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Don’t know who the most intrepid Dragalia Lost explorers are. This article contains the most recent information regarding the tiers of Dragalia Lost adventurers.

When it comes to free-to-play gacha games for mobile devices, few can compete with the quality of Dragalia Lost.

You’ll be gathering a group of units, or “adventurers,” as the game calls them, to fight alongside you, just like in other games of this type. These units can be obtained through random summoning using either real money or game currency.

Methodical party builders must think about subtle stat increases and skills when assembling their best team.

The Dragalia Lost tier list ranks the best adventurers in the game so you can spend your time with those who are most likely to succeed in the game’s later levels.


This level of adventurer is so powerful that nearly every team will have at least one in their roster. The current meta is comprised of these units, so fielding even a small group of them will make finishing the game much simpler.

Adventurer Element Rarity
Alberius Shadow 5-star
Bellina Shadow 5-star
Ezelith Flame 5-star
Gala Alex Shadow 5-star
Chelle Gala Shadow 5-star
The Elisanne Gala Water 5-star
Gala Leif Wind 5-star
Leonidas Gala Flame 5-star
Gala Luca Light 5-star
Gala Mym Flame 5-star
Prince of the Galaxias Light 5-star
Gala Zena Light 5-star
Grace Shadow 5-star
Dropping in Value on Halloween Flame 4-star
Anthropoid Midgardsormr Wind 5-star
Ilia Light 5-star
Karina Water 4-star
Lapis Water 5-star
Lowen Wind 4-star
Marth Flame 5-star
Mitsuba Water 5-star
Mitsuhide Light 5-star
Patia Shadow 4-star
Pecorine Light 5-star
Peony Light 5-star
Ryszarda Light 5-star
Celliera Summer Water 5-star
Veronica Shadow 5-star
Xander Water 5-star

Adventurer Tier List | Dragalia Lost Wiki - GamePress


These explorers may seem weak, but don’t be fooled. However, they are not S-tier because they are not adaptable or useful beyond their narrowly defined roles. Although S-tier units perform admirably in any composition, A-tiers are at their best when used in their designated role.

Adventurer Element Rarity
Akasha Wind 5-star
Albert Light 5-star
Alfonse Light 5-star
The Yachiyo Armor Flame 5-star
Chitose Light 4-star
Cleo Shadow 4-star
Curran Light 5-star
Delphi Shadow 5-star
Malora Dragon Light 5-star
Xainfried, Dragonyule Wind 4-star
Elisanne Water 4-star
Emma Flame 4-star
You, Prince Euden Flame 4-star
Title Noelle Wind 5-star
Forte Shadow 5-star
Gala Cleo Shadow 5-star
Gala Laxi Flame 5-star
Fancy Evening Wind 5-star
Ranzal, Gala Wind 5-star
Grimnir Wind 5-star
Halloween Elisanne Light 5-star
Mym the Hallowed Flame 5-star
Hawk Wind 5-star
Mercury, the Humanoid Water 5-star
Sarisse Hunter Water 5-star
Vanessa Hunter Light 5-star
Ziya Jiang Water 5-star
Joker Shadow 5-star
The Luca Kimono Wind 5-star
Laranoa Water 5-star
Lathna Shadow 5-star
Lazry Water 5-star
Lily Water 5-star
Lin You Wind 5-star
Lucretia Light 5-star
Mikoto Flame 5-star
Mona Wind 5-star
Natalie Shadow 5-star
Naveed Flame 5-star
Nobunaga Flame 5-star
Noelle Wind 4-star
Panther Flame 5-star
Pipple Water 4-star
Saiga Wind 5-star
Seimei Flame 5-star
Sophie Light 5-star
Patia, Summer Shadow 5-star
Sylas Wind 5-star
Hope of the Templars Wind 4-star
Tiki Water 5-star
Tobias Wind 5-star
Hildegarde’s Valentine’s Day Flame 5-star
The Elisanne Wedding Wind 5-star
Xainfried Water 5-star
Yoshitsune Water 5-star
Cassandra Yukat Flame 5-star
Curran, Yukata Light 5-star
Zhu Bajie Light 5-star


These explorers won’t get in any trouble. They won’t be game-changing in any way, but you should still try to improve them. You’ll need to invest more time and game currency if you want these units to survive until the end.

