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While compiling our Valorant tier list, we take into account the current meta as well as the overall efficacy of each agent. Do your best to keep up with the meta as you rise through the levels of Valorant, as it shifts ever so slightly.

So whether you’re trying to figure out which character to play as or how much time you should devote to grinding, we’re here to help. For your benefit, we’ve spent countless hours doing the math and dying hundreds of times.

While the Valorant agents are ranked in order of usefulness, it is crucial to emphasize that none of them are completely unplayable. All of the weaponry in the game are shared, which makes it easier for Riot Games to keep the strengths and weaknesses of its characters in check. You can play with any agent you like as long as your economy is stable.

Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 3.06

The agents will be categorized into five different tiers in this list. S is at the top of the scale, while D is at the bottom. Here’s a breakdown of what each level in the game means.

  • Of rated games, agents in this tier will be the most useful and valuable to you.
  • Agents in this tier aren’t terrible, but they aren’t great either. For the S-Tier agents, they are the most important members of your team to have in place.
  • When it comes to dealing with agents, this is where you’ll get the most value from the B-tier agents, who can also help support higher-tier agents.
  • This tier of agents can be useful if you have a lot of experience with them or only use them in specific types of maps. In some cases, these agents can take the place of A and B-tier agents.
  • A buff or a complete revamp are both needed for agents in the D-tier.

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All powers have been nerfed, making information a valuable resource, and Sova is your go-to character for gathering it.

For Episode 3 Act 1 of Valorant, who would have expected that the worst and lowest-ranked agent in the game would end up at the top of the Tier List? While her power has been slightly reduced, she is still an extremely formidable opponent.

Riot nerfed Jett’s abilities in this update, however you must remember that Operator is now better, and Jett is the best agent when combined with Operator. Despite the several nerfs, she has managed to maintain her position at the top of the leaderboards.


As a result of Cypher’s ultimate receiving a boost, more information will be available to the player. When Cypher’s tripwire can no longer be evaded by Jett, the A-tier Sentinel’s status has been elevated, as well.

However, despite the fact that Omen was severely nerfed, he is still a viable option in ranked because Astra was also severely nerfed, and Brim is plain horrible.

Skye: Skye can now flash for herself as well as her teammates when they flash for her. She’s also a great information snatcher.

If you’re skilled with Astra, you can be the most useful member of your team. However, you’ll need a well-coordinated team, which is extremely difficult to find in ranked.


Due to her continued lack of contribution to the group, Reyna will remain in the C tier. If you’re an Aimgod, she’s your best bet, although she doesn’t actually contribute to the team.

In this tier, Breach may rest easy knowing that he is no longer an old agent with a few minor tweaks to his powers.

A price hike on Boom Bot has devalued Raze’s value, but even with the price hike, she’s still a solid choice for Ranked play.

In the B-tier, Sage is a perfect fit, even if her Ultimate has been nerfed, it is still the best.

Killjoy: She’s been slashed quite a bit. Her utility repositioning has been severely restricted, and her rival Cypher has also been given a boost. Despite this, on paper, the nerfs don’t appear to be that significant.


With the right team, you can get a lot of value out of Phoenix, especially if you couple him with a high-tier agent.

However, as you are aware, all of KAY’s skills have been nerfed and he cannot be effectively suppressed any longer. Even if you don’t make the most of him, he’s still a valuable asset.


Brimstone: Before Riot nerfed him even further, Brimstone was the least chosen controller. As of currently, Brim belongs to the D-Tier.

Yoru: Yoru is terrible and has to be reworded immediately.

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 3.09

S Tier- Jett, Sova

As long as these Agents are in charge, no one will be able to challenge Valorant. There is no one who can replace these two at the pinnacle of their professions. The king and queen of Valorant are these two, who are both the best snipers and the best information gatherers in the city.

A Tier- Astra, Viper, Killjoy, Skye

All of these characters play a vital role, either taking or denying space. Most of the time, these characters have to be picked because of their smokes, flashes and post-plant utility.

B Tier- Reyna, Raze, KAY/O

All of these characters have their own specialized niches. There is no doubt that KAY/O and the other two are the best possibilities for a duelist outside of Jett. In the hands of a specialist on one of these characters, each of these characters can shine.

C Tier- Cypher, Omen, Sage

There is a place for everyone of these Agents, although they are all outperformed by others in their respective categories. Omen and Cypher, who have the game’s two worst ultimate usage concerns, are also severely hampered. Sage’s resurrect ability has a beautiful ultimate, but Riot has nerfed her so much that she’s lost a lot of her shine.

