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The in-game mechanics of King of Fighters All Star are reminiscent of those found in a role-playing game. Each character in the game has a fighter card, which means that each fighter has several versions. Our King of fighters all-star tier list would have featured more than 150 fighters if we had ranked them all. Certainly, a huge tier list would cover all the fighters, but it would lose its core in the process. There are many reasons why this tier list will appear very different from our Risk of Rain 2 tier list or For Honor tier list. You can see the change for yourself here.



The game’s best characters. Most of the game’s meta is made up of these characters, and they make up the bulk of most players’ rosters.

Orochi 97

In our King of Fighters all star tier ranking, this version of Orochi has the best stats of the rest of the characters. For PVP and PVE fights, Orochi 97 is a fantastic fit. If you’ve had the opportunity to play with him, you’ll know this. You may use his self-healing skill in Arena and league matches, and it is unlocked after he has more than 2 PG bars. One of the many reasons Orochi is still the strongest character in the game, in our opinion, is his super armor and damage immunity, both of which grant adversaries burn damage.

Mukai 03

From the King of Fighter 2003 video game, this Mukai is an S-tier character. KoF All Star’s inability to stop your opponent from executing combinations on you unless your character is petrified is one of the game’s more vexing design choices. Due to Mukai’s petrified state and ability to break any combinations his opponent attempts to land on him, we rank him as the second greatest character in the game. Mukai also has damage immunity, super armor, and the ability to land a limitless number of stomping leg attacks. Mukai in King of Fighters All Stars is a favorite of those who enjoy launching a barrage of attacks.

Terry 03

Terry’s 2003 incarnation is our S-tier list’s third-best character. There are parts of his assaults that are slow, yet there is no mistaking his power. If you choose to play as this character, remember to keep the power gauge at least one level higher than normal, as doing so increases the damage you deal with his skill number three. As a defensive player, Terry is one of the best in the league. Every time he defends himself, he is rewarded with super armor. While this is wonderful for PVE battles, it’s also an excellent mix of abilities for PVP. Terry’s second skill grants him damage immunity as well as the ability to prevent adversaries from rolling.


When it comes to battling alone, Kazuya is a character who performs incredibly well and boosts other Tekken characters by 55%. Kazuya will land limitless combos if you manage to drive an enemy into the wall. When he spams his two special skills alongside his basic skill, his quick power charge rate is a strategic edge that we think is really helpful.” If you play with Kazuya the proper manner, he can feel a little too powerful at times. Because he is the best Tekken player in the game, he ranks higher on our King of Fighters all-star tier list. For example, his S3 provides damage immunity, his S2 paralyzes opponents, and his S1 is the most absurd of them all — it resets the moment it hits an adversary. Because of this, we believe Kazuya is a worthy S-tier player.

KOF ALLSTAR x TEKKEN 7 ] Kazuya Mishima - YouTube

Jin Hoodie

When it comes to PVP and PVE, Jin’s hoodie variant in King of Fighters All Star is an excellent choice. Hoddie Jin’s defense is top-notch, and all of his attacks cause a lot of damage. Three-second damage immunity is provided by this character’s three talents, which stack exceptionally well. Fighting with other Tekken characters or if his health falls below 50% gives Hoodie Jin an additional damage boost. If you have hoodie Jin in your squad, don’t hesitate to pick him if you wish to support your team in leading the offense.

Nameless 02

Nameless appears in the fighting game King of Fighters 2002 in this form. For some unknown reason, we believe that he’s better suited for PVP than PVE, despite being a formidable character in the game. With S1, he can deal massive damage from a great distance, prevent his opponents from utilizing abilities for a short period of time, and even prevent them from rolling the dice. Nameless’ S3 ability provides damage immunity, while its S2 ability provides additional damage from DEF points. Nameless also has a shortened recovery time for his stun and petrify stats, making him an even more compelling choice.

