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Who do you think are the best people in Crossing Void and why? In fact, that is the purpose of this final ranking system for Crossing Void.

Crossing Void, which saw a worldwide release in 2018, has been steadily growing its player base. The game is designed to be played for long periods of time, with the polished elements of a tactical turn-based RPG and a rich cast of over 50 characters.

Players on both ends of the spectrum have something to gain from Crossing Void. It’s adaptable enough to work with whatever characters you have, making it ideal for casual players. Also, it’s challenging enough to reward the kind of dedicated players who think strategically and build teams that shape the game’s meta.

We created this tier list so that players of all skill levels could better understand which characters were worth developing.

A Different Take On The Tier List

The mechanics in Crossing Void set it apart from every other gacha game available. Supporting the main characters well is crucial to the game’s success.

Therefore, we’ll have two lists: one for the leads, and another for the supporting cast. We will also include our suggestions for the best backers for each major character.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can get down to business.

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Main Characters


The most useful and versatile playable characters.

Principal Player Encouragement is Advised Additional Resources
Mikoto Touma Zero
Asuna Kimono. Leafa Kuroyukihime
Selvaria Emi Alicia
Alice Kirito Alicia
AKO Rusian Mashiro
Accelerator Mikoto Touma
“Hatsune Miku” Ren and Kagamine Len Mr. Luka Megurine


Characters with significant power who can significantly ease the game’s difficulty.

Principal Player Encouragement is Advised Substitute Aid
Kuroko Mikoto Tomo
Tatsuya Miyuki Tomo
Kuroyukihime Haruyuki Kirito
Kamineko Kirino Mikoto
Tomoka Enju Kirino
A Shana Kimono Zero Miyuki
Shana Mikoto Yukina
Emi Celty Ryuji
Shokuhou Touma Mikoto
Taiga Mashiro Ryuji


People who, with the right foundation, could become top-tier protagonists.

Person of Interest Encouragement is Advised Alternative Forms of Help
Kuroneko Shana Mikoto
Kirito with Two Knives Kuroyukihime Touma
Young Taiga Kuroko Yukina
Kirito Rusian Asuna
Asuna Yuuki Kirito
Yuuki Asuna Kirito
Miyuki Kirino Asuna
Kirino Kuroneko Kuroko
Izaya Celty Accelerator
The Mikoto Summer Yukina Kuroko


Those who can be replaced by stronger units once you have them are still useful most of the time.

Principal Player Suggestions for Helping Substitute Aid
Kirino Summer Leafa Mikoto
Mistress Kuroko Izaya Mikoto
Shizuo Izaya Ryuji
Qwenthur Havia LLENN
Swimwear for Mikoto Miyuki Kino
Kuroyukihime, the Butterfly Haruyuki Zero


The combat effectiveness of these characters would greatly improve with some serious buffs and reworking. They’re currently the game’s worst protagonists.

Principal Player Encouragement is Advised Substitute Aid
Rentaro Enju Haruyuki
Yukina Touma Tomo
Kojyo Kirito Yukina

Support Characters




M. L. Megurine


Rin and Len Kagamine







Crossing Void Global: Full Unlock Guide – All Challenges, Guild, Fragment, Impression, and more!

Super Mode

Unlocks at the 10th level. Tap the energy counter before playing an old stage you have at least two stars on.

Crossing void Support Tier List - TierLists.com

Modify the 6-energy setting to 12- or 18–or even 24–if you have the appropriate subscription. With increased vitality, your rewards for completing a level will increase proportionally.

Fragment Gacha

In this mode, you can acquire character pieces to use in a trade for a different playable character. To obtain shards, simply drop in obsolete characters.

The level 30 unlock for Fragment Gacha. The Talent Shuffle and the Character Exchange are two additional places where you can use fragments.


Another chance at the Gacha! At level 45, you gain access to Impression, which lets you equip Impression Weapons to significantly boost your stats via the Equip menu.


There is no set level at which this becomes available; rather, Inherit is unlocked later in the game by obtaining a rarer variant of an identical character. Using Inherit, you can transfer the improvements you made to a B-grade character to an S-grade character (or from a C-grade character to an A-grade character, etc.).


At level 23, access to the Guild is granted. You can use this to start a guild or join an existing one. When you do, you and the other members of your guild gain access to exclusive content and game modes, such as new quests, a guild store, and guild versus guild battles.


