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How do you choose the best units in Magia Record? For an in-depth look at Magia Record PvE, here is the latest and greatest tier list.

Want to know which enchanted ladies will help you beat the game’s hardest obstacles?

This tier list will give you a good idea of where to start when deciding which quests are worth your time and money in the long run (hello, 100 Disaster Quests).

Importantly, any group of magical girls can complete the vast majority of the game’s PvE content. However, only a select few units have what it takes to overcome the game’s most difficult challenges in the late stages. Due to being completely outclassed by the higher tiers, many units (especially the F2P ones) can be found in F-tier.

Once we get that out of the way, we can get down to business.

Keep in mind that we’ll give you a quick rundown of every magical girl from S to D. Due to the overwhelming number of units in F-Tier, we will not be including any descriptions of female characters.

“Season” Overview

Puella Magi: The Magical Album Extra Material from Madoka Magica A final season isn’t what we’re getting with Final Season. This was covered in my review of Episode 9 of the last season. But I’m going to do it again in this place. These are the final four episodes of Season 2 that were delayed.

In general, there are 12 episodes in an anime season. Season 2 had 8 episodes, while the “Final” Season only has 4. To sum up, we have a total of 12 people. Moreover, the Episodes 9–12 of the final season are the ones that have the highest numbers.

5☆ PvE Tier List | Magia Record Wiki - GamePress

After that, I’ll share my thoughts on the series’ final season. While it wasn’t the perfect conclusion to the series, I did enjoy it very much. For comparison, I’d say it’s on par with the second season. The second season is better, but. The quality is much higher than the first season.

What I found most intriguing, though, is that viewers generally rate the final season similarly to the first. As I write this, the overall rating for the first season is 6.79 and the final season is 6.80. There are different reasons why I disagree with both of those ratings.

Here’s the deal with Magia Record’s last season. Given how well it performs in a variety of areas, I’ve given it a higher rating than usual. However, it was unable to satisfactorily conclude many key storylines.

Though I recognize that as a major shortcoming, I can’t bring myself to reduce the rating because of it. The trouble is that there wasn’t enough time in the four episodes to resolve everything. That’s a problem with the entire anime business, to be honest.

Disappointing Character Storylines

Magia Record has a respectable cast size. Thankfully, the cast was small given that this was based on a gacha game. Character arcs weren’t entirely resolved at the season premiere, though.

The most prominent ones included Touka, Nemu, Ui (of course), Alina, and Kuroe. As satisfying a conclusion as I could have hoped for to Ui’s story, now. Not much stood out about it. However, it fulfilled all the requirements. We finally found out what happened to Ui and the eternal question of “will she return?” was settled.

Sadly, Touka and Nemu were a bit less impressive. In episode 10, they had a surprising turn that I enjoyed. Yet their story ended on a bleak note. The end result of Iroha’s talk-no-jutsu on them was inevitable.

We were most let down by Alina and Kuroe. So, Kuroe was given only a brief summary of her life history before being completely forgotten. The fact that Kuroe has been with the anime from the beginning means that I anticipated much more from her. In any case, it surprised me that Alina didn’t understand that.

An early antagonist of the series, Alina was also one of the first to be introduced. She possesses a unique talent, and several paths were open to her in the story. Finally, she was vanquished, and we learned next to nothing about her.

There were, of course, additional players. Like Momoko and Mifune, who gave their lives to save the other magical girls. In any case, this worked out just fine. However, it was more of a Deus ex machina than anything else and wasn’t explained very well.

Not to mention, after saving Mami, the original Madoka Magica girls went for a dip. So they disappeared.

Plot Points Left Unresolved

Some parts of Magia Record that I do not like are Embryo Eve and the Doppels. The Doppels are story-relevant game mechanics, I get that. Due to this fact, their presence in the show was practically required.

However, that’s merely fiction in the case of Embryo Eve. Embryo Eve is not constrained by any rules that dictate how its mechanics must “work.” That’s where I thought Embryo Eve fell short for me. With so many possibilities available, the writers chose the safest and dullest one.