Omega Rugal 98

The King of Fighters 98 version of Omega Rugal features an S-Tier worthy version of the character. All in all, he’s a solid combatant for both PVP and PVE. Because of the chain attacks he can perform, you can tell he is a great fighter by looking at his S1 through S3. For three seconds, Omega Rugal’s S3 ability provides a ranged attack, damage immunity, super armor, and a stun effect. S1 and S2 attack combos are likely to follow if anyone is caught in his S3 attack, to put it mildly. S3 is broken, and many people choose this character as a result of this. However, until Netmarble fixes this issue in future game updates, we believe he merits a place on the S-tier list.

Geese XIV

It is from King of Fighters XIV that we have this Geese character with a strong offense and low defensive rating. As previously said, he is a heavy hitter that can do a lot of damage with his attacks and talents. Geese’s S1 not only offers a ranged attack but also gives the character super armor only if it lands on an enemy. Through his S2, he gains damage immunity while also stun-locking his opponents.

Xmas Elisabeth

On our King of Fighters all star list, Xmas Elisabeth is the final S rank competitor. She is another combatant, like Orochi, who is capable of self-healing. Only a little percentage of her health is restored, and this passive ability only kicks in once her health has risen to 50%. Every time she damages an opponent, Xmas Elisabeth’s S1 ability adds a freeze status effect, and her S2 ability has a chance of freezing the enemy. So, we believe that not only is she strong at landing attacks, but also at reflecting them, because of her S3 ability, which reduces the amount of damage she takes. While her PvP skills show the most, she’s a mixed bag in PvE.


With the right setup, these characters can even outperform S-Tiers.

Orochi Shermie 97

It is our opinion that Orochi Shermie outperforms other characters in this tier list because she is a more balanced fighter overall. In PvP battles, Shermie has a superior skill set. Ranged stun attacks, S1 and S2 are hers. if the S1 strike lands, the enemy’s skill cooldown will be extended, and the S3 ability will provide her super armor. The average cooldown time for all of Shermie’s spells is 10.5. For those who enjoy occasional PvP battles, Shermie is a must-have player.

Orochi Leona 97

Orochi Leona 97 is a good choice if you’re looking for a PvP fighter on our King of Fighters all-star tier list. Using the appropriate cooldown cards, you can unleash an endless barrage of attacks on her thanks to her well-balanced attack and defense statistics. When it comes to PvP, Leona is unstoppable. When she uses her S1 ability, adversaries are flung into the air, where she can use her super armor as an attack agent. Leona’s S2 ability always results in a shock ball. Inflicts shock harm in front of her and moves on its own accord. Her S3 talent comes as a complete shock, since it provides a five-second critical hit chance boost and a shorter cooldown. It’s not like Shermie, but her shock can be very useful if you’re trapped against a wall and need to get away from your foes quickly.

Krizalid 99

The King of Fighters 99 version of Krizalid is this A-tier Krizalid. Kirzalid is another one of the fighters on our list who excels in PvP. Super armor and a grab attack are provided by his S3. If you use S3 too near to an enemy in PvP, you will be unable to flee or block. His S1 skill throws the opponent into the air, allowing him to land more combos with his S2 strike, which prevents the enemy from rolling. Krizalid’s passive stat is impressive when his health drops below 40%. As a result of the skill resets, he gains in strength. Because of this, we believe Krizalid is best suited for PvP battles solely, rather than PvE.

King Of Fighters 99 play as KRIZALID with download link - YouTube

Igniz 01

From KoF 01, Igniz is a champion in both PvP and PvE engagements, and this iteration is no exception. Whether you’re playing from afar or up close and personal, his ranged strikes and shock damage make him a fantastic choice. When he is close to an opponent, his S1 grants him extraordinary armor, and his S2 disables the enemy’s skill. The S3 ability of Igniz summons a massive ball that deals shock damage. The NESTS team’s combatants can benefit from Igniz’s ability to increase their attack and critical rate by 40% and 10% respectively. He is the only one of our A-tier fighters that we feel is capable of taking on both PvP and PvE.

Orochi Zero 01

Orochi Zero, like most of the A-tier fighters on our list, is an excellent PvP option. Also great for Time Attack and Epic Quests because of his long-ranged skill attacks. Every time the opponent uses the S3 assault, Zero’s S2 attack is reset. Zero’s S3 ability offers him extraordinary armor and damage immunity in addition to restarting S2. Although his movements are sluggish, he is capable of devastating blows if they connect. Because of this, we believe Zero is an excellent choice for PvP settings.

