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Shadowverse is one of the most popular card-collecting and deck-building competitive games.

In Shadowverse, the competitive life cycle is kept fresh through regular tournaments and deck-shifting, which in turn creates a new meta.

A look at the best decks for the April 2021 competitive meta is what we’re focusing on this time.


As of right now, this is the best deck in competitive Magic, and it has come to define the metagame.

Due to its inherent advantage over other decks, this one is the only one in the top tier to hold its position. Face Dragon’s only known counter is Sanctuary Haven, which will have a difficult time dealing with a skilled player.

Learn to time Razia and Tiamat’s assaults and utility to get the most out of this deck.

Shadowverse Tier List [Mar. 2022 Update] - GamingScan

Razia, the Cannon-wielding Warrior

Sovereign and Mighty

Jerva, the wyrm of transcendence


These decks, albeit not as powerful as Face Dragon, are nevertheless strong in competitive play.

With Varmint-Loxis, this is a very real possibility. Loxis, on the other hand, is under more pressure to win quickly, as anything beyond 8 turns becomes much more difficult.

a hunter of vermin

Fallen Alberta, the savage

Adventurer with a Purpose

Sekka’s deck has no glaring disadvantages or advantages over any other deck, but it also has no glaring benefits or disadvantages over any other deck.

This deck’s several healing cards provide a great deal of resilience. As a result, this deck performs admirably even in the late stages of the game.

Going back in time

Assertion of the Fallen’s

Death-Bound Fox Sekka

In addition, this deck’s defensive prowess makes it a counter for any other deck.

It focuses on stifling aggressive decks and biding its time until it can attack and win.

Sanctuary Haven’s secret lies in judicious use of your buffs and heals. Despite its defensive character, this deck is no slouch when it comes to going on the attack.

Jeanne, the Maiden of Despair

Metamorphosis in all its glory

Gemstone-encrusted Radiance

Zelda: The World Is Yours XXI


This is a solid set of decks that can compete with other decks. Some decks may have matchup issues with them, but they aren’t hard to overcome.

When it comes to utility and offensive potential, Hallessena can make or break the game for you in most circumstances.


Skull, the Raider of Liberty

It’s a control deck, Evolve Blood As a result, it performs exceptionally well in the early to mid-game. When the chips are down, this deck will rely on Grimnir to come out on top.

Heavenly howls of sex

Hallessena, the Saw of Calamity


If you’re looking for a solid deck to win some games, these are it.

However, the price of this adaptability is high. Due to the availability of multiple builds, more time is required to determine which ones function and which ones don’t work.

In order to play this deck, one must have a high degree of flexibility.

Mutinous Person Miriam

Defy the Laws of Destiny


While this deck thrives in a fast-paced environment, it is often overpowered by other fast-paced strategies. Sanctuary Haven decks may also easily shut it down.

The Ghost of the Gold Rush

Resurrection Under Duress

In the fight against Sanctuary Haven, it is its most noteworthy (and very limited) use case. Face Dragon is better at everything else.

The Winds of Change

Zelda: The World Is Yours XXI

Dread of the Dragon


It appears that these decks have all but disappeared from the competitive landscape. They are inferior to the majority of the other decks due to a lack of abilities and other flaws.

There is no consistency in playing this deck if you rely solely on drawing cards.

The Ghoulish Prism of Ghios

It doesn’t help that the deck’s card composition doesn’t provide for a lot of room for experimentation.

Anne, the Imperatrix of Mysticism

Unfortunately, this deck’s pace is far slower than the current 8-turn metagame, which isn’t helping the situation.

Having the potential to properly counter Sanctuary Haven is its one redeeming quality.

The Silverflash, Amelia’s ship

Apocalyptic Albert

Eahta, the Blade God


The rest of the decks that haven’t been discussed are in the lower echelons. As of right now, these decks have no place in competitive Shadowverse.

ShadowVerse Deck: Tier List

Tier 1

Tier 1 characters include Tempo Rune, Aggro Bats, Midrange Sword, and Ramp Dragon. An overview of each of these is provided in the following paragraphs.

Tempo Rune

It is part of the Runecraft class and costs 15,050 to build. Insight, Magic Missile, Conjure Golem, Kaleidoscopic Glow, Demonic Strike, Piercing Rune, and Fate’s Hand are some of the cards in this deck. All of these cards come in sets of three.