For the purposes of the Magia Record, who or what is Embryo Eve supposed to be? While Walpurgisnacht does exist, this is Magia Record’s take on the holiday. In contrast, Walpurgisnacht is a constant threat that can never be fully eliminated from view. A larger version of the Uwasa, Embryo Eve is not much to look at. No one (the story, the characters, or the audience) is affected in the same way.

The Doppels are better than Embryo Eve, despite being a “necessary evil.” Several of them are styled very neatly. Furthermore, they were effective in the first two seasons because of how they fit into the narrative. However, I do not think the ending to the Doppels’ story was satisfying.

At the series’ conclusion, we found out that the Doppels are an integral part of Alina’s power. To make Doppels, she is responsible. And because Alina isn’t fleshed out at all, the Doppels are missing something. They’ve lost any remaining air of intrigue.

Personally, I saw Doppels as Soul Gems’ substitutes in Magia Record. They served as acceptable substitutes for Grief Seeds. Still, they did the same thing that Soul Gems did. You could see the hopelessness of magical girls in their art. However, this was diminished by the revelation that they were created by a magical girl.

The Roles in a Team

I will use these labels to describe the possible or expected tasks for which girls are responsible. Words may be similar to those used in other games or they may be different. Given the game’s unique approach to aggro (how the target is chosen by the ai), the dynamic between tanks and off-tanks is particularly distinct.

  • The acronym stands for “damage dealing female,” and refers to a female character whose physique is optimized for dealing maximum possible damage. An excellent ATK is highly desired.
  • Target. She’s the one the AI wants to kill. Often used interchangeably with “the girl with the lowest DEF.” Damage Cut and Evade Memoriae could come in handy, but you’ll probably be at your tank’s mercy if you bring one, and you’ll almost certainly die first. Typically a damage dealer. More health points are always better.
  • Tank. Someone who turns the tables on her attackers. She used to watch out for the other female players on her team. As of October 2018, a tank is a girl with a high DEF active Memoriae and the Ryuushin Style Assistant Instructor’s manual, The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex. The higher the DEF, the better.
  • Off-tank. Someone with a higher DEF than the tank who doesn’t pull aggro onto herself. Since the off-tank is expected to last the longest, she should be outfitted with Memoriae that, once activated, deal the most damage possible. It’s best if the DEF is very high. With Mex4, even a girl who isn’t naturally tanky can be trained to fill this role, since she won’t have to worry about getting hurt accidentally while protecting her allies.

Evaluation Guidelines

The following criteria are used to determine the order of the girls:

  • In Ranked Mirrors, a competitive squad should aim to accumulate as many points as possible while maintaining the highest possible level of consistency.
    Presently, the regulations are as follows:

