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Due to the ever-evolving nature of New World, determining the best weapons to use can be a challenge, especially in light of the recent addition of new weapons. This article will explain the various classes of weapons and recommend the best ones to use in the New World.

Damage, durability, attack cooldown, and reload time are all considered when creating the New World’s PvP and PvE weapon tier list. This is not a ranked list, but rather an overview of each tier for your own consideration when deciding which weapons are best for you.

As New World has been available for some time, players have had ample opportunity to try out the game’s arsenal. Since some time has passed since we last updated the New World weapon tier list, we have decided to do so. In this article, we will rate the effectiveness of each weapon found in the New World. Now, let’s get this party started!

New World – A Quick Introduction

In September of 2021, Amazon Game Studios released their MMORPG The New World to the public. It takes place in a dystopian future where players must engage in a struggle for survival. There are two playable modes in this game: a cooperative story campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode.

Players in the PvE mode must band together to face the game’s many enemies and the game’s hostile environment. Players in the PvP mode can test their mettle in a number of different arenas, each one offering its own unique challenges.

There are no loading screens or cutscenes to watch as you travel to different parts of the New World because it is an open world. A day/night cycle and weather effects like rain and snow also have an impact on how the game is played. By employing procedural generation for its environments, The New World ensures that each playthrough is unique.

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New World Weapon Tier List (2022)

You can think of a tier list as a ranking of all the items in the game by how powerful they are. The tier of a weapon indicates how well it will kill enemies and defend itself against attacks from other players.

There are a wide variety of weapons to choose from in the New World, making it a popular game among gamers. It can be confusing to figure out which weapons are the best among so many options. This new world weapon tier list has many advantages:

  • Finding the right weapon for your playstyle is easier with its assistance.
  • It can help you avoid wasting time and energy on useless weapons.
  • As a result, you’ll be better equipped to make tactical decisions about which weapons to use in combat.
  • It is constantly updated to ensure its accuracy.
  • It will help you determine which weapons are worth investing in and which ones are not.
  • The effectiveness of each weapon can be evaluated in a variety of contexts and against a wide range of foes.
  • It’s useful for determining which weapons, among those of the same type, warrant an upgrade.

One-handed weapons, ranged weapons, two-handed weapons, and magical weapons can all be found in New World. Each of the five categories (S, A, B, C, and D) in the New World’s list of weapons represents a distinct set of capabilities.

S-Level: The absolute pinnacle of quality. These weapons are so potent that they can easily kill their targets.

Level A Weapons: Decent, but not as potent as S-Level Weapons. They may have a few flaws, but you should still use them.

Tier 2: These weapons are adequate but have more flaws than advantages. They may excel in some contexts but struggle in others.

Tier C: These weapons are useless unless you’re in a dire situation or just starting out in the game’s combat system (i.e., newbie mode). They don’t deal as much damage as other weapons.

D-Rating Extremely Bad. These weapons are useless and should be avoided in any circumstance.

New World One-Handed Weapons Tier List (2022)

In the New World, one-handed weapons have more uses than any other style. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and can be employed in close quarters as well as long range conflicts. Aside from being the most accessible, one-handed weapons require no special training to use effectively by any character.

Tier Modern Weapons
S Tier Armed with Sword and Shield
A Tier Rapier
B Tier Hatchet

New World Ranged Weapons Tier List (2022)

The term “ranged weapon” refers to any weapon that can be used to deal damage to an enemy from a considerable distance. Despite their varied appearances, they all share a need for ammunition (typically arrows). Players who prefer to avoid direct confrontation should opt for ranged weapons.

Tier Modern Weapons Systems
S Tier Bow
A Tier Musket

New World Two-Handed Weapons Tier List (2022)

As the name implies, two-handed weapons can be wielded with either hand, allowing for both close- and long-range attacks. They’re among the game’s most potent weapons, capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage quickly. They are also very flexible, as they can be employed in both close quarters and long range combat.

Tier Contemporary Arms Race
S Tier Warhammer
A Tier Spear
B Tier Great Axe

New World Magical Weapons Tier List (2022)

Among the game’s arsenal, magical weapons rank among the strongest. In addition to dealing the most initial damage, they also benefit from a wide range of magical enhancements. Magical weapons are among the game’s priciest options.

Tier Contemporary Arms Race
S Tier Lay Off Workers
A Tier Human Resources Department of a Lifespan Organization
B Tier Cold Sword



Berserker and Throwing Weapons Expertise

Our time in the closed and public New World betas has shown us that the Hatchet is much more enjoyable than it first appears. The Hatchet may lack the finesse of the other one-handed melee weapons, but it is an absolute beast of a damage-dealer, making it a desirable PvP weapon even if it is a bit more indifferent in PvE situations. Taking the Berserker Mastery path also grants the useful ability to heal your character while using its primary skill. At high levels, the Hatchet and the Life Staff can make you a one-man damage and healing army, which is pretty much the only way to play New World solo for any length of time.