D Tier- Brimstone, Phoenix, Yoru, Breach

Using these characters has absolutely no benefit. When it comes to wanting to win, there is no justification for using these characters over any other characters in their respective categories. Yoru in particular needs those reworks as soon as possible.

Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 3.10

Valorant’s S-tier Agents


In order to remove Jett from S-tier, Valorant must be wiped clean of her. This was the third time that Riot had nerfed Blade Storm, and the first time they nerfed Cloudburst. However, the nerfs weren’t enough to stop the escalation. A second time, following Valorant Masters Berlin, Riot struck Jett, eliminating the right click from her Blade Storm and one of her cigarette smokes.

Despite the several nerfs, Jett remains the undisputed king of the Valor metagame. In Episode 3, she was aided by a group of Operator enthusiasts (without them, she likely gets knocked down a tier).

To put it simply, she doesn’t do much for her squad, but her fragging talent is the finest in Valorant, and that is why she is number one.


Viper has retained her position at the top of the meta since her comeback in Episode 3. As of patch 2.09, the American controller is still the best option, despite Riot’s swift follow-up to Valorant in 2.06 nerfing her.

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With her modified kit she was no longer as rigid as before. She can quickly annihilate foes because to her Poison Cloud smoke retrieval ability and the initial tick of Decay when adversaries walk through her Toxins.

In terms of self-defense, there’s no smoke Agent better equipped.


Valorant’s on-call medic was formerly a vital member of any team, but he has now retired. After a series of major nerfs, she’s once again at the top of the tier list.

If you can’t get to the top of the stack of boxes, you can use the Barrier Orb to get a height advantage when peeking at information or looking for an early kill. Even though her Slow and Barrier Orbs have been nerfed, they are still useful for temporarily encircling particular portions of the map.

Agent Resurrection can be a game changer in a pinch, especially if Sage’s Orbs aren’t enough to swing the tide of the match. S-Tier-worthy even though she now has to pay eight points for it; it’s the best ability in the game.


Despite the fact that Reyna has been significantly nerfed in patch 2.03, the duelist is still an excellent choice for those looking for intense combat.

It’s impossible for her to be as aggressive as she used to be with her Devour and Dismiss charges reduced. At the very least, the souls are no longer only dropped on kill, but also on assist.

There’s little doubt that she’s still a great 1v9 option for the self-centered, but she won’t be as effective as before the nerfs.

Valorant’s A-tier Agents


Since the Cypher nerfs, Sova has emerged as Valorant’s top intel-gathering agent. ” Even though he’s a difficult character to master, the effort will pay off in the long run.

With Sova’s bolts, the Agent can take a different approach to gathering intelligence than anybody else. As long as he has an ally immediately behind him, his Owl Drone makes for an ideal “entry point” into any location.

If you don’t already have him, you should get him as soon as possible. When he’s armed with an Owl Drone or Recon Dart, it’s like having a sixth member of your team.


However, Skye didn’t quite burst into Valorant, but rather whimpered her way into it. But as time went on, players began to appreciate the Agent’s abilities.

One of the lucky ones who escaped Episode 3 unscathed was her. One of her flashes was lost, but her concussion has gotten a lot more potent as a result.

Skye is the best at breaking into sites because of her heals, flashes, and other utility. A tougher learning curve than other Agents, but those that conquer her will be rewarded for their efforts.”


In Valorant, Phoenix exemplifies what it means to be a “ordinary” Agent. However, he isn’t something to write home about either. As far as the British duelist is concerned, he simply does his job.

With his Run It Back ultimate, he’s one of the biggest team players among the duelists. His flashes are also very powerful, and he has the ability to repair himself if he is hurt.

As a notable character like Jett, or Reyna’s invulnerability and healing abilities, he doesn’t have the same impact on the battlefield. However, Phoenix’s best players always look their best.


Despite being a Sentinel, Killjoy has the ability to go above and beyond what is expected of her. While she is one of the most effective Agents in terms of defense, she may also be a valuable asset in terms of attack. Even if she doesn’t use her Nanoswarm grenade, she can still deny a large part of the battlefield early in a round. Post-plants are subject to the same rules as pre-plants.

Killjoy, on the other hand, has lost some of her earlier brilliance. She can’t expect her robots to complete their work if she roams the entire map. Each Reactor Site requires her to stay close to ensure that all of her utilities are operational. In addition, her bots now have 20-second cooldowns if she needs to rotate.