    • Initial values for the modulator are 1.5.
    • After the initial turn, the modifier decreases by -0.1 per turn.
    • The modifier increases by 0.1 for every connection up to a maximum of 3.
  • This means that the goal of any mirror team is to win the game in under four turns by making the most possible connections.
  • The women are assumed to be 4 slotted, max ranked, max leveled, and fully post-awakened (with their Final Items and Buffs prepared for their Upgrade materials).
    • The ladies are always expected to have the right Memoriae equipped, which means they should be carrying as many passives as possible and always using Memoriae that are appropriate for their role in your team.
    • If a girl is missing more than one slot, she may be considered one tier below what is shown here; if she is missing only one slot, she may be considered four tiers lower than what is shown here because of the importance of two passives.
  • This list assumes that your opponent is fielding girls with a minimum of 50,000 points per girl and that all of those girls are properly equipped (i.e. no inflated points due to the usage of F-Tier, or otherwise useless, Memoriae as defined in Memoria Tier List), as this is roughly the point at which simply fielding your strongest available girls, without any additional tactics, becomes insufficient.
  • Since the high damage available in mirrors means that battles must be concluded quickly, magiae are, unless stated otherwise, disregarded when determining the order of the girls.
  • Damage Calculation reveals a preference for disks in the following order: B > C > A. Here is a snippet from the context:
    • When used in conjunction with a puella, a blast disk deals its maximum possible damage.
    • Among all charge damage modifiers, blast disks are the most potent.
    • As opposed to charge, accel, or puella combos, non-puella blast combos deal more damage.
    • Although the third-position accele, charge, or blast in a puella combo all deal the same damage, the charge disk sets up the following blast disk to deal more damage (the damage from a charged accele is negligible and should be avoided).
    • Even though accele deals the most damage in a non-puella situation, an AAA only deals about 5% more damage than an ACB in the absence of blast up or charge up (1 1 1 = 3 vs. 1 0.8 0.7 * 1.4 * 1.2 * 0.9 = 2.86).
  • Although blast disks can deal more damage, puella combos are still favored because they are the simplest and most reliable way to achieve the connect objectives in mirror matches.
    • This means that a girl’s power increases in direct proportion to the number of blast disks she possesses, as the odds of pulling a blast increase with each additional disk.
  • The efficacy of effects is taken into account. Here With You has Damage Increase [IX / 25%], which is effect IX, but it is still inferior to My Bible, which has Damage Increase [V / 25%] and Anti-Curse [100%], which is effect V. While both Here With You and My Bible provide a 10% boost, My Bible also applies to Magia attacks while Here With You only does so for regular attacks. (Let’s use Memoriae to make things clearer.)
  • The significance and bounds of an effect are weighed in accordance with the methodology outlined in the Damage Calculation document. This suggests a few things, including that Attack Up is better than Damage Up at equal percent, and that Blast Up is more difficult to construct around due to its low cap compared to its effectiveness.
  • Since there is no longer a need for defense once all of the enemies have been eliminated, offensive connections are favored over defensive ones. Defense options are often rendered useless when combined with active Memoriae in later turns, especially when the game is already well and truly over.
  • Because of the structure of the attribute wheel
    • If one of the three attributesA (forest, fire, or water) turns out to be weaker than expected, attributeB will become stronger because of its reduced weakness, while attributeC will become weaker because fewer men will try to woo women with attributeA and more will try to woo those with attributeB, which is strong against attributeC. This is what we’re seeing right now, with water having some very powerful women and forest and fire being relatively weak. Because of this, running fire is risky because you’ll almost certainly face the low-risk, high-power water girls, while there are very few forest girls. Both running water and running forest are fine, as they provide a welcome alternative to the trending water girls without significant risk as a result of the low frequency of fires in both.
    • If you’re a girl trying to escape the duo of dark and light, you’d better be able to kill the girls with the opposite attribute quickly, because they’ll do the same to you. To more quickly and effectively eliminate the girls who pose a threat to you with your high damage against them, you should choose to run either dark or light, but not both.
    • As a result, the best possible sets of characteristics are either:
      • A group of girls representing one of the pairs of attributes.
      • Each girl represents one member of the trio of attributes.
      • All women representing a pair or trio of attributes.
      • Each girl is drawn from a different attribute trio, with the goal of having one girl who is weak to your main attribute and thus able to eliminate the girls who are strong against your main attribute.

