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In Dauntless, not all weapons are created equal. In fact, there are those who are too powerful. To help you get oriented, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Dauntless weapons by tier.

Dauntless has an uneven quality of weapons. Some of them are even too powerful. For a complete rundown, check out this list of Dauntless weapon tiers.

The level of character optimization in Dauntless can be very rewarding. Its mechanisms are well-balanced, allowing for ample room for exploration as you seek to construct the optimal unit.

Choosing the right weapons is crucial if you want to create a character that fits your play style perfectly.

To assist you, we have compiled a list that details the relative strengths and weaknesses of each weapon type in the game.

You can use this to help you decide which one to focus on, or to double-check that you’ve made the right choice.

Take note that ANY weapon in the game can be used to construct a super build. There is not much of a separation between the top and bottom echelons. However, this list does its best to be objective by considering each weapon’s inherent benefits and drawbacks as well as its usability and playstyle.

Weapon stats

In dauntless, there are four different ways to deal damage to behemoth: basic, part, stagger, and wound. We have already penned a comprehensive guide explaining the various forms of dauntless and elemental damage.

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In a nutshell, the weapons in Dauntless can aid us in dealing a specific type of damage based on three main statistics:

  • If you attack a Wound that has been opened by Piercing damage, you will take red damage. The war pike increases the damage done to the wounded.
  • In order to bring down behemoths, we use a blunt weapon, which deals Stagger damage. The best tools for the job are the hammers, which are also useful for bringing down Behemoths.
  • Damage is done specifically to that limb of the Behemoth by slashing it; yellow text indicates Part damage. The effectiveness of Chain Blades, Repeaters, Axes, and Swords becomes most apparent here.

Pros and cons of each Weapon

Weapon Pro Con
Sword Easy to Play Interrupting Severe Good Damage Balanced Poor practicality if unequipped
Hammer Superior Stunning Capability, Interrupting Potential, and Damage Above Average Negligible Speed – No Server
Tangled Swords Nimble Harsh Playable Damage was just below average.
Axe Exceptional Strength, Penetration, Severity, Breaking, Stun, and Interrupt Capabilities Slowest, Most Difficult, and Requiring of Expertise
War Pike Severe Interruptions from Utility Wounds Damage to components is slightly below average.
Repeaters High Damage Potential Wide Area of Effect Simple to Use * Severable * Breakable Elevated Parts Can’t even sway

Which are the best to start playing?

At the outset of Dauntless, we provide a brief guide on how to select the optimal weapon. As you train, your skills will improve, allowing you to pick the weapon that best fits your playstyle. We considered how simple they are to master and how much damage they can do to foes when making our decision.

You need to know the best weapons to use in your first few hours at Dauntless, as using a sword is more difficult than using a spear or an axe.

The Sword

Because of its adaptability, flexibility, and the ease with which direct but devastating combos can be performed, the sword is the simplest weapon type. Currently available swords are typically well-balanced, have a relatively fast attack pattern, are capable of dealing extra damage in combos, and deal solid damage overall.

The Axe

Compared to the sword, it is slower and heavier, but it deals more damage and is easier to wield. It takes patience and a keen sense of anticipation to string together a series of blows.

The immense power of this weapon makes it perfect for targeting specific areas of the Behemoth. If you can make it more effective, you can use it for attacks from afar as well.

The Hammer

It’s a lot like an axe in that it can chop down enemies quickly and deal a lot of damage. It also lets you acquire additional Behemoth components. Because of its heavy weight and the risk of exhaustion in large battles (wherein inexperienced users are likely to be overwhelmed), the hammer is slightly less recommended for beginners than the axe. It has such tremendous power that you can use it to shock your opponents.

The Chain Blades

We’re discussing the game’s fastest weapon, but also the location from which the most missed attacks will be launched into the air. You can use them for both close and long range attacks. After several satisfying hours with the earlier weapons, you may wish to switch to the blades.

Quickness of character control is essential for using this kind of weapon. In this game mode, you have complete command over both long and short range.

The War Pike

It’s as massive as an axe, quick as blades, and effective as a sword—a potent combination of attack characteristics.

This gives it a very balanced but, if you lack the necessary experience, unbalanced attack pattern. You can use it to carry out common attacks like drilling and slicing. With enough upgrades, you can unleash a devastating blow against the Behemoth.

The Ostian Repeaters

When you first begin playing Dauntless, you won’t have access to them; instead, you’ll need to complete a mission in order to use them. You can strike a near-ideal balance between offense and defense with this weapon, and it’s also one of the most entertaining to use.

The lack of special attacks is their only real drawback, but if you learn to maximize its various parts, you’ll have a formidable weapon after a few days of Dauntless.

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Mechanically, these weapons are among the best available. There aren’t any major flaws, and players of all skill levels can enjoy them.

Weapon Description
Aether Swordsmen The Strikers specialize in quick, punishing combos that boost your mantra meter. After accumulating enough mantra, you can use it to unleash devastating attacks or benefit from the character’s enhancements.

The Aether Strikers have a high skill ceiling, but this also makes them suitable for newcomers. A lot of careful planning and deployment is required if you want your aether strikers to deal as much damage as possible. Players who choose to ignore this can still deal respectable damage. This weapon is that effective.