Starts on the 13th floor. The Shop provides the option to buy mystery boxes containing unknown rewards. Friend points can be used to buy the Friend box. You can spend your conquest points on The Conqueror’s Chests.

Announcements (Notices)

The Announcements (or Notices) can be accessed once you reach Level 12, which is likely to happen during the introduction to the game. It should come as no surprise that this is where all of the official developer announcements will be posted.


When you reach level 10, Challenge mode will become available, though not all challenges will be unlocked at once. In fact, you’ll be limited to just the Treasure Hunt option.

Treasure Hunt

As soon as you unlock Challenge mode, you can begin doing this. You can level up your character and stock up on gear at this location. There are a ton of other rewards available, too, like Star-Up components and tickets for the gear store.

Each battle is worth 12 energy and 12 experience, so you can quickly level up as a player. That means you can Super Mode up to 36 energy and 36 experience on a Treasure Hunt stage if you complete it with three stars.

Shinto Secret, Ikebukuro Legend, and Ghost Story are your Treasure Hunt options. One of these locations is always open even if the others are closed. Items like the S-secret notes that unlock the game’s premium gear shop’s selection of S-class weapons and armor can only be found in the game’s later levels.

The Pinnacle

Visit the Pinnacle to earn a wide variety of rewards, including free Gacha vouchers that can be redeemed for free turns at the Gacha, as well as coins, Maigo, event completions, and more. At level 14, you gain access to The Pinnacle.

Entering the Pinnacle uses no energy at all. If you manage to win on every floor, you’ll have completed a phase, and that could mean a LOT of Gacha vouchers for you.

Void Expedition

At level 35, you gain access to The Void Expedition. You can buy premium items like lots of coins or high-level fragments and fragment-origins with Expedition Coins, which you can acquire here.

Golden Storm

There’s a level-16 unlock for this. If you’re low on the game’s main currency and need more coins, head to the Golden Storm.

Here, you won’t spend any energy on battle, but you will spend Golden Storm tickets. Gold coins are the only payoff here, though progressing through the levels may unlock additional missions and quests.

Void Trial

There’s a level-18 unlock for this one. Come here to battle for Maigo, the game’s premium currency, and fragments, which can be used in the Fragment Gacha.

There is a strong resemblance between Void Trials and the training missions found in the Story mode. Trials Phase 4 rewards can be earned by completing all four trials in the training program.

Void Agency

Allows access at level 20. You can send a party of characters on timed quests in Void Agency for two, four, or eight hours and have them return with various rewards.

Up to three characters can be sent on Agency quests at once, each of which can yield a variety of rewards including currency, Guild Popularity, energy, experience points, Maigo, and more. You need access to characters, and sending each one requires a unique set. Rewards can be earned by waiting for the process to end or by using accelerator items to complete the missions more quickly.


At level 23, you’ll gain access to the Mirage. Come here to win Coins, Fragments, and Equipment Experience, all of which can be used to advance in the game and acquire better gear. In Offense and Defense, you can challenge other players for a set number of fights.

In the Mirage fights, you compete against other players for a high score. If you press the attack button, you’ll be able to send a challenge to one of the other three teams in the game. When other players try to challenge you, you can choose which team they will be matched up against by pressing the defense button.

Decrepit Dream

This function becomes available at level 26. In this game, the Raid Battle is called the Decrepit Dream. The objective is to outlast your opponent for seven rounds of combat. Despite having millions of health points, they won’t be able to do you much harm. Your objective is to deal maximum damage to the Raid Boss in the time allotted.

The more damage you inflict, the higher your score will be. Use your Raid Tickets wisely; you only get so many per raid period. Rewards increase in proportion to the number of points accumulated.

This becomes available once a day for a total of two hours at level 28, and only then. Earning experience and Fragment-Origins for the Fragment Gacha store makes it simpler to advance through the ranks and acquire new capabilities.

Combat is commonplace, and the objective is to amass as many victories as possible before suffering three defeats. Fight after fight will increase in difficulty.

Uncharted Void

At the level cap of 30, this becomes available. You can level up your Gear and your Character here! You’ll form a team of four with two other players, each of whom will send out two characters (one main and one support).

You and the other two players will face off against a boss combo consisting of a main boss and a support boss, both of whom are extremely powerful. Since there is no auto-battle in this mode, you’ll need to keep track of what’s going on at all times so you can strike when you need to.

Breaking Event

At level 32, you’ll gain access to the Breaking Event. Due to the high level and difficulty of the Breaking Event, you can expect to earn more Coins and character EXP than in previous challenges.


