Updated at: 14-04-2023 - By: Leo Hall
Use our up-to-date tier list to build a winning team in Genshin Impact. It’s all about getting the most out of your group’s abilities.

Genshin Impact’s main drawback is that you can’t max out all of your characters due to a lack of available resources. You can’t spread your resources too thin, so focus on improving a small number of characters.

The level of challenge you experience in the game is highly dependent on the characters you select. Some characters are more fun to play as than others not just because they are harder to use, but also because of how well their mechanics are designed.

In order to meet all of your optimization and/or min-maxing needs without regret, this Genshin Impact Tier List will show you which characters serve as better investments.

But before we get started, a few caveats:

  • There will be no consideration of constellation effects on character performance in this tier list. Each character is rated a C0 with the exception of the main character, for whom the player receives a constellation as a quest reward.
  • Characters who are both flexible and powerful will fare well on this Tier List. For instance, Raiden Shogun is fantastic in almost every team she joins. She is in the S-Tier because of this. Shenhe may be as powerful as the other players on one team, but she is completely ineffective on any other squad, so she is not S-Tier.
  • The collective makeup of a team is more crucial than the abilities of any one member. A group of complementary 4* characters can outperform a group of mismatched 5* characters any day of the week. This implies that even the weakest characters, given the right circumstances, can become formidable foes.
  • The aesthetic design, backstory, or other non-mechanical aspects of a character have no bearing on where they fall on this Tier List.
  • It takes more than just leveling up a character to maximize their potential. Depending on the artifacts and weapons you give them, their effectiveness will vary greatly. Use this information to determine which artifacts are ideal for your player character. Check out our Swords, Bows, Claymores, Polearms, and Catalysts in Genshin Impact Tier Lists for a complete ranking of the game’s weapons.

What is Genshin Impact?

Open-world action RPG Genshin Impact features “gacha” (we’ll get into that in a bit) mechanics. The Chinese company miHoYo is in charge of development and publication. It allows players to take charge of a large party, each member of which has their own unique set of skills, arsenal, and playstyle. In real time, players can engage in a variety of combat styles, including ranged, melee, and elemental attacks, against a wide variety of enemies in both the game’s open world and dungeons.

An updated tierlist of Genshin Impact characters' power levels as of 3.1,  ordered from left to right : r/Genshin_Impact

Genshin Impact is a multiplayer-focused MMORPG that can only be played online. It features many of the same elements as popular games as a service, such as daily quests, rewards, and loot, to keep players coming back for more.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been compared to the anime style of Genshin Impact by many reviewers and players. Many of the settings and locations are similar between the two games, so it’s a valid comparison. The ability to climb almost any surface in Genshin is most similar to Breath of the Wild, with the amount of climbing being limited by a stamina meter. Another parallel is the ability to quickly move from one part of the map to another by simply gliding to the top of your destination.

While there are similarities to Breath of the Wild, calling Genshin Impact a “Breath of the Wild clone” is an oversimplification.

Let’s dive into the game’s “gacha” elements, which make up a sizable chunk of the experience. Like random loot boxes or a slot machine, the “gacha” element is used to describe the game’s monetization. You can purchase random characters, loot, and equipment of varying rarities in packs with in-game currency or real money.

There’s no telling how long or how much money you’ll have to spend before you finally get your hands on the character you want. It feels like “luck of the draw” because different characters and items have different drop rates. But you can also get characters just by playing the game normally. However, players will spend hundreds of dollars on currency to get their hands on the most coveted items or characters.

Banners for your favorite characters will change as the game progresses. This means that certain characters have a higher chance of dropping, which keeps players around. Once in a while, the community will re-roll a character that was heavily contested during a Banner, giving them another shot at obtaining the character. In a nutshell, the element of surprise is the game’s primary means of making money off of its audience.

What platforms is Genshin Impact available on?

Genshin Impact is currently playable on PC, Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, and PS Vita, with a dedicated Nintendo Switch version on the way. The fact that people who play it on PS4, PS5, PC, or mobile can all join in on the fun together is a big reason for the game’s popularity. Genshin Impact combines the best features of both console gaming and mobile gaming, which together have millions of fans.

Unfortunately for Xbox players, miHoYo, the game’s developer, has no plans to port Genshin Impact to the Xbox platform. We wouldn’t rule out a port just yet, though, as Xbox’s popularity has skyrocketed thanks to its first-party output and Game Pass.

At launch, it was clear that mobile was the game’s primary focus, as the controls on console often felt clumsy. The game’s design clearly prioritized touch screens, as evidenced by the multiple screens required to access the map, the confusing menu structure, and the inability to map the controls (at least on console). Fans are anticipating the Nintendo Switch release because it has the potential to add touch screen controls and even gyro support.

Is Genshin Impact multiplayer?

In a nutshell, online co-op multiplayer is supported in Genshin Impact (again, across PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices). It supports four-player squads, so you and three friends can have a blast competing against each other. There’s a wide open world to discover, quests to complete, and dungeons to explore in this game. Having a group of people to help you out is highly recommended, as many of the areas contain formidable monsters.

However, if you don’t play very often, getting to Adventure Rank 16—the minimum requirement for playing with friends—can feel like a bit of a grind. If you do, you can play in or host a game for up to three other people. You don’t need full squads of four to play, though. In co-op mode, only the host can open chests and collectibles, and you can’t participate in story quests. Therefore, it is not without defects.

