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After a year of development, Warframe was launched in November 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Ancient warriors known as Tenno are the players’ characters. There are currently 46 selectable characters/warriors to choose from in the game. In addition to being referred to as “frames,” they each have their own set of special abilities based on a specific theme. When it comes to PvE tasks, some of these characters are better than others. The Warframe tier list has been constructed in order to provide each frame a ranking based on their overall performance in the game.

Our ranking of Warframe’s difficulty levels is based on our own personal playthroughs. The frames we’ve placed in specific tiers may look out of place to you because our rating differs from yours. We ranked the frames in each tier depending on how they are being used right now in the meta. It’s important to note that our categorization is based simply on our personal view of where each frame should be placed in the Tier list. For each frame, we have also included a brief explanation of its strengths.

Some of the frames

  • Dozens of Seconds (DPS)
  • Survivability
  • Controlling the crowd

Here are a few of the best Warframes, each of which excels in a different area.

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The Mesa Warframe build is one of the greatest. Mesa’s attention is typically drawn to her arsenal of Guns. She’s the best gunman in the business, hands down. At long range, she has one of the highest DPS outputs of any character in the game. In addition, her damage output has no obvious downsides.

She has the capacity to annihilate everything in her path during combat. This type of firepower might make you think she lacks in defense, but that isn’t the case. But she doesn’t, despite what you might think. Her ability to shoot well is a valuable offensive asset that also serves as a crowd-control tool.

Missions to use Mesa

  • suited to a wide range of tasks.
  • It’s everything there at the end


In terms of super tiers, the Rhino fits right in. In the Warframe, this is one of the most popular and long-lived frames. He’s a great choice for beginning players because of his approachable playstyle. In battle, he is the heaviest, most powerful, and most dominant Warframe. If an enemy tries to harm Rhino, his Iron skill will shield him.

In addition, his roar provides a modest damage boost, and his stomp is one of the game’s strongest tools for crowd control. It is because of Rhino’s features that he ranks near the top of the Tier List.

Missions to use Rhino frame

  • Survival
  • Sabotage
  • Defense
  • Hijack


Ivara is one of the permanent invisibility Warframes in the series. Ranger-themed and universal, she serves as the game’s main frame. Is there a need for an additional DPS on your team? Adding Ivara to a team is an excellent idea. I don’t think she’ll have a problem with it. Is a clever Warframe necessary for your group? That is also something she is capable of. There are others who believe she isn’t the best Warframe in any given situation. Despite this, she is capable of doing anything. Look no further than Ivara if you want a construct that can be used by just about everyone.

Ivara - Warframe SuckGame - YouTube

Missions to use Ivara frame

  • Survival
  • Rescue
  • Assassination
  • Spy


One of Warframe’s most well-known and revered members is Trinity. She provides a limitless supply of energy, allowing other players to unleash their most powerful skills with relative ease. As a support frame, she’s a standout in the Warframe. A tremendous party heal, shield restorations, and insane damage reductions cannot be undervalued by her. As a result, she has been ranked among the best frames in the battlefield.

Missions to use Trinity Frame

  • Useful in all types of missions, but especially those found in the game’s climax.


During a game, have you ever wished you could vaporize your opponents before they even came into view of your character? Saryn, on the other hand, is the ideal frame that stands out from the crowd. Saryn is a Warframe build so powerful it can dissolve anything in its path.

You don’t need to reset your aim or anything else with this frame. Because of her talents, she will be able to directly target her enemies. Additionally, she focuses on Viral and Corrosive damage in the final stages of the game.

Survivability and other astounding abilities have made her the greatest frame available at this time.

Missions to use Saryn Frame

  • Extermination
  • Defense
  • Interception
  • Survival


Nova is a Warframe build that dates back a few years. There is still a lot of life left in this old lady. To take on the toughest opponents in the game, she uses a combination of high damage output and crowd control to devastating effect.

She appears to be in a lot of pain. Her low health and inadequate barriers make her particularly vulnerable to the oncoming danger.

Missions to use Nova

  • Interception
  • Defense
  • Defense on the Move


As of current now, Octavia is the most overpowered Warframe in the game. Squads can benefit from her metronome skill, which grants them numerous abilities including increased attack speed and invisibility, as well as increased Armor and direct weapon damage.

