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In many circles, Project M is hailed as the best-ever competitive Smash mod because of its perfect balance. P+, or Project Plus, is a balance and re-skin patch for Project M designed to reawaken the enthusiasm of the game’s devoted fan base. Project Plus

So how do these Smash characters rank up against each other in terms of their overall performance? That’s what we’re aiming to do with this tier list. The goal is to compile a list of the best fighters in the game that can be used by both newcomers and veterans alike.

Keep in mind that any fighter can become an S-tier if the player who uses it devotes an inordinate amount of time and effort to honing his or her abilities.


These players are widely regarded as the finest in the world right now. A variety of tools and outstanding functionality help to shape the competitive meta in this game.

Wolf can wave and dash with his laser since it moves slowly enough. It’s nearly impossible for an opponent to defend against this move, much less penalize it.

Additionally, Peach is able to take a significant amount of damage before she gets into danger.

Despite this, he provides a wealth of benefits to players who spend time with him.

Project M: Project+ tier list created by the 'GOATs of Project M'

Wario is a near-perfect fighter overall, with only a few minor hiccups.

However, he compensates by moving quickly, possessing exceptional mobility, and displaying overwhelming offensive power. This is the character for you if you’re looking for a glass cannon.

Additionally, his attacks have a greater range than those of most fighters, which reduces some of the risk of committing to combinations.


This is a talented group of warriors who are equipped to take on any opponent.

Even if they have a few weaknesses, they nevertheless make up the vast majority of the game’s competitive meta.

By design, Sheik isn’t very powerful, but good players may exploit her destructive combo combos.

To lessen the blow you’ll take if you miss your assaults, he possesses serviceable recuperation.

Practicing this combo is a good idea if you wish to play Marth.

Even though he excels in most areas, Mario lacks the one special ability that would allow him to rise to the top of the rankings.

As long as Fox is modified and Wolf’s diversity is increased, he’ll be in the same league as the other two.

Due to his massive damage output, he is able to recover quickly, fire projectiles, and take stock at lower percentages. The majority of Bowser players prefer to play defensively until they’ve figured out the best time to seize that stock.

In the hands of experienced gamers, Diddy still holds his own despite his diminished abilities.


These are some of the best fighters in the business, either because of their all-around abilities or because they excel in their specific jobs.

He’s nimble and floaty, which many players are able to exploit. Also, his recuperation has been mediocre at best.

When it comes to attacking, there is a lot of randomness involved, which makes it difficult for him to recover quickly.

She’s a good fighter, but she’s also a little slow.

Ike, on the other hand, has a chance to rise through the ranks if he performs well enough in tournaments.

He shares many characteristics with Wolf and Fox, however if that is the case, it would be best to stick with one of the two.

He’ll be able to get back on stage with the help of his stickies. Overall, he is a powerful fighter, although he is limited by his high level of expertise. ”

Against opponents that want to battle in the middle of the arena, his small size and light weight put him at a disadvantage.


In terms of fighting ability, these warriors aren’t exceptional. With these combatants, it would take a lot more time and effort for players to win on a consistent basis.

This is a huge advantage for competitive Lucario players because they won’t know how to counter him once he’s out of the bag.

Despite his little stature, he is remarkably agile and possesses a good arsenal of weapons.

It’s easy to knock him out of a tournament because his matchups are so poor versus specific characters.

In addition to being light and slow, she’s also easy to take stock of.

Professional players panel release first 'official' Project M/+ v4 tier list featuring Knuckles in A tier

If he’s caught in an enemy combo, he’ll be unable to employ any of his useful equipment (which happens most of the time).

With the help of his superb recovery tool, he can also implement sanctions. As Link, R.O.B. suffers from the same setbacks He’s a massive, lumbering, and hefty target that’s going to be easy prey for combo artists.

He’s no longer as dominant as he once was, but if you’re clever enough, you can still win some games with him.


These fighters can only be used in a small subset of situations, and even then, they’re a hazardous bet. If you’re confident in your Smash skills, go ahead and use them.

Because he’s so easy to camp, he has a lot of bad matchups.

Knuckles may rise in the rankings if it continues to be used in high-profile competitions.

In order to finish off opponents, he lacks a large number of heavy-hitting attacks.


Competitive play does not recommend using any of these fighters. Although they can be used in the game, they have a horrible mismatch with the rest of the roster because of this.

While it’s a gimmick, the power he has to mimic the talents of his enemies is quite difficult to master.

However, Jigglypuff’s ability to pull off spectacular combinations and finish them off with a well-timed Rest is beyond the abilities of the typical player.

Some of the most important developments in the Project M/+ meta and competitive scene over the previous few years are outlined in the following short write-ups on the tier list from 2017’s PMBR v3.


Samus Aran, also known as Zero Suit Zero


Additional Reworked Projects

Ex-leaders of the pack

Fall in the number of floating objects

If you don’t believe me, check out this list of the four majors that took place in 2021 and you’ll see that they were won by Mario, Charizard, and Ice Climbers. Last year saw some of the finest performances ever for low-tier characters like Kirby and Ganondorf. The Project+ metagame is always evolving, and the correct players can play any character to their full potential. Only the best players are featured in today’s post and it is not meant to dictate the future of the game. You have our gratitude for your continued support of the Project+ scene and we eagerly await what 2022 may bring for our group and the broader smash scene.


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The name of Kate “kate” Hluska

Devin Gajewski, better known as “Reslived,”


What does B mean in tier list?

B-Tier. To qualify as B-tier events, a tournament must have at least one tournament director that provides a minimum of 100% compensation to both professional and amateur divisions.

Is knuckles in Project M?

Playable character Knuckles is included in Project+ for Brawl…. One of Project M’s few intended characters, Knuckles, was left in limbo after the game’s development was halted with the release of version 3.3.6.

Project M Retrospective: Most Ambitious Smash Bros Mod of all Time - YouTube

Does Project M have waluigi?

Finally, a way to play Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. as an unofficial character has been found through Project M modding. For this, King Bob Gaming has released an animated trailer that chronicles the narrative of Waluigi’s grief and Smash.