Those changes really hurt her when it comes down to it. She has a purpose still – her Lockdown Ultimate is one of the best in the game – but she’s not as flexible as other agents in this tierlist.


Chamber is the newest Valorant agent, appearing in Episode 3 Act 3 and making a big impression. With his teleport and alarm bot, Chamber serves as the fourth Sentinel in Valorant, and his kit is a blend of other Sentinels’ abilities.

No one can say for sure where the French agent will finish up despite his entry into this tier list at S-tier. KAY/O and Yoru are two examples of agents who have risen to the top of the list, only to rapidly tumble to the bottom.

There are still a few more fixes to go before we know where Chamber will fully fit in the meta.

Valorant’s B-tier Agents


It’s all about area control for Raze, the Duelist. The enemy will be on the defensive as a result of all of her powers, while you focus on getting the upper hand in close quarters combat.

A Boom Bot, Blast Pack, and up to two sets of cluster grenades with a destructive radius make it easy to see why Raze can be lethal on both the Attack and Defense sides of the battlefield.

Valorant has temporarily removed Raze because her ultimate is very broken | Rock Paper Shotgun

That doesn’t include her Ultimate, which can be deadly at both short and long distances. It’s hard to envision her slipping out of the meta completely unless her grenades are nerfed – at least harsher than they were in Episode 3 – so for now she’s safely in the B-tier.


Before his nerfs, Omen was a must-pick agent, but now he’s a B-tier agent at best. For the most part, Omen remained at the top of the Controller tier list during Valorant’s reign, but Viper’s ascension could spell the end of his reign.

Having to wait longer between each of his two smoking sessions greatly bothers the Agent of Darkness. With his Paranoia lowered to 300 Creds, it’s hardly a total loss. Nonetheless

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a good thing that he’s no longer as dominant as he used to be. Now that Omen is no longer required, but you will still need a smoke agent on your side. Omen remains one of the greatest of the four.


Even though he is one of Valorant’s most well-rounded Agents, Breach lacks the charisma of Jett or Phoenix. When your squad is taking a site, you can use Aftershock and Flashpoint to burst through enemy lines.

The signature and ultimate abilities of Breach have the potential to drastically change the dynamic of a combat in a matter of seconds. You may easily seize control of the map with Fault Line and Rolling Thunder as long as you have the essential information about the enemy’s location.

There is no reason why you should not pick him up as your new Agent.

Valorant’s C-tier Agents


Valorant may find Astra a tad too galaxy-minded. While she has the potential to be a game changer in the proper hands – and she certainly proved that at the Masters – she’s a tough cookie for the average Joe.

She’s a one-stop shop when it comes to controllers, thanks to her comprehensive set. When it comes to what she can do, it’s more a question of what she can’t do than what she can.

For the time being, Astra’s intricacy and susceptibility are its most significant drawbacks. You can’t fight back while you’re in Astral Form. As a result, she is placed in the C-tier due to the amount of coordination required by her equipment.


Cypher was previously the most powerful intelligence officer in Valorant, but he has since been dethroned. Although he had to give up the throne to Sova in Patch 1.11. Despite losing his Trapwires after his demise, he is still very powerful.

A one-man army is still possible, with cameras and cages in place, and he can relay what he sees or doesn’t see back to the rest of the team. He can also use Neural Theft to read enemy moves and force their hand, and the cost reduction in Episode 3 undoubtedly helps.

An excellent Cypher can make all the difference in a team’s success. Killjoy, on the other hand, continues to be the best in securing entire websites. Cypher will not be able to return to the S-tier unless something unforeseen occurs.


Brimstone’s placement in the Valorous tier list appears to be the result of some hasty decision-making on our part. Due to an abundance of boosts, he sped up early in Episode 2, but he hasn’t landed correctly.

But he’s a lot better than he was. Sky Smokes with a greater deployment range and cheaper Incendiary Molotovs make him the finest Agent for a swift site strike. With his Orbital Strike ultimate, you’ll be able to completely block off whole regions, like the U-Hall on Bind.

In addition, there’s now a serious cause to question which smoke agent you’ll bring with you. Some maps, such as Bind, may necessitate the use of Brimstone. However, with Omen, Astra, and Viper’s competition heating up, it’s still a safe pick for most players.