It’s amazing how much damage she can deal while buffing other players. Additionally, her mallet is one of the most powerful AoE harm dealers in Warframe.

Missions to use Octavia

  • Excavation
  • Sabotage
  • Survival
  • Defense that is always on the move


Volt is the game’s quickest Warframe. He can help his team move faster using his talents. When he has adequate ability duration and strength, he is as swift as lightning.

Volt’s electrified armor is a blessing in disguise. In addition to providing vital damage, it also serves as a form of crowd management. It’s possible, but it’s a lot less effective than before. And it’s useless against those who have already been hurt or affected by it. A good support Warframe with interesting tools, on the overall.

Missions to use Volt

  • Extermination
  • Alert
  • Capture
  • Sabotage


Loot-based frame called Nekros. Due to his Desecrate ability, he is one of the greatest magic-finding frames in the game. Having the capacity to scare adversaries makes him a good supporter. The gradual crowd control of Augmented Terrify is one of the best in the game, and it protects the area underneath it from enemy territory as well.

Warframe: Nekros Prime Access

Additional loot from Augmented Terrify makes this even better, as it helps the Nekros rise to a higher level. As such, if you’d like to combine crowd control with a powerful debuff, consider picking Nekros for your tasks.

Missions to use Nekros

  • Defense
  • Survival
  • Defense on the Move


An odd Warframe called Harrow has been making headlines recently. He is a flexible Warframe capable of controlling crowds, doing harm, and providing assistance. A member of his own squad may be able to disadvantage him. As a result, the Harrow frame is in a weird predicament. Furthermore, he is capable of shining even on the worst of teams. This means that he has the ability to help the less-than-stellar frames win.

Missions to use Harrow

  • As Eidolon battles,
  • Survival
  • Defense


Nullifiers, which negate the effects of other warframes’ skills, are Limbo’s sole weakness. Because of his Rift mechanics, he is invincible with just these.

Projectiles in Limbo can be stopped in mid-flight. A sustained energy source is not difficult to obtain, and when combined with his lethal range, high efficiency, and long skill endurance, he becomes an effective and efficient killing machine.


Even though this is the most basic warframe, it’s still a solid choice for new players. Depending on who you chose in the tutorial, you may be able to receive this one for free, or you can get Excalibur Umbra for free in a later mission, which is stronger.

Excalibur’s Exalted Blade talent makes him an excellent DPS warframe. In addition, he possesses the panic button Radial Blind, which temporarily disables foes.

There are two mods available for Excalibur that are rather easy to obtain. He is equipped with a Chromatic Blade and an Exalted Blade with Condition Overload.

As a result of this, he is successful in the final content.


In terms of damage and functionality, Gauss is an excellent choice. If you want to get through the game as quickly as possible to make the most of your time or to improve your Warframe skills, you should go with him.

Volt can’t keep up with him due of his second skill, which makes him the fastest warframe.

His ability to maintain a high level of speed is unmatched.

His other abilities, such as the ability to eliminate all adversaries within a 360-degree circle and the ability to reduce projectile damage, are also noteworthy.


The Day and Night Form dynamics of this warframe are quite difficult to master.

However, if you go with Equinox, you’ll get one of the best endgame scaling frames out there.

Equinox has the ability to put its enemies to sleep and subsequently kill them in order to gain affinity. When you’re just doing affinity farming on your own, this helps. Her final ability is that she may cause her foes to bleed to death.

Due to the percentage calculation, this will work against foes of any difficulty.

As a healer for the entire team, Equinox is an excellent warframe to pick.

Warframe Tier List


All of the frames in our S-tier are among the best at playing a variety of game roles. In this list, we’ve included damage dealers, healers, and crowd-control frames. It is highly recommended that you invest your time in unlocking these frames.


You should opt for Mesa if you want the best Warframe frame out there. When it comes to close or long-range combat, she will not disappoint you. Mesa’s primary role in the game is that of a gunslinger. As a result, she gains health if you don’t have a melee weapon equipped and instead rely largely on firearms. Using her ‘Shooting Gallery’ skill, she can jam an enemy’s pistol while also buffing the damage done to one of her allies.


