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In Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), who do you consider to be the top heroes? A ranking system is necessary for gaining perspective. This is the definitive ranking of heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ roster of over 500 heroes can be daunting to sift through, but the game’s appeal as a novel gacha-strategy experience is sufficient justification.

Popular FEH takes many cues from the gacha formula.

You’ll be collecting units (heroes) to use in strategic turn-based battles on a grid. The game’s main story is like any other Fire Emblem title, but it also features dozens of optional quests and time-sensitive events.

To ensure you have the best possible team for the game’s end content, it’s a good idea to consult a ranking of heroes.

The ranked list, along with an explanation of its construction, is presented below.

Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) – A Quick Introduction

Fire Emblem Heroes is a tactical role-playing game for mobile platforms developed and published by Nintendo. It came out in the middle of February of 2017.

FEH is a tactical role-playing game in which the player leads a group of heroes into battle against an opposing faction. Arena Assault (player versus player), Training Tower (grind for rewards), and Story Maps (the main model) provide players with access to these different game modes.

Players’ decisions about which heroes excel in which roles (healer, tank, etc.), which weapons to equip their units with in the training tower, which weapons to equip their units with in battle, and so on all contribute to the game’s overall strategy.

Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki Tier List updated : r/FireEmblemHeroes

The game’s many modes are best explored by employing a diverse roster of heroes. Having units with high stats is essential for successful combat, as the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list prioritizes how powerful they are in battle. This is why the FEH unit comparison tier list is so useful.

The Tier List

Before delving into the tier list, there are a few things you should be aware of.

  • Since even a 3-star hero can be leveled to a 5-star in FEH, the rarity of the hero is irrelevant.
  • In FEH, the series’ trademark weapon triangle system is represented by the weapons’ hues:
Shade Scale Powerful Contrary vulnerable to
Red Green Blue
Blue Red Green
Green Blue Red

The weapon triangle doesn’t account for the existence of colorless weapons, which some heroes use. Instead, they may be endowed with unique abilities or perks.

  • The hero’s mobility on different maps is determined by its movement type, so this attribute is also crucial in combat. Colorless weapons, for instance, are effective against air and horse units. The hero’s movement type is also listed in a separate column.

Now that we have that settled, we can move on to discovering which heroes are the most effective to cultivate.


These are the game’s top heroes. In most situations, especially if they have been steadily leveled up, they are unstoppable monsters.

Hero Weapon Finish Style of Motion
Reginn Red Cavalry
Altina, the Winter Red Infantry
St. Valentine’s Day Red Cavalry
Lilina, the Legend Red Cavalry
Sigurd, the legendary Red Cavalry
Blackbeard Surtr Blue Armored
Valient Eirika Blue Cavalry
The Iconic Chrom Blue Infantry
Confident Hector Blue Armored
Nótt Blue Infantry
Brave Ike Green Infantry
Edelgard, the Brave Green Armored
Springtime Peony Green Flying
Dagr Green Infantry
Gustavus Valentinus Green Armored
The Iconic Claude Colorless Flying
Freyja’s Summer Colorless Cavalry
Early Myrrh Colorless Flying
Edelgard has fallen Colorless Armored
Ninja Lyn Colorless Flying


These heroes are strong enough to see you through to the later parts of the game. While not quite as powerful as S-Tiers, these heroes are still among the best in the game.

Hero Disarming Colors Style of Motion
Ike’s Fallen Red Infantry
Byleth, Summer (Female) Red Flying
Sigurd in a Masquerade Red Cavalry
The Sacred Stones of Selena Blue Cavalry
The Iconic Azura Blue Flying
Peony Blue Flying
The Iconic Dimitri Blue Infantry
Bernadetta of Winter Green Cavalry
Wedding Catria Green Flying
Heroic Guard Green Infantry
Flayn Colorless Flying
Fearless Marianne Colorless Infantry
Irresistible Faye Valentine Colorless Armored
Sara Colorless Infantry
Veronica Colorless Cavalry


These heroes are adequate for completing the majority of the game. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to supplement them with better heroes if you want to dominate the various events and challenging content.