Life Staff

Expertise in Healing and Protective Weapons

It’s no contest: the Life Staff is the most effective magical weapon. Only this weapon in New World can heal allies, and while a support character is ideal for using it, it can still be used offensively. Even though the Life Staff is the most useful magical weapon in the game, it is far from dull and should be included in your party for all boss fights.

Fire Staff

Weapon Expertise: Fire Mages and Pyromancers

As far as I’m concerned, the Fire Staff is the most aesthetically pleasing and destructive of all the magical offensive weapons. Since it is more directly offensive than the Life Staff, it may be your first choice if you intend to create a magical character in the mold of a traditional Mage rather than a support role player.

Great Axe

Accomplishments with the Mauler and Reaper Weapons

When it comes to axes, the Great Axe is, quite literally, the best of the best. It’s the quickest of the two-handed melee weapons and has some of the best potential for speed/damage balance of any weapon in the game. It is still not as easy to use as a one-handed melee weapon, but with practice and some investment in the Mauler Mastery tree to increase attack range and area of effect, it could become your go-to in a pinch.

Sword and Shield

Ability to wield a shield and a sword

Even though they’re always used together, the sword part of the Sword and Shield is actually wielded with just one hand, making it a one-handed melee weapon. Even though they aren’t quite as unexpectedly spectacular as the Hatchet, this duo is still classically tanky, allowing you to deal respectable damage while staying safe and not having to make any major sacrifices in terms of attack speed. Although your PvP opponents may find a way to counter your combo, in PvE you should have no trouble overcoming any threats you face with it.

New World: Weapon Tier List and the 10 Best Weapons Overall

Void Gauntlet

Annihilation and decay: masters of destruction

The Void Gauntlet was the first post-launch weapon added to New World. Combining the game’s magical weapons in this way can result in some very potent builds; for example, the Ice Gauntlet is a great secondary weapon for the Fire Staff, and the Void Gauntlet is a good match for the Life Staff. If you want to play a mage or support character, the Void Gauntlet is a great choice because of the harmony it strikes between ranged and melee Void damage and healing capacities.

Ice Gauntlet

Capabilities with the Builder and Ice Tempest weapons

Despite the Fire Staff’s flash, (no, really) the Ice Gauntlet is a reliable secondary weapon due to its ability to replenish mana to support other magical primary weapons, or a great defensive back-up if you’re using a two-handed melee weapon as your primary damage-dealer.


Skills with the Impaler and the Zoner

When it comes to awards, The Spear has the misfortune of coming in second place. Unfortunately, the real people you’ll be facing in PvP won’t be fooled by its respectable damage output or its enviable ability to stun foes with a sweeping knock-back.

War Hammer

Crowd Crusher and Juggernaut are two of your weapon specialties.

The War Hammer isn’t quite as powerful as the Great Axe on its own, but in the hands of a skilled wielder it can be devastating. If you pair the War Hammer with a good defensive secondary weapon like the Ice Gauntlet, you can overcome its drawbacks and take advantage of its very high damage potential, despite its very slow attack speed.


Hunter and Skirmisher are the two types of weapon experts.

However, not all weapons in the New World are created equal, and, in all candor, ranged weapons are typically the least useful category overall. However, we think the bow is superior, particularly for PvE and exploration. In addition, the Skirmisher Mastery tree lets you add area-of-effect effects to your arrow shots with time and upgrade points, making this a much less finicky and more satisfying weapon to use.


Capabilities with Guns: Rifle and Trap

The muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading muzzle-loading mu However, even the most seemingly useless weapons in the New World have their place. Because of its high damage per shot, the musket is an excellent secondary weapon choice for use in the New World’s massive PvP battles, but a primary melee weapon is still necessary for controlling the crowd. (Trust us, the musket’s own secondary melee attack is not worth the risk.)


Blood and Grace: The Art of Weaponry

The Rapier is, without a doubt, very fast and deals some decent damage, but its utility, especially in PvP, is severely constrained by the fact that it is nearly impossible to deal with multiple enemies using this weapon. It’s effective in one-on-one situations, providing a variety of defensive options while you wait for the right moment to strike back offensively, but in a group setting, you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage.

Best New World Weapons For PvP (2022)

The abbreviation “PvP” refers to battles between individual players or teams of players. To become a true master of PvP, you must arm yourself with the finest tools available. In this section, you’ll find a rundown of the top New World weapons suitable for use in competitive play.

Highest-Rated Post-Crisis Weapons Tier
Frostbite’s Last Stand S Tier
Rapier S Tier
Knife and shield A Tier
Members For The Rest Of Your Life A Tier
Cut the Roster B Tier
Spear B Tier
Gloves of Nothingness C Tier
Blunderbuss C Tier
Great Axe C Tier
Bow C Tier
Musket D Tier
Hatchet D Tier
Warhammer D Tier

Best New World Weapons For PvE (2022)

The term “PvE” is an abbreviation for “Player versus Environment,” which refers to a player’s efforts to overcome the game’s natural obstacles. To rephrase, instead of other players, you’ll be facing off against NPCs (or “Non-Player Characters”).

