shamans, there is mana. Items that can withstand the attacks of a pirate captain. Items to target for dk

God Mage

  • A shaman of the storm and the god of war are all found at this level.
  • Lvl 9,10: sand king, devastator, tsunami stalker, and the evil spirit
  • god of thunder (stronger)
  • As an alternative to brilliant dragon or thunder spirit: winter chiropteran (weaker)
  • Items for storm shamans, sirens, and the god of thunder: Mana items. Items for the god of war’s tanks.

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6 Assassins

  • Soul breaker, abyssal crawler, water spirit, Lord of Sand, Shadow Crawler, Shining Assassin, Razorclaw, Warpwood Sage
  • A siren, a tsunami stalker, a dark spirit, a storm shaman, a devastation, a chopper, and a thunder god are all found at level 9.
  • Vampire or water spirit poison is a good replacement for soul breaker or water spirit venom.
  • If there are a lot of mages in the lobby, the siren for warpwood sage on level 8 can be replaced.
  • DPS and furious mask items should be placed on the shadow crawler first. Those unused dps goods are sent to a crawler. For shadow crawler and abyssal crawler, a few tank items can be helpful.

Glacial Knights

  • Lords of darkness, slayers of the slayers and the soul reapers of the souls of the dead can be summoned at level 8.
  • Dragon knight and argali (six knights), siren and tsunami stalker (marine), egersis ranger and ghost prophet (four undead), black spirit and ghost prophet (four warlocks), storm shaman (lvl 9,10):
  • Lightblade knight’s argali is the first replacement (weaker)
  • Defector 2: A berserker for Replacement 2 (stronger but more expensive)
  • Replacing the soul reaper with a ghost prophet (more powerful if you can 2* gp and have a mana item) is an excellent option.
  • Items: Stack lightblade knight’s damage items and frenzied masks. Hell knight uses all of the dps and tank equipment that’s left over. Soul reaper, desperate doctor, and storm shaman mana items.

Beast Warrior

  • Lvl 8 monsters include the werewolf, the abyssal guards, pirate captain doom, and the berserker, the razorclaw, and the toxic worm
  • Lvl 9,10: siren or tsunami stalker (marine), desperate doctor, ghost prophet, soul reaper, and evil spirit.
  • swordsman 3* for a pirate captain or doomsday scenario (stronger)
  • Razorclaw’s replacement is sand king (only as a placeholder until you find razorclaw)
  • To use on Berserker, stack damage-dosing items and frenzied masks. Poisonous worm and siren can be poisoned using this item. Abyssal guard tank items are 3* or doom if you have them.

6 Feathered

  • Razorclaw is a lvl 8 taboo witcher, as is the whisper seer and warpwood sage.
  • Sniper and brilliant archer in the hunter’s version
  • Version for assassins: Shadow crawler and Sand King
  • On the ninth and tenth levels are the siren and the tsunami and the evil spirit and the devastation of the ghost prophet.
  • Sniper or shadow crawler sniper or shadow crawler crazy mask dps items Tanks and other equipment are made of warpwood.

3 Hunter Warrior

  • The egersis ranger, sniper, siren, and soul reaper/venomancer of the abyssal guard, doom, pirate captain, and abyssal guard of doom are all at the eighth level.
  • Level 9-10: ghost prophet, razorclaw devastator, tsunami stalker.
  • a 3* swordsman, 3* redaxe, 3* tusk, 3* god of war, or a werewolf in place of doom or pcap
  • Replace the soul reaper with either a ghost prophet or an evil knight.
  • Venomancer’s third replacement might be a dark spirit or ghost prophet (stronger)
  • Dps goods and frenzied masks for the sniper are included in this set. Items for 3* abyssal guard or doom tanks are recommended. The siren is ringing with mana goods.

6 Goblins

  • Soul breaker, skybreaker, heaven bomber, ripper, venomancer, grand herald, grimtouch, and soul reaper are all available at level eight.
  • Ghost prophet, evil spirit, siren and tsunami (marine), devastator and helicopter are all found at level 9.
  • Recommendation: Drop grand herald and grimtouch if you find devastator in favor of more powerful units and greater synergy.
  • On Skybreaker, Ripper and Venomancer, you’ll find a variety of tank goodies. items of mana for the heaven bomber and other spells.

Glacial Warriors

  • Abyssal guards and reapers of souls are all available at level 8, as are defection, priest, and berserker berserkers, and berserkers of doom
  • Pirate captain, devastator, tsunami stalker, ghost prophet, chopper, storm shaman, venomancer, and razorclaw are all found at level 9,10. Level 9:
  • Doom’s 3* swordsman at level 8 is the first replacement.
  • Defector is replaced by frost knight (weaker)
  • berserker’s gear includes dps items and the frenzied mask. Items for 3* abyssal guard or doom tanks are recommended. The siren is ringing with mana goods.

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Why is it called Auto Chess?

Squishy ranged champions should not be placed in the front line. Units will fight each other automatically when it’s time for war, which is why the term “auto battler” was coined.

How good is Auto Chess?

To get into the Auto Battler genre, Auto Chess is an excellent place to start. As long as you have nothing to lose, you can give it a go. As much fun as it is to look at the brightly colored cartoon graphics and use the game’s main gameplay principles, the actual battles are disappointing.

What is Auto Chess based on?

Dota 2’s auto-battler was inspired by a massively successful mod, but the mod’s original developers spun it off into its own project in 2019. Auto Chess appears to be coming full circle at this point. As of today, Drodo Studio and publisher Dragonest have announced that they are collaborating on a brand-new game.