Valorant’s D-tier Agents


As of Act 1 of Episode 3, KAY/O has been added to the roster of Valorant. KAY/O was swiftly promoted to the S-tier upon his release, however after a few months, KAY/O has dropped to the bottom of the tier list.

Players tend to avoid KAY/O because of the agent’s low victory percentage (44.2 percent), despite how potent his flash can be in certain situations.

Some major adjustments are needed in the forthcoming updates to make the Terminator-style agent viable.


As of this writing, Yoru is no longer at the top of our list. Why? Despite his kit’s ability to fill a need in the lurker role, none of the meta Duelists have been displaced by it.

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He isn’t drastically outclassed; his equipment is simply inferior than everyone else’s. His teleport is excessively noisy, his flashes are simple to avoid, and his footfall are uninviting. The only thing he has going for him is his Ultimate, which allows him to sneak behind enemy lines and collect intelligence.

Like KAY/O, Yoru is at the bottom of the win rate list with a 42.3 percent success rate. Despite Riot’s best efforts, Valorant’s basic problems remain unaddressed in patch 2.06. Yoru can teleport more frequently and has a better flash, but he still needs a lot of work before he’s a viable option.

Valorant Agents for Patch 4.0

Patch 4.0 Valorant Agent Tier List

Agent Explanations

Here are the reasons why each agent has been assigned a tier. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can if you have any queries in the comments below.

We’ve written a guide on how to play against every Valorant agent if you’re having problems with a particular one.

S-tier Agents


Astra’s utility and Ultimate are extremely powerful. ‘ Her suck ability can stall an opponent push altogether or allow for coordinated attacks to be launched in its place.

For this reason, she has an advantage over other Controllers like Brimstone who do not have the capability of recharging their cigarettes.

Playing Valorant like chess will reward players that are adept at macro moves and can anticipate the course of the game.

Because of this, she is one of the most difficult agents to control. As a result, she has a better pick rate in high-elo/professional play.


Since Jett, Chamber has been the only agent who can match his quick pick-and-run approach. Even if she misses her shot, Jett can still dart away to safety. This has made her a meta for so long.

Any other agent’s evasive play style has not been equaled up until this point in time. Chamber’s performance on the Operator can now be compared to hers. The fact that he may disappear in an instant after triggering his Rendezvous will make him a feared agent.

Designed for one-shotting foes, his Headhunter and Tour de Force are also excellent at long ranges. As far as large maps like Breeze, Fracture, and Icebox go, Chamber is expected to be the meta.

To be able to buy a 100-credit bullet for what amounts to a “Guardian-like” gun’s power for merely 100 credits breaks the system. Because he has such a powerful weapon at his disposal, he’ll be able to take care of himself most of the time.


It’s no surprise that mechanically adept fraggers like Tenz, Wardell, and Mixwell have made her a regular pick in professional play.

With maps like Icebox and Breeze where the Operator and exploiting verticality are highly appreciated, despite the minor nerfs she received, she’s still a top-tier pick.


With her recent ACT 3 upgrades, Skye has become one of the game’s strongest Initiators. She can make better use of her flashes thanks to her ability to re-equip her weapons more quickly. In addition, her wolf now has a longer concussion timer for the opponent it is targeting.

Her flashes are quite useful because to their ability to move quickly across the map and over numerous barriers. Flashing, for instance, over Icebox’s tall walls or all the way through and around U-Hall Additionally, her flashes supply the team with information via her voice callouts, which are audible to the players.

Using her ultimate, the squad can learn the location of the enemy’s lair. With her flash and the pressure of her teammates, it can also lead to easy kills.


After a while, it became evident that Valorant’s first agent, Sova, was going to grow with the company. Players have repeatedly tested the limitations of his arrow lineups, and this has shown to be accurate.

His drone, which can be used to scout and lead pushes onto his site, and his recon dart, which can reach and spy angles that even Cypher cannot, are just a few of his many essential tools.

Because of his adaptability, he’s become a mainstay in both ranked and professional play. As long as you’re ready to train, you should give Sova a go because he’s been a mainstay in the metas for a long time.


Over time, Viper has undergone a slew of enhancements and has become increasingly popular in professional battles.

If her lineups are used right in the postplant phase, she has the ability to keep the adversary from defusing for a full 13 seconds. On the attack, this is more than enough to win the round.

Breeze’s B and Icebox’s A both benefit from her tremendous defensive presence.

A-tier Agents


Breach has become a dynamic Initiator as a result of the ACT 3 modifications.