Hero Gun Finish Modality of Action
Micaiah Hoshidan’s Summer Red Infantry
Team Eirika Red Infantry
Male, Kris Red Infantry
Larcei Red Infantry
Ryoma Red Infantry
Lost Julia Red Infantry
Mareeta Red Infantry
Female Byleth Red Infantry
Male Byleth Red Infantry
Lysithea Red Infantry
Valiant Marth Red Infantry
The Freyr Summer Red Cavalry
Winter Storms Red Cavalry
Arden Red Armored
Dark Armory Red Armored
New Caeda Red Flying
Naesala, the Pirate Red Flying
Altina Red Flying
Palla, Valentina Red Flying
Ishtar Party Red Flying
Micaiah Blue Infantry
Marianne Blue Infantry
Ullr Blue Infantry
Female Name: Kris Blue Infantry
Famous Julia Blue Infantry
Ephraim’s Pair Blue Infantry
Male Fallen Corrin Blue Infantry
Guinevere Blue Infantry
Reinhardt Blue Cavalry
Aldigan’s Masquerade Blue Flying
Ingrid, the Summer Blue Flying
Hana, the Ninja Green Infantry
Nailah, the Bride Green Infantry
Thrasir Green Infantry
Famous Celica Green Infantry
Lyon, Fallen Green Infantry
Newcomer Merric Green Infantry
Caeda Estrellada Green Cavalry
Freyja Green Cavalry
Surtr Green Armored
Nagi Green Armored
The Female Fallen Morgan Green Flying
Female Halloween Robin Costume. Green Flying
Ashera Colorless Infantry
Corrin, the Feminine Legendary Colorless Infantry
Female Corrin who has fallen. Colorless Infantry
Mila Colorless Infantry
Shinon Colorless Infantry
Micaiah, the Legend Colorless Infantry
Mia’s Harmony Colorless Cavalry
Leonie, Summer Colorless Cavalry
Hilda, Summer Colorless Flying
Wedding in Fjorm Colorless Flying
Tibarn, the Pirate Colorless Flying


Unremarkable heroes who would be a pain to use to progress through the game. While you can get a lot done with them, it’s best to replace them with stronger units as soon as possible.

Hero Gun Finish Style of Motion
Karla Red Infantry
Lysithea, the Brave Red Infantry
Say’ri Red Infantry
Morgan, the Male Fallen Red Infantry
The Henriette Valentine Red Armored
Idunn’s Spring Red Armored
Zelgius Red Armored
Dorothea, the Pleiad Red Flying
Tibarn Red Flying
The Ryoma of Legend Red Flying
Plumeria Red Flying
Laegjarn Red Flying
Mirabilis Red Flying
Happy New Year, Alfonso! Blue Infantry
Seiros Blue Infantry
Dimitri, the Brave Blue Infantry
Dimitri has fallen. Blue Infantry
Confident Lucina Blue Infantry
Ingrid Blue Cavalry
Zeke Blue Cavalry
Nifl Blue Cavalry
Duessel Blue Cavalry
Haunted Tiki Bar Blue Flying
Tana, a Tween Blue Flying
Duo Palla Blue Flying
Larcei Scion Green Infantry
We Share a Valentine’s Alm Green Infantry
Byleth, the Legendary Male Green Infantry
Charlotte Green Infantry
Pent Green Infantry
Shamir Green Infantry
Veronica, the Pirate Green Cavalry
Dedue Green Armored
Sadness of Winter Green Armored
The Edelgard of Legends Green Armored
Hel Green Flying
Laevatein, Ninja Green Flying
Triandra Green Flying
The Hinoka Pirates Green Flying
Jill Green Flying
Reinhardt Party Green Flying
Innes, Young Colorless Infantry
Leila Colorless Infantry
Bramimond Colorless Infantry
The Iconic Alm Colorless Infantry
Leif the Wise Colorless Cavalry
Bernadetta Colorless Cavalry
Maribelle Colorless Cavalry
Young Tiki Has Fallen. Colorless Armored
Micah, the Groom Colorless Flying
Confident Camilla Colorless Flying
Tibarn, the Pirate Colorless Flying
Confident Claude Colorless Flying


