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This Mobile Legends hero tier list provides the most comprehensive overview of the game’s top characters. Use the meta to your advantage by picking these heroes.

Mobile Legends (ML) is one of the most popular mobile games ever, with over 70 million monthly players.

In this MOBA, players can choose from one of 103 unique heroes, each with their own special abilities and play style.

It can be difficult to decide which heroes to make your mains when there are so many to choose from. The pressure to quickly master the right hero is amplified by the fact that most heroes require in-game currency to be unlocked.

To help ease this burden, we’ve compiled a complete list of every hero in Mobile Legends.

The following is a ranking of the heroes by their individual and collective combat efficiency.

The best ML players use this list as a roadmap to improve their game.

What is Mobile Legends?

Shanghai Moonton Technology, a game studio based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, created and published Mobile Legends, a mobile MOBA game for iOS and Android devices. It first appeared online in 2016.

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How do you play?

Mobile Legends pits two teams of five players against one another, with each side aiming to take out the other’s base.

Each participant gets to choose a hero at the beginning of the game. Each hero is distinguished by their individual qualities and capabilities. The game’s current roster of heroes, numbering 92, is split across six classes: tank, fighter, assassin, marksman, support, and mage.

These positions define the duties of each player on his or her team. To help their allies, support heroes may use abilities such as healing or buffing. They need to stay with their allies if they want to survive or succeed in battle.

Players can level up their heroes by defeating computer-controlled enemies like minions, turrets, and even other heroes. Playing this way allows them to accrue virtual currency that can be used to purchase in-game enhancements for their heroes.

In contrast to PC MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, where a single match can last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, Mobile Legends matches typically last between 10 and 15 minutes.

From its inception, the game has reportedly attracted over 500 million downloads and 75 million regular players. The region of Southeast Asia is where the game really took off as a major esport.

The Mobile Legends Battlegrounds (MLBB) Professional League is a local esports competition in the Philippines. The fourth season just ended, with Sunsparks taking home the championship and the lion’s share of the $54,000 prize pool.

MLBB LIGA, on the other hand, is a street battle event where fans can compete against one another for prizes and bragging rights, even if they aren’t professional players.

Mobile Legends Tier List


All heroes at this level are required to be picked or banned in any serious match. They are well-equipped to succeed on their own, but they can also contribute significantly to a number of different team configurations.

If you want to master the game’s best heroes quickly and easily, you should unlock them first.

Hero Role Specialties I would suggest you take Lane.
Saber Assassin Cost, Benefit Side
Benedetta Assassin Pursue, Explode Side
Paquito Fighter Damage, Pursuit Side
Phoveus Fighter Pursuit, Command Side
X.Borg Fighter Renew, Explode Side
Esmeralda Mage Regrowth, Variable Injury Side
Alice Mage Rejuvenate and Recharge Side
Natan Marksman Extinction, Infliction of Magical Harm Mid
Beatrix Marksman Harm, Harvest Mid
Granger Marksman Yield and Explode Mid
Kaja Support Power, Responsibility Side
Mathilda Support Guard, Initiator Roaming
Floryn Support Prod, Protect Roaming
Tigreal Tank Crowd Management Roaming
Khufra Tank Starter, Crowd Manager Roaming


These characters represent the game’s current meta’s pinnacle. Due to their relative weakness compared to S Tier heroes, you will encounter these characters frequently in competitive play.

Hero Role Specialties Suggested Lane
Selena Assassin Leader, Harvester Jungle
Aamon Assassin Magical Pursuit and Injury Jungle
Hayabusa Assassin Pursue, Explode Jungle
Lancelot Assassin Embark on a pursuit, then suddenly accelerate Jungle
Aulus Fighter Consequences, Handling of an Overflowing Public, and Side
Chou Fighter To Pursue and Maintain Command Roaming
Sun Fighter Force, Injury Side
Guinevere Fighter Fissure, Infliction of Magical Harm Side
Jawhead Fighter Intensify, Explode Side
Roger Fighter Gather, Explode Side
Vale Mage Crash, Mass-Containment Measures Side
Valentina Mage Expire and Harvest Mid
Harley Mage Explode, prod Jungle
Eudora Mage Constrain, Explode Side
Luo Yi Mage Propaganda, Crowd Management Side
Yve Mage The ability to poke and burst Mid
Kagura Mage Inject, Harvest Mid
Zhask Mage Damage, Pursuit Side
Bruno Marksman Gain, Explode Mid
Brody Marksman Proliferate, Harvest Mid
Miya Marksman Gain, Loss Mid
Hanabi Marksman Harvest, Do Harm Mid
Wanwan Marksman Gather, Explode Mid
Diggie Support To defend and poke Roaming
Atlas Tank Containment of a Large Group, Provocateur Roaming
Hylos Tank Assemble, Primogenitor Roaming
Franco Tank Leader, Manager Roaming
Gloo Tank Regrow, Take Charge Roaming
Gatotkaca Tank Burst Crowd Control Roaming


The game’s meta still includes heroes of lower quality. These heroes, when handled properly, can compete effectively with those at the A and S tiers. They have some inherent weaknesses that are equal in number to their strengths.

