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Nintendo’s latest video game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, was published on December 7th, 2018. Many new characters, such as Metroid’s Ridley and Splatoon’s Inkling, make their debut in the latest installment of the Smash Bros. franchise.

Many characters to pick from make it difficult to figure out which are most suited to your own play style and preferences. You can use our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier List to help you select the best character for your play style.

There is a tier list for each character in Smash Ultimate that ranks them from best to worst. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate enthusiasts and professionals have compiled a list of their favorite characters.

It is important to rank characters based on their ability to compete at a high level, as well as how easy they are to learn and use. There is a fighter in this guide for everyone, from high-level fighters like Wario and Peach to low-level fighters like Kirby.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – A Quick Information

In the latest version of Nintendo’s Super Smash series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, classic characters from prior games are joined by a number of new characters.

With a single-player campaign called World of Light, users take control of an AI fighter to battle other players and bosses on a battlefield in “Classic” mode, which uses the same set-ups as past Super Smash Bros. games.

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Several multiplayer modes are also available, such as “Smash,” in which players face off against one another until one of them is knocked off a stage or loses all of their lives. Tournament, which offers more intense matches in an elimination structure, and “For Fun,” which allows the user to set up a specific match with specific parameters.

A variety of modes, including “Smashdown” mode, where the winner of each match cannot be used again so that others can have a chance; and “32-Fighter Mode,” which allows the player to face 32 opponents at once and earn new equipment and fighters with each win.

As the number of characters has grown, it has become increasingly difficult to determine the ideal character for competitive play. For those who are unable to decide which character to play, this guide is here to assist you with the Smash Ultimate tier list.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier List

In competitive gaming, a tier list refers to the evaluation of a player’s characters based on their potential for success.

A character in Smash Ultimate’s top tier is thought to be capable of defeating any opponent they come across. In the bottom tier, you’ll find fighters who aren’t as good as those above them, but also aren’t as weak.

Tier lists in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have several benefits:

  • Assisting you in deciding which character is best suited for newcomers.
  • Increasing one’s knowledge of the game.
  • Increasing your knowledge of characters you don’t use as frequently.
  • Ranks of characters competing against each other.
  • Decide which characters to work on the most.
  • Cooperative or competitive gameplay can be used to determine which characters are the greatest fit for various team compositions.
  • Matchmaking between tiers to help players identify the best possible matchups for themselves and their opponents.

So, without further ado, here are the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s top 10 characters.

Smash Ultimate Tier S List

The characters in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier S list are considered the best in the game. They’re the ones who’ll always come out on top, no matter who they’re up against. In Smash Ultimate, you can’t go wrong with any of the fighters on the tier S list.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Joker is the best character. His combat style is mainly based on combinations, and he has excellent mobility on the ground as well as fair control over the air. Arsene also gives him an advantage in his combinations, increasing the overall damage that Joker can deal..


Pikachu is a formidable opponent in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Most importantly, his hitbox is significantly smaller than that of other fighters in the same category. Pikachu is a tough target to take down. His aerial recovery skills are superior, giving him an even greater advantage in the event of an on-field miscue. Pikachu’s thunder jolt projectile and quick ground speed make him an all-around useful fighter.


Palutenia is a fantastic zoning fighter. Her high air and dash speeds are to blame. She can also get out of dangerous situations faster because to Palutenia’s quick aerial attacks and reduced landing lag. Most of her assaults have a wide range and a high degree of effectiveness.

Zero Suit Samus

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Zero Suit Samus stands out as a combatant with exceptional mobility. Zero Suit Samus not only boasts a lightning-quick ground speed, but she also excels in the air. She has the ability to switch up her attacks and set up many knockouts. Using her devastating downslam and paralyzer, she has time to land several combos before the opponent recovers.

Peach (Daisy)

With her sluggish fall and low airspeed, Peach makes up for it with her combinations and recovery. Peach is able to perform and mix-up aerial combos in addition to her ground-based moves. Her ability to float and rebound horizontally can be a lifesaver at times.