Tier Lists | Magia Record Wiki - GamePress

Some special notes on skill interactions

  • If your status is impaired in any way, you cannot use Evade.
  • If a player has two Critical Chance Up effects applied to them, only the higher percentage will be used. For this reason, the combination of Chance to Critical Hit Memoriae and Chance to Critical Hit connects is subpar.
  • Similarly, trying to elude captures no additional weight.
  • Counter and chase effects are immune to the evasion ability.
  • If a girl is rendered immobilized by a spell (such as stun or charm), she will not attempt to defend herself or take any sort of aggressive action. Stunning, charming, etc. a tank with Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style is strictly bad, as she will be able to do her tank job but at the same time not pollute the disk pool, allowing the AI to pull only disks from its dps or off-tank characters. This is because of a bug that allows the carrier to still be able to provoke while affected.
  • When a woman successfully avoids an attack, she won’t return the favor.
  • Any evade, guardian, etc. will greatly increase your girl’s probability of surviving the round, and Damage Cut generally increases the chance for that girl. The AI will assume no crits, no evades, no intervening from other girls through guardian etc., and no Damage Cut from the receiving girl when choosing targets. Because they can prevent the girl from dying until the next turn, damage-cancelling abilities equipped with Memoriae are highly regarded.
  • The AI will zero in on the victim it believes it can most effectively destroy. Normally, this means going after the girl with the lowest DEF, but if it has type advantage, it’ll go after the girl who is weakest to the element it uses.
  • A person who carries Towards the Light! or similar will reach the Blast Up cap of 100% if she receives any Blast Up connect, effectively wasting the effect.
  • When compared to reliably and narrowly dispatching the girl, the risk of either failing to kill her or doing far more damage than necessary is seen as unacceptable. This means that effects like Crit, Armor Pierce chance, etc. are evaluated more harshly than others.

The Two-Edged Sword of Stuns

Status quo ailments Hereafter, we will refer to Stun, Charm, and Bind as stuns.
All stuns against Ultimate Madoka are unreliable, so this section will mostly focus on those that aren’t guaranteed.
A stun could render an opponent immobile for the rest of the turn, and it would also remove the opponent’s ability to use evade, taunt (except Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style due to a bug), and guardian. However, if the attack where your stun applied was taunted or guarded, the enemy might get a free puella combo. This could come from the dps or off-tank. Only when the character you bind has connect ready, when you stun the opponent’s offensive character, or when you stun the entire opponent’s team will the stun effect have a beneficial effect. When the enemy team still has two or three girls alive, getting a stun but failing to follow up with another stun guarantees a puella for the opponent. Occasionally, the effect of the shock is merely insignificant.

Magia Record Pve Tier List


The most effective mages for your game. If you want to breeze through the game’s hardest content, you need to have one or two of these units in your party.

Unit Description
Innocent Little Kyubey If you have her on your team, they’ll be your most potent offensive force. With her ability to effectively nullify the enemy’s resistances, she is able to deal even more damage than her already substantial base attack.
Song: “Iroha – Yachiro (End-of-Battle Remix)” The perfect defensive support character, who can strengthen the team’s defenses as a whole. The ability to revive fallen allies is a game-changer, making it ideal for challenging content.
Sawa, Sudachi One of the tankiest female players in the league, she is a defensive stalwart. She can take the hits for the rest of the team so that they don’t wipe out.
Misono Karin However, there are some cases in which her ability to dazzle opponents is trumped. In addition, her buffs to your party’s attack and debuff to the opposition’s defenses are extremely helpful.
Assembled by Mikage Yakumo A defensive support unit that, when used properly, can increase the party’s defense to absurdly high levels. Mikage is one of the best supports because of his ability to deal damage to enemies and manage crowds.
The Name of Madoka Kaname A useful tank unit with the added ability to strengthen her allies’ defenses. Additionally, she has the ability to restore your team’s maximum health and MP.
Vampire Version of Kanagi Izumi Produces a lot of damage and is excellent at controlling crowds. While her defenses aren’t particularly strong, she makes up for it with her excellent sneak and evasion skills. She also has a high tolerance for high-status illnesses.
Absolute Madoka A fantastic support and buffer that can prevent your team from taking damage or being affected by status conditions (a common tactic among endgame enemies). A regen buff can also be cast on your units.
Kozue Mayu Mayu’s area-of-effect attacks are very powerful, making her an excellent crowd-controller. As the party’s MP, she also helps revitalize the position.


These units are excellent, but they aren’t as overpowered as S-Tier ones because of a couple of weaknesses.