What’s the gameplay like?

Genshin Impact’s moment-to-moment gameplay involves a wide variety of quests that send you scouring the expansive world map, completing dungeons, and, of course, fighting enemies. In combat, players can instantly swap between different members of their party, giving them access to a wide variety of attacks. When it comes to fighting, some characters are better at close quarters than others are at long range.

In order to progress through the game, you must discover and open all of the game’s dungeons, as well as fast-travel points, better equipment, collectibles, and more. The rarity of the rewards you receive from completing these dungeons depends on the level of difficulty you chose. There are usually prerequisites to enter a dungeon, and once inside, you’ll face a variety of foes and puzzles.

A unique feature of the game is the ability to chain together different types of elemental attacks (called “Elemental Reactions” in-game). To freeze an opponent in place, for instance, you could combine the Hydro and Cryo elements. Alternately, you could use the fire-based elements Pyro and Dendro (which are inspired by nature) to deal damage. Players are encouraged to play around with these variables to see what happens.

You are encouraged to craft equipment as you gather materials to help you in your quests. You can also shop for a wide variety of necessities and conveniences, including food, crafting materials, weapons, and equipment. It has pretty much everything an expansive open-world role-playing game should.

There are numerous traditional JRPG elements present, including a party system, elemental combat, and a vast world to explore. You’ll need to practice quickly swapping between party members because you can use them in a chain to unleash devastating combos on your enemies. This is true whether you’re preparing for a dungeon or a story mission in the open world; knowing the types of enemies you’ll face will help you select the best party members.

Is Genshin Impact free?

Normally, players would be put off by Genshin Impact’s gacha mechanics, which are reminiscent of loot boxes, but since the game is free to play, they have been more understanding. Actually, you can have a great time playing the whole way through without spending a dime. Genshin Impact does a great job of providing in-game purchases as an option without making you feel like you have to spend real money, in contrast to many free-to-play titles.

So when players say it’s free-to-play, they mean it, unlike many other games that claim the same label but aren’t.

Does Genshin Impact have DLC?

Genshin Impact has a wealth of downloadable content, including a variety of currencies, playable characters, and weapons and armor. Again, none of this content is mandatory or even suggested unless explicitly requested. As a game as a service, however, it receives free updates on a regular basis that add new features. There are new zones to discover, more missions to complete, and special events available for a limited time only. Offering both free and premium content, it has everything needed to be a successful service-based game.

Generally speaking, new content appears on Genshin Impact every five or six weeks. The community is preparing for the release of Genshin Impact Version 2.3 at the end of November. To coincide with the release of fresh content like playable characters, weapons, and events, now is a great time to dive in.

What is the Battle Pass?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the battle pass in Genshin Impact since it’s such a crucial part of getting new equipment. You should have some idea of how a battle pass operates if you’ve played games like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s essentially a seasonal leveling system that resets at the start of each season and awards bonuses at higher ranks. As you progress through the battle pass, you’ll unlock new rewards, such as skins, weapons, and more.

There are two distinct varieties of battle passes in Genshin. One is the free Sojourner’s Battle Pass, which grants benefits every ten levels. The other battle pass, the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass, costs $10 but offers better rewards than the Sojourner’s Battle Pass, such as additional upgrade materials, Hero’s Wit, Mora, and Mystic Enchantment Ores. Offering both a free and a paid version of the battle pass demonstrates miHoYo’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Players have praised Genshin for providing free battle passes, a rarity in games as a service.

You’ll need to play for a while before you can use the battle passes in Genshin, as you won’t gain access to them until you reach Adventure Rank 20. But the payoff is substantial afterward. The season in which you earn levels in a given battle pass is the only time during which you will receive those levels (though you will retain any rewards you have earned). Seasonal content may change over time as the game develops, as is common in games of this type.


The S-Tier is the top tier, reserved for the absolute best of the best, the most versatile and powerful characters.

Raiden Shogun

Component: Electricity

Polearm, as a weapon

Perhaps no other Genshin Impact character can compare to Raiden Shogun. This is due to the fact that she can perform the duties of both an S-Tier DPS and an S-Tier Support. When it comes to strength and flexibility, no other playable character in the game even comes close to this one.

With the Electro Archon, you can wipe out foes and replenish your team’s Energy all at once. In addition to his, she boosts the Burst DMG of all party members.


Material: Geographical

Polearm, a Type of

Despite many nerfs to shields in general, Zhongli’s status as the game’s most subtly useful character persists. Zhongli’s help is invaluable to every single character.

The God of Geo is typically used in a supporting role, thanks to his enormously powerful shield, which also lowers the resistances of nearby enemies. His Burst inflicts devastating damage and paralyzes the target, allowing your DPS to go to town without fear.

Although he is not an S-Tier main DPS, he can still serve a purpose in that role.


Attribute: Anemo

Bladed weapon

Kazuha is the most dependable means of controlling large groups of people in the game. In addition to his high damage output as a Support, his other abilities include the ability to Swirl multiple Elements, the reduction of enemy resistances (thanks to an artifact set bonus), and an increase in Elemental damage dealt to the enemy party. Even though it isn’t required for him to reach the S-Tier, C2 helps him improve his Elemental Mastery.