Wolf is another another top-notch Smash Ultimate fighter in the S-rank. In addition to his blasters, he is an excellent choice for the game because of them. The lasers fired by Wolf’s blasters have a long range and a high damage output. His blasters may also shock and instantly knock back opponents, adding to their overall damage output. Otherwise, Wolf’s air game is the finest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When it comes to quickly transitioning between offensive and defensive methods during a fight, Mario is one of the most well-rounded fighters in the game. Close-quarters combat is his forte. Most of Mario’s maneuvers end soon because of the fast frame data linked with him. Furthermore, he is the ideal fighter for novices and experts alike to learn and master the game.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Snake is better suited to zoning and camping playstyles. Many of his moves, including as his jab, hand grenade, back aerial, down aerial, and down smash, have lightning-fast startup times. Snake also has a tremendous knockback and a wide variety of ways to KO an opponent. Furthermore, because of his heavyweight, the fighter has a great level of survivability, making it more difficult to finish him.

Pyra & Mythra

It’s a one-two punch with Pyra and Mythra. In terms of their overall damage output and unique abilities, however, they are very different. Fighters that use Pyra’s basic to advanced attacks will be slowed down by their effectiveness. Mythra, on the other hand, is a quick-witted fighter who employs a variety of combos to keep her opponents off balance.

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Pokémon Trainer

Using Pokemon Trainer’s surprising moves to confuse opponents is an effective strategy. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this is just one of the many advantages the player gets. When a fighter has access to the trainer’s arsenal of Pokemon, he or she has a significant advantage over the competition. As a result, the other player will almost always utilize a shield because they are unsure whether to attack or protect. The fighter’s combat is made even more dramatic by the fact that the Pokemon it uses can be switched while in mid-air.

Mr. Game & Watch

Because he has the lowest crouch in the game, Mr. Game & Watch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can dodge the majority of incoming strikes. His smash attacks pack a big punch, and he possesses some of the strongest KO choices to use in a one-on-one battle.


Lucina is a talented fighter who has strong mobility, a disjointed reach, and good pressure on her opponents. Her discontinuous reach is one of the fighter’s greatest advantages, as it allows her to interrupt an enemy’s strikes and quickly initiate attacks. The Dancing Blade move of Lucina is an excellent means of dealing damage and a good way to initiate a combo. She also has a nice out of shield option with her Dolphin Slash, which is great for surprising the enemy.


Only R.O.B, outside Joker, has the best horizontal and vertical recovery in our S-ranking of the smash tier list. Giving ROB more recuperation because of the game’s architecture allows it to be a formidable opponent. R.O.B’s Arm Rotor can also be used as a reflector in the event that the shield is depleted. Additionally, the robot has two projectile-based attacks that can be used for zoning playstyles.


Shulk is a master of long-distance attacks because to Monado’s ability to stretch its energy blades. He is quite heavy, making it difficult for opponents to propel him into the air. The Monado Arts additionally allow Shulk to improve his overall performance as well as overcome challenging circumstances.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Wario is also a heavyweight fighter, like Shulk. It’s not as simple as you may think to propel him into the air. Wario has a decent chance of survival because of his high weight, which makes him difficult to knock back. Additionally, Wario possesses a high degree of air acceleration as well as a high rate of movement. It’s Wario’s incredible KO move, the Wario Waft, that elevates him to the status of an outclassed fighter.

Min Min

Using her ARM attacks, Min Min excels at long-range attacks. With both arms, she’s got a tether grasp. However, Min Min has a limited range when it comes to this type of strike. Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s current meta has made her a terrific combatant, and she’s a decent fighter overall.


It is Sephiroth’s weapon of choice, Masamune, the longest blade in Final Fantasy VII. Moreover, he is the game’s lightest fighter, making him easier to launch into the air than the other fighters. Super armor and a third mid-air jump let Sephiroth to compensate for being a less-recoverable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Roy is a fantastic choice for a swordfighter. The closer he gets to an opponent, the more potent his close combat game and combos become. And Roy’s retaliation can cause significant damage as well. It’s possible to meteor smash an opponent with his down aerial.