Saryn is an expert at putting adversaries into various states of vulnerability. In addition, her skills and weaponry apply status affects to foes that stay 25% longer. When used by itself, Warframe’s passive ability can be too strong at times. Saryn’s powers can poison, infect, and cause corrosive damage to opponents. Her ‘Toxic Lash’ ability doubles Toxin damage and has a 100% Toxin status effect chance when used.

How To Play Saryn in Warframe


They are Octavia’s weapons of destruction, the Mandachords on her arms. For the most part, her skills revolve around music, making her a standout in our A-ranking Warframe tier list. In order to distract her attackers, Octavia uses the ‘Resonator’ ability to throw a rollerball, giving her and her friends additional time to strike their foes. In some ways, farming a prime seems easier than cultivating her. In addition, if you’re able to obtain Octavia, you’ll want to use her as a default picture in the game.


Keep an eye on Trinity if you are seeking for a great healer frame in the game. All of her abilities either provide allies with immediate healing or steal health from enemies and channel it to teammates. When it comes to completing missions and boss fights swiftly, the greatest healer frame to have on your team is Trinity.


Because she’s a master of antimatter manipulation, Nova is able to deceive even the most determined of her opponents. Nova’s ‘Worm Hole’ skill lets her create a wormhole to get away from danger. She has the ability to summon a small swarm of antimatter particles to hunt down and destroy any adversaries within range. Nova’s neutron burst damage attack deals massive blast damage while also knocking down and knocking back any adversaries who manage to knock her down. She is an excellent member of any team and is capable in close quarters battle.


Wisp is the gateway master, and she employs a variety of tactics to evade or surprise her foes. A ditto image of Wisp can be conjured in front of enemies utilizing her “Wil-O-Wisp” ability, which is our favorite. She teleports to where her picture is if you use the ability again. It needs 25 energy to open Wisp’s “Sol Gate,” which uses the sun’s solar plasma energy to melt opponents.


All of the frames in our A-list are among the very best available in the game. They aren’t the best, but they’ll do the job for the time being. If you choose these frames, you won’t have any issues defeating foes and bosses in Warframe.


Ivara is a good archer for Warframe gamers who are looking for a companion. Shooting from a distance with four varieties of tactical arrows, she is the best offensive frame. Ivara can quickly switch between different sorts of arrows, each of which provides a tactical advantage to both allies and the user. She uses the cloak to construct a protective barrier around herself and her comrades. You can utilize a noise arrow to draw attention to yourself or distract your opponents. Dashwire arrows generate a zipline that allows Ivara to rise above and out of the reach of her enemies. With the sleep arrows, she may temporarily put her adversaries to sleep. Overall, Ivara is the best A-ranking Warframe available.


True, Corrosive, and Slash are all status effects that Inaros can apply to his enemies to cause significant damage. In order to drain health from his victims, he uses cursed sand to attack them. For a brief period of time, they are rendered blind as a result of the attack. An adversary can be drowned in quicksand by Inaros utilizing her ‘Devour’ talent. His ‘Sandstorm’ ability is the finest for crowd control because he can fling adversaries back or damage enemies caught in the raging sand storm.


When leading a full-team attack, Chroma is the optimal frame. On the fly, he can switch between four different types of elemental power. Using his Elements Ward power, Chroma is able to summon the four elemental types heat, lightning, poison, and cold. Chroma provides defensive and offensive benefits to you and your allies, regardless of your elemental choice. With him on your side, fighting a boss or crowds of adversaries is much more bearable.


Khora inflicts enormous harm with her whipclaw and the assistance of her trusty hunts companion Venari. Assaulting foes is her pet’s job. Additionally, Khora can use Venari to harm a single target, or to shield and heal the entire party. Using Venari, Khora may be revived, making her the best A-ranking Warframe on our list. In addition, Khora can ensnare an enemy in a circling living metal with her ‘Ensnare’ ability.