If you’re playing with a Cryo, Pyro, Hydro, or Electro DPS who specializes in Elemental DMG, Kazuha is the best Support you can get for them.


Cryogenic Element

Bow, a bow

Due to her devastating Charged Shots, Ganyu is considered a top DPS in Genshin Impact. Since most of Ganyu’s damage comes from Charged Shots, her damage output isn’t affected by cooldowns or Energy constraints. Because of this, she has the highest average DPS and requires no special materials to play.

In addition, her Elemental Burst, which has 100% uptime and covers a large AoE, allows her to serve as a potent Support. As long as she is shielded, Ganyu can Melt (or Freeze) anything you face in the game.

Kamisato Ayaka

Cryogenic Element

Combat Knife

Ayaka’s Elemental Burst is the primary source of her damage as a powerful Cryo DPS. Unlike Ganyu, her DMG output has peaks and values, but the extremes are so large that this is not a drawback.

If you can Freeze enemies in place or otherwise manipulate the crowd, you can easily wipe out the vast majority of the game’s enemies with just one use of her Burst. Since she can function as both a main DPS and a Burst Support, she is placed in S-Tier despite the fact that many other DPS characters with comparable power are not.


Molecular Hydrogen

Bow, a bow

Yelan is one of the most reliable and effective Hydro DPSs in the off-field. Since these teams tend to focus on Freeze, Vaporize, and Electro-Charged Elemental Reactions, she is a sure bet to make the cut. She also significantly increases the damage dealt by the active character, making her a fantastic Support even in Eula compositions that don’t prioritize Elemental Reactions.

Last but not least, Yelan is a fantastic F2P-friendly unit thanks to her HP scaling. Last but not least, this is important because it affects how she is ranked. She is a safe bet overall.


Substance: Pyro

Bladed weapon

Many Genshin Impact players rank Bennett as the game’s top 4* character. This is due to the fact that, while in range of his Elemental Burst, attacking characters receive a significant boost to their attack power. Bennett’s base attack power is the only thing this buff increases by. If you want to know why this is so significant, you should read his construction manual.

It helps that he is also a skilled healer and has a high Pyro Energy output. Bennett is already ridiculously powerful thanks to his ATK buff, so this isn’t necessary.


Hydrogen as a chemical element

Bladed weapon

Xingqiu can be used to facilitate Freeze, Vaporize, and Electro-Charged Elemental Reactions; he is essentially a 4* version of Yelan, a Hydro DPS who can be deployed off the field. In addition, his DMG output stands out. Aside from his Elemental Burst, his healing and DMG resistance are also minor factors in his placement in the S-Tier.

Yelan and Xingqiu can coexist in the S-Tier because the role of an off-field Hydro DPS with such consistent Hydro application is so powerful in Genshin Impact.


Component: pyrol

Polearm, a Type of

Xiangling is a Pyro DPS used off the field to guarantee the use of the game’s two most powerful Elemental Reactions, Melt and Vaporize. While most abilities in the game require a cooldown of 2.5 seconds or 3 hits (whichever comes first) before they can reapply their Element, her Burst can apply Pyro on every hit.

Xiangling is a free character that all players are guaranteed to get by playing the game, and this, coupled with the fact that she has a huge selection of great weapon choices, is enough to propel her into the S-Tier.


Substance: Anemo

Polearm, a Type of

Xiao is yet another extremely proficient DPS with a novel approach to the game. He can spam Plunging Attacks all day long thanks to his Elemental Burst, which not only gives his polearm an Anemo infusion but also makes him jump much higher than any other character in the game.

Since using Elemental Burst depletes his health, Xiao should ideally be accompanied by a healer. Xiao has unparalleled mobility thanks to his Elemental Skill, a dash that can be executed even in midair. Therefore, he is not only powerful, but also more fun to employ.

When facing off against a single foe, his DPS potential plummets, relegating him to the A-Tier of characters. Nonetheless, we believe he still merits a spot in the S-Tier, however precarious it may be, due to the frequency with which the game pits you against at least two enemies in the Spiral Abyss.


There are no drawbacks to using these fantastic characters. They aren’t quite as functional as the S-Tier ones, though.

Hu Tao

Substance: Pyro

Polearm, a Type of

We realize this ranking may be the most contentious of all, so here is why:
Hu Tao is a top-tier damage-dealing hero. She can increase the numbers even more than Xiao.

Her attacks are all one-shot, though. The game’s toughest challenges typically pit you against hordes of enemies. Hu Tao will immediately enter the S-Tier if the floors of the Spiral Abyss are once again besieged by enemies that come at you one by one.

Unlike Ganyu and Xiao, you can’t just spam Charged or Plunging Attacks to maximize her damage, making her a more engaging character to play. This wasn’t a big deal before the corrosion mechanic was implemented, but now that it is, she can’t just hide behind a shield and ignore her HP completely.


Cryogenic Element

Greatsword: a deadly weapon.

When it comes to Physical DMG, Eula is unrivaled. Her Elemental Burst damage numbers are through the roof, and her Claymore swings are as graceful as they are devastating. When paired with another Electro character, she can proc Superconduct, reducing the opposition’s Physical Resistance and allowing for more damage to be dealt.