Pac-Man is one of the top fighters in our S-ranking tier list. It’s hard to find a better fighter at blending rushdown and zoner styles than this one. Furthermore, he has a variety of ways to go back on stage. Both on the ground and in the air, Pac-Man displays impressive fighting skills.

Smash Ultimate Tier A List

In the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rank If you’re looking for an upper-middle range character list, you’ll find it here! Although they’re good fighters, they aren’t quite up to par with the tier S fighters. In a wide range of situations, they are the best characters to use, making them ideal for beginner gamers.

smash ultimate tier list - smash ultimate tier listsmash ultimate tier list


Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s Sonic has the best dash speed in the game. Most of his combat style relies on simple to advanced ground and aerial assaults, with good tilt attacks, as well as a wide range of ground and aerial skills. An enemy that is hit by Sonic’s down aerial can be destroyed with a meteor smash strike. While zoning, his Spin Charge and Spin Dash are two of the strongest special techniques to have at your disposal.


Fox is a fantastic choice for a variety of combos, excellent horizontal and vertical recovery, and the ability to enter and exit combat quickly. Fox possesses one of the most devastating Up Smash assaults in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, because to his lightning-fast attacks. The rapid-fire blaster he carries makes him an excellent close-combat and long-range combatant.


A superb swordfighter in the game, Chrom excels at both ground and aerial combat thanks to his excellent combo skills and high agility. The fighter is able to respond to his counterattack because of it. Furthermore, Chrom’s aerial strikes are his go-to movesets when applying pressure to an opponent. The fighter’s strongest suit is its arsenal of basic and advanced attacks, which are both quite effective. It’s possible that Chrom isn’t the best choice for those who want to use their weapons from afar.


Inkling is one of the best characters in Smash Ultimate’s A-ranking roster. When she inks an opponent, she can then deal more harm to boost her damage. She also uses the ink to slow down the opponent’s movement when she squirts it on the ground. However, when she super jumps, she does not use any ink. When battling one-on-one with an opponent, Inkling’s only limitation is that she has to regenerate ink, which takes time and isn’t a good strategy.

Young Link

Young Link has a smaller hitbox and a better tether than Link. His arrows, when fired, inflict fire damage on an adversary. Any other time a bomb is dropped by Young Link, it explodes. Meteor-smashing power can be unleashed from his downed aerial strike. The main drawback of using Young Link is that his knockback attack range isn’t very good. Playing with Young Link makes KO a little more tough.

Diddy Kong

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Diddy Kong is yet another formidable foe. In most cases, he is able to maintain a safe distance from his target while still delivering a powerful blow. As an aerial combatant, Diddy Kong is a great pick. He can juggle and land good combos in the air. The fighter can use his Rocketbarrel Boost to recuperate by projecting himself in a specific path.


Cloud’s ability to double leap allows him to jump higher than most other fighters in the game. If used correctly, his Special and Smash attacks can KO an opponent in the middle of the game. In close combat, Cloud is a godsend. The Buster Sword, on the other hand, allows the user to unleash a ranged assault. A disadvantage is that he recovers slowly when his limit is not activated during a fight.


Players that want to continually apply pressure to their opponents might consider Ness as a viable option. It’s because he excels at both close-ranged assaults and long-ranged combos. The finest thing about the fighter is that he can KO an opponent with a grab assault at a low risk. Due to his diminutive stature, Ness has a smaller hitbox. He has a better aerial game than he has on the ground.


On the ground and in the air, Greninja’s agility is unmatched. This character can confuse his foes by moving quickly and mixing up various combos. Additionally, Greninja possesses the best recovery of any character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In order to traverse both the vertical and horizontal distances, he uses his Hydro Pump. Greninja, on the other hand, possesses excellent edge-protection.


Olimar employs a variety of Pikmin in order to confound his foes. By combining Pikmin attacks with grab-based attacks, he can swiftly increase his percentage. For the sake of dealing damage, Olimar can use Pikim attacks as either close-ranged or long-ranged assaults. Aside from that, the boxer has a quick recovery time, which contributes to his overall improvement as a fighter.