Adventurer Element Rarity
Aldred Shadow 4-star
Althemia Shadow 3-star
Amane Light 4-star
Annelie Light 5-star
Audric Shadow 4-star
Botan Shadow 4-star
Catherine Water 5-star
Chelsea Flame 5-star
Chrom Flame 5-star
Victor the Dragonyule Shadow 5-star
Eirene Light 5-star
Eugene Water 5-star
Faris Flame 5-star
Finni Water 5-star
Fjorm Water 5-star
Fleur Light 4-star
Gatherer Mitsuba Wind 5-star
The Proper Joachim Wind 5-star
Akasha, The Halloween Haunting Water 5-star
Melsa de Halloween Wind 5-star
Heinwald Shadow 5-star
Hildegarde Light 5-star
Ieyasu Shadow 5-star
Julieta Light 5-star
Karl Flame 4-star
Elisanne Kimono Flame 5-star
Kirsty Wind 5-star
Kleimann Shadow 4-star
Linnea Shadow 5-star
Louise Wind 5-star
Maribelle Wind 5-star
Meene Wind 5-star
Melody Wind 3-star
Nadine Flame 5-star
Doctor Aeleen Water 4-star
Orsem Water 4-star
Pinon Water 5-star
Xuan Zang, the Radiant Light 5-star
Ramona Flame 5-star
Ranzal Wind 4-star
Rena Flame 5-star
Rodrigo Shadow 3-star
Serena Flame 4-star
Wujing Sha Light 4-star
Sharena Light 5-star
Joe is a sharpshooter. Light 3-star
Maribella, a student Flame 5-star
Su Fang Wind 4-star
Cléo de l’Été Light 5-star
A Julietta Summer Water 5-star
Luca Summer Light 4-star
Notwin, Summer Wind 5-star
Chinese Summer Wind 5-star
Season of Summer Verica Shadow 5-star
Affectionately, Addis Shadow 5-star
Harmony of Love Wind 5-star
Valerio Water 5-star
Vania Shadow 5-star
Verica Flame 4-star
Vice Shadow 3-star
Victor Wind 5-star
Aoi’s Wedding Wind 5-star
Xania’s Big Day! Wind 4-star
Xania Flame 3-star
Xiao Lei Light 3-star
Yachiyo Light 4-star
Yaten Shadow 5-star
Yurius Water 5-star
Zena Shadow 5-star
Nefaria Shadow 5-star

Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List - May 2020 - GamingonPhone


These units will serve you well until you can acquire better ones. There are more and better options available, including three levels of adventurers above these.

Adventurer Element Rarity
Addis Wind 4-star
Alain Flame 3-star
Alex Shadow 4-star
Aoi Flame 3-star
Zardin, Hairstylist Light 5-star
Berserker Shadow 4-star
Cassandra Shadow 5-star
Celliera Water 4-star
Chelle Shadow 5-star
Baby Cleo Dragon Water 5-star
Xander, the Dragon-Hulk Water 4-star
Durant Shadow 4-star
Erik Shadow 3-star
Cleo, the Hunter Water 5-star
Fritz Light 4-star
A. Sarisse Gala Flame 5-star
Gauld Water 4-star
It’s Althemia, Halloween! Light 4-star
Edward’s Halloween Light 3-star
Odetta, Halloween Water 4-star
Hanabusa Light 4-star
An aggressive hunter Flame 5-star
Undisclosed Nefaria Flame 5-star
Jakob Water 3-star
Joachim Wind 4-star
Joe Flame 3-star
Jurota Water 3-star
Ku Hai Wind 4-star
Kuzunoha Flame 5-star
Laxi Flame 4-star
Lea Flame 5-star
Luca Light 4-star
Luther Water 4-star
Mega Man Flame 5-star
Mordecai Light 5-star
Musashi Wind 4-star
Myriam Wind 5-star
Nevin Shadow 5-star
Odetta Light 4-star
Karina Opera. Shadow 5-star
Orion Shadow 4-star
Renee Water 4-star
Renelle Flame 3-star
Rex Water 3-star
Ricardt Water 3-star
Ryozen Light 4-star
Sazanka Shadow 4-star
Sinoa Flame 4-star
Amane, Summer Wind 5-star
Estelle, Summer Water 4-star
The Mikoto Summer Light 5-star
Taro Shadow 3-star
Thaniel Water 4-star
Ezelith’s Valentine Flame 4-star
Orion, the Star of Love Flame 3-star
Vanessa Flame 4-star
Vixel Light 4-star
Wu Kong Light 5-star
Xuan Zang Flame 4-star
Yuya Flame 4-star
Zardin Water 3-star