Ash Crimson 03

As one of the most versatile fighters in the King of Fighters roster, Ash Crimson stands out due of the wide range of passive skills he brings to the table. When an opponent inflicts a burn, poison, or bleed status effect on Ash, he gains five additional seconds of armor and ten additional seconds of damage from his defensive stats. If your opponent is overmatched, he could be a valuable asset to your squad. Ash’s S1 recharges quickly and grants damage protection, making him a strong League defense choice in addition to being an outstanding PvP fighter.

Jin Classic

When you have your opponent in a tight spot, the only way to defeat Jin classic in PvP is to corner them to the wall. His S2 stuns adversaries, therefore he has even more motive to push an opponent to the limit. It is possible to chain more combination attacks with Jin’s S1 and S3 abilities. In addition to the free card, Jin’s PvE and PvP abilities will be highlighted by the inclusion of this card. Only Jin Classic’s stun attack can be blocked by opponents, making it less useful than it was designed to be.


For PvP battles, Paul’s fighting style is concentrated. Paul’s S1 skill is activated anytime he is hit, granting him extraordinary armor for one second. Using his S1, he may stop or disrupt chain combinations. Paul’s S2 and S3 abilities each deliver substantial damage. The self-healing passive ability that Paul has is activated if he is frozen, petrified, or bleeds. A critical hit from him can cause his enemies to be stunned, which we think is overpowered. On the other hand, it’s the reason he made it to our A-list. You can’t get your hands on Paul Pheonix after the Tekken crossover event ended, therefore we couldn’t put him on the S-tier list.


In the Samurai Showdown 4 crossover event, Haohmaru joined the KoF All Star squad as another outstanding fighter. Because he is a red affinity attack type fighter, he can use his leader talent to boost all of his teammates’ attacks by 55%. As a bonus, each of his three skills has a status effect attached to it, which makes them even more impressive. In addition to being extremely powerful, his S1 also provides a three-second burst of super armor and damage protection. In PvP, his S2 is designed to prevent an enemy from activating active skills for three seconds. Bleed damage is dealt by Haohmaru’s S3 and striking abilities. PvP players have no excuse not to use this fighter, who is capable of wiping out an entire squad.

Lady Chang

Lady Chang is a huge asset to the team when it comes to boosting female fighters’ attacks. Female opponents’ attack power is enhanced by her, making her an all-star in our King of Fighters all-star tier ranking. She gives the team’s female characters 60% more attack damage in exchange for a 10% health penalty. Stunned strikes have no effect on Lady Chang, as she is completely unaffected by them. Lady Chang’s skill attacks, on the other hand, all deal stun damage to opponents. Whenever she is attacked during a fight, she can use her S2. Lady Chang is a versatile combatant that excels in both PvE and PvP. Her S2 skill animation appears to take longer than usual, which is concerning in PvP because of the potential for negative ramifications.

Orochi Iori 97

It’s no exaggeration to say that Iori’s A-tier version from KoF 97 is devastating. In PvE battles, he’s a great choice for dealing a ton of damage. By surrendering 10% of his protection while raising his assault by 60%, he becomes angry. Adding icing to the cake is the fact that all of Iori’s skills are reset after a single use. It gives him an unfair advantage in both PvE and PvP games. Iori had no super armor prior to the current upgrade. When it came to PvP, many players were hesitant to use this character. However, after the update, Iori’s life took a turn for the better. He is now a superior fighter and performs better in both Time Attack and Epic Quest with the inclusion of super armor.


After the Tekken crossover event, this top-tier fighter became available. Ling’s abilities grants fighters a short burst of healing if they land on an enemy. Super armor, a stun, and the ability to keep adversaries from rolling are just some of the benefits of Ling’s S3. If the opponent is pinned to the wall, she is an excellent attacker and can unleash a limitless number of combos.