Terry is an A-rank Smash Ultimate heavyweight fighter. Aerial combos are difficult to do with him because of his heavy weight. In addition, Terry’s weight gives him a strong chance of survival. Furthermore, the force of his bullets can force an opponent to go near. Terry’s Super Specials can only be used if he’s at least 100% healthy.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Steve DLC character appears in the game. He’s a good fighter in close quarters, but he’s lacking in the range department. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Steve has all the same tools and resources at his disposal that he did in the original game. Even yet, the availability of resources is influenced by the stage in which the performance is taking place. In a location where there is only one resource that can be collected, this puts the fighter at a significant disadvantage.

Mega Man

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mega Man’s attacks rely primarily on projectiles. Because of this, he’s a great choice for zoning opponents. He possesses a small hitbox due to his diminutive stature as a fighter. Mega Man is also capable of performing a wide range of single- and multi-hit assaults.

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Yoshi prefers to attack with a series of coordinated blows. When it comes to combat, he’s a natural athlete who excels in both the air and the ground. Unlike the majority of Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters, Yoshi possesses a meteor smash that can be used on his forward aerial. However, despite all of its advantages, the fighter has a poor vertical recovery rate.

Captain Falcon

A-rank fighter Captain Falcon is yet another excellent choice. He can confound his opponent with his lightning-quick running speed. When Captain Falcon uses aerial assaults, the lag between the completion of the attack and the landing is almost nonexistent. In addition, he has a variety of KO attacks that can be used in mid-percentage situations.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pichu is the smallest character. Due to his little stature, he is able to easily evade most of the attacks that come his way. As a result, Pichu has a smaller hit box than the heavier fighters, making it more difficult to hit him. Due to his diminutive stature, he is vulnerable to KO and lacks stamina.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ken is a superb close-combat fighter. He has a decent amount of agility for a melee combat-focused fighter, which is above average. In a one-on-one encounter, his Heavy Shoryuken is a great weapon to have at your disposal. Ken’s only flaw is that his recovery is predictable, which most opponents can take advantage of.


Link is one of the most adaptable fighters on the A-rank Smash tier list, able to switch between close combat and ranged strikes with ease. As a heavyweight boxer, he has the advantage of a longer lifespan. Because Link’s attacks are so well-balanced, an opponent is forced to keep a safe distance.

Smash Ultimate Tier B List

Characters with above-average viability are included in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier B list. Newcomers as well as veterans alike can benefit from these characters. They provide a variety of options for a team to pick from.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sheik has a wide range of combinations and excellent agility. Most of his attacks start and stop quickly. Even Sheik’s jump height is impressive. There aren’t many ways to kill him other than slamming his head into the ground.

Samus (Dark Samus)

Because he can tether the surface, Samus has excellent recovery. He is the game’s strongest fighter, with the game’s longest grasp. For both recuperation and assault purposes, Dark Samus’s Bombs attack allows the character to hover in the air for a bit.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Bowser is the game’s heaviest character. He is an expert in close-quarters combat, and his weapons are extremely powerful. Bowser’s Smash strike has a 50% or lower chance of taking out an opponent. He’s an excellent brawler, but he also has a reasonable grab range.


On the ground and in the air, Falco is a quick-footed fighter who is adept at executing combinations. He is a skilled close-combat fighter with a solid understanding of combos. A blaster is also at his disposal for dealing with long-range projectile attacks. He can be propelled into the air with relative ease due to his fighter’s small weight.


Ike is a high-damage heavyweight on the B-rank Smash tier list for a sword fighter. He’s not only capable of good ground combinations, but he’s also capable of good air combos. Because he is a heavyweight, it will be difficult to launch and KO him. However, his recovery time is abysmal.


Because of Luigi’s moderate fall speed, the fighter can land aerial combinations with ease. He possesses a wide range of moves, both on the ground and in the air, that he can perform. Luigi has a variety of weapons at his disposal for both offense and defense. Tether grabs are also available, but can only be used on ledges.


A shield is used by the hero to deflect the projectiles that are aimed at him. Hocus Pocus and Metal Slash can be used in a variety of situations, but their effectiveness depends on the circumstances. When he’s fully charged, Hero’s vertical recovery is superb.