Her clumsy Elemental Burst is the only thing preventing her from reaching the S-Tier. After activating her Burst, you have 7 seconds to keep attacking the enemy for maximum damage. The DMG will be reduced if there are any delays. Her Burst explodes in a deceptively small AoE after 7 seconds. If the enemy avoids the blast, Eula deals significantly less damage. The DMG output is severely reduced if the explosion does not CRIT. S-Rank DPS Heroes are immune to this flaw.

Due to the fact that her Burst isn’t always guaranteed to do its DMG on demand, she is ranked in the high A-Tier despite being capable of dealing significantly more damage per screenshot than S-Tier DPS characters when things go well for her.

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List for Patch 3.5

Kamisato Ayato

Hydrogen is the defining element.

Combat Knife

Ayato is a versatile character, with the ability to deal out significant amounts of raw Hydro DMG in a fairly large area of effect with his Elemental Skill. His Elemental Burst, meanwhile, has incredible versatility and new Hydro uses.

Even if Hydro weren’t the most powerful Element, he’d still be a solid unit. However, as it stands, Ayato is one of the most adaptable DPS characters in the game, as he can easily lead Freeze teams, Vaporize teams, and Electro-Charged teams.

Arataki Itto

Type: Geometric

Claymore, a type of sword

In the Geo-hypercarry role, “The One and Oni” Arataki Itto shines as a potent DEF scaling option. Itto’s gameplay is as straightforward as he is, but it’s still a lot of fun. There is no nuance, no need to rotate, no consideration of Elemental Reactions, and no strategy involved; just DMG. The DMG is a symbol, after all.

Despite being a taunt, his Elemental Skill has the potential to deal as much damage as Zhongli’s Elemental Burst if Itto’s ATK is buffed to an absurdly high value. Even though Itto has yet to prove himself as an S-Tier DPS in Spiral Abyss when the Floor buffs don’t favor him, he is very likely to be so with Hu Tao and Eula.

Sangonomiya Kokomi

Substance: Hydro

Catalyst, Weapon.

Kokomi is a character whose value has steadily increased since her release, despite the fact that she was effectively doomed upon arrival due to the historical devaluation of healers.

Many Freeze, Vaporize, and even Electro-Charged teams use her in competition now. Kokomi can only be counted on to keep the team safe from significant threats while on-field, despite having decent off-field Hydro generation and some off-field DMG. Because of this, she can’t be paired with DPS characters like Xiao or Eula who require field presence to be effective.

There is little doubt that Kokomi can serve as the cornerstone of a formidable team. Even before the healing improvements, this is what had kept her in B-Tier. Even if healing isn’t now a must-have due to Corrosion, she’s valuable enough that you might want to center your entire team around her. You should not get her unless you intend to use her as your primary in-game damage dealer.


Substance: Hydro

Bow, a bow

The Fatui Harbinger, also known as Childe, is the game’s first playable character to have access to a variety of weapons. The Hydro melee weapons he summons with his Elemental Skill have some of the quickest attack animations of any characters despite his nominal class as a Bow user.

Childe’s effectiveness as a conventional DPS has diminished. His Hydro app, however, allows him to remain competitive. Childe’s Hydro melee attacks are faster than Xingqiu’s, allowing him to apply Hydro at an unprecedented rate. His abilities as a pilot make him particularly effective with Electro-Charged and Vaporize teams that have access to the off-field Electro or Pyro DMG they need. Childe doesn’t need much to become a potent character who can contribute to many teams, what with Xiangling, Fischl, and Beidou all being easily obtainable 4* characters.

Vaporizing his Burst still deals an insane amount of DMG.


Fire (or pyro)

Equipment: bow

Yoimiya is the game’s first Bow user, and she can add an element to her Normal Attacks. She deals excellent single-target damage but requires a team that compensates for her low area-of-effect damage.

What makes her stand out is that you can’t always count on her to deal incredible damage in-game. Like Childe, she is incredibly useful while the effect of her Elemental Skill is active, but otherwise has very little impact.

Even if you invest heavily in Yoimiya, she may still have trouble in the higher floors of Spiral Abyss due to the game’s penchant for randomly spawning multiple enemies with extremely high hitpoint counts.


Type: Anemo

Combat Knife

Jean is the best of the best when it comes to being a jack-of-all-trades. She has reliable healing abilities, can control large groups of enemies, and deals substantial damage when necessary. Also, any Elemental DPS character, such as Hu Tao, Ayaka, or Raiden Shogun, can benefit greatly from the 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer set bonus that she can equip.

As healing becomes more important, Jean is quickly becoming one of the best 5* characters to lose the 50/50 to. Since she doesn’t need to keep an on-field presence to keep the team safe, she is arguably more useful as a healer than Kokomi.

Her potential damage over time is another plus. How she causes harm is the most intriguing part. Jean’s attacks aren’t particularly powerful, but she can ragdoll most foes with her Elemental Skill. Both throwing them into deep water will instantly kill them and throwing them into the air will cause them to take significant Fall DMG (which scales with the enemies’ maximum HP). For some hilariously lethal Anemo DMG, you can even rapidly relocate them into and out of the area of her Burst.