In this section, you’ll find a list of all the weapons worth using in this setting, as well as a tier list of the best New World weapons for PvE.

The Top-Rated New World Weapons for Player-versus-Enemy Combat Tier
Professionals in the Field of Life Support S Tier
Rapier S Tier
Axe and shield A Tier
Eliminate the Team A Tier
Bow A Tier
Spear B Tier
False Gloves B Tier
Warhammer B Tier
Musket C Tier
The Ice Barrier C Tier
Blunderbuss C Tier
Great Axe D Tier
Hatchet D Tier

New World weapons: how to choose your weapons

Since there are no “classes” in New World, players are free to equip whatever weapons they see fit. Instead, you should experiment with as many weapons as possible to find the ones you like the most, and then incorporate your preferred play style into your character build by working toward Weapon Mastery in those weapons. There are two ways to become proficient with every weapon.

In New World, you’re allowed to have two equipped weapons at once. While it may be tempting to bring along your two favorite weapons, it is more prudent to bring along two weapons from different categories that complement each other.

It’s true that some weapons are better suited to some battles than others. To maintain mobility in a PvP encounter, it is recommended to use lighter weapons without sacrificing damage. You can afford to slow down a bit in PvE so that you can deal more damage.

Choosing weapons for PvP and PvE

In PvP, it’s important to weigh a weapon’s damage potential against the possibility that it will slow you down. Even if you’re skilled enough to use a weapon with a slow sweeping attack or a single shot, you’ll want something that can immediately defend you from counter-attacks unless you’re part of a large party with dedicated support roles. Although the Great Axe and Hatchet are the most popular options, I personally prefer the Sword and Shield due to the versatility they provide when used offensively or defensively. In PvP situations, a Life Staff’s combined ability to heal its wielder and their allies, in addition to its respectable damage potential, makes it an invaluable asset.

Preparing for a PvE expedition in New World is much less of a hassle than preparing for a PvP battle, since the AI isn’t likely to be as aware of the meta as other players. Although I try to use PvE to hone my skills with the weapons I intend to use in PvP, some weapons are better suited to the former mode of play. When facing wild boars, for example, it is not worth using up your mana on a powerful spell because your magical weapon will be less effective than a nonmagical one. In contrast, a well-aimed ranged shot can knock out a significant portion of an AI enemy’s health, and the AI is more likely than a human opponent to give you time to reload before absolutely demolishing you in return. Still, the Hatchet and the Great Axe remain the most powerful weapons in New World, no matter the circumstances.

Weapon rarity

Rarity is an additional consideration when selecting weapons. Despite the subjective rankings we’ve provided, there are no weapons in New World that are objectively rarer or better than any of the others. However, regardless of your preferred weapon, you should always have the best one on you, and rarity is indicated by one of five colors.

  • The usual: a dull grey backdrop. There are no openings for plugs or sockets. These are the only weapons available to Level 1 players, with rarer ones becoming available as you advance in level.
  • A green background is unusual. One available slot for a Perk.
  • Extremely uncommon blue backdrop. Two Feature Slots and a Gem Socket.
  • The purple background is epic. You’ve got three perks to choose from, plus a gem socket.
  • The legendary gold color scheme. There are three ‘Perk’ slots, plus a ‘Gem Socket,’ available. Unlike other New World weaponry, such as the common Soulforged Blight, the Legendary War Hammer can only be obtained by completing specific quests, and they all have unique names.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best weapon in The New World?

Depending on your character and how you like to play, the answer to this question will vary.

2. Why do I need a New World weapon tier list?

To avoid wasting time and money on inferior weapons, it can be useful to create a tier list to determine which ones are worth investing in.

3. How often will you be updating your tier lists?

As the game evolves, so will the tier lists. If more people find value in my weapon tier list, I’ll be more motivated to keep it current.

4. What should I do if I don’t agree with the New World tier list?

Okay, that’s fine! Every person has the right to their own opinion because of the wide variety of perspectives out there. The New World tier list is a useful resource for deciding which weapons to equip.

5. I still don’t know which weapon is right for me! What should I do?

It is wise to experiment with a variety of weapons before settling on one to spend time and money improving. There are a wide variety of weapons to choose from in the game; surely one of them will complement your preferred playstyle.

New World Weapon Tier List [2022 Update]

6. How often should I check the tier list?

If you are thinking about purchasing or upgrading your weapon, you should first consult the tier list. Due to the ever-evolving nature of the game, the most effective weapons one day may be obsolete the next. To help you make informed decisions about your weaponry, we will do our best to maintain an accurate tier list.

Final Words

The best weapon is the one you choose to use. While the New World’s PvE and PvP weapon tier lists can serve as a starting point for your research, it is ultimately up to you, the player, to determine which weapons are best for you and which will give you the edge in battle. In making your choice, we hope you found this ranking system useful. You’re welcome for reading this!