Ryu has a wide range of combination attacks at his disposal to keep an opponent guessing. On the ground and in the air, he’s got a decent amount of agility. It’s ideal for chaining more combination attacks because most of his attacks have minimal finishing latency.

Wii Fit Trainer

In the same vein as Ryu, Wii Fit Trainer’s agility and lag-free attacks are comparable to Ryu’s. Because he is a lightweight and has a short grasp range, the fighter has a few drawbacks.

Rosalina & Luma

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Rosalina and Luma are both huge, light, and agile warriors. Zone pressure can be exerted on an opponent by them. It’s difficult to keep track of two fighters at the same time, and this can be annoying at times.

Mii Brawler

Since Mii Brawler is a far superior Mii fighter, he is included as B-rank on the list of Mii fighters. As a result of their lack of effective projectile-based long-range attacks, they are better suited for close-combat.

Mii Fighter (SSBU) - SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki

Toon Link

Due to his sword’s fractured hitboxes, Toon Link makes an excellent choice for close-quarters combat. Using his down aerial, he deals damage to an opponent with a Meteor Smash attack. One might make a case that Toon Link’s throw is the most powerful in Super Smash Bros.


Marth, like Toon Link, wields a sword and as a result, his attacks are disconnected. With his sword, he is capable of devastating combos and high knockback. Combination assaults from Marth can put pressure on an enemy.


Byleth fighters have a powerful offensive and defensive game as a DLC character. The down aerial and down smash attacks can deal shield damage to an opponent. They have a small grasp range and a poor horizontal recovery capability.


Lucas is a fast and effective fighter who can also deliver a lot of damage. In addition, his zone play is above average. Combos and powerful smash attacks are two of Lucas’ specialties.


With Corrin’s scattered hitboxes, the fighter has greater room to complete combos and escape his assaults. This gives the fighter additional opportunities to use aerial maneuvers because many of his attacks send his adversary flying into the air.

Banjo & Kazooie

Banjo has the most of the hitboxes, while Kazooie just has Talon Trot. In this way, the fighter has more freedom to attack without fear of being counterattacked by their opponent. Banjo and Kazooie also have the ability to jump three times, which is ideal for a quick recovery.


In terms of both close and long-range combat, Bayonetta is one of the best fighters in the Smash Ultimate B-rank tier ranking. Her grab attack has a long range and is effective from both the ground and the air. It is possible to combine Bayonetta’s throws with other types of attacks.

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt’s trick shot attack is a projectile-based assault that is useful for constructing traps. Keep a safe distance from the Wild Gunmen. Due to their small size and light weight, Duck Hunt missiles are vulnerable to being launched by a mid-to-heavy fighter aircraft.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight, like Kirby, has six jumps with an insufficient amount of total height. The swordsman has an advantage over other fighters in the same universe since he is armed with a more powerful weapon. Combinations and multi-hit assaults are some of Meta Knight’s best skills.


Mewtwo’s tremendous dash speed and air dodging show that it has above-average agility. The fighter is difficult to counter because of his ability to quickly recover with backward aerials, teleports, and Shadow Balls.


Ranged damage dealer playstyles can benefit greatly with Robin. And he or she has a good grasping capability. To put pressure on the enemy, Robin’s ranged combinations make the fighter a good option.


Villager’s knockback attack is better than usual, and he can take out an opponent with a percentage of more than 55%. He has good vertical and horizontal recovery as well.


Overall, Zelda is a solid and dependable character in the game. However, she only has a few combos that are successful against opponents who weigh between 155 and 175 pounds.

Mii Gunner

The B-rank tier list has Mii Gunner as a ranged fighter. He excels at putting the squeeze on an adversary so that he can draw closer. Mii Gunner, on the other hand, doesn’t have the best close-combat options.

Ice Climbers

The equipment used by ice climbers is both offensive and recuperative in nature. Their vertical leap is respectable. Ice Climbers, on the other hand, have poor horizontal airflow. Furthermore, if Nana dies, Popo will die as well.

Smash Ultimate Tier C List

Tier C characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are those whose viability is judged to be on the average side. Those who are new to the game or are seeking for something more balanced than what is available at other tiers may find these fighters to be a good fit.

