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On and off the battlefield, The Alchemist Code is a strategic role-playing game with a rich narrative that rewards players for their foresight.

Battles in the game are tense, but achieving a high rank does not mean your journey is over. Your team’s unique combination of elements and occupations must be utilized to overcome the game’s most difficult obstacles.

There are so many characters to choose from in this game that it can be difficult for the typical gamer to put up their ideal team. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the strongest and weakest units in each tier.

With this as your guidance, you’ll be able to create your team around the current meta of the game. The time has come, so let’s get started.

Using the Tier List


The Image Tier List and Tier Breakdown tabs provide you a broad idea of how effective a unit is when compared to other units in its element. Caveat that in some situations, a unit’s maximum performance may necessitate not only a high quantity of shards, but also job upgrades from time-sensitive events, or restricted memento or gear. This note is vital to pay attention to. There are some situations in where the performance of a unit is directly related to its ability to incorporate other relevant units in a team, such as Letitia.

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Understanding a Unit’s Rating

Ratings are based on a unit’s performance in PvE and take into account the sort of content that is currently available. A unit may be underrated not because they lack useful skills, but rather because there isn’t much material in which such skills may be put to use right now. PvP performance is not taken into account when assigning ratings.

They are evaluated on their principal role and how effective they are in that duty relative to other units of the same element. Discord is a great place to ask questions about a unit’s playstyle if the build guide doesn’t provide you enough information on how to play it. Questions concerning why they were given their present rating and what makes them special can be asked in Discord’s #tier-list-questions channel. You can also provide feedback if you believe the ranking should be changed.

This can lead to older units being given exaggerated scores since they have not yet been evaluated in light of newer units’ ratings, which takes time because ratings are assigned on the basis of how well they compare to each other. Make sure to keep this in mind while purchasing older limited units (especially ones from partnerships that don’t re-run frequently) because your resources for upgrading them may be limited. It’s easy to find out if a unit is limited by checking out the unit page on our site.

Future Considerations

Although these ratings take into account predicted upgrades and adjustments for units in the future, it is possible that a unit’s present rating could change dramatically in the future when an expected job upgrade, enlightenment, or memento is made available. When it comes to units that are now available in Japan, you may be able to get an idea of what they can expect in the future by checking out the unit guidelines area. The Japan News Summary is another place to go for information about upcoming unit buffs. Please keep in mind that global does not always receive the same upgrades and that we do not always get the same upgrades, therefore the unit may perform differently in the future in Global than they do currently.


In addition, the ratings do not account for the price of acquiring all of the necessary resources to fully load the device. You should take into mind the fact that most players lack unlimited resources. A restricted number of units have banners that are more cost-effective than others. There are some shards that can only be harvested once per day and need that you own the unit in order to be obtained, while others can only be harvested three times per day and do not require ownership. Otherworlder Enlightenment Shard can be used by collaboration units (excluding ones that are “cosplay” copies of conventional game units). If the unit has a farm stage, or if it is a free unit, it will be listed in the Source column.

Guidance for Newer Players

As a beginner, it is crucial to go beyond merely a unit’s highest rating to see how accessible it is, as well as how easy it is to obtain the necessary resources (such as important job+) to make the unit viable. Some units perform better at lower limit breaks or are easy to obtain unit shards for. Others may necessitate a significant investment of time or money before they can reach their potential. You should always ask for advice from experienced players in Discord before utilizing elemental shards on any of your troops, so be sure to check the availability of unit shards first.

Important notations may be added to the unit in some circumstances. This suggests that the unit is lacking something critical to its overall performance, and that their score may suffer as a result. It’s common to see references to a specific limit break, the unit’s J+ upgrade (see Job Upgrades for more information), the unit’s Memento, the Master Ability (usually obtained at level 80) or the unit’s VCR (vision clear reward) gear obtained from a memento (usually the one designed for that unit). All of these references are sometimes used in conjunction with one another.