The fact that he can re-equip his rifle more quickly after using it has given him greater independence, much like Skye.

In addition, the widening of his signature ability makes it more difficult for his foes to avoid his concussion. On narrow chokepoints like Split B entry, Haven C long, and Icebox B long, this ability is far more strong and difficult to escape.

Finally, because to his Ultimate’s width increase, players in tight spaces can be included and cleared. It now encompasses all of Ascent and B Heaven on Split, as well as all of the other locations. As a result, breach players can now confidently commit to the site without fear of concussing or flashing as a combo.


Cypher is the best in the business when it comes to securing data in Valorant.

Using his Spycam, he may influence other portions of the map and hold a single location with his gadgets.

As a result of his trips on both sides of the map, he gives his squad a great deal of security and assurance that they don’t have to worry about their backs.


It’s a versatile agent, capable of both attacking and defending on a variety of maps. Killjoy

When her ultimate is positioned correctly on maps like Haven A and Split B, it has a significant impact on the result of rounds. A free bomb plant or a free retake might be interpreted in a variety of ways.


Neon is one of Valorant’s most enjoyable characters to play. Style points are earned by her bold approach to combat, although the overall strength and reliability of her equipment must be questioned.

She’s a high-risk, high-reward agent, so going all-in is the best way to use her abilities. If you want to initiate a duel while sliding in and out of it, you can’t use Reyna’s Dismiss, Jett’s Dash, or even Chamber’s Rendezvous.

While Neon excels in one-on-one battles against immobile opponents, her ability to breach enemy fortifications isn’t particularly impressive. Slows and other types of delay, like Nanoswarm and Tripwires, make her very vulnerable to opponent utility.

In spite of this, if she has a chance to unleash her speed, she can be a serious menace to her foes. Additionally, she will be more secure in her job as entry fragger if she is able to combine her own abilities with those of her teammates.

The team cooperation and synergy in ranked is not always on spot, therefore Neon may slip behind agents like Jett or Reyna, especially in the event of Solo Queueing.


Raze would be at the top of any “Frustrating to Play Against” tier list.

As a result, she has a hard time dealing with patient and synchronized play.

While this can be a disadvantage in a solo queue because of uneven communication, it also allows her to be extremely effective.

Since she can disable Sage/abilities Cypher’s from afar, her explosives are very useful.

Her boombot, like Haven’s garage, is strong in close quarters combat not only because of its damage output but also because of its data gathering capabilities.

Her Boombot and grenades can be sent through the teleporters to protect many regions, such as hookah while being near A Short, which makes her a great choice on most maps, but she shines on Bind because of the teleporters.


When it comes to pop-off potential, Reyna has a lot of it, but her need for kills to fuel her Q/E usage means she may be a feast or famine agent.

Despite her reputation as a pubstomper, she has gained some traction as a professional selection.

If you can keep your cool in a 1vX situation, no other agent can equal her clutching prowess, making her an excellent choice for you.

If you like to play off-angles, Reyna is a great agent to utilize. She is able to surprise her foes by holding unusual positions, since she is able to flee into cover.


You can utilize her wall and slow orbs to keep opponents from flooding into the area. A well-organized squad may be able to work around her powerful defense.

Although she lacks Cypher/ability Killjoy’s to gather information, her Ultimate is arguably the finest in the game.

Maps like Split and Ascent, which are already defensively oriented, are Sage’s best bets.

B-tier Agents


Brimstone’s controller is a little less powerful than his peers in the game. In spite of his many difficulties, he is unable to break into the upper echelons. To begin with, his footsteps are more audible than Breach’s, which gives the adversary an idea of where he is playing.

The second is that he is restricted to only three smokes, whereas the likes of Omen, Astra, and Viper may keep their smokes up far more frequently during the round.

He has a weak stim beacon, which can’t be be compared to other controller abilities like Astra’s suck/concussion.

Brimstone’s main strength is his post-plant potential, and with his Ultimate in hand and a solid lineup, he may be able to buy enough time to win a round on his own.


to change the meta for ACT 3 the introduction of KAY/O has been made. Single agents must have considerable authority to even begin such an endeavor.

Let’s not worry about his ultimate; even without it, his kit is incredibly potent from start to finish. He’s a self-sufficient fragger thanks to his flashes. His FRAG/MENT has the ability to pressurize the map and free up bottlenecks.