Type: Geometric

Bladed weapon

Albedo’s Elemental Skill, which has 100% uptime and causes all attacks to deal extra Geo damage on a short cooldown, makes him the most reliable off-field damage dealer in the game.

Because his DEF scales with his Elemental Skill, he is also very straightforward to construct. Now is the time to use your DEF% artifacts on him. Furthermore, you can arm him with whatever weapon you like without worrying about its damage.

His BiS (Best-in-Slot) weapon is a 4*, and his second-best weapon is a 3*; this makes it easy for any player to reach their maximum DPS potential.


Aspect: Cryogenic

Term: Bow

Diona fulfills every role a sidekick could possibly play. She can protect you from harm, heal you, and rid you of harmful Elemental Statuses. Dress her in a Noblesse Oblige four-piece and she’ll help your team out in battle too.

Unlike Bennett and Xingqiu, she isn’t essential to the success of the team as a whole, but you can still confidently use her in any support role.


Component: Anemo

Catalyst, Weapon.

Sucrose isn’t as entertaining to play as some of the other Anemo characters, but she packs a serious punch. Being a Catalyst user also makes her a top-tier pilot for Electro-Charged squads.

Her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are not only useful for crowd control, but also for initiating a wide range of different Elemental Reactions. In addition to improving his own Elemental Mastery, Sucrose can do the same for his teammates. Although it sounds incredible, most characters don’t actually need Elemental Mastery. Concentrate on Melt and Vaporize because their effectiveness increases with Crits.

With some significant improvements to Elemental Mastery, she could quickly ascend from A-Tier to S-Tier.


Component: Electricity

Claymore is the name of the weapon.

While Beidou may not be the strongest protagonist, she is undeniably one of the most interesting.

When she holds her Elemental Damage, she creates an Electro Shield that absorbs damage and reflects it back at the attacker. However, if you tap the Skill at the precise moment you take damage, you can parry the blow and deal even more damage than before. This method may not provide protection, but it is sure to satisfy you thoroughly.

You can still get a lot of bang for your buck by employing her Elemental Burst even if you don’t want to put your reflexes to the test. If you’re up against at least two foes, it’s one of your best options for dealing Electro damage from a distance. If Electro were as good as Pyro, she’d be on par with Xiangling. However, even ignoring the effects of her off-field actions, the raw numbers she is capable of are absolutely insane.


Substance: Pyro

Catalyst, Weapon.

Diluc has fallen prey to a rise to power. Aside from the release of more powerful DPS characters, Pyro’s decline can be attributed to the fact that he is no longer so far ahead of all the other elements in the game compared to when it was first released.

Especially in a Melt-Vaporize team with the 4-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames set bonus, you can still count on him to deal significant damage. However, he won’t perform well without Xingqiu at the helm. However, Diluc’s simplicity in implementation is one of his greatest strengths. While his DPS potential may not be higher than Klee’s, we’ve placed him higher due to how simple it is to play him at his absolute best.


These are incredible individuals who, depending on the context and team make-up, can provide A-Tier value.


Aspect: Cryogenic

Polearm, a Type of

Shenhe is a member of the Cryo unit’s support staff. Because of how specifically she functions, we would rank her in C-Tier if she were any other element. However, many of the units on the Cryo roster are A-Tier or S-Tier characters, making it one of the most populated rosters in the game.
While Shenhe is extremely selective in the units she will support, she is still useful due to the fact that the likes of Ayaka and Ganyu benefit from her support. Her ability to lend aid is nothing short of remarkable. Her Skill greatly increases multiple instances of Cryo DMG for all party members, while her Burst reduces enemy resistances and deals periodic Cryo DMG.

Shenhe is a great unit, but just like Kokomi, you should be absolutely certain that you like her playstyle before committing to her.


Pryo Element

Catalyst, Weapon.

She was, along with Diluc, the game’s best DPS character until Ganyu, Xiao, and Hu Tao arrived.

Her explosions still deal significant damage, but not as much as before. To increase her damage, you should also practice animation canceling her Normal Attacks. Since her explosions knock back foes, she wastes Stamina trying to chase them down, which is already a problem due to her short range. A bug is required for her to fully benefit from the 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames set bonus.

This is not to say that you cannot use Klee to A-Tier DMG; however, doing so is extremely laborious. Even if you perfect your approach, your DMG output will still pale in comparison to that of Hu Tao and Eula.


Component: Electricity

Bladed weapon

Keqing has all the earmarks of an S-Tier DPS character, what with her high Crit Rate and strong Elemental Burst, both of which are amplified by the high multipliers on her Charged Attack.

Her element is the limiting factor that keeps her from reaching A-Tier or even S-Tier. Many gamers view Electro as nothing more than a joke. There’s a case to be made for her being at least an A-Tier character, but she’s a damage dealer who doesn’t scale as well as the other 5* DPS characters.

Nonetheless, her kit is one of the most entertaining in the game thanks to her access to a universal teleportation Elemental Skill. These ratings are for the endgame, but you’ll get much more use out of her while adventuring and completing Archon Quests. Electro’s value would skyrocket if she were ever buffed.


Substance: Hydro

Catalyst as a Weapon

Mona is a top-tier support player. Her Elemental Skill is a taunt that can cause a cluster of enemies to congregate, while her Elemental Burst can be used to root most enemies, apply the Wet status to set up some of the best Elemental Reactions in the game, and significantly Buff the damage of the entire team against afflicted enemies.