Double the Shadowverse: Champions Battle collab! - GamerBraves

Aggro Bats

Bloodcraft class, 8300 cost for this character’s deck. Blood Pact, Razory Claw, Summon Bloodkin, Night Horde, and Dance of Death are all included in this deck. One amulet card is also included, depicting a Vampire castle.

Midrange Sword

A great feature of this swordsmanship technique is that it exerts pressure on the opponent. One of the best characters in the game because of its powerful mid-game threats It has a higher chance of surviving because of its superior ability to exert pressure on its adversaries.

Ramp Dragon

It works best in a mid-range fight. It’s also a great matchup for aggressive players.

Tier 2

Elana Control, Midrange Shadow, Control Shadow, and Discard Dragon make up Tier 2’s roster. D-Shift Rune and D-Shift/Daria Hybrid Rune are Tier 2’s other names for D-Shift Rune. All of these are briefly described here.

D-shift Rune

It’s a Runecraft deck with gatekeeper abilities. In order to advance in the game, aggressive decks must first defeat this D-shift rune, which plays a critical role. If you’re more of a control-oriented gamer, this pack is for you.

D-Shift/Daria Hybrid Rune

Runecraft is the class of this deck. This deck costs 17800. Among the many powerful spells included in this deck are Insight, Magic Missile, Conjure Golem, Wind Blast, Kaleidoscopic Glow and Sorcery Cache, as well as Erasmus’ Secrets, Piercing Rune, Fate’s Hand, Fiery Embrace, and Dimension Shift. This deck wins 76% of the time.

Roost Ramp Dragon

Roost Ramp Dragon allows you to both heal yourself and deal massive damage to your opponent.

Midrange Shadow

There is a 27900 cost for this character’s deck, which belongs to the Shadowcraft sub-category. Foul Tempest, Death-brand, Phantom Howl, Dance of Death, and Death’s Breath are some of the best spell cards in the game. Great follower cards like Skull Beast, Charon, Lord of the Flies, Hell’s Unleashed and many others are included in the deck list of this deck.

Elana Control

When it comes to aggressive metal, there’s no better deck out there than this one. Using this deck will allow you to take full advantage of the early stages of the game without having to worry about healing or surviving. Against control decks like Seraph, this deck has only one drawback.

Elana/Seraph Combo Control

This deck is part of the Havencraft sub-category. This deck includes a lot of healing and other capabilities, and it boosts the power game by a factor of two. This deck is equipped with instruments for self-control as well as resistance against attacks from the enemy.

Garuda Haven

Listed for $13,450, this deck is in the Havencraft subcategory. Pinion Prayer, Sacred Plea, Beast-calling region, and Divine Birdsong are among the amulet cards in this set. In this deck, you’ll find spells such as Hollowed Dogma, Blackened Scripture, Angelic Barrage, and Dance of Death.

Control Shadow

The cost of this shadowcraft-themed deck is $27,950 USD. Undying Resentment, Foul Tempest, Phantom Howl, and Death’s Breath are among the spell cards included in this deck. Spirit Cycle is the only Amulet card in the deck.

Discard Dragon

The cost of this deck, which falls under the dragoncraft subcategory, is $27,800. Spell and amulet cards are included in this deck. Blazing Breath, Altered Fate, and Dragon Counsel are the spell cards. Both Dracomancer Rites and Dragon-Song Flute amulet cards are included.

Tier 3

They include: Tempo Forest, PTP Forest, Amulet of Control Seraph Haven and Control Blood. All of these decks can be summarized in the following paragraphs.

Tempo Forest

As a forestcraft deck, it is known for its aggression and quickness. When this deck was introduced, it completely transformed the atmosphere of the game, making it a fast-paced ordeal. Using this deck, the opponent is rendered helpless for the entire duration of the game because of the tremendous early damage it receives. If you’re looking for a deck with a lot of offensive potential, this is it.

PTP Forest

The cost of this deck is 29,600, and it belongs to the forestcraft category. Nature’s Guidance, Altered Fate, Sylvan Justice, and Glimmering Wings are just a few of the many intriguing spell cards included in this deck. Path to Purgatory is the single Amulet card in this set.