Unit Description
Author: Shizuka Tokime She can give your team a head start in the fight by increasing their attack and defense. In essence, she gives you a head start in every fight you enter.
Swimsuit Version of Kyoko Sakura When it comes to nuclear weapons, Kyoko is the game’s best option. She is usually able to wipe out large groups of enemies. Her lack of depth is her biggest flaw.
To start from the beginning, we have Yachiyo – Mifuyu (First Version). They are both immune to defensive measures and a sight for anyone facing them. If only their damage was higher, they’d be perfect as crowd-control nukes.
Kaede (Swimsuit Version) by Rena. Excellent for keeping mobs under control and dealing constant damage. The issue, however, is that they are very simple to eliminate. Use with other tanky units, such as Sudachi.
Holiday Version of Rika’s “Ren” In this way, they resemble Rena – Kaede. Should you be able to acquire them, they would make excellent DPS choices.
In the Haregi rendition of Mitama Yakumo She’s got the ability to deal constant damage and help out the team. In drawn-out conflicts, her ability to restore party health is invaluable.
Sasame Yozuru Her attack isn’t quite as good as Kyubey’s, but it comes pretty close. She has the firepower to wipe out tough mobs, but she serves no other purpose.
Ao Kasane Since they use similar techniques, Mikage has the potential to eclipse them. However, due to her ability to counteract enemy buffs, Ao serves a specific niche.
Kazumi Kazumi can deal tremendous damage and can penetrate enemy armor. Her improved critical hit rate is another useful weapon.


All-around performers, some of these players can be used in a variety of lineups. The remaining 50% are specialized units best used in the game’s toughest battles.

Unit Description
Sakuragi Kyoko Same equipment as the bikini version, but with diminished effectiveness. No one can explain why they’re measured in different ways. Still, she is an effective nuclear weapon.
And the winner is… Haregi Sayaka A reliable tank force demoted to the B-Tier due to the existence of superior defensive units such as the Sudachi and the Shizuka.
Akemi Homura If she could increase her damage, she’d be in a much stronger position. The unfortunate decision to increase her defenses was made despite her obvious potential as a damage per second (DPS) unit.
In the words of Liz Hawkwood Liz is an all-out assault unit with the ability to break through defensive lines. If she had slightly more area-of-effect (AoE) utility, she’d be a lot higher on this list.
Professor Nemu Hiiragi A powerful support unit, capable of both disorienting foes and neutralizing their buffs.
Finishing Touches on a Tart Concept Her primary appeal comes from her light-element attacks and her high survival rate in fights.
Tart has more crowd control but less damage than her ultimate form. Her ultimate form has superior defense, but she can also increase the party’s defenses. Comparing the Tart and the Completed Version Whether you need a sturdy solo unit or some respectable backup is entirely up to you.
Behold, Alina She excels at poisoning foes and making them more vulnerable to status conditions. If your team doesn’t have any other debuffers, her value will drop significantly.
To Sayuki Fumino Sayuki can help your party’s defenses and replenish your main DPS units’ MP.
Natsume Kako She is most helpful as a support and healing mechanism. The party can survive for a few rounds thanks to her HP regeneration ability, and she can also cure status conditions.
Mr. Ikumi Makino It’s safe to say that she’s the best healer in the game. However, damage mitigation is more valuable than instant healing in this game, effectively reducing Ikumi’s usefulness.
Tsubasa Hanekawa She looks great on paper, but in practice, she can only be effective when paired with high-quality direct damage units. This makes her useful in specific situations but not on teams with low offensive potential.
Nha Takamachi Nanoha is a versatile, effective character who can deal good damage and hold her own against most attacks.
A Mami Tomoe Swimsuit Remake She’s a fantastic damage dealer because she can increase the effectiveness of her own attacks and keep the damage coming with her burn ability. She can’t manage large groups of people, which would be a huge asset that would have propelled her to the A-list.


Despite being solid overall, these units suffer from glaring shortcomings in their arsenal. In the hands of a dedicated player, they can excel in challenging content.