The maximum level to access Pandemonium is 45. Unlock Pandemonium to gain access to Impression Weapons-related rewards.

Which Crossing Void Characters Are Best To Use Together?

You should know right off the bat that Crossing Void global has two types of characters: main and support. The protagonist and antagonist are the main and supporting characters, respectively. The main character can gain a new skill from a sidekick. And if you pair up the right characters with a “cross skill,” you can increase your combat effectiveness even further. Keep in mind that you can’t just team up the game’s rarest and strongest main and support characters and hope for the best. When assembling your party, it’s important to consider which of your characters are “compatible” with one another.

Here you will find the party screen. Three major players are allowed in each group. The side characters stay out of the action.

To find the “cross skill” option, open the profile of any character. On this screen, you can view a list of playable heroes that work well with this one. There will be a wide variety of other playable characters to collaborate with, each of whom will provide a unique benefit.

Finding the rarest and most powerful heroes isn’t necessary to throw the perfect party; what is necessary is harmony. Combining the right characters yields massive bonuses, allowing you to defeat any foe. There are many possible permutations, but here are a few we recommend for Crossing the Void:

  • Kuroko (secondary) and Misaka Mikoto (lead)
  • Miyuki Shibas as the lead and Zeros as the backup
  • Shana (the lead) and Wilhelmina (the backup)

Play Crossing Void-Global on PC

When two characters are paired together, they may each gain an AOE ability, a powerful debuff, or a fantastic buff for the entire party. Try out various combinations to find the Crossing Void duos that work best with your play style and party make-up.

This is Mikoto’s overlapping skill set. Get a skill that deals 499.50% more damage to a single target, or an AOE skill that deals damage to all enemies.

Crossing Void Combat Mechanics: How Do They Work?

You and the enemy take it in turns making attacks in Crossing Void. Crossing Void global stands out from the crowd of RPG/gacha games because of its unique mechanics. The game will automatically select a target for you to attack based on your level of expertise. If it’s Mikoto’s turn to attack and her ability only deals damage to foes from behind, only those in the back will be targeted, regardless of your preferences.

There are attacks that target specific locations on the enemy, such as the face or the back, and attacks that target all enemies at once (AOE). If you press and hold a skill button, a tooltip will appear explaining its function. This one, for instance, is limited to frontal attacks.

So, how do battles actually play out? Let’s use a screenshot to illustrate our explanation for maximum clarity.

  • The figures here depict the order in which the various units on the battlefield will launch their attacks.
  • The Skill Bar displays your current Skill Point total. You need three points to use the “A. Bleed” skill, for instance. Some abilities are free of charge: For instance, in this screenshot, you are free to use the “A. Damage” ability. When it is your turn, you will automatically gain 1 skill point.
  • Spending points at the Climax Bar earns you more Climax points. Gain and loss in terms of skill are equivalent: A. Bleed, for instance, is a three-skill-point ability that grants three Climax points when used. When your Climax total reaches a certain threshold (usually 8 or 10), you gain access to a devastating special attack.
  • Points required to use these abilities and Climax points gained from their use are displayed below.

Achieving the highest possible Climax score in the shortest amount of time is your primary objective. When you use your ultimate attack, you can expect the fight to be over quickly because it is so effective.

The BlueStacks macro recorder allows you to save and replay the best combos for maximum Climax points. Why don’t you check out our setup guide and see if you can figure it out? Be sure to check out all of our Crossing Void guides, as each one is packed with helpful information. You are now prepared to become the best Dengeki Bunko fighter in the world and vanquish all of your foes.

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Crossing Void General Tips 2022 (June)

Bind Your Account

Do not put off doing this! If your account ever gets lost, you won’t have to worry about losing your hard work. Instead of using social media or the app stores, you can link it to your email.

Focus on the Story

Account experience is gained by advancing through the story, and many game features are only accessible to players of a certain account level.

They also give out items that can be used to raise your characters’ star levels.

Collect Your Free Gacha Everyday

The gacha can be used for free once every 24 hours.

Make Some Friends

You can earn more Friend Points by expanding your friend network. Friendship Boxes, which contain both items and playable characters, can be purchased with these points.

Join a Guild

When you join a guild, you gain access to exclusive benefits, such as buffs and a store.

Do Your Dailies

Obviously, you’ll get more stuff and more maigo if you finish your daily missions every day.