Sentai Clark

After the Tekken crossover event, this top-tier fighter became available. Ling’s abilities grants fighters a short burst of healing if they land on an enemy. Super armor, a stun, and the ability to keep adversaries from rolling are just some of the benefits of Ling’s S3. If the opponent is pinned to the wall, she is an excellent attacker and can unleash a limitless number of combos.

Nests Kyo XIII

After the Tekken crossover event, this top-tier fighter became available. Ling’s abilities grants fighters a short burst of healing if they land on an enemy. Super armor, a stun, and the ability to keep adversaries from rolling are just some of the benefits of Ling’s S3. If the opponent is pinned to the wall, she is an excellent attacker and can unleash a limitless number of combos.

NESTS Style Kyo (XIII) - - NOW AVAILABLE in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR! - YouTube


After the Tekken crossover event, this top-tier fighter became available. Fighters who land on an adversary when Ling is active will receive a brief burst of healing. Super armor, a stun, and the ability to keep adversaries from rolling are just some of the benefits of Ling’s S3. If the opponent is pinned to the wall, she is an excellent attacker and can unleash a limitless number of combos.

King 94

After the Tekken crossover event, this A-tier fighter became available. Fighters who land on an adversary using Ling’s powers receive a brief surge of healing. For Ling, her S3 can stop adversaries from rolling, and for her S1 she provides super-armor. If the opponent is pinned to the wall, she is an excellent attacker who can unleash a limitless number of combos.

Kyo Kusanagi 95

Kyo 95 is yet another excellent B-tier addition. His leader talent grants a 50% additional attack to your team’s blue element fighters because he is an affinity fighter for the color blue. There aren’t any B-tier characters, thus he’s a great choice for Time Attack. His attacks are characterized by their exploding animations, which inflict massive amounts of damage. In terms of damage output, Kyo’s first, second, and third strikes all inflict the same amount. S3 raises attack damage by 11.6 percent for seven seconds. As a result, we did not include Kyo 99 in our A-tier ranking because of his lone flaw in the striker skill.

Mai 95

The best offensive character on our B-tier ranking is certainly Mai 95. In several of her attack types, her universal leader talent grants a 25% increase in attack power every health point. If her abilities and timing are right, she’ll be able to perform an unlimited number of combinations. Her S1 is the most powerful of the three because it not only deals pure raw damage but also inflicts 18 percent burn damage every 1s for a duration of 7s. Because of this, we believe she has the potential to replace a number of A-tier characters if you know how to play her correctly.

Orochi Chris

If the most recent patch hadn’t changed Orochi Chris 97’s abilities, we’d have put him in our D-tier ranking. The burn damage that Orochi Chris deals to enemies is similar to that of Kyo’s but not quite as potent, making him an excellent choice for both PvE and PvP battles. His offensive and defensive metrics are well-balanced, but he doesn’t contribute much to the team’s success. This is a great S3 ability for chaining combos because it stops the enemy from rolling. Both of his S1 and S2 attacks are short range and unblockable. After the recent update, he may have been a better fighter, but that is all he has at the moment.

Orochi Yashiro 97

Although he has a tough exterior, Orochi Yashiro lacks physical strength. His defense stats are above average, and he gives health regeneration during the course of combat. Although he has the potential to be an effective attacker, he is a rather underpowered one. In order to inflict greater damage on your adversaries, you must activate the S1 skill and sacrifice your defensive points to draw additional attack power. However, this may appear to be a benefit, but in reality it is a waste of S1 power. O Yashiro’s S2 is an unblockable close-range grab, while his S3 is an armor-grabbing super grab. While his PvE performance is mediocre, he is quickly defeated by strong opponents in PvP. For this reason, we’ve placed O Yashiro in the B-tier.


Having red affinity, K’99 gives his leader talent to other red affinity members of the team. Due to flaws, he often misses combos in PvE and PvP engagements. He is good at Time Attack. Even with the most recent update, there is still opportunity for development in the K’99. As long as the animation issues are addressed, though, this character is capable of being an effective assailant in the future. That’s why he currently occupies a spot on our B-list.