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For the most part, they are reliable options that can be relied upon in a variety of contexts and serve as reliable foundational pieces for a well-optimized team.

Hero Role Specialties The Suggested Lane
Natalia Assassin Find and Harvest Jungle
Karina Assassin Damage, Magical Harvest Jungle
Helcurt Assassin Drive, Explode Jungle
Aldous Fighter Explode, Back Up Side
Argus Fighter Put out an explosive charge Side
Ruby Fighter Managing Large Groups of People, Regenerating Side
Lapu Lapu Fighter Intense Pursuit/Explosive Attack Side
Balmond Fighter Break, Heal Side
Freya Fighter Pursuit and Abusive Force Side
Yu Zhong Fighter Regeneration & Bruising Side
Zilong Fighter Damage, Pursuit Side
Khaleed Fighter Harm, Recover Side
Cyclops Mage Jab, Take Command Of Side
Chang’e Mage Sharply prod, then explosively release Side
Pharsa Mage Split, Prod Mid
Clint Marksman Explode, Harvest Mid
Claude Marksman Explode, Reverse Mid
Layla Marksman Obtain, Inflict Mid
In the words of Yi Sun-Shin Marksman Gather, Explode Mid
Angela Support Protect, Steer Roaming
Akai Tank Watchman, Traffic Management Roaming
Barats Tank Negative Effects, Managing a Large Number of People Side
Uranus Tank Regen Roaming


These heroes are mostly good, but they have some serious issues that could hurt their team if not fixed. They rely on the efforts of their teammates more than anything else and rarely win games single-handedly.

Hero Role Specialties Suggested Lane
Ling Assassin Pursue, Explode Jungle
Gusion Assassin Magical explosion damage Jungle
Badang Fighter Intensify, Explode Side
Silvanna Fighter A Magical Initiator, Dealing Harm Side
Valir Mage Punishment, Defense Side
Lunox Mage Rupture, Destruction Mid
Lylia Mage Strike, Injure Side
Kadita Mage Charge, Burst Side
Harith Mage Threatening Pursuit, Inflicting Physical Harm Mid
Irithel Marksman Draw, Explode Mid
To both Popol and Kupa, with love. Marksman To force, to explode Side
Rafaela Support Rejuvenate, and Fortress Roaming
Minotaur Tank Suppression of the Mob Roaming
Johnson Tank Backing, Crowd Management Roaming


Due to their lack of relevance in games, these heroes have been almost entirely removed from the meta. Picking up these heroes is a risky move for skilled players who are hoping to catch their opponent off guard.

Hero Role Specialties Proposed Lane
Hanzo Assassin Prod, Expend Jungle
Fanny Assassin Seek, Harvest Jungle
Martis Fighter Harvest and Take the Hit Side
Masha Fighter Impact, Pressure Jungle
Minsitthar Fighter Starter, Crowd-Controller Side
Dyrroth Fighter Strike, Explode, or Charge Jungle
Hilda Fighter Toxic, Regenerative Side
Terizla Fighter Panic, Crowd Management Side
Aurora Mage Suppression of the Mob by Means of a Poke Side
Gord Mage Prod, Expend Mid
Nana Mage Prod, Protect Side
Vexana Mage Push, Retain Command Side
Odette Mage Explode, prod Side
Cecilion Mage Prod, Expend Mid
Kimmy Marksman Discrete amounts of damage Mid
Karrie Marksman Harvest, Do Harm Mid
Moskov Marksman Chase, Reap Mid
Lesley Marksman Gather, Explode Mid
Carmilla Support Controlling the Crowd and Repairing the Effects Roaming
Faramis Support Watch, Assault Roaming


There is a valid reason why these characters have disappeared from the mainstream meta. Compared to other heroes, they aren’t nearly as useful or capable of carrying the team. It is not an exaggeration to say that the enemy team has an inherent advantage when one of these heroes is picked.

Hero Role Specialties Advised Street: Lane
Estes Support Convalesce, Fortify Roaming
Alpha Fighter Tax, Punitive Damage Side

There you have it, folks: the current Mobile Legends top ten. Even though player skill and experience still matter greatly, it is essential to focus on the right players.

We hope that by looking over this list, you have gained a better understanding of the best heroes and the unique skills they bring to the fight.