Electricity-based assaults are Volt’s speciality. Utilizing electrical manipulation, he provides the best offensive and defensive tactical advantages. Small bursts of high-damage electric shock are dealt with by Volt’s ‘Shock’ ability. It can also link up with an adversary that is nearby. A short-lived enhancement in movement speed is provided by Volt’s “Speed” ability. He has the ability to create an electric shield that can completely halt the enemy’s ranged attacks. Volt’s ‘Discharge’ ability paralyzes short-range enemy if they are surrounding him.


Gara’s glass armor cuts and reflects light, blinding and ensnaring her adversaries. She can hurl shards of glass at her opponents with her special attack, ‘Shattered Glass’. When you hold down the ability button, a glass arching strike is unleashed on your opponent. In addition to protecting teammates from harm, Gara’s “Splinter Storm” ability also deals significant damage to foes. She’s a master at using glass to lead an attack or bolster the defense of her fellow soldiers.


Only Wukong is capable of slicing through opponents and keeping the mob in check. Obtaining him shouldn’t take long, and you won’t have to grind for him for weeks before you can play with him. Wukong may generate a second version of himself with his own health with his ‘Celestial Twin’ ability. In order to fight an adversary, the twin can be ordered to attack. If Wukong hits an adversary with a ranged attack, the twin will strike back with a melee assault. At times, it seems like Wukong has too much power with his ‘Defy’ ability, which lets him stockpile all of an opponent’s damage and deal it back with one hit. Even the most hardened foes can be wiped out by this.


Rhino is the game’s frontal assault frame, and he can wipe out adversaries on his own or give teammates a boost in firepower by buffing them. He aims to inflict damage on his foes by charging at them. Rhino’s ‘Iron Skin’ ability hardens his skin for a short period of time, allowing him to absorb all the incoming damage. His ‘Roar’ ability offers adjacent allies a short-lived damage boost, allowing them to inflict more damage. His ‘Rhino Stomp’ is the most damaging of all his abilities. Blast damage is caused by the rhino stomping its feet on the ground.


Equinox is a one-of-a-kind Warframe in our top-tier A-ranking list. All of her skills and moves change as she goes from day to night tactical form mode. Equinox’s day form gives her an advantage when she uses her ‘Metamorphosis’ ability. Extra armor and shields are given to her while she is in her night form. Her ‘Rest & Rage’ ability is the same. Equinox deals more damage to a single adversary when in the night form, but when she transforms into the day form, she is able to put an enemy to sleep.


For Nidus, dealing fungal infection harm to foes is second nature. Crowd control and bolstering an ally go hand in hand with his attitude of mind. A fungal infestation attack is launched by Nidus using the ‘Virulence’ ability, which causes the enemy to become dazed and sluggish. Using the ‘Larva’ ability, he creates an infested larva pod, which inflicts damage on nearby opponents. The ‘Ravenous’ ability of Nidus summons a swarm of ravenous maggots that progressively deplete the health of adversaries before unleashing a blast of damage.


A skilled manipulator of energy, Gauss is a master of kinetic energy manipulations. Impact damage is dealt with his ‘Mach Rush’ ability as he rushes through the enemies. Any solid object struck by Gauss will send off a tremendous shockwave that will wreak havoc on any opponents within range. In both defense and offense, his “Kinetic Plating” skill is a powerful weapon. The elemental damage that comes at Gauss is absorbed by him, and he is not thrown down or stunned as a result.


While fighting in Warframe, Nezha is an expert at controlling fire-based assaults. Flame strikes can be hurled via his ‘Fire Walker’ ability. An ability called “Blazing Chakram,” which allows the frame to throw searing flame rings at adversaries, doing massive amounts of damage, is what makes this character so dangerous. Restorative Orbs are dropped whenever foes die as a result of this ability. Wading Halo consumes 75 energy, but it forms a protective ring around Nezha’s frame, giving stun and Slash status effects to enemies that are in close proximity.


Warframe’s B-tier frames are above-average in terms of performance. As a crowd-controlling attack/healing hybrid, they excel. However, the present metagame has a few flaws that prevent them from rising to the top. Although they can be useful in some scenarios, they are best utilized by experienced Warframe players.


Baruuk is a fantastic frame that you should have in your collection. Incoming gunfire or missiles are no match for his ‘Elude’ talent. Only when Baruuk is not engaged in combat with an enemy can the ability be used. His ‘Lull’ ability puts adversaries to sleep, and when they wake up, they are confused.