Unit Description
By the name of Konoha Shizumi As a result of the abundance of strong support units in the higher tiers, Konoha has been demoted to the second best tier. She’s a good tank and a passable support, but she doesn’t excel at either role.
Endless Sakura Aside from her DPS, she’s a rather unremarkable unit. But her versatility is limited because she can’t handle a large crowd.
In Memory of Mitama Yakumo Mitama has a wide variety of helpful skills, but it’s a shame that they all come with some unwanted drawbacks. She has the ability to both strengthen and weaken your troops. You’d be better off with supporters who don’t actively hinder your team.
It’s in Harlaown’s Fate A glass cannon is what you would call fate. While she is capable of inflicting monstrous damage on her foes, she is incapable of withstanding the same treatment. There isn’t much of a spot for her on your roster with so many great all-arounders already available at the higher levels.
H. Azumi Hagumu Her destructive potential is extremely high. I think that’s about all there is to say.
This is the “Swimsuit” Version of the Amane Sisters. In a few encounters, they come in very handy when enemies are spamming your party with status ailments. And apart from these, the sisters don’t really stand out.


Investing heavily, having the right party make-up, and having some luck on your side are all necessary to make these units shine in the late game. Unless you have no other option, these should be used.

Unit Description
Nanase Yukika Yukika has the advantage of being a light element unit, but she can’t hold her own against other magical girls because she lacks both power and utility.
Tamaki Iroha Because she is the only other unit in the game who can perform a revival, this unit is considered S-tier if you don’t have Iroha – Yachiro. Even then, her low skills mean she’ll have trouble with challenging material.
Sister Version of Momoko Togame There’s a catch, though; she can deal a lot of damage. This can be done by accumulating charges. In that case, it’s best to start with some hard-hitting attackers.
Kaharu Yuuna Yuuna’s attack is decent, but her defense is terrible. Her status-ailment infliction ability keeps her from being F-Tier.
Tokiwa Nanaka Her improvements to your team’s critical hit and evasion rates are much appreciated. However, her low statistics make her less useful overall.


Those magical ladies who aren’t mentioned above are looked down upon as second-rate, and there are many of them. They are useless at this stage of the game and will do more harm to your party than good.

5 Strongest Magical Girls (& 5 Weakest)

Weakest: Sailor Chibi Moon – Sailor Moon

It’s possible that Neo Queen Serenity is the mother of Sailor Chibi Moon. In the manga, she is a formidable opponent, but the original anime portrays her as a weaker version of Sailor Moon for comedic purposes.

Magia record Tier List 2023 (Best Characters)

Chibiusa causes a lot of trouble and needs Sailor Moon and the other senshi to rescue her throughout the anime. The combination of her attacks with Sailor Moon’s makes her much more effective than she would be on her own. In these situations, she provides an additional boost to the attacks, allowing Sailor Moon to utterly destroy her foes.

Strongest: Hikaru Shidou – Magic Knight Rayearth

Hikaru’s body is formidable, but her true power comes from within. When a crisis arises, Hikaru is always the first Magic Knight to accept her duty and fly to the rescue without hesitation. Her kinship lies with fire, which is typically portrayed as a ferocious and dangerous element.

When the series concludes, Hikaru has used her power to abolish the system and has even become the new Pillar of Cephiro, a position reserved for the person with the strongest will. Hikaru is the most positive and supportive member of the group, and she has a strong heart to boot.

Weakest: Itsuki Inubouzaki – Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Itsuki, like Chibiusa, is the youngest and weakest of her group, but she manages to show her worth in the end. Itsuki relies heavily on her big sister Fu because she is shy and withdrawn. Even though she’s a quick thinker and makes good use of her abilities, her power is significantly less than the rest, and her fighting skills are also inferior.

Itsuki is the center of attention in the Hero Club, and the other members are always trying to boost her self-esteem. Even Yuna Akamine, who ultimately prevails through clever use of her power, takes aim at Itsuki because she considers her to be the weakest member of the crew.