Heroes at this level have a lower chance of succeeding in various game mechanics compared to those at higher levels. Their fundamental statistics are too low, and they reach their full potential too early in the game to be useful later on. Only use them if you really can’t come up with anything better to do.

GamePress Aether Raids Tier List Update - November 2022 : r/FireEmblemHeroes

Hero Disarming Colors Style of Motion
Rutger Red Infantry
Garon Red Infantry
Itsuki Red Infantry
Wedding in Oboro Red Infantry
Bantu Red Infantry
Astram Red Infantry
Hubert Red Infantry
Happy New Year, Anna Red Infantry
Ewan Red Infantry
Eyvel Red Infantry
Sanaki Red Infantry
Eirika Red Infantry
Henry Red Infantry
The Fateful Selena Red Infantry
Athena Red Infantry
Marth in a Mask Red Infantry
Marisa Red Infantry
Saber Red Infantry
Ayra Red Infantry
Soleil Red Infantry
Lilina Summer Red Cavalry
Sigurd Red Cavalry
Zephiel Red Armored
Draug Red Armored
Cold Tharja Winter Red Armored
Palla, or Spring Red Flying
Olivia Red Flying
Ashnard, the Fallen Red Flying
Happy New Year! Red Flying
Mordecai Blue Infantry
Hoshidan Ryoma in the Summer Blue Infantry
Ephraim Blue Infantry
Mae Blue Infantry
Nowi Blue Infantry
Donnel Blue Infantry
Delthea Blue Infantry
Nephenee Blue Infantry
Putting on a Shigure Blue Infantry
Selkie Blue Cavalry
Panne Blue Cavalry
Knight of Death Blue Cavalry
Olwen Blue Cavalry
Ursula Blue Cavalry
Cordelia, Summer Blue Cavalry
Clive Blue Cavalry
Lukas’s Picnic Blue Armored
Kjelle Blue Armored
Valbar Blue Armored
Effie Blue Armored
Chimney Sweep Blue Armored
Naesala Blue Flying
Lilith Blue Flying
Petra Blue Flying
Est Blue Flying
Catria Blue Flying
Lugh Green Infantry
Yule Log Green Infantry
Helbindi Green Infantry
Libra Green Infantry
Rinkah Green Infantry
Ross Green Infantry
Echidna Green Infantry
Arthur Green Infantry
Elise Summer. Green Infantry
Dorcas Green Infantry
Rhajat Green Infantry
Acting Out Inigo Green Infantry
Ranulf Green Cavalry
A Summer Snooze Green Cavalry
Rath Green Cavalry
L’Arachel’s Halloween Green Cavalry
Python Green Cavalry
Gunnthrá Green Cavalry
Christmas Greil Green Armored
Dorcas at Hallowe’en Green Armored
The Yuletide Celebration Green Armored
Burning Monarch Green Armored
Sheena Green Armored
Hector Green Armored
Seasonal Lissa Green Armored
Chirp of Winter Green Armored
Henry’s Halloween Green Armored
Camilla Green Flying
Feliz Ano de Azura! Green Flying
Hinoka’s Dangerous Hot Spring Green Flying
Cheers, Fjorm! Green Flying
Brady Colorless Infantry
Nina Colorless Infantry
Jamke Colorless Infantry
Mikoto Colorless Infantry
Emmeryn Colorless Infantry
Mercedes Colorless Infantry
Klein Colorless Infantry
Lyn, the Bride Colorless Infantry
Clarisse Colorless Infantry
Takumi Colorless Infantry
Matthew Colorless Infantry
Kaze Colorless Infantry
The Black Summer Colorless Infantry
A Bruno Spring Colorless Cavalry
Louise, the Bride Colorless Cavalry
Silque, Valentine Colorless Cavalry
Roy Colorless Cavalry
Camilla, the Hostile Springs Colorless Flying
Takumi, Summer Colorless Flying
Hinoka Colorless Flying


Outside of the aforementioned lists, every other hero is a terrible investment. Avoid these units if at all possible, as they are not worth the effort.