Marksman Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S Wanwan, Granger, and Brody
S The Three Amigos: Bruno, Hanabi, and Miya
A Names: Claude, Beatrix, Layla, Lesley, Natan, Edith
A Clint, Yu Zhong, and Yi Sun-shin; Popol and Kupa;
B Translator: Moskov, Irithel
C Kimmy, Karrie

Fighter Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S Silvanna, paquito
S Guinevere, Chou, Jawhead, Roger, Phoebus, and Aulus
A You, Me, and Alucard
A A few names that come to mind are Sun, Lapu-Lapu, Alpha, Yu Zhong, Ruby, Balmond, Bane, and Freya.
B The X.Borg, Khaleed, Argus, Leomord, and Badang
C Minsitthar, Terizla, Thamuz, Hilda, Dyrroth, Masha, Martis, and Thamuz

Assassin Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S N. Benedetta Benedetta
S Names like Selena, Lancelot, Mathilda, and Helcurt
A The Ling, Gusion, and Hayabusa
A It’s Saber, Karina, and Fanny
B Hanzo

Jungle Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S Selena
S Characters: Harley, Saber, Karina, Lancelot, and Roger
A We have Yi Sun-Shin, Ling, Alucard, and Hayabusa.
A To Fanny, Gusion, and Hanzo
B It’s Natalia Helcurt.

Mage Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S Esmeralda, and Alice
S Three names: Chang’e, Kagura, and Zhask
A Three of a Kind: Harley, Yve, and Luo Yi
A Cecilion, Cyclops, Eudora, Vale, and Pharsa
B Those named Lunox, Harith, Nana, Kadita, Valir, Lylia, and Odette
C To the Three Stars: Aurora, Gord, and Vexana

Tank Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S Esmeralda
S To: Khufra, Tigreal, Johnson, Gatotkaca
A Athene, Atlas, Uranus, Edith, and Gloo
A We have Franco, Barats, Lolita, and Belerick
B AKA: Akai, Grock, Baxia, and Minotaur

Support Tier List Mobile Legends

Tier Heroes
S Diggie
S – Kaja, Rafaela
A Estés, Angela
A Carmilla
B Faramis

Mobile Legends Roam Tier List

Tier Heroes
S Mathilda
S Estes, Johnson, Tigreal, and Rafaela
A It’s Lolita, Gloo, Diggie, Angela, and Franco.
A Those names are Baxia, Khufra, Khufra, Hylos, and Belerick.
B Totems: Atlas, Akai, and Faramis
C Dragon, Minotaur, and Rock Monster

Mobile Legends Mid Lane Tier List

Tier Heroes
S Yve
S Vale, the Cyclops
A You, I, Adora, Kagura, Luoyi, Lylia, and Chang’e
A The Zhask, the Pharsa, and the Lunox
B The names Harith, Kadita, Cecilion, Odette, and Valir
C All four of you: Nana, Vexana, Gord, and Aurora

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mobile Legends tier list?

Every hero in Mobile Legends is assigned a tier from S (the best) to D (the weakest) on the game’s tier list. Heroes are ranked from best to worst, with the best at the top. This is because it will be easier for your team to win the game if your opponents have weaker heroes than yours.

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2. What is the purpose of the MLBB tier list?

The purpose of the tier lists is to assist players in finding the best hero for their playstyle and individual skills, and to prevent them from unwittingly using a weaker hero in combat.

3. How are the heroes ranked on the MLBB tier list?

Each hero’s position on this list is indicative of his or her value to a squad. Characters with higher ranks are more likely to contribute to their team’s victory in battle, while those with lower ranks may require more skill and experience to complete their missions.

4. Why should I use the Mobile Legends tier list?

The Mobile Legends tier list is a great resource for quickly determining which hero will be the most beneficial to your team. You can use this guide to learn which heroes are worth your time and how they compare to one another on a scale from S (the best) to D (the worst).

5. How up-to-date is the Mobile Legends tier list?

The hero tier list is constantly evolving as new heroes are added and existing ones are revised. It has everything a seasoned player would need to know about potential heroes to help them build the best team possible.

6. Who created the Mobile Legends tier list?

Professional MOBA players, versed in the intricacies of the game and the relative strengths of the various characters, compiled the tier list. If there are any changes to the metagame, they will be reflected in the list.

7. Can I use the Mobile Legends tier list for tournaments?

No tournament decisions should be made based on the tier list, as it was not created for competitive play. There are many other factors to consider when playing a serious match, but it can give you a general idea of how each hero ranks against the others.

8. Why are some heroes not on the Mobile Legends tier list?

Only heroes that are commonly used in competitive play are included in the MLBB tier list. None of the heroes that are rarely used or are weak are included.

Final Words

Without wasting time testing out every hero, the Mobile Legends tier list will help you pick the best one for your team. The guide has everything a veteran player needs to pick a character and rate their abilities from best to worst, with D being the worst.

Make good use of the MLBB ranking system and you’ll be well on your way to victory.