In conclusion, the aether strikers are already at an S-tier and can be improved upon with practice and dedication.

Hammer When it comes to pure damage output, the Hammer is unrivaled. Despite its slow attack speed, it is capable of killing behemoths with a few well-placed blows.

The concussive salvo ability of the Hammer adds another devastating ranged attack option and the ability to halt a charging foe. There will be times when this is the attack that allows you to go full bore on a defeated foe.

There is a cost associated with all these wonderful features. The Hammer is one of the weapons with the potential for the highest maximum level. The game’s slow, methodical, and precise pace calls for a high level of technical skill and impeccable timing from the player.


Weapons that, despite their apparent greatness, are usually held back by a minor flaw.

Weapon Description
Links in a Chain Any Dauntless players ever fancied themselves as Kratos? The Chain Blades come the closest to accomplishing that, however.

Putting aside their uniqueness for a moment, the Chain Blades are among the best weapons in the game. Their attack speed is high, they grant considerable mobility to the wielder, they can be used at a variety of ranges, and their damage potential can skyrocket thanks to reaper dance stacks.

Because of how quickly you can attack with this weapon, it’s easy to get into the habit of just mashing the buttons over and over. An in-depth understanding of cutting, positioning, and interrupting enemies is essential if you want to make the most of the Chain Blades. When you’ve mastered them, nothing can stop you from slicing through enemies.


These weapons are very good, but they have some serious drawbacks that can’t be ignored.

Weapon Description
Sword Everyone, regardless of skill level, can benefit from using a sword. Don’t let that fool you, though; just because it’s easy to access doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. The game’s core mechanics are simple and straightforward, focusing on basic combos, valor combos, and an overdrive mode.

Because of its slashing style of attack, this weapon is perfect for severing monster appendages. The sword is a great tool for exploring the game’s various systems, thanks to its high attack speed and low commitment moves.

The sword’s average damage is negated by competent use of the right builds and strategies, however. Particularly effective against the swarms of giants you’ll face is the strategy that centers on the cyclone ability (also known as spin-to-win).

To sum up, the sword is a reliable tool that can be improved upon with practice.

War Pike The pike allows for some easy combos and attacks with decent range. If you’re successful, you’ll fill up your weapon’s meter and be able to fire off long-range blasts that can stun your foes.

The pike’s songbook can be pinned down with relative ease. Take your opponent down with a mighty blow after you’ve charged up your attack. The pike’s slow attacks and restricted mobility make this strategy less than ideal in practice. Now, the pike would be higher on this list if you had more evasive actions at your disposal, or if it didn’t use up so much stamina.


There are better weapons available, so while these are good, they are not the best.

Weapon Description
Repeater As the game’s sole true ranged weapon, repeaters will always have a dedicated fan base.

Repeaters can be used in a variety of ways. They deal consistent damage over time, have elemental buffs that capitalize on foe weaknesses, and allow for reasonable movement. However, the game actively discourages the player from making use of this specific aspect of the weapon. If you use a repeater, for instance, and you’re too far away from your target, you’ll do less damage. Also, you need to be in close proximity to the enemy in order to activate the empowered reload buff.

All of these limitations cripple the repeaters’ potential utility. They can handle pretty much any difficulty in the game, but we think they have room to improve.


Weak weapons that can only be used to achieve a specific playstyle or to impress others.

Weapon Description
Axe Dauntless’ axes may be slow to swing, but they deal significant slashing damage.

The resolve and determination mechanisms of axes also make them useful. These qualities help the player in both the offense and defense. While Determination exponentially increases your damage, Resolve increases your resistance to staggering.

If you can master both, you can approach giants with ease and safety throughout the game. The axe is effective despite its limited set of attacks.

Tips for Playing Dauntless: Unlock Weapons, Quests, & More

Animation Priority is… a Priority – Dauntless Tips

The term “animation priority” refers to the situation in which an attack must be performed before any other action, such as dodging, can be performed. And this is abundant in Dauntless. However, don’t let the fancy name put you off! There is really only one takeaway from the concept of animation priority: timing is everything.

When you swing a sword, plunge a pike, or perform any other action, you’ll have to wait a few seconds while the animations finish. And as long as this is going on, you have no chance of escaping an oncoming behemoth’s attack. Fortunately, this is a two-way street. Monsters also exhibit predictable attack patterns that can be studied in advance. Survival and success require taking action within (and around) those slender slivers of opportunity. Make it your top priority to master every move in the behemoth’s repertoire.

Explore the Hub Town Every Day – Dauntless Tips

To gain experience and unlock rewards, players in Dauntless use a battle pass, known as the Hunt Pass. There is a free version (with limited features) and a paid version (with all the goodies). Regardless of which option you go with, you should spend time every day discovering new things about Ramsgate. Recharging braziers can be found throughout. Every day, you can get free Hunt Pass experience just by running up to these and picking up the burning ones. When the time comes to start over, do so. Just a little bit! However, it will allow you to advance in your pass’s level without ever leaving base.