Finally, his hallmark ability ZERO/POINT is a huge information scavenger for the squad.

As a result, he can perform absurd moves like disarming Raze and Jett mid-ult.


Due to his versatility, Omen has established himself as one of the best agents in the game.

Because there is no way to prevent his paranoia, it has become one of the finest non-ultimate engagements.

The free smoke he provides, as well as the fact that it can be recharged, make him particularly valuable in long rounds, especially after the opposing team has presumably used up all of its utility.


Due to its ability to safely begin and gather intel and perhaps frag out, Phoenix’s ultimate is one of the most useful.

With self-healing, Blaze’s vision denial, and Molly’s spike denial, the remainder of his arsenal is incredibly adaptable.

In order for his flashbangs to be as effective as possible, be sure to couple him with Omen or any other smokes.


Yoru is a one-of-a-kind agent that excels at both solo and team play.

In comparison to Phoenix, who mostly uses his flashes for himself, and Breach, who does it for his teammates, Yoru can effectively use both types of flashes.

Because of his teleportation ability and high skill ceiling, his ultimate has a lot of outplay potential. It’s also one of the most effective ways to obtain information in the game. It can be useful in retaking or gaining admission to places if applied correctly.

Best Valorant Team Comps by Map

  • “Jett,” “Astra,” “Chamber Sova,” and “Cypher”
  • One by one they slashed their way through the air with their blades.
  • They are: Jett Viper Skye Siva Cypher
  • Astra, Sage, Cypher, Raze
  • KAY/O, Killjoy, Astra, and KAY/O
  • Sage, Chamber, Jett Viper, and Viper Chamber
  • Raze, Astra, Skye, Sage, and Cypher.

We’ve put up a list of powerful team compositions for each of Valorant’s maps.

Here are a few more options that you can switch out depending on the number of agents you have.

If you’re replacing Omen, for example, you might want a Brimstone instead, and so on.

Format and Metholology

Tier Ratings

The following are the S/A/B criteria in their broadest sense:

  • In the current meta, S-tier agents are the best bet. It is believed that they will be a part of practically every team comp on every map.
  • In terms of quality, A-tier agents tend to be better than S-tier agents, although they are less consistent. They can be used in most team compositions and on most maps, but in some cases, other options could be preferable.
  • Agents in the lower tiers are underpowered, inconsistent, or reliant on specific maps or team compositions for success.

Agent Difficulties

For newer players (Iron, Bronze, and Silver), these ratings reflect the amount of time and experience you need to be a valuable member of your squad.

For each, below are some examples:

Brimstone (Easy)

Brimstone is a great starter agent because of its simple and uncomplicated abilities.

Even when playing from behind cover, you can safely use all of these.

Cypher (Average)

In comparison to Brimstone, Cypher’s skills necessitate a higher level of macro expertise.

If you want to get the most out of your devices, you need to know where to put them, how to switch between them, and how to utilize them together.

In defense, you can get away with a lot, but if you want to make use of your Trapwires, you’ll need to understand how to skulk and where flankers are most likely to appear.

In addition, he has a more difficult time activating his ultimate than Brimstone.

Sova (Hard)

You must practice your ability lineups with your arrows in custom games if you want to be a good Sova player.

Shock Darts and Recons can be quite easy to miss if you don’t pay attention to where they land.

Compared to other agents, he is difficult for beginners to learn because of the amount of time he demands and the ease with which he may be messed up.


Which is the No 1 agent in Valorant?

Omen. Jett. Breach. Sova. are the finest Valorants.

Who is the strongest character in Valorant?

You can use Cypher to hold a site if you install his cameras and traps in the right spots. He is the game’s most powerful defensive agent. To ensure that your hard effort doesn’t go to waste, you need to play with and around your teammates.

Is Viper a meta?

When it comes to meta-stuff, Viper is obviously an asset, but she’ll only be truly effective with the help of a strong squad. Solo queuing may not be the greatest option for you at Viper unless you know all of the finest line ups.

Is Cypher or killjoy better?

Killjoy easily outperforms Cypher as a post-planting agent, but both are acceptable…. Killjoy’s post-plant skills are superior to Cypher’s. While his tipwires and cyber cages can denote locations on a map, they have little effect on the post plants themselves.

Who is Agent 8 Valorant?

The identity of Agent 8

In a vocal line, it may be Yoru’s ancestor from Icebox. A Valorant Protocol secret agent on a covert assignment waiting for a directive to return with critical information is another possibility.