These units are useless unless they receive a substantial buff. There is currently no way to fix these units’ serious flaws.

Adventurer Element Rarity
Aeleen Wind 4-star
Aurien Flame 3-star
Cibella Water 3-star
Nefaria, Dragonyule Water 4-star
Eleonora Wind 4-star
Elias Light 4-star
Estelle Light 3-star
Felicia Light 4-star
Francesca Wind 3-star
Hope Light 3-star
Linus Light 3-star
Malka Light 3-star
Malora Light 3-star
Nicolas Wind 3-star
Norwin Shadow 4-star
Philia Wind 3-star
Pia Wind 4-star
Pietro Water 3-star
Raemond Light 3-star
Sophie Wind 3-star
Vida Shadow 3-star
Yue Flame 4-star


The worst units currently available.

Adventurer Element Rarity
Edward Shadow 3-star
Johanna Wind 3-star
Marty Flame 3-star
Melsa Flame 4-star
Rawn Light 4-star
Waike Water 3-star
Zace Shadow 3-star

Similar Dragalia Lost Tier List

We have created additional game-related tier lists in addition to the characters’ tier list.

The Dragon Tier List

Although the game’s powerful adventurers are enough to keep players entertained, Dragalia Lost also features a group of adorable yet incredibly powerful supporting characters. We’re talking about dragons, of course. For success in JRGB Dragalia Lost, human characters must be as strong as their dragons. Using this tactic, rival groups have a better chance of reaching their full potential.

Here is a quick rundown of all the useful dragon options in Dragalia to help you form the right human-dragon pairs. All equipment is organized from best to worst, from S to D tiers.

Dragon Tiers Were Lost by Dragalia Lost Dragons of Dragalia
S-Tier All the best to the galaxies of Cat Sith, Gaibhne, Mars, Craidhne, Thor, and Vayu!
A-Tier Alpha, Omega, Snail, Star, and Siren Ariel, Cupid, Dreadking Rathalos, Nimis, Pazuzu, Horus, Tie Shan Gongzhu, Konohana Sakuya, Epimetheus, Dragonyule Jeanne, Halloween Maritimus, Long Long, Tie Shan Gongzhu, Siren, Leviathan
B-Tier Cerberus, Ramiel, Prometheus, Gilgamesh, Arctos, Marishiten, Takemikazuchi, High Brunhilda, Chthonius, Zephyr, High Midgardsormr, High Mercury, High Zodiark, High Jupiter, Andromeda, Corsaint Phoenix, High Midgardsormr, High Mercury, High Zodiark, High Jupiter
C-Tier Summer, Kamuy, Garuda, Kamuy, Jeanne d’Arc, Ifrit, and Juggernaut Poseidon, Nidhogg, Yulong, Styx, Liger, Simurgh, Nyarlathotep, Phantom, Vodyanoy, and Konohana Sakuya
D-Tier Silver Fafnir, Gust Drake, Sylvia, Fubuki, Peng Lai, Maritimus, Poliahu, Pallid Imp, Moon Drake, Parallel Zodiark, Fubuki, Silke, Gust Drake, and Silver Fafnir.

The Weapon Tier List

The action play of Dragalia Lost requires each character to carry a particular kind of weapon. Although a hero’s play style and action power are unaffected by his or her weapon, it is still important to have a firm grasp on the utility of each weapon. In addition, you can increase your team’s power and the character’s HP by using weapons strategically.