When Mirage is in light, she receives a significant damage boost. Going into the darkness makes her a lot more difficult to find. The ability to confuse an opponent is another benefit of employing Mirage. At this point, she uses her ability to generate a few of her own mirror images to divert the enemy’s attention. For 50 energy, she can unleash a hovering prism that shoots lasers in every direction.


Oberon is one of the best B-rank Warframes for both offense and defense. Using his ‘Renewal’ ability, he heals his teammates for a short period of time by projecting healing energy. The ‘Smite’ ability of Oberon deals good damage in a wide area. It costs him 50 energy, but the land in front of Oberon is sanctified. A radiation status effect damage is dealt to an adversary who enters this blazing zone.


It’s hard to find a better all-around frame than Harrow in the game. He is able to do a fair amount of damage to his foes while also converting that damage into life regeneration. When Harrow sacrifices his shields for his ‘Penance’ ability, he obtains an increase in fire rate and reload speed. Aside from that, every damage dealt to an enemy is converted to health for the player and any surrounding allies.


For an attacking frame, Lavos is above-average. By unleashing his serpentine assault, he wreaks havoc on his foes. Short-term healing can also be granted as a result of this talent. Vial Rush, an ability of Lavos, causes the frame to sprint forward at an astounding rate. A chilling path of ice is left behind whenever he slams into an enemy, inflicting a cold condition effect on them.


For a frame that excels at magical attacks, go no further than Limbo. When he uses his ‘Banish’ ability, he can slowly damage his opponents with rift energy. The ‘Stasis’ ability of Limbo allows him to freeze or suspend foes tied by rift energy.


Titania is a solid frame with a variety of debuffs that can be applied to foes. She may also increase the strength of her teammates, allowing them to inflict more harm on their enemies. Titania’s ‘Tribute’ ability allows her to switch between four different types of buffs. For a brief time, friends benefit from increased damage caused by the full moon. When thorns debuff is applied, all enemy damage is considerably decreased on both the caster and his or her teammates. Foes’ accuracy suffers substantially as a result of her dust debuff, and they frequently miss their targets. Slowing down adversaries is one of Titania’s abilities.


Our B-rank Tier list’s Revenant has a respectable attacking frame. The revenant uses his ‘Enthral’ power to turn an enemy into a thrall that attacks other enemies. The thrall is under the control of Revenant until the spell’s timer runs out. He uses his ‘Mesmer Skin’ ability to construct sentient energy onto his armor, deflecting all incoming damage and stunning enemies in the process. To steal health and shields from enemies, the Revenant uses the same sentient energy.


As an all-rounder, Sevagoth is a solid choice. A seed of doom is planted in the vicinity of his foes by employing his ‘Sow’ talent. His detonation will also inflict status effect damage on adjacent foes. It costs 50 energy, but Sevagoth uses it to slow down all his enemies, drain their health, and replenish his own. Each ally’s health bar is replenished by fighting the adjacent enemy.

Sevagoth (Warframe) HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 1920x1080


As a master of the fire elemental, Ember excels at taking on opponents head-on. A charged fire shot from her ‘Fireball’ ability ignites a target. To preserve her armor, Ember uses the “Immolation” talent, which allows her to cast fire that increases over time. Her ‘Fire Blast’ ability lets her slam the ground to deal area-of-effect damage. The strike has the potential to obliterate any adversaries in its path.


There are numerous devices that need to be used at the right time for Protea to be effective in the game. For 75 energy, Protea can make three orbs after a predetermined amount of time. Afterwards, she or her teammates can pick up the three orbs: an empowered health orb, a global ammo pack, and an energy orb. In addition, Protea summons a plasma-firing artillery force with her ‘Blaze Artillery’ ability.


For the most part, the C-tier frames are on par with the B-tier models. Not all of them, however, provide significant tactical advantages when engaged in combat.