There’s a “Secret” Login Bonus – Dauntless Tips

It puzzles me why Dauntless would try to conceal something so practical. Every 24 hours, players who log into the game are rewarded with a new login bonus. However, you can’t tell by simply… signing in. The free stuff is buried in the game’s store, which requires you to actually enter the store.

You need only access the menu. Then there’s the Daily Login Bonus, Events, and Features. A confirmation is still required, but there will be no charge for the Platinum. The solution is as simple as that! Tonics, a Transmogrification Stone, Ace Chips (to spend at The Middleman), and more are just some of the goodies you can look forward to receiving in exchange for your time and effort. For nothing, that’s not a bad bargain at all.

Grab Every Quest Immediately – Dauntless Tips

Ramsgate is a town you’ll visit early on in Dauntless. This area serves as a focal point from which you can travel to various other locations. However, one of the most crucial things you can do is accept every quest that comes your way. The compass icons in yellow denote these locations. Grab them on your way out!

Reasons why The payoff for completing a daring quest goes far beyond simple monetary value. They allow access to previously inaccessible features and gear levels. There is some overlap between quests, but you can’t collect an infinite supply of everything. Because of this, you should snag as many as possible. The completion of one quest could speed up the unlocking of another, easing your transition into the game’s late-game content.

Sheathe Your Weapon (Sometimes) – Dauntless Tips

This is one of our simplest Dauntless pointers, but it’s also a very important one. At least sometimes, you should put away your weapon. Because running without drawing attention to yourself and your weapon conserves energy. You want to keep this up for more than just dodging purposes; some attacks, like the spinning pike attack, require stamina. It’s an essential component of your destructive power.

Know Your Weapons – Dauntless Tips

There are a few distinct types of fearless weapons. Some have a lot of speed but do very little damage per hit. Some creatures can be attacked at any distance, but they do more damage the closer you are to them. To get you started, here is some basic info on the various weapons in Dauntless:

  • Axes are the main weapon in this arsenal. Axes are incredibly effective at damage, but they move painfully slowly. However, when used properly, they can deal some of the most damage in a short amount of time.
  • Repeaters are dual pistols that require close range for optimal use. The closer you are to the colossus, the more damage they do to you. You can personalize their many unique attacks, and their animations are brief.
  • The standard melee weapon is the sword. Swords are mediocre overall tools, but they more than make up for this by neither being particularly weak nor particularly fast.
  • Axes are slower and more damaging than hammers, which are slightly faster. The main distinction between the two types of weapons is the stagger damage that hammers deal, allowing them to quickly stun behemoths. Explosive ammunition can be loaded into them for more potent attacks.
  • Pikes, in contrast to hammers, are designed to break rather than stun. Pierce damage is more effective at breaking monster bones. When you attack, you’ll gain charge, which you can “bank” and use to unleash devastating ranged attacks.
  • Chain blades are incredibly quick but otherwise ineffective weapons. They excel at amassing status effects (like burning) and are capable of attacking from great distances.
  • Strikers are the newest addition to the Dauntless arsenal, and they are fast and blunt. Different combos can be used to gradually increase damage and buff the user, culminating in a devastating close-range attack. Strikers have a wide range of capabilities.

Elements Are Everything – Dauntless Tips

The monsters of Dauntless can all be reduced to a single element. Thankfully, the game constantly forewarns you. Before each hunt, your overall strength in armor and weapons is displayed. And those figures shift depending on how well they correspond to a substance. For example, fire weapons are more effective against ice monsters, while shock armor is better at preventing damage from the same source. The point is made. Another suggestion: customize your elemental loadouts based on character class. This will ensure that you are facing the appropriate behemoth in battle, allowing you to quickly and easily gain the upper hand.

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General Bounties Are Best – Dauntless Tips

The Hunt Pass is not simply associated with a haphazard assortment of Ramsgate knickknacks. Bounties are a great way to level up quickly. Due to the need for tokens that expire after 24 hours, these are also typically associated with the daily reset. However, before you purchase the new Hunt Pass, consider this essential Dauntless pro-tip: choose the broadest, most generic bounties you can. For example, “booping,” or staggering, behemoths is an advanced task for new players. It can only be done at specific times and with specific attacks. Whereas, the bounties that require you to “complete X number of hunts” will always be full. Dauntless experts may be able to complete more specific missions in fewer hunts, but the average player will get the most out of the game by keeping things straightforward.

Not All Weapons Show Up Right Away – Dauntless Tips

Since Dauntless’s release into (and subsequent withdrawal from) early access, two new weapons—Repeaters and Strikers—have been added. They are true pistols in the case of the former. They modify Dauntless so that you can shoot from a third-person perspective by aiming and pressing R1/RB. Alternatively, Strikers are fast-hitting fist weapons that grant benefits and deal damage over time. They’re both gorgeous, by the way.

However, you won’t find either of these at the blacksmith, possibly because they were added after the game was already “launched.” Both of these brief side quests require you to speak with non-essential NPCs. These unlock not only the weapons themselves, but also their various upgrades and blueprints. As previously mentioned, it’s imperative that you talk to every NPC and accept their quests. They are highly recommended.