Zero Clone 00

Zero Clone is yet another fighter who has flaws, chief among them being his poor attack damage. Team Chain Quest can unlock him, but keep in mind that he’s best used for protection and lacks any kind of damage-dealing abilities. In both PvP and Arena/League games, Zero Clone can be employed as a support player. Because his health recovery starts in whenever his HP drops below 30%, we put him on our B-tier list. Otherwise, there are plenty of other fighters to consider.

Ling School Girl

Even though Ling School Girl has a plethora of abilities that can change the course of battle in both PvP and PvE, we still ranked her as a B-tier character. Because of her low attack damage, like many other fighters in our Tier 1 list, she has a tiny advantage over her opponents in PvP. You must rely on skills that drain attack power from other stats in order to deliver damage while playing with Ling. As an example, if her teammates have more than 66% health, she can deal 60 percent of the team’s attack damage. In our opinion, Ling is better suited for defense playstyles rather than assault ones, because she has exceptional armor and can heal her teammates.

False Advent Orochi

Perhaps the only B-tier fighter on our list who deserves an upgrade to A-tier due to a lack of attack variety. Even though he does a good amount of damage, most of his strikes are tedious and uninteresting to watch. It is possible for Fake Orochi to disrupt an enemy chain attack by using petrification as a passive talent of the character. When he upgrades to S1, he gains super armor that can deflect missiles. Despite having a similar appearance to Orochi 97 in our King of Fighters all-star tier list, false advent Orochi failed to wow us owing to a lack of variety in his attacks.

Yuri in Wonderland

Yuri in Wonderland reduces her own health by 10% in exchange for 60 percent more attack damage for her defense-type comrades. Her S1 stuns the target for 2 seconds, while her S2 deals the most damage of the three while also increasing one of the character’s stats (attack or defense) by 26% for 7 seconds. In a fight, her S3 and striker skills are about the only thing this fighter has going for her.

KOF Allstar - Yuri in Wonderland - YouTube

Whip 99

Rabbit Yuri and Whip 99 share several characteristics. If you want to assemble a squad entirely of defensive fighters, she’s a terrific choice. Other defense-type fighters on her team gain 60% more attack damage thanks to her leader talent. In exchange for the +10% attack speed and +10% defensive poi she offers,


Characters that aren’t particularly memorable but don’t have any particularly glaring flaws.

Ryo 95

When Ryo 95’s leader skill is used, the HP of his red elemental allies is increased by 50% as a defense fighter with red affinity. In the game, he isn’t much of an attacker. Instead, if you make excellent use of his abilities, he might serve as a solid defensive or support character. Using his S1 and S2, he is able to fling adversaries into the air, and his S2 is quite effective in close combat. 1.4 percent of Ryo’s maximum HP can be gained by using S3’s kick attack. His Striker skill can restore 12 percent of the HP of an active team member. You can see right away that his stats aren’t all that impressive. Even if Ryo’s healing powers are severely lacking as a defensive fighter, he still has a lot to offer.

Mature 96

Mature 96 is a green-elemental-affinity defense fighter. Her leader talent improves the total power charge rate by 20%, as well as boosting the attack and HP of all of the characters in the party by 25% and 20% respectively. It’s hard to tell the difference between Mature’s S1 and S2 slash attacks. Upon landing, the S3 ability adds 5% more cooldown to the talent and sends foes into the air. Unlike S3, her striker attack deals bleed damage to the target for seven seconds and has the same motion as S3. We believe that she can be useful in PvE and Epic Quest objectives as a C-tier list fighter.

Shermie 97

Probably the only C-tier fighter to offer large attack bonuses is this C-tier list fighter. Shermie 97’s attack power can be increased by 60% only if her HP is over 70%. On paper, she appears to be a good attack fighter. However, the requirement of at least 70% health makes her unplayable. In addition to delivering the most devastating damage, her S1 also throws an enemy into the air. Second and third attacks of Shermie’s S2 and S3 are both air attacks that deal roughly the same amount of damage as S1 and regain 1.4 percent of her maximum HP, respectively, in the process. After playing with her, we found that her auto-locking was the only issue we had, and that’s why she’s on our C-tier list.