In addition to being a necromancer, Nekros frame is also a master of controlling his adversaries using necromancy. With the use of his “Soul Punch” ability, he wreaks havoc on his adversaries and transforms them into his doppelgangers. It takes 75 energy for Nekros to use his “Terrify” ability to scare adjacent foes. Using the ‘Desecrate’ skill, he can also boost the possibility that slain opponents would drop extra loot. Nekros has the ability to summon shadow versions of his adversaries if the conflict becomes too much for him.


The C-rank has only one Mag frame. Her powers of magnetism allow her to alter the tides of battle in her favor. We believe Mag’s only drawback is that her skills require a lot of energy to perform. Mag can deal with melee strikes because her ‘Pull’ ability brings distant targets closer. For 100 energy, Mag uses her ‘Crush’ ability to magnetize enemy bones, allowing her to cripple and crush them from within. Using her ‘Mag’ ability, she emits a powerful energy pulse that slowly weakens opposing armor and shields. When an ally comes into contact with the energy field, their shields are all regenerated.


Engineer Vauban possesses an array of weapons that may inflict great harm upon those who oppose him. Beacon-dropping laser artillery strikes are possible thanks to his “Photon Strike” technology. A slow-moving target can make good use of this ability, which takes 75 energy to use. It is possible for Vauban to unleash an electric roller drone on his foes that inflicts a brief burst of damage. Disperses and weakens the mob with a significant area-of-effect ability


When it comes to using frost and ice-based strategies, Frost is the best in the business. Frostbite damage and the possibility to freeze the target are possible outcomes of his ‘Freeze’ ability. When powerful ice waves strike a target, Frost’s ‘Ice Wave’ ability causes significant damage. If an enemy is caught in the path of his “Avalanche” ability, which costs 100 energy to activate, they will be iced and suffer damage.


Hildryn is a medium-sized woman who attacks her foes with a defensive strategy. Using her ‘Haven’ ability, she creates a protective shield around herself and her companions. The shielded frames inflict damage on any enemies they come into touch with. Hildryn uses her ‘Pillage’ ability to snatch enemy shields and armor to replenish her own stockpile of supplies. Charged fire bolts are unleashed on adversaries via her ‘Balefire’ ability. In order to unleash a barrage of Balefire rockets, Hildryn uses her ‘Aegis Storm’ skill.

Hildryn Feedback Megathread - Warframes - Warframe Forums


When beginning Warframe for the first time, players have the option of selecting Excalibur as one of their starting frames. He has an ordinary build, yet he’s an expert swordsman. He can dash across many foes and cut through them in quick succession using his ‘Slash Dash’ ability. Radial Blind allows Excalibur to temporarily blind adjacent foes by shining a powerful light at them. He can use his ‘Radial Javelin’ ability, which uses sharp javelins, to inflict massive damage on his adversaries. Excalibur’s ‘Exalted Blade’ ability dramatically increases his melee damage output. The ethereal Skana blade he summons has a range of two meters and deals significant damage to anything in its path.


Waframe may be played from an entirely new perspective thanks to the Loki frame. Because he relies so heavily on deception, trickery, and decoys, we’ve placed him in the Warframe C-rank tier. While striking an enemy directly or stealing health from them, they have no edge over their opponents from a strategic standpoint. Even still, Loki has his uses and can be a lot of fun to mess around with. It’s possible for him to build an identical copy of himself in order to divert an opponent’s attention, which makes him an easy prey for an ambush. Loki has the ability to become invisible and teleport to specific locations in order to further confound his opponents.


The Valkyr is a decent attacking frame in the game, but not exceptional. She employs her ‘Rip Line’ ability to draw opponents into her immediate area of effect for close quarters combat. Missing its mark and landing on a piece of terrain, Valkyr will be drawn in that direction. Warcry is an ability that slows down nearby opponents while also increasing the damage dealt by friends’ melee weapons. Valkyr’s ‘Paralysis’ ability uses her shields to stun adjacent adversaries for only five energy.


Ash is a skilled ninja who uses his shuriken to attack his foes and can use a smoke bomb to get out of dangerous circumstances. He has the ability to teleport long distances to get to foes who are firing at him from afar.


In Warframe, Gardua employs decisive blood manipulation strategies to deal with his adversaries. When she activates her ‘Bloodletting’ talent, she can resurrect herself by emptying her own reserves of health. In order to protect themselves from incoming damage, Garuda’s “Dread Mirror” ability takes a target’s health and uses it to shield themselves from the harm that is being dealt.