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr. is an excellent choice for mid-sized opponents because of his effective zoning strategy. In addition, he has a wide range of combos that can confuse an opponent if employed correctly. An adversary can take Bowser Jr’s Mechakoopa and attack the fighter, unfortunately. Some of his attacks have a very short range as well. Because Bowser Jr uses a wide variety of weaponry in his assaults and combinations, his opponents are able to anticipate them and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Simon (Richter)

In addition to his whip-based strikes, Simon also uses the weapon to tether and recover from his wounds. The axe can be used to attack an adversary that is immediately above the player. Over time, Simon’s holy water assaults slowly burn an opponent. Simon has a limited number of setups to recover from, despite his tremendous use of the whip. Furthermore, his movement is severely limited.


Ridley is a tall, lanky lightweight who can put up a good fight. Fortunately, he is equipped with three jumps that cover a respectable amount of ground. With his tail, Ridley has an excellent setup for long-range attacks, as most of his moves and combinations utilize it. He’s also a great choice for protecting the rim. Though he has an edge in size and weight, the fighter’s hitbox is large and can be launched easily due to the fighter’s lightweight.

Mii Swordfighter

The C-rank Smash Ultimate tier list has Mii Swordfighter as a mediocre fighter. The vast majority of his moves and combos are geared toward close-quarters fighting. However, he also has a few projectile attacks, making him the best of both worlds. Additionally, Mii Swordfighter is extremely light and easy to throw and knockback, especially at higher percentage builds..

Piranha Plant

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Piranha Plant is a solid fighter. Almost all of his basic to advanced attacks have a decent chance of hitting and causing significant damage to an enemy. Piranha Plant’s down special, side special, and neutral special moves allow it to recover quickly. His low agility, slow melee and projectile attacks weigh him down despite of the numerous positive aspects of the character.

King K. Rool

King K. Rool, like Bowser, has the highest weight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, making him one of the few positive aspects of the character. Because of this, propelling this aircraft into the air or executing a knockback attack is difficult. Down and back aerials from King K. Rool can be used to meteor-slam an opponent. In addition, he has two long projectiles at his disposal, which allow him to launch assaults at a respectable distance. However, despite the fact that King K. Rool’s belly is covered in super armor, it is still vulnerable to grabs. Projectiles, on the other hand, travel at a snail’s pace.

Donkey Kong

In close combat and knockback attacks, Donkey Kong is a formidable heavyweight. The fighter has a wide assault range because to his lengthy arms. It’s not just his powerful attacks that make Donkey Kong’s movesets appropriate for a heavy fighter. In addition, his massive bulk gives him a wide range of attack. As a last note, Donkey Kong does not use projectiles in any way.

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Kirby’s greatest assets are his diminutive stature, his six jumps, and his hunched stance. They all provide the boxer an advantage in a fight, but they also have certain drawbacks. Kirby is a light fighter who can be launched into the air and taken out in a matter of seconds. Although he has made many jumps, he does not appear to be tall enough. Even when attacking an enemy, Kirby lacks a good amount of range.


Jigglypuff, like Kirby, is a wimpy fighter who is easily dispatched. Even if he has the ability to jump six times in the air, the total height he achieves isn’t impressive. If a fighter has a high percentage, Kirby’s Sing and Rest are two excellent ways to KO them. The fighter has above-average airspeed, but he is sluggish on the ground.

Smash Ultimate Tier D List

Tier D is a list of characters that are considered to be below average in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, their playstyles may not be as effective versus the other fighters on this list, or they may simply be less viable in general than the other options available.


Lucario’s Aura mechanism allows him to inflict devastating damage and a knockback attack with a high damage output while maintaining a larger proportion of power. In addition, he has excellent edge-guarding moves that allow him to recover in the nick of time. Lucario, on the other hand, is a very vulnerable fighter without his Aura and a greater accumulation percentage. Furthermore, if his recovery percentage is low, he has a poor recovery.