Image Tier List

Images of each unit are arranged according to element in this tab, which shows the most popular images. Because these ratings are based on their overall rating at the highest level, they may not accurately reflect their performance at lower levels. The Tier Breakdown page has additional information about a unit. Only the rank of a tier is important, not the sequence of the troops in that tier.

A separating line separates the picture tiers, with units on the right of this line excelling at supporting duties. They may be able to fill various roles, but their primary usage in the tier was as a support player.

Tier Breakdown (Gates, Overviews)

Tier data is useful for knowing more about a unit, such as ideal builds, accessibility, and potential upgrades.

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The following data is provided for each unit:

  • Name
  • Rank – the unit’s rating at its highest level of performance.
  • There are tags that identify the role the unit is most frequently evaluated in.
  • Recommended Job – the unit’s primary recommendation for this position.
  • Please make a notation if anything is particularly critical to the success of this unit.
  • Element is a component of a system.
  • There will be a column for the rarity of the group if it falls into a specific category like Global Original, Sacred Stones, or Collaboration; otherwise, this column will display information on the group’s rarity.
  • A link to the Alchemist Code Database page for the unit.
  • The unit’s place of origin
  • For units with permanent quests (and for those whose 1/day farm requires the unit instead of their 3/day farm), this section includes information on where to farm them, as well as information on whether they may be gotten by other means than summons. This means that they are only available on banners that expressly state that they are available. All of the units from Genesis, Magni Historia, and Collaborations are limited. The farm stages of low-star units may not be listed in the game, although they can be accessed in-game.
  • This is a brief overview of the device and its intended application. Some unit reviews may be out of current because of frequent unit upgrades and the difficulty of writing a review. Check the Updates to Do tab if you see this to see if the unit review requires an update.
  • Please take note that G6 is frequently listed as G6 (Lv4). This means that, while maxing the gate may not be worthwhile in most circumstances, gaining four levels of the gate might provide a large boost to your HP. Unless the unit has a really compelling need for a 2nd memento slot, it is preferable to avoid maxing the G6 gate because the resources for doing so are few (often dependent on if you have the relevant mementos)
  • Included in this section are any mementos created expressly for the unit, as well as any that are only available while supplies last. The name of the remembrance may have an! after it if it is deemed to be of great importance to the unit’s performance. Be aware that just because a souvenir isn’t listed here doesn’t imply that it won’t be suitable for the unit, as this list focuses on those that are specifically made for the unit in question.
  • These are the items that have been specifically engineered to work with the unit (typically gear which gives a special ability to that unit). It will be mentioned if a piece of gear is event farmable, a VCR from a memento, or only available through a restricted summon. Everything else is supposed to be summoned from the usual pool. A! after may appear if the gear is given top priority in terms of performance.
  • It is possible to upgrade a job from J1/J2/J3 to J3/J4 by unlocking it on the unit in order (the unit is given the first work at LB0, the second at the 5th, and so on). In rare circumstances, a unit may have two levels of job change (i.e. JE+ or J++) and the advancement of jobs will be documented.
  • All work changes for the unit that are only available in Japan are included in this section. While these positions will almost always become available on a worldwide scale, there are some circumstances when we may never see another repeat or a different set of job adjustments for those units.
  • This section indicates whether or not a unit have a Master Ability (usually obtained from a character quest at level 80). For abilities that have yet to be made public, they will be marked in the field.
  • Babel War Art – if a unit has a Babel War Art, it is listed here (obtained from a key quest once reaching level 85).
  • Maximilian Gates – Enlightenment Gates in Global and Japan are included below, as well as if there are other enlightenment gates for the unit
  • When a unit reaches the 2nd enlightenment gate, the enhanced passive is listed here, along with the specifics of what the boosted passive provides. Keep in mind that the only way to know how much of an improvement you’re seeing is by comparing the enhanced passive to the original. Make sure that this gate is available for the unit by checking its Max Gates column.
  • This is the unit’s standard leader skill.
  • An upgraded leader skill is listed here after a unit’s 3rd enlightenment gate is fully unlocked. Make sure that this gate is available for the unit by checking its Max Gates column.
  • It’s here that you’ll find the enhanced skills for each of the five enlightenment gates. Look up the unit in Alchemist Code DB to see exactly what changes. Make sure that this gate is available for the unit by checking its Max Gates column.
  • Stat bonuses earned from the Enlightened Spirit Gear feature unlocked with the 7th enlightenment gate are listed in this section. Make sure that this gate is available for the unit by checking its Max Gates column.