Brian 98

This is a C-tier Brian from the KoF 98 video game. With his leader skill, he may boost the attack and HP of his yellow elemental companions by 15% and 35%, respectively. The most damaging attack is S2, which is used by Brian. As for the other two, his S1 is a rapid dash attack, and his S3 is a leaping strike that provides four seconds of super armor when it hits its target. In our opinion, he’d be an even better fighter if the game developers completely reworked his striker talent. For the time being, his striker talent only reduces damage from purple elementals by 72%.

Kensou 99

In the KoF 99 game, this Kensous C-tier variation is available. His leader skill provides a 25 percent bonus to attack damage and a 25 percent reduction in Yellow elemental enemy damage. In terms of damage output, Kensou’s leaping punch S2 ability is the strongest. His S1 is a moderately damaging spinning kick move, while his S3 offers him super armor, which is useful for both defensive and approach tactics. Kensou 99 currently suffers from a high cooldown on skills, which we believe is its most significant flaw. There’s a chance this can be remedied in future versions, however.

Armor King

As an offensive fighter, the armor king’s massive build would have been more effective. Unfortunately, he is a red-affinity defense character in KoF All Star. All Tekken fighters in the team benefit from Armor King’s leader skill, which improves their power charge rate by 25 percent and increases their bonus attack by 45 percent. When he utilizes a talent, his S2 gives him 3s of Super Armor. S1 and S3 damage from Armor King are the same. The former, on the other hand, improves attack by 30% of DEF for 7s, while the latter raises critical DMG for active members by 30% for 7. When it comes to his striker skill, it feels like a squandered chance because it only deals one-third of S1 damage.

Sentai Ralf

When playing with Clark, Sentai Ralf is a red-affinity defense type player. Only if Clark is also on the squad may he use his leader talent to get an additional 15% attack power and 30% health. It’s hard to tell which of his abilities is more powerful. Super Armor is granted to Ralf for 3s as well as damage immunity from S1. Status effects are absent from S2 and S3, which deal only raw damage. We believe Sentai Ralf, like Armor King, has a Striker Skill that could use a balance tweak.

KOF ALL STAR || Ralf & Clark Super Sentai Theme - YouTube

Swimsuit Kula

Swimsuit Kula isn’t particularly noteworthy, and if it weren’t for her freeze status effect, she’d be down at the bottom of our rankings. Blue elemental fighters benefit from a 50% increase in attack damage thanks to her leadership ability. In both S1 and S2, she inflicts the same amount of harm. Swimsuit Kula shines in both PvE and PvP thanks to the S3 skill. Using this skill has a 50% chance of freezing the victim for 1.3s or dealing Chill damage equal to 70% of the target’s ATK, which delivers more damage than the first two talents combined. Every two seconds for seven seconds, her striker talent deals a chill damage equivalent to 21 percent of the target’s attack.

Andy 98

To be precise, this Andy is from the KoF 98 video game. He is a defense-type green elemental fighter that boosts his teammates’ attacks by 25% and deals 40% bleed damage. Andy’s S2 does a lot of harm for a relatively small amount of money. His S1 bleeds the foe for 10 seconds, dealing bleed damage equal to 28% of the attack. This assault can be stacked up to three times.

A similar S3 strike from Andy lands 32 percent of the damage for 10s. Again, he falls short in the striker department. For the time being, he can only reduce the bleed resistance of all foes by 55% for 10 seconds at a time.

Ramon 00

As a result, most of Ramon 00’s skills are based on grab strikes, which are both unblockable and can inflict significant damage on opponents. He’s a fighter of the balanced type with an affinity for the yellow element. By utilizing his leader skill, he raises the critical hit rate by 11% and the overall damage by 65%. Ramon’s S1 and S2 are the only C-tier list fighters to offer armor damage. This character was demoted due to his clumsy attacks and movement. Other than that, developers might improve his speed and make him a decent B-tier grab fighter.


The owner of these characters must put in a lot of time and effort to make them viable.