When you have more than 500 playable characters, many of them won’t be worth your time.

This list should help you decide which players to keep and develop into a formidable squad.

Fire Emblem Heroes Spent Five Years Catching Old Games Up to Modern Popularity

Fire Emblem Heroes’ History

On February 2, 2017, Fire Emblem Heroes was released. It followed 2015’s Fire Emblem Fates as the second post-Awakening game (not counting Atlus’s Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for Wii U) to hit shelves. Heroes is a gacha game, in which players can summon heroes from all over the franchise by accumulating a premium currency called Orbs through various tasks or microtransactions.

Instead of just letting the idea of collecting characters stand on its own, Intelligent Systems built an entirely new world complete with its own mythology to support it. The ongoing story of Fire Emblem Heroes begins with a war between the countries of Askr and Embla, which had previously cooperated in opening and closing gateways to other realms. A divine relic called Breidablik, which can be wielded by the player and used to call forth heroes with the aforementioned Orbs, is at the player’s disposal.

Over the course of five years, the heroes of Heroes have traveled to different parts of the game’s world, each of which has revealed more and more evidence that it is based on Norse mythology. Anime-inspired takes on the current zeitgeist of Norse stories can be found in games like God of War (2018) and Valheim, and the nine realms are represented by places like Nifl, Muspell, Hel, and Nidavellir. There are probably a lot of people who stick around because of the regular updates to the original story and the steady stream of characters from previous games, all of whom have their own visual style, voice acting, and set of skills that fit into a streamlined tactical framework.

Fire Emblem Heroes Gives Characters New Life

The special characters in alternate costumes add to the main appeal of waiting for one’s favorite units to be added. This is par for the course when talking about mobile gacha games, as doing so is a common way to generate FOMO with limited-time-only outfits for units to celebrate holidays and other events. When compared to similar products, such as Pokemon Masters EX, Fire Emblem Heroes excels as a promotional tool. Koei Tecmo’s hack-and-slash Fire Emblem Warriors also received an event around late 2017, coinciding with the release of new characters for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and Three Houses.

Fire Emblem’s continued success after Awakening is likely a major factor in Intelligent Systems’ decision to prioritize the development of new games. After 2019, Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Switch became the best-selling installment, and its popularity is only expected to grow in the years to come. Heroes has also been a profitable venture for Nintendo, ranking among the company’s most successful mobile games (though still trailing Niantic’s Pokemon GO). There’s a good reason why this game has been going strong for five years now.

What makes Fire Emblem Heroes so intriguing is the way it reintroduces classic characters to the spotlight. One of the earliest examples is Reinhardt, the main antagonist of the series’ Thracia 776 (a sort of spin-off for the already Japanese-exclusive SNES title Genealogy of the Holy War). A powerful magic tomb was added to the character shortly before release, allowing him to frequently get four hits in a row. Because Reinhardt was so accessible, he was used in numerous internet jokes rather than being forgotten.

Just before the fifth anniversary, a similar situation arose. Intelligent Systems introduced a new Mythic Hero based on Elimine, a legendary figure from the continent of Elibe, at the end of last month. Gods and mythical figures, like Duma and Mila from Shadows of Valentia or Sothis from Three Houses, typically receive the honor of being called Mythic Heroes. The kicker is that despite being a saintly, legendary hero, Elimine has never been seen in real life. The mobile game’s version of her is based on a cameo image that appeared in The Blazing Blade when the Game Boy Advance game was linked to the GameCube’s Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc.