Bennett and Xingqiu are to blame for her not being S-Tier. Bennett can heal his team while increasing their damage output, and Xingqiu is the best at setting up Elemental Reactions. Ayaka, who can Dash indefinitely on water, has even powercrept an Alternate Sprint that eliminates the most annoying part of exploration—swimming.

As the game currently stands, Mona is only used by a subset of Freeze teams. Due to the massive DMG buff she receives, she is frequently featured in DPS showcases even when not on a Freeze team. In other words, you can use Mona on any team, but there aren’t many where she’d be the best choice.


Substance: Anemo

Bow, a bow

It could be argued that Venti has been weakened more than any other playable character. Kazuha has largely usurped the former king of crowd control. Venti’s old S-Tier abilities manifest themselves in Freeze teams, but he is rarely used outside of those.

It would be unjust to put him any lower than this, though. Venti is a character who, depending on how he uses his Elemental Burst, can be either overpowered or underwhelming. Furthermore, with the 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer set, he can still perform admirably as a support in any team with an Elemental DPS. But in a game with limited resources where you can’t expect to build many characters without sinking countless hours and loads of cash into the game, he is simply not a worthwhile investment in the current state of the game unless you’re running a Freeze team.

Venti is still as effective as ever when it comes to the game’s open world content, which features challenging vertical puzzles, climbing challenges, and hordes of smaller enemies that he can bully around like no other character.


Substance: Electric

Bow, a bow

Fischl is an incredible off-field DPS thanks to Oz, the raven that can be summoned using her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. Oz remains on the field, hitting nearby enemies with ranged Electro attacks. And by carefully managing her Energy and using her Elemental Burst as soon as Oz disappears you can get 100% uptime on the bird.

Although Electro isn’t very strong on its own, Fischl is the best character to use to trigger Superconduct in Physical DMG-focused lineups. In addition, she can serve as a powerful power source. As previously mentioned, Oz has a chance to produce Electro particles with every hit, and he can have 100% uptime if you play your cards right.


Type: Geometric

Toxin: Catalyst

Ningguang’s Elemental Skill, Jade Screen, allows her to deal significant Geo DMG while also protecting her from long-range attacks. She’s an A-Tier character because, at c6, she can become one of the best single-target damage dealers.

She also has the dual role of direct damage dealer and burst supporter. Her inability to gel with other characters is a major flaw. Ningguang doesn’t fit in with the other Geo characters whose abilities scale off of DEF and synergize with each other. Since Crystallize is such a feeble reaction, she lacks synergy with other Elementals. Even though her raw DMG is impressive, she is rarely chosen.


Component: pyro

Claymore, an ancient and venerable sword

Like Ningguang, Yanfei is a catalyst DPS who relies on a combination of Normal and Charged Attacks. She is a hypercarry, meaning she must remain on the field in order to deal significant damage.

Once her fourth constellation is revealed, however, everything changes. When casting Elemental Burst at C4, Yanfei generates a Pyro shield with massive HP scaling. When she uses her Burst, she can heal herself and her teammates thanks to the HP-boosting properties of the Prototype Amber she can wield as a catalyst user. To rephrase, C4 Yanfei has dual healing and protection capabilities. If this usefulness wasn’t locked behind a constellation, especially one that is so difficult to obtain for many players, we would have ranked her much higher.

Yanfei is, without a doubt, the best Pyro shielder in the game, which is ironic given that Thoma and Xinyan exist solely for the purpose of being Pyro shielders.


Cryogenic Element

Polearm, as a weapon

Rosaria provides solid damage and support from the sidelines. Her Elemental Burst can be recharged quickly and not only deals damage but also grants her some mobility.

Her Elemental Burst not only increases the Crit Rate of all other party members but also provides a steady stream of Cryo DMG, making her an engine for reliably setting up Elemental Reactions.

She performs well as both a DPS and a Burst support, but the latter role is where she truly shines.

Electro Traveler

Substance: Electric

Bladed weapon

In comparison to other Traveler variants, the Electro Traveler is far superior. Electro Traveler is a quick and easy way to recharge your character’s energy so they can use Elemental Burst. The best part is that you can hand-select the energy he generates by walking over it, so you never have to worry about giving it to the wrong character.

There are many F2P teams that rely on him to function optimally, especially in the early and mid-game when you can’t invest in many characters, but his value drops significantly if you don’t need the extra energy. Here, Electro Traveler excels as a generalist support that can recharge the energy of DPS characters of any Element.

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These symbols are only useful in specific contexts. They excel (or at least are very good) at their specialty but have little else to offer.


Aspect: Cryogenic

Knife, or Sword

When rolling for Banners, players’ worst nightmare is getting Qiqi, a 5* character.

The reason is that she is merely a healer.

One could make the case that she is the most effective physician. That’s the one and only thing holding her back from E-Tier status. She’s the game’s best healer and she’ll make sure your characters make it to the end. Qiqi is even more curative than Kokomi.

This, however, falls flat in light of the fact that 4* characters like Bennett and Diona have excellent healing capabilities in addition to providing other benefits, such as shields and damage buffs. Worst of all, her constellations are terrible.