The eight primary weapon classes in Dragalia Lost are divided into three strength categories below.

Dragalia’s Disappeared Armory 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier
Sword Hefty Ingot, Knights’ Grace, Knight’s Sword, Hero’s Sword, and Wind Apogee Blade of Glory, Broadsword, Ensorcelled Sword, Gilda Sword, Gram, Flame Apogee, Hauteclaire, and Gram Apogee of Inferno, Dainsleif, Blazing Blade, Rainbreaker, Grassrunner, Crimson Cry, Durandal, Levatein, Zex’s End, and Blazing Blade.
Staff Aurachant, Eternal Heaven, Cane of Rest for the Soul, Cane of Life, and Staff of both Life and Grace. The Horned Snake’s Staff, the Flamechant, the Harbinger of Night, and the Otherworldly Bough Plays like “Scendecipher,” “Endless Demise,” “Bracing Waters,” “Ashchant,” and “Ark Voyager”
Bow “Nitralica’s Koto,” “Fungus Bow,” “Composite Bow,” and “Executioner” Accelerator Duskhawk, Machine Bow, and Frostfungus Glacial Fungus, Flightfyre, Macabre Malediction, and Stellar Pegasus
Wand Wand of the Torrent, Beastwing, Beastscent, Latchkey, and Wizard’s Rod Moonlight Rod, Conchoidal Rod, Wavewing, The Scream, and Chaotic Horizon Tsunamiwing, Ocean Monarch, Accursed Vare, Oceandweller, and The Second Scream
Lance Weapons: Leechspore Lance, Strong Halberd, Piercing Beast, Pactspear, and Trident Bubblespore Lance, Gae Bolg, Drill Lance, Tidal Beast, Gae, and Innocent’s Lance Calamity Trigger, Ocean Lord, Triggerspore Lance, Mistilteinn, Calamity Trigger, Abyssal Prize, Moonpiercer, Gale Spear, Flameserpent, Vortex Beast, Mistilteinn
Blade Protector’s Seal, Dane’s Favor, Goliath Splitter, and Subjugator High Shamshir, Masamura’s Pride, Souleater, Villagelight, Scorching Edge, Crimson Steel, and Crimson Shade Skyrender, Chanzelian Blade, Skyrender, Anemone, Flametongue, Heavenwing,
Axe Warrior’s Axe, Plain Axe, Fury Crux, and Victory Axe Wave Crux, Halfling’s Broadaxe, Juggernaut, Executioner’s Axe Strafe, and the Tyrant Heaven’s Fury, Singing Cyclone, Radiant Swath, Crimsonclaw, and Crux of the Maelstrom
Dagger Slaughterlust, Big Boy, Kris Naga, Bejeweled Dagger, Hard Breaker, and Mushroom Dagger Treasure of the Iron Rose, Wyrmfang, Bloodlust, Flaming Big Boy, Chilly Crimini Dagger, Lover’s Ally Cruel Kukri, Queensflight, Karlsnautr, and Gorelust

The Wyrmprint Tier List

Wyrmprints, which function like cards, are given to players in Dragalia Lost. By using these items, players can give their chosen adventurer improved statistics and skills. The issue was elevated to a higher tier with the release of game version 2.0.0, which introduced Wyrmprints and their fantastic personalization options and Affinity bonuses. To better handle the unique Wyrmprint feature, here is an additional crucial Dragalia Lost tier list.

Draconian Wyrmprint Levels Disappeared The Wyrmprints That Dragalia Lost
S-Tier Spirit of the Season, United by One Vision, Sisters’ Day Out, Mega Friends, Jewels of the Sun, and United by One Vision. Forest Bonds, Kung Fu Masters, Summer Paladyns, The Chocolatiers, and Stellar Show
A-Tier Titles like “Air & Crash,” “Levin’s Champion,” “An Ancient Oath,” “Castle Cheer Corps,” “Evening of Luxury,” and “Flower in the Fray” all feature “Wise Warriors.” Journal Entry
B-Tier Fate’s Hand, New Eyes, Childhood Recollections, Cleo’s Ruse, The Heroes’ Arrival, New World Escort, The Moon Festival, Harsh Love, Cauldron of Witchcraft

Dragalia Lost Tier List Criteria

We have compiled a detailed list of Dragalia Lost’s primary characters after playing the game and gathering information and feedback from seasoned players. In order to help you choose the best companions for your journey through Dragalia Lost’s intricate story, we’ve provided you with not only a list of character tiers but also those for the game’s dragons, weapons, and wyrmprints.