The Future of Fire Emblem Looks Bright

In Fire Emblem Heroes, modern units have a similar chance of becoming popular. For instance, the Gatekeeper from Three Houses became such a fan favorite that he was added to the mobile game after winning a “Choose Your Legends” poll. When you consider that Reinhardt is stuck in a Japanese-only game from decades before Fire Emblem’s heyday, his meteoric rise to fame is all the more remarkable.

The mobile game has both stayed true to the series’ roots and tried new things. Since its initial release, Intelligent Systems has consistently added new gameplay modes, which cover everything from rhythm games to auto-chess, as a way to gauge interest and plan for the future. Even if the next game is completely original, there’s still room to see ideas tested by Heroes given full-scale adaptations. Recent rumors have pointed to a Fire Emblem remake in development for Switch.

Fire Emblem Heroes will probably succeed no matter what comes next. Even after five years, the franchise continues to outperform other Nintendo mobile games, and there are many characters from each game who have yet to receive their due. During that time, for instance, Dr. Mario World was released and later closed. While the paid Feh Pass is just one example of a Heroes decision that wasn’t universally well-received, it ultimately proved to be a worthwhile addition to the series.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Every Book In The Main Story So Far, Ranked

Book 6: Incomplete, But Builds On Book 1’s Story

Book 6 deserves recognition even though we’ve only seen a few chapters so far. It builds on the foundation laid in Book 1, delving deeper into the politics of Embla and Veronica’s place within them. The future of Veronica and her country’s ties to Princess Sharena and Prince Alfonse hangs in the balance.

The gods Askr and Embla’s vassals were introduced, giving Bruno and Veronica reason to believe they might escape their oppression. The plot has great potential for resolving some of the game’s major conflicts, which have festered since the game’s initial release five years ago.

The conflict between Askr and Embla is introduced to the Summoner in Book 1. They are responsible for recruiting heroes from all over the multiverse to join Askr’s Order of Heroes. Throughout the first story arc, the Summoner, Commander Anna, Princess Sharena, and Prince Alfonse work to thwart Princess Veronica’s attempt to rule over Askr. Using manipulation and legally binding contracts, Veronica recruits heroes from other worlds to fight for her.

The Order of Heroes features battles between heroes from previous Fire Emblem games, a concept that has garnered a lot of attention from players. About two-thirds of the way in, the plot pivots to the search for the protagonists’ missing friend, Zacharias. Each encounter, including Zacharias’s bleak condition, is meant to set the stage for subsequent chapters, and it is interesting to see how the heroes deal with Veronica and the Summoner.

Book 4: The Plot Twists Do Not Land Very Effectively

The fourth book in the series diverges significantly from the others. It takes place in the fantastical world of dreams, so there is much less grime. It’s easy for a first-time player to get lost in the shuffle when so many new names are introduced so quickly. Peony tells the Order of Heroes that she is a ljosalfar from the realm of Ljósálfheimr and asks for their assistance in fighting off the forces of Dökkálfheimr. The plot twists are less effective because, as in many dream-based stories, the reader may have trouble telling fact from fiction.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List Updated, Feb Week 3: The Takumi Era - SlashGear

First, Prince Alfonse in the dream is revealed to be the Summoner, which may come as a surprise given the Summoner’s introverted nature and his lack of previous dialogue. It is also revealed that Peony and Sharena frequently switched places as children, to the point where neither of them is sure who is the real Sharena. The two look nothing alike; in fact, they have very different head shapes, hair colors, and eye colors. Because of this, the possibility of confusion between the two seems remote.

Book 5: The Book Doesn’t Have A Satisfying Conclusion But Is Still Worth Experiencing

Niavellir, a new region ruled by Fáfnir, is introduced. When he first assumed power, he was a fair and just ruler, but he soon became violent and possessed. Everything about this story is tragic. Princess Reginn has joined the Order of Heroes in her pursuit to restore her brother to his former glory.