King Dedede

King Dedede has a devastating smash and dash move that, when performed correctly, can alter the course of a battle. He also possesses a lot of mass, which makes it tough for a foe to throw him into the air. The fighter’s greater survivability is a result of his heavier weight. Even with a large hitbox because of fast frame rates, King Dedede is still vulnerable to harm. Aside from that, he lacks mobility, both on the ground and in the air.


Balloon Trip allows Isabelle to recover rapidly, and the Lloid Trap keeps an attacker at a safe distance from her at all times. Zoning and counter-attack abilities are both functional, and she has a decent amount of stamina. Isabelle, on the other hand, is extremely light, making her vulnerable to being knocked back or propelled into the air. Additionally, she lacks projectiles, which can be a pain to use.


However, Incineroar makes up for his lack of mobility in the frames department. D-ranking fighters in our Smash Ultimate tier list might expect a somewhat better chance of survival from him due to his large weight. Incineroar, on the other hand, is like Isabelle in that it lacks any means of dealing damage to opponents. Like her, he deals most of his damage to opponents in close quarters.


Although Ganondorf is one of the most powerful characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his recovery method is the poorest. In addition, his sluggishness on the ground and in the air can be attributed to his heavy weight. Ganondorf is also vulnerable to ranged assaults, therefore he must rely on close combat to attack an enemy.

Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario lacks the diversity of combos that Mario possesses, despite being a top-tier fighter in the game. Dr. Mario, like Ganondorf, suffers from the weakest recovery system in the game, as does the aforementioned character. He’s weak to combination attacks because he may easily be edge-guarded. As a result of his diminutive stature, Dr. Mario is unable to move as quickly as his larger rivals.

Little Mac

In spite of being a powerful striker, Little Mac is unable to absorb the full force of an opponent’s attack because of its small size. He is a terrible fighter when it comes to using aerial-based attacks to approach an opponent. Little Mac also has terrible recovery, which is a problem for a lot of fighters in our D-tier. The good news is that his K.O punches can’t be blocked, thus they can really hurt an opponent. With each smash, Little Mac gains an extra layer of protection from any blows from the enemy.

That’s all you need to know about the tier list in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The tier list will be updated as soon as new fighters are added to the roster and we have the opportunity to practice with them. The current tier rating will have to suffice for the time being, however.

Smash Ultimate Tier E List

Tier E characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are those who are deemed to be of low quality. There is a good deal of variety among these combatants, but they may not fare as well against the foes on this list or the rest of the competition.


What does a tier list mean in terms of Smash Ultimate?

Smash Ultimate characters are grouped into tiers based on their viability. Some of the strongest and most consistent fighters are in the top tier of S-rank, while others are at the lower end of this list and may not perform as well against other fighters on this list or generally do not work as well.

What does a crossover fighting game mean?

Fighting games that feature characters from multiple brands or universes are known as “crossover” games. Nintendo’s GameCube and Wii U games are included in Smash Ultimate, while Capcom’s Ryu and Ken are in Street Fighter V.

Why is the Smash Ultimate tier list conducted?

There is a tier list for the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which ranks them according to their strength and weakness. Based on their skill level and play style preferences, players can select which fighters are most suited for them, while also gaining a knowledge of the types of matchups they’ll face in a match.

How to use Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list?

Using the Smash Ultimate tier list, players can select the best fighters for their playstyle after assessing their current skill and personal preferences. If you’re playing a video game, you’ll want to pick a character that’s strong against other characters on this list while also avoiding characters that are poor against you or your opponent.

Who decides on the Smash Ultimate tier list?

Some of the criteria used to rank the Smash Ultimate fighters include how well they perform in tournaments, popular opinion, and the results of fights between different characters. Players can use this information to their advantage by creating a more accurate rating.

How often is the Smash Ultimate tier list updated?

As soon as a new patch or change to the game is made, the Smash Ultimate tier list is updated. Player information is constantly updated so that they may make the best decisions for their matches.

Final Words

Using the tier list in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a great way to find the best characters for your next match. In addition to indicating which fighters are the best, it also provides a list of those who could be less desirable..

I hope this Smash Ultimate guide helped you understand how the tier list works and which characters are perfect for your playstyle. Let me know if you have any questions or comments by using the comment box below!