Warframes in our D-rank tier ranking are all below average in terms of gameplay. When engaged in conflict, they are unable to provide adequate offensive or defense strategies.


In Warframe, Atlas is the king of earth elemental techniques. He summons two elemental stone minions to fight alongside him using his ‘Rumblers’ ability. After the ability’s time expires, Atlas will receive healing from the two stone brawlers. To defend himself, he can conjure up a massive chunk of stone wall.


In Warframe, Banshee employs tremendous sound waves to attack adversaries. With her ‘Sonic Boom’ ability, she emits a powerful sonic boom that disperses adjacent foes. Using this ability to divide an enemy’s agro is an excellent way to keep the mob under control. Sound Quake, Banshee’s special attack, deals slow yet steady damage to nearby enemies with concentrated sound energy.


To lead the enemy’s counterattack, Hydroid employs water elemental tactics. When Hydroid uses his ‘Tempest Barrage’ ability, he summons a torrent of scalding liquid fury, which he can unleash in a wide region. Despite the attack’s sluggish nature, it will inflict more damage if it is charged before unleashing on your foes.


Our F-rank Warframe tier list includes just the game’s weakest frames. Most of them lack offensive prowess and are difficult to master. You’ll have a difficult time defeating adversaries if you play with these settings selected when you’re playing the game.


Due to his gender, Xaku does not fit within either the masculine or female categories. Instead, he is Androgynous, a relic of a time gone by. Until recently, his void-manipulation powers have been lackluster in comparison to the rest of the game’s talents. Xaku can use the void damage from existing weapons with the help of his ‘Xata’s Whisper’ ability.


Gigantic and gluttonous, Grendel inflicts poison damage on adjacent foes by consuming and spitting up the corpses of his prey. Almost all of his attacks rely primarily on him storing foes in his stomach after eating them. Grendel uses his ‘Regurgitate’ ability to hurl projectiles of vomit from his intestines.


When attacking an opponent, Zephyr employs air elemental strategies, just like Atlas and Hydroid. Tail Wind is an ability that allows him to hover in the air and dive-bomb into adversaries. Airburst lets Zephyr blast thick air at foes that steadily drains their health over time.


As a mind manipulator, Nyx may utilize her telekinesis and psychic powers to confuse her foes. Short-term use of her ‘Mind Control’ ability allows her to take control of an enemy and use it to attack other foes. With her ‘Chaos’ talent, Nyx may confuse and disorient any foes who come into contact with her mental blast. After a short period of time, all of the enemies begin to attack each other.

There may be a few queries on your mind now that you’re aware of the total ranking of all frames in the game. Which frame should I choose for the best attack, the highest healing, or which frames are all-rounders and such questions.

That’s all there is to know about the Warframe, really. There is no doubt in our minds that the developers, Digital Extremes, are continuously working on the game and adding new frames every year. Our tier list will be updated whenever Warframe introduces new frames. However, this list will suffice until then. Please continue the conversation in the space provided.


Is Protea hard to get Warframe?

Farming for Protea’s blueprints isn’t particularly difficult, but it can quickly turn into a tedious task. Even if you’re just lacking one blueprint to complete your Warframe, doing the same tasks over and over might get boring.

What is the most popular Warframe?

  • Excalibur has an 8.77 percent share of the whole market.
  • In Wukong, the percentage is 8.3%.
  • Six percent of the Volt
  • 5.93 percent Rhino
  • A 5.52 percent increase in Mesa
  • Syren’s percentage is 4.27 %
  • Nekros has a market share of 3.78 percent.
  • 3.38 percent of the population resides in Khora.

Is Revenant s Tier Warframe?

Revenant. This is a solid attacking frame in our B-tier rankings. The revenant uses his ‘Enthral’ power to turn an enemy into a thrall that attacks other enemies.


Hopefully, our tier list will help you select the best Warframe for your gameplay based on your preferences. It’s possible that some Warframes on our tier list aren’t what you’re used to. Please let us know if you believe a Warframe belongs at a different tier. Make your mark as a great warrior.