Heidern 94

Heidern is a character from the 1994 KoF game, and he presently stands in our D-tier ranking due to his high skill cooldown and weak striker talent. The average cooldown for all of his abilities is 13 seconds, which is disappointing when compared to the 10-11 second cooldown that many fighters have for their S1, S2, and S3 abilities. Only fighters of the balancing type can use Heidern’s leader talent, and we can tell you right now that there aren’t many people who favor fighters of this sort. As a result, characters like Heidern aren’t the most accessible to players. Unlike other characters, he does not benefit from additional buffs or status effects for himself or his enemies when using any of his talents.

Chizuru 96

Her leader talent boosts the attack by 25% and reduces damage taken by 20% for fighters with an affinity for the color yellow (Chizuru’s in-game color). She has the game’s most egregious striker skill defect, bar none. For the next 10 seconds, she reduces the damage inflicted on the active members of the team by 17.6%. In essence, she negates the offensive strength of your squad, which is catastrophic in both PvE and PvP. Even with the most recent update, her ability was not improved.

Takuma 98

S1 Takuma deals a lot of damage, making him a great choice for any team. We don’t think he’s the best fighter in the game because of his leadership and striking abilities. To begin with, only characters skilled in the art of combat benefit from his leader talent, which raises HP and enhances the damage done by active skills. Having a complete team of art of fighting fighters is also an uncommon sight, as there aren’t many of them around in the game at all. Secondly, his striker talent lands only 2% stun damage, which we believe is a wasted potential.

Takuma – KOF 98 UM OL NHẬT BẢN

Heavy D 94

Heavy D 94 is an assault fighter with a leader talent that boosts the critical rate of all other fighters by 17 percent. His ability to work well with teammates in both PvE and PvP situations is outstanding. His S1 through S3 abilities were still lacking, so we weren’t really impressed. He’s immune to any kind of status effect damage. In addition, his attack damage is underwhelming. With a few tweaks, we believe this character has the potential to thrive in the future.

Halloween Yashiro

While Takuma 98’s skillsets are relatively similar, his animations are slightly faster. Halloween Yashiro’s S3 and striker skill both deal stun damage, but his short stun duration means he falls short of Takuma in our rankings. There is no chance of evading his S1 or S2. Unfortunately, the stun duration of the S3 and striker talents is only around 1.4s and 1.8s, respectively. Because of this, we believe Halloween Yashiro is a D-tier character.

Maxima 99

Although Maxima has a massive build, his attack types and damage stats fell short of our expectations. Neither you nor your teammates receive any benefits from any of his three talents, which all deal only raw damage. Even worse, none of his abilities are particularly powerful, and they are all rather weak. Furthermore, the cooldowns for each of Maxima’s three abilities are lengthy, averaging 12 seconds. In fact, the striker talent is the most pointless of them all. The present state of the game makes it nearly impossible to win a PvE or PvP engagement using Maxima. We strongly recommend that you avoid this character until he receives a major change in his abilities from the game’s developers.


These characters can only be used in specific situations. Because of their weak numbers, skills, and overall balance, these characters should only be used in emergency situations.


Which one is the best fighter in the game?

Our King of Fighters all-star tier list does not have a single fighter who meets all of our criteria. Each fighter has a particular style that changes depending on the game mode. The following are our picks for the top combatants in each mode.

Who is the strongest character in KOF Allstar?

As of 1997, Orochi Iori. Orochi Iori is the other Orochi variant fighter on the list, following Leona. This fighter has a lot going for him, and he’s easily the best in the game.

Is KOF All Stars good?

K.O.F. All Stars is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically pleasing fighting games available for mobile devices. Epic is conveyed through a simple gameplay mechanic and a soundtrack that perfectly complements the action. In total, each character has four abilities, three basic combo skills and one Ultimate.

How strong is Orochi Iori?

Overview. Riot Iori has an impressive 8119 Attack, making him one of the most powerful characters in the game. To add insult to injury, his HP is ordinary and his DEF is below average. He’s one of the best leaders in the game, if not the best.

Who is Orochi in KOF?

The King of Fighters ’97’s main antagonist and final boss is Orochi (). Yamata no Orochi, the eight-headed serpent of Japanese mythology, has a new interpretation in the form of this group and its adherents. 1,800 years ago, the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan sealed Orochi.