Dragalia Lost tier list – every character ranked | Pocket Tactics

Why Trust Us

After extensive testing, we were able to carefully craft a ranked list of the game’s best players. On top of that, we didn’t just base our rankings on our own expertise; we also factored in the feedback of random players we found online. Since we acknowledge the subjectivity of ranking systems, we encourage discussion but discourage criticism of our established order.

Best Adventurers in Dragalia Lost Tier List (2021)

Shadow Adventurers

  • Alberius, Bellina, Grace, Gala Alex, Gala Chelle, Veronica, and Summer Patia are some of the best names out there.
  • Honorable Mention: Bellina, Summer Patia, and Alexa at the Gala.

Galex is currently one of the best Adventurers in Dragalia Lost thanks to his powerful dispel and high damage output. She is the best DPS in her role, though other tier list characters may be better fits for your team.

Summer Patia is a support queen with a powerful and entertaining toolbox. She has the ability to heal, shield, and increase the damage output of her allies.

If adequately supported by healing, Bellina’s damage per second (DPS) increases as she loses health, making her a devastating force.

Flame Adventurers

  • Favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day Hildegarde, Halloween Lowen, and the Galas of Leonidas, Ezelith, Marth, Laxi, and Mym.
  • Marth, Emma, and Gala Laxi deserve special recognition.

In terms of raw DPS, Marth is currently in first place. This Fire Emblem crossover character has powerful offensive and supportive abilities, including Burn and his Mana Spiral. In Dragalia Lost, there is no justification for passing on Marth.

Among Flame options, Emma is no slouch. Unlike Marth, she cares more about providing assistance than dealing damage herself. Despite this, she is still one of the best Adventurers in Dragalia Lost and a strong addition to any team.

One more fantastic DPS option is Gala Laxi. Even though she can deal as much damage as Marth, she doesn’t help your team nearly as much as Emma or Marth. Even so, any Dragalia Lost team would be lucky to have her as their lone beatstick on fire.

Light Adventurers

  • Gala Luca, Gala Prince, Gala Zena, Ilia, Pecorine, and Ryszarda are some of the best choices.
  • Noteworthy: Hildegarde

Hildegarde is not currently one of the best Adventurers, but she is a serviceable backup option. Despite being one of Adventurers Light’s weakest healers, she is capable of dealing significant sustained damage and performing impressive combos. By keeping her friends healthy, Hildegarde ensures victory and allows them to do the grunt work.

Wind Adventurers

  • Best Bets: Valentine’s Chelsea, Formal Noelle, Gala Notte, Humanoid Midgardsormr, and Gala Ranzal.
  • Noteworthy mention: Summer Sinoa.

Sinoa is currently the best choice for Dragalia Lost DPS, as she is a boon to crit builds and deals significant damage on her own. While not as powerful as the meta-choices, this wind Adventurer is still a good addition to any team.

Water Adventurers

  • Recommended varieties include the Dragonyule Lily, Gala Elisanne, Gala Mascula, Lapis, Mitsuba, and Xander.
  • Highlight: Elisanne Gala.

In Dragalia Lost, Gala Elisanne is a formidable all-around Adventurer. She has excellent support potential and excellent overall stats, making her a rare find. She’s available for no cost to any squad!


To win at the Dragalia Lost’s gacha-filled, multifaceted conquest, players need to know which units to prioritize. With this Dragalia Lost strategy guide by your side, you’ll be prepared to play at your best and lead your team to victory.

Everything you need to know about the quests and features of Dragalia Lost can be found on our ranked list. You’re interested in learning more about games like Dragalia Lost, right? If you’re into JRPG gacha games, you should check out our Dragon Ball Legends tier list.