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It’s difficult for Battle Cats gamers to figure out which cat units to use because there are actually more than a thousand of them.

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We’ve compiled a list of the greatest and worst super rare cat troops, based on their rarity.


These are the best cat units in the game! They’re in charge of the vast majority of meta.


The best units will have a wide range of valuable tools in their toolset, such as those that are highly versatile.


Good additions to any player’s current team.


Cats like these are the norm. Neither spectacular, nor unhelpful.


These cats are so far off the meta it’s frightening. They’re only useful in a small subset of situations.


You should avoid them at all costs. Most other cats of this rare kind outperform them.

Three A-Tier, two B-Tier, and one D-Tier Dynamites are included in the group.

It is estimated that there are a total of eight Nekolugas in the world.

2 Wargods of the C and D tiers and 3 Wargods of the S and S-tiers

Three A-Tier, three B-Tier, and one C-Tier Galaxy Gals are available.

Two A-Tier Dragon Emperors and four B-Tier Dragon Emperors are available.

Ultra Souls: SS, A, B, C, and D tiers.

One S-Tier, one A-Tier, two B-Tier, and two C-Tier Dark Heroes

One SS-Tier, two A-Tier, two B-Tier, and one C-Tier

One A-Tier, one B-Tier, and one C-Tier.

SS-Tier 2 of Uberfest

First Stage of Epicfest

1 S-Tier

Level 1 of Air Buster

Ranking All My Battle Cats Ubers on a Tier List! - YouTube

Seasonal Ubers: 1 S, 1 A, 2 B, and 7 C tiers


At the top of the food chain are Mobius and Jupiter King Classic

HI-DO CC is in the B-tier.


Scale of Balaluga: HUGE CC of Hermit

List of Uber Levels in Collaboration

This is a “Cat Machine.”

The notorious cat machine has made an extraordinary return in his original form. The cat machine is a fantastic stat stick, and even more so against reds, once you get his real form. However, his attack animation is relatively slow, and his range is terrible. Shockwave blocker, a unique ability that stops units behind him from being damaged by shockwaves, is his only saving grace, and it works well with his small range. Shockwave blocker isn’t the most effective skill in the game, and he’s easily destroyed by foes he can’t withstand. Even though he is only useful in A because of the circumstances, he is already there.

Cats in their Infancy: A

Until they developed into their full potential, baby cats were a dismal collective. In its real form, it has the necessary range to be beneficial. It’s a good unit in terms of stats, having a lot of HP and a lot of damage. As a result, they can get to the front lines at a lower cost than other ubers and recharge swiftly. The ability to cast shockwaves while in true form also aids in the elimination of peons. All forms have a helpful ability that is impervious to being stopped or knocked back by floating/alien creatures. A hard counter to Henry, the bothersome anglerfish who almost permanently stops any units he can hit, this unit has a hard-to-overcome immunity to stop. In addition, knockback is a useful talent. It has the potential to cause timing errors and other units to fail, yet it can also be useful. TF range is decent, and outside of TF, it’s abysmal. In addition, it attacks once every ten seconds and has a sluggish animation to go along with it. It’s safe to say this is one of the better A-tier units.

One of the best cats in the world

It’s a solid unit with a standout special ability. However, this has only been polished to its full potential. As long as she isn’t in her real form, she has a 50% chance of freezing reds, which can come in handy while dealing with Bore. Despite this, her normal/evolved range is abysmal, at 325. This, together with her deteriorating health, puts her life in jeopardy. With full form, this issue is remedied, with a range increase to 425 feet and an increase in damage. Her ability to freeze reds is the most significant alteration. She can keep any red enemy frozen for as long as she wants with her freeze cat combos. Soloing red cyclone, for example, is a piece of cake. You should be aware that her HP is still low and that her range, while usable, is not outstanding. She isn’t particularly effective against non-red foes. Still, she is a valuable weapon against the reds, and as such she is included in the category of “situational yet amazing” troops.

Cat of lesser demons: B

There’s no denying that this cat’s real form has given it an advantage over its siblings from Dynamites. His unmatched DPS is by far his most valuable asset. Every few seconds, he takes a swing, dealing more than 60k in true form. What’s the problem? He’s a one-man hunt. Having an area attack would make him a lot more powerful, so this is a trade-off. He also has a low range, but his high HP helps to make up for it. The ability to resist weakening makes it effective against certain opponents. This character’s greatest strength is in dealing with poorly-supported, sluggish attackers. He’s capable of dealing massive damage, but he’s greatly constrained by the circumstances, and those circumstances aren’t as common as you’d like. This is a solid damage dealer, but his vulnerability to swarms prevents him from being considered a higher-ranking player.

B is the letter of the cat in the nursing profession.

I’ll tell you the truth. I am biased. This unit has so much to offer, what’s not to like? If you’re looking for a real summary, you may start here. There’s a lot to like about nursing cat. Basically, she’s a utility device. While her damage is respectable, she is only useful because of how slow she is while facing floating or dark foes. In terms of stats, she’s lacking a bit in HP and movement speed. Although her strike animation isn’t as long as some, it’s also not as brief as others. However, she has a decent range. She hasn’t yet reached her full potential, therefore it’s reasonable to predict a boost in her stats. The combination of slow and knockback is lethal, and you have a chance to proc either one or the other, or even both effects, with this unit. It’s not a horrible unit, but as time passes, you’ll discover better options. Because it covers two enemy kinds at once, it’s a smart choice for newcomers.

“D” for Marauder Cat:

When you see D, I know you’re wondering what kind of scum they’re dealing with. If you’re stranded on a metal stage, you’re looking at pure gold. After the waitress/sunny neneko, he has the best crit chance of any character in the game, save from those with 100% procs. He excels in stages with a high concentration of metal adversaries. Super Metal Hippo tends to push back your crucial hitters before they can get a shot off, making him the perfect matchup for him. This isn’t an issue with Marauder, though. He also has a reasonable price and a quick recharge. This is the question on your mind: how can someone this good be in D-tier, you ask. Let’s have a peek at him in his natural state. It’s not bad for a cat of his caliber to have 40k HP. Not an issue, although the speed is a little slow. Only a few of setbacks, which isn’t too horrible. No, the speed of attack isn’t terrible. Aiming for 6800 Those are the qualities that make him D-tier. This character, while great against metal foes, is completely useless otherwise. He’s barely wiping off peons with this type of damage, and he’s not particularly effective. If you’re looking for an all-rounder who’s good at what they do, this isn’t the guy for you. In such case, please don’t toss him. He’s a fantastic unit, but he only has one task, and that’s the one he does well. You’ll be pleased you have him when the time comes.

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What is the genre of the game?

A tower defense game

Who is the publisher?

PONOS Corporation published this mobile action game.

Where can we play the game?

The game is available for iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.

What are the characters in S tier?

In fact,

  • Mega-Castle of Jizo
  • An all-powerful Aphrodite
  • God-given name Amaterasu
  • The All-Powerful Ganesha
  • Clockwork Chronos is a god.
  • the name Shishilan Pasalan
  • The Alter CC of Saber.
  • Balrog Cat is a mythical creature.
  • Yukimura the immortal
  • Keiji the Immortal
  • In the wake of Ragnarok, the Orbital Annihilator
  • Kalisa, the Supreme Being
  • It’s called “Lufal Pasal” in Filipino.
  • The D-savior Devil’s