Job Setup Guide

In the Job Setup Guide tab, there may be one or more builds indicated for each unit.

  • this project is named after a specific type of military unit
  • Most of the time, you’ll want to go with the recommended build, but there are times when different beneficial builds are available for a certain unit.
  • The primary job for which the construction is recommended
  • The basic/sub-job ability set that can be put to use is called Basic Ability (this is not the name of the ability itself, but the job it comes from)
  • Response – how to use it
  • It is recommended that you use passives 1/2 and 3/4. After the passive in some circumstances, [G2] will be listed as well. There is a special passive for those who have maxed the second enlightenment gate on the same unit. To use a passive that has not been upgraded, you can find the name in EL Gate 2 Upgrade Passive column if you haven’t done so.
  • These talents can be used in place of those in the recommended build if you want. The non-G2 variant of a passive, or a passive that may be useful in multiple situations, is often referred to as “passive” here. There may be times when a different fundamental ability or reaction is suggested

Enlightened Bond Groups

In the Japanese version of the game, the Enlightened Bond groups are listed here. There will be a bolded option for groups that have been issued globally. Enlightenment Gates must be unlocked on all of the group’s members to gain the group benefit, and additional shards are needed for each degree of benefit.

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Updates To Do

The units in this section have recently been upgraded, but the tier list and construction guide have not yet been updated to reflect those enhancements. A unit’s status can be found here if it has recently undergone alterations. It is possible to tell the tier list administration via Discord in the #tier-list-questions channel if a unit appears outdated but is not included here, or if the listing is wrong.

The Alchemist Code Tier List


A list of current game’s most impressive characters As the best in their element, they have access to positions that work well with most rosters. They are the best in their element.


These units still make up a significant portion of the metagame right now. They’re great on their own, but not so great that they’re a threat.


This is a solid group of characters who can fill in the gaps in your team. If you’re looking to mix and match your party supplies, some of them have a lot of versatility built in.


She is a human female character with the power of light. Aisha’s Prism Flower ability allows her to launch four light missiles against her opponents, dealing massive damage. She also has the power to enhance her HP and MATK, which she can do up to 205 and 50% respectively. There are a lot of advantages to having Aisha in the game due to her talents.


During the Alchemist Code game, Anastasia is a knight who is enchanted with darkness. The Bloody Rose ability lets her to inflict dark damage on enemy units in a specific location. With her high HP, she can inflict dark harm on her foes. Anastasia’s other talents include increasing her units’ HP, evasion rate, PATK, and a slew of other metrics. In most of the clashes against the enemy, these skills are crucial.


As a male human in the Alchemist Code video game, Balt possesses the power of the wind, which is his element. His weapon of choice is a sword and a pair of farmable twin blades. For Balt, the ability to improve the evasion and PATK of other wind units is known as Fresh Wind’s Boon, a leader talent. Additionally, Balt can boost attack power and health as necessary. In addition to being a valuable member of the squad, he also excels as a role model for the underdogs.


These are your standard issue units, good enough for the majority of your needs.


Since these troops’ stats or mechanics are severely lacking, they have nearly totally gone out of the meta.


These are the worst units in the game. Lacking usefulness in multiple situations, their stat growths are lagging behind the rest of the cast.


Is Alchemist code offline?

Battles are conducted offline, allowing us to choose who we want to fight. To participate in PVP ranked and friendly matches, your account must be at least 85 levels old.

Is The Alchemist code free?

To play THE ALCHEMIST CODE, you don’t have to pay a cent. It’s also possible to buy some in-game things with real money.

What is J+ Alchemist code?

To gather character shards for a specific unit, a difficult variation of a story quest might be used. … J3: The character’s third duty. A job upgrade for a single unit is known as J+ or job+.