Strongest: Snow White – Magical Girl Raising Project

Though she appears nave and helpless at first, Snow White grows into a formidable warrior. Her ability to pick up on the cries of the helpless is, by Magical Girl standards, equally impressive. This makes it easy for her to help those in need and amass the greatest number of Magical Candies.

She can also make good use of her skill in battle. When her enemy is exhausted from fighting, she can “hear their distress” and effectively “read their mind” to foresee their next moves. As a result of her evolution into a more brutal fighter, she is known as the “Magical Girl Hunter” and tasked with tracking down renegade Magical Girls.

Weakest: Kaede Akino – Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

The unlucky Kaede got dealt a particularly bad hand. She is vulnerable and at a higher risk of death or transformation into a witch because of her confinement in this foreboding Magical Girl world.

Kaede is joyful, hopeful, and full of love, but she is weak in battle and often puts Rena and Momoko in harm’s way. She is constantly in peril and unable to take the initiative in combat. Kaede appears to be driven primarily by fear, as evidenced by her decision to release her Doppel.

Strongest: Sailor Saturn – Sailor Moon

Sailor Saturn is the Guardian of Silence and her abilities center on the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She is an incredibly potent figure because her very existence can reset the entire world. She can reduce an entire planet or even an entire star system to nothing with a single swing of her Silence Glaive.

This is also how she can reset worlds, giving them new lives. Her attacks are so devastating that the other senshi have to counter them with their own attacks to prevent further carnage.

Weakest: Miura Rinaldi – ViVid Strike!

Miura is introduced as significantly more powerful than Fuuka. Miura works hard, but once the plot gets going, it seems like the other main characters develop much more quickly than she does. It appears that, with the exception of Miura, every other member of Nakajima Gym can defeat Rinne.

One of Miura’s flaws is that her moves are too simple and straightforward. Given the predictability of her set, Rinne declares that she will match Miura’s fighting style by using “only strikes and jabs.” Miura is an infighter and doesn’t use grappling moves. Miura succeeds in getting Rinne to use one grab, but she ends up losing and with several broken ribs.

Strongest: Homura Akemi – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homura’s control over time is already formidable. She can reverse time, speed up her own movements while slowing down her enemies, and stop the passage of time for herself and anyone she touches. When she assumes her demon form, she gains the power to not only vanquish Madoka but also erase her memories, reversing all of Madoka’s efforts and reversing the sacrifice she made.

She has the power to create a pocket dimension where Madoka can avoid becoming a Magical Girl and continue living her everyday life. Even though Homura lacks Madoka’s strength, those who have kept their memories are afraid to face her because of it. Homura can’t be stopped, not even by the might of Kyubey.

Weakest: Sakura Kinomoto – Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura’s youth is her downfall, but she has great potential in terms of latent magic. Sakura, who is initially only 9 years old, has no idea what she’s doing. While her magical abilities are improving, she still tires easily after transforming a card, and she is athletic but clumsy.

The fact that she is the most powerful of the weak makes her a top contender. She’s still got some work to do before she can join the ranks of the strong, but her progress and development indicate promising future progress. Furthermore, the greater her collection of Clow Cards, the greater her arsenal of powers. Currently vulnerable, but showing great promise for future strength.

Strongest: Madoka Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

We can safely say that Madoka is the strongest Magical Girl in history. This is because of Homura’s time travels, but even so, Madoka gains so much strength that she becomes a Law. Ultimate Madoka is the result of combining Madoka with the Law of Cycles. Madoka’s dream for the idea was to eliminate the need for Magical Girls and spare them a doomed existence by eliminating Witches before they were born.

As a result of her wish, Madoka is able to take on the sorrow of every Magical Girl before they transform into a Witch. She transforms into a godlike being, embodying the ideal of a Magical Girl, and gives her life to spare the world from certain doom.


Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Final Season still earned an 8 out of 10 from me. A higher rating could be argued for. Additionally, I believe its current 6.80 score on MyAnimeList is unfair. Its plot points may not be as impressive as those of the second season, but it improves in other ways.

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