Although at first glance Fáfnir seems to be the main antagonist, he is actually a helpless bystander. Like many of its predecessors, this book examines sibling dynamics and the peril that can result from the Summoner’s power falling into the wrong hands. Given that the villains in this book were motivated by more than just greed, it’s hard to cheer when they’re finally vanquished.

Book 3: Hel Is A Much More Oppressive Villain Than Surtr

When it comes to enemies in Fire Emblem Heroes, Hel is up there with the worst of them. Not only does she have a striking appearance, but she also faces an uphill battle against death. She knows that killing increases her strength, so she killed her once-immortal daughter Eir several times. She sent her daughter to infiltrate the Order of Heroes and take over Askr.

Eir repeatedly pleaded with her mother to stop her campaign of conquest, but to no avail. The plot twist involving Lif and Thrasir, who at first appeared to be the king and queen’s ancestors, is the most intriguing aspect of the story. What Alfonse and Veronica could have become had Hel won is depicted in the story, as is their determination to right their wrongs. Lif and Thrasir, unlike some of the other characters introduced in the mobile game, are likely to play significant roles in future Books.

Book 2: Introduced Some Of The Most Interesting Characters

In Book 2, we meet Surtr, monarch of the Kingdom of Flame Muspell. For the majority of this story arc, he will remain an unbeatable giant. After recently destroying Nifl, he has set his sights on Askr as the next kingdom to fall. His fellow new cast members, however, make up for his lack of interest. His daughters take part in his conquest despite their wishes and fight each other for safety.

Character development is so strong in this book that even the royal siblings of Nifl undergo their own unique character arcs. Even Veronica has her own growth in the meantime. Despite initially siding with Surtr, she demonstrates that she is capable of caring for others and acts with less blind, violent impulse.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are tactical role-playing games?

As a subgenre of role-playing video games, tactical RPGs feature a menu command system for combat instead of an action battle system. The performance of each character in most tactical RPGs is affected by a variety of statistics.

2. What is the Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH) tier list?

Each hero’s potential strength in Fire Emblem Heroes can be determined with the help of the tier list. It ranks them based on their overall combat effectiveness, and players can use this information to decide which heroes are worth investing orbs in or using to speed up quest completion.

3. How to use the FEH tier list?

Red, blue, and green represent the three levels of the FEH tier list. When compared to green heroes, red ones fare better. The blue heroes have no chance against the green ones. When compared to red heroes, blue ones fare better. A player using red heroes, for instance, should focus on eliminating green heroes rather than blue or red ones.

4. What are the benefits of using the FEH tier list?

The time and money it can save players is the game’s biggest perk. The FEH tier lists are regularly updated to reflect changes in battle performances, allowing players to prioritize character upgrades and determine the best use of orbs.

5. Why do some units appear in more than one tier?

Some heroes are split between two groups because they serve multiple purposes. It’s possible that some of their powers work best against blue and red Heroes and others work best against green ones. This means that before investing in a hero, players should think about what function they will serve in the team.

6. How often are the Fire Emblem Heroes tier lists updated?

The tier list is typically updated every two weeks, but this could change if significant balance changes or new heroes are added to the game. Players are advised to return frequently to keep up with the latest updates.

7. Why do players use FEH tier lists?

Players evaluate the relative power of each hero using tier lists. It ranks them based on their overall combat effectiveness, and players can use it as a guide to decide which units to invest orbs in or use to speed up the completion of quests.

Final Words

The FEH tier list is a great resource for determining which heroes are worth the time and effort to farm and use in combat. It’s primarily used by players to organize their thoughts on which heroes are best for specific quests and which situations.

Players can maximize their efforts and minimize time spent on heroes who don’t matter much to the overall strategy if they stick to this Fire Emblem Heroes tier list.

Feel free to ask anything else in the space provided below. Please do not hesitate to contact us.