Characteristic: Geographical

Bow, a bow

An excellent unit is Gorou. He excels at his job and makes everyone around him proud. However, the scope of his duties is too specific to qualify him for B-Tier.

Gorou excels at bolstering Geo DPS characters with a DEF scaling. Itto, Albedo, and Noelle are the three playable examples in the game. Gorou is an S-Tier support if you’re using these characters. Honestly, he can take over for Bennett in terms of DMG buffing, freeing up Bennett’s slot. Sara aspires to be as proficient at enhancing Electro characters as you are. However, aside from the aforementioned trio, Gorou aids nobody else in the game.

We can’t even consider him for A-Tier because his use case is so specific.

Yun Jin

Type: Geometric

Polearm, a Type of

Yun Jin, like Gorou, is a well-designed unit that was held back by her limited utility. Normal Attack buffs are Yun Jin’s specialty. She provides a greater buff to Normal Attacks than Bennett when constructed correctly, but she provides no other buffs and deals no damage on her own. Like Beidou’s Skill, hers is a parrying ability, but even with a perfect parry, the damage it deals is minimal.

However, the greater the effect of Yun Jin’s buff, the lower the character’s Normal Attacks must be. With her help, even mediocre Normal Attack characters can become effective damage dealers. Qiqi’s Normal Attacks, for instance, are terrible without Yun Jin’s buffs, but after receiving them, they become significantly more enjoyable to use while still being unable to compete with A-Tier DPS units. She provides excellent support for Normal Attack units like Yoimiya, Noelle, Razor, and others.


Cryogenic Element

Claymore is the name of the weapon.

Chongyun’s ceiling is the sky, even at C0. The damage done by both Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is impressive. And he is great at setting up Elemental Reactions, making him the backbone of many Freeze team compositions.

He’s a B-Tier Support if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, he’s an F-Tier character who can and will reduce your main DPS’s damage output.

Rankings take usability into account, and Chongyun requires constant tinkering if you want your main DPS to deal non-Cryo DMG.


Component: Electricity

Claymore is the name of the weapon.

When equipped with constellations, Razor’s Physical DMG DPS is effective against a wide variety of B-Tier DPS characters. Elemental Burst, which boosts his attack speed and adds some Electro DMG on top, is primarily to blame.

The slow attack speed of claymore characters is usually balanced out by massive attack multipliers, but Razor doesn’t care about such constraints. As an Electro, he’s close to unlocking Superconduct, which would greatly increase his damage output. When he reaches c4, he’s a top-tier damage dealer.

The fact that Razor is a hypercarry is his greatest flaw. For him to be effective, he must be the primary player on the field. The glut of 4* hypercarries is too much for him to handle.

Geo Traveler

Elemental: Geographical

Bladed weapon

Geo Traveler stands out as the Traveler variant with the highest DMG cap. And unlike other DMG providers, Geo Traveler doesn’t necessitate extensive time spent in the field to deliver the goods. That is to say, you can depend on Geo Traveler whenever you need a reliable Burst Support. In addition to dealing damage, they also have the added benefit of increasing the CRIT Rate of any characters within their Burst’s area of effect.

All in all, he has the makings of a respectable B-Tier protagonist. However, the Element is the main issue. Most non-Geo teams can’t see the point in fielding Traveler because of its off-field Geo DMG. And because of the lack of DEF-scaling, the character cannot be used with Gorou. To put it another way, Geo Traveler is very similar to Razor in that both are powerful standalone units that are misplaced in competitive rosters.


Type: Geometric

Claymore, a type of sword.

Noelle is not an awful protagonist. Look up “Solo Noelle Abyss Floor 12” to see how much damage she can deal. She also does fantastic work on the 4* Whiteblind, which can be crafted, and the 4* Serpent Spine, which is only available from BP. These weapons, especially at their highest affinities, can inflict more damage on her than many 5* weapons. However, she needs her sixth constellation in order to fully function as an amazing DPS.

Thus, C6 Noelle is an A-Tier DPS who can compete with most 5* DPS characters, while C0 Noelle is primarily just a shield bot with inconsistent and largely negligible healing.


Substance: Anemo

Claymore, an ancient and venerable sword

Sayu is a fun-loving character in every way. Because of the one-of-a-kind nature of her equipment, she is also an S-Tier character in terms of entertainment value.

Her Elemental Bursts have the ability to heal and deal Anemo Damage. Her Elemental Skill, meanwhile, appears tailor-made for maximizing the damage done by abilities like Pyronado. And when it comes to star maps, she improves exponentially. Her kit may be entertaining, but its strength is lacking. The fact that she is an Anemo character and thus has access to the 4-Piece Viridescent Venerer set is the only thing keeping her from C-Tier.

However, she is one of the most enjoyable playable characters when engaging in open world activities. Sayu is a prime example of how not every character needs to be created with the meta in mind. However, the meta must be considered when making this Tier List, so Sayu has been placed in C-Tier.


Hydrogen, the Elements

Catalyst, Weapon.

Barbara recovers rapidly. Her value has skyrocketed since healing became an absolute necessity in the game. However, there are still situations in which she causes problems. The main problem is that Barbara’s Elemental Skill will always give your character the Wet status, so using her is often counterproductive.