Earth Rune

The cost of this runecraft deck is 16550 gp. This deck is in the runecraft category. Four amulet cards and five spell cards are included in this set. Scrap Iron Smelter, Teachings of Creation, Red-Hot Ritual, and Price of Magic are the four amulet cards in this set. Kaleidoscopic Glow, Petrification, Erasmus’ Secrets, Fate’s Hand, and the Calamitous Curse are some of the spell cards included.

Control Sword

This is a swordcraft deck that costs 43,100 points. This deck is short in spell cards, with just two, but it’s rich on followers. Whole-Souled Swing and Alwida’s Command are the two spell cards in question. Unicorn Dancer Unica, Veteran Lancer, Maid Leader, Healing Angel, Novice Trooper, Ruthless Assassin, Floral Fencer, and many more follower cards.

Face Dragon

Face Dragon is a deck from the Dragoncraft subgenre, and it costs $15,400. Blazing Breath, Dragon Emissary, and Demonic Strike are the only three spell cards in this deck. Goblin, Ivory Dragon, Fire Lizard, Trinity Dragon, and Dragon Warrior are among the 12 follower cards in this deck.

Amulet Control Seraph Haven

A havencraft deck, Sacred Plea, Beast-call Aria, Blackened Scripture, Priest of the Cudgel, and Unicorn Dancer Unica are all priority mulligans in this deck’s mulligans list.

Control Blood

There are 29 cards in this deck, which is in the Bloodcraft genre and costs 29,000. Blood Pact, Razory Claw, Summon Bloodkin, Night Horde, Diabolic Drain, Demonic Storm, and Revelation are some of the spell cards included in this set. Dire Bond is the only amulet card in this deck.

Tier 4

White Wolf & Silver Bolt Combo Forest, PTP Rune, Aggro Shadow, Banner Sword, Atomy Shadow, and Tyrant Shadow are Tier 4 decks. All of these decks can be summarized in the following paragraphs.

White Wolf of Eldwood

This Forestcraft deck has a legendary rarity, making it one of a kind. The “Rise of Bahamut” expansion is included in this deck. This deck has a total cost of 3500 to build. Both evolved and unevolved versions of the deck are available for purchase.

Silver Bolt

This is a forestcraft deck, and it comes with the regular expansion. This deck has a total cost of 800 to build. It has an 8.0 card rating and a 3.0 arena rating.

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PTP Rune

The cost of this deck is 10,250, and it belongs to the runecraft category. Here is a list of the spell cards in this deck: Insight, Altered Fate, Magic Missile, Conjure Golem, Wind Blast, Kaleidoscopic Glow, Summon Snow, Witch’s Bolt, Fate’s Hand, etc.

Aggro Shadow

This is a shadowcraft deck with a price tag of $15,250. You can use Soul Conversion, Demonic Strike, Phantom Howl and Dance of Death to perform these spells. Some of the follower cards are Skeleton Fighter, Lesser Mummy and Skeleton Knight.

Banner Sword

Listed at $5,050, this deck is a member of the swordcraft subcategory. At least one amulet card is included. They include Conscription, Whole-Soul Swing, the Dance of Death and Alwida’s Command..” The Royal Banner is one of the amulet cards in this deck.

Atomy Shadow

This deck has an 8.5 card rating and a 7.0 arena rating. Legendary rarity with normal expansion makes it part of shadowcraft. This deck has a total cost of 3500 to construct.

Tyrant Shadow

This deck is under the shadowcraft subcategory and features a strong card selection and high arena scores.


What is the best deck in Shadowverse?

S-Tier. As of right now, this is the best deck in competitive Magic, and it has come to define the metagame. Using Face Dragon’s swift and destructive advances, you can end the game in 8 turns or less with the Face Dragon deck. Due to its inherent advantage over other decks, this one is the only one in the top tier to hold its position.

Is Shadowcraft good Shadowverse?

The strongest deck in the Shadowverse is the Shadowverse Best Shadowcraft Deck.

Mid-game and beyond, this Shadowverse deck performs well. In addition to its Necromancy abilities, this deck also has many cards that can remove followers from play. You’ll have an advantage over the rest of the field because of this.

What is rotation Shadowverse?

Players in Rotation can only construct decks using cards from the five most recent card sets and the majority of basic cards. A set of cards will be switched out every time a new one is released. In addition to the current Unlimited mode, ranking matches will now feature rotation.