This means you will take increased damage from Pyro and Electro attacks, and will be frozen solid by Cryo attacks. This Skill’s passive healing is also quite low. Barbara is the worst character in the game for attacks, but she can be used to raise it.

However, the group as a whole benefits greatly from the healing effects of her Elemental Burst. She can be used to heal and increase your damage per second (DPS) thanks to her Noblesse Oblige and Thrilling Tales of the Dragonslayer abilities. However, once the Wet status is applied, she becomes a very simple pass. With her C6, she can reach at least B-Tier, which is especially helpful if you’re having trouble with the material.


Aspect: Cryogenic

Bladed weapon

Most players overlook Kaeya because he is one of the starting free characters, but he actually has a fairly well-rounded arsenal.

Because of the low cooldown on his Elemental Skill, it can be used repeatedly to initiate chain reactions. His Elemental Burst accomplishes the same thing and can be used off the field for added convenience.

His low standing is a reflection of how easily replaceable he is. Rosaria and Diona can do what he does, and more effectively, even if we only consider characters with 4* ratings. His constellations are hard to come by, but he scales well with them.


Substance: Electric

Catalyst is a type of weapon.

Most players overestimate Lisa’s badness. To the contrary, she contributes significantly to most teams.

In addition to applying constant Electro, her Elemental Burst lowers the DEF of her foes. While the benefits of lowering an opponent’s resistance quickly plateau, lowering their DEF has a much higher ceiling and is rarely used. With her C2, Raiden Shogun is the best DPS in the game because she can ignore a large portion of her foes’ DEF. Lisa’s DEF reduction is only a quarter as effective, but considering how rare it is, it can make a big difference.

And her Elemental Skill’s damage multiplier is second only to Zhongli’s Burst in the entire game. She’s a pain to play as a DPS, but a powerful support for debuffing foes and setting up Elemental Reactions. While she does provide significant off-field damage, she is ranked so low because both Fischl and Beidou can proc Superconduct more easily.


Substance: Electric

Term: Bow

Sara is a character who, if built correctly, can deal a lot of Electro DMG with her Burst in addition to buffing attack power. The developers obviously didn’t want another Bennett in the game, as they severely nerfed her equipment.

Currently, it can be difficult to get her ATK buff to activate without constellations, but that’s not the worst of it. The fact that the benefit she does grant only lasts for 6 seconds is her biggest weakness.

Sara has tremendous potential to contribute to the team if she is developed and used properly. She is an S-Tier support character for Electro at the C6 level. However, at C0, she would not be worth the investment. Some might even say she is deserving of a spot in the bottom tier of the C-suite.


These are the kinds of code that you should not run if performance optimization is important to you.

Anemo Traveler

Substance: Anemo

Bladed weapon

Getting c6 on Anemo Traveler is as simple as it is on Geo Traveler. This is a nice addition to his kit, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s not particularly impressive.

His Elemental Skill is decent, allowing him to trigger multiple Swirl reactions in rapid succession, but his Burst is a different story. It’s difficult to hit targets in it, and even when you do, they’ll quickly move out of range, making it difficult to deal additional damage.


Fire (or pyro)

Term: Bow

Amber is the first of these characters to have an incomplete set of equipment.

She prefers to keep her distance from her foes as a Bow user, but her abilities all have a limited range. Her Elemental Skill is akin to a taunting exploding piata, except that it cannot be detonated by hand. Furthermore, the longer it takes to explode, the higher your HP. The damage from her Burst is Area-of-Effect Pyro.


Substance: Pyro

Claymore, a kind of sword

Similar to Amber, Xinyan’s style is all over the place. Because some of her skills scale with ATK and others with DEF, she can only ever be good at a subset of them.

The greater the concentration of foes when she uses her Elemental Skill, the more protection she will provide. But her equipment doesn’t help her herd foes together, and she actually excels at driving them away.

Her ability to lower Physical Resistances (hidden by constellations) is her strongest suit, though Superconduct can also be used for this purpose.


Substance: Pyro

Polearm, a Type of

Like Xinyan, Thoma is a protective Pyro support. And he’s bad, just like Xinyan. His gear looks fantastic on paper. A shield that, when activated by other active characters, is second in durability only to Zhongli and Xingqiuesque Pyro? That’s fantastic.

His shield, however, is surprisingly flimsy. It has good overall durability because it heals over time, but whether or not it can withstand particularly powerful enemy attacks is anyone’s guess. The off-field Pyro application not only deals devastating DMG, but it also has the potential to disrupt reactions. His Burst requires 80 Energy, making even obtaining a mediocre shield a challenge.

When compared to Xinyan, Thoma is a character who has only two functions, but fails miserably at both. Even Xinyan is an improvement over C4 Yanfei when it comes to Pyro shields.


Cryogenic Element

Bow, a bow

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is a worthy first promotional crossover character, so long as you were a new Free-to-Play player during the brief window in which she was made available. She was a letdown from the start if you weren’t either of these people.

She wasn’t as powerful as the game’s best DPS characters, but she was free, easy to use, and reliable for getting new players through the game’s early levels thanks to her Cryo infusion on her Normal Attacks and solid Elemental Burst. Those who have managed to obtain her and are still active in the game are not in the very beginning stages of the game, so investing in her is like flushing money down the drain.