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Enjoy the Seven Deadly Sins narrative while playing as one of your favorite heroes from anime, comics, or games.

With this crew, you’ll be able to handle any task with ease. This data was taken following the Ragnarok update.

Let’s get this 7DS tier list started, shall we?


Seven Deadly Sins’ finest characters include: Crossroads.

All of these can be combined to offer you a significant advantage over your opponents.

For various combinations of teams, his ability to drain the ultimate gauges of adversaries and remove debuff from allies and foes makes him one of the finest choices.

Gowther’s attack numbers can skyrocket depending on how many races you utilize, making him an excellent support and damage dealer.

Due to her boosts to attack-based stats, she excels at doing massive quantities of damage.

In order to compensate for his lack of critical strike, his primary goal is to do massive damage to a large number of foes at once.

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Because of his ability to degrade enemy stats if they use a talent, he is in the top tier.

Elizabeth’s ultimate talent, which restores teammates to health, makes her a valuable ally for both beginner and veteran players.

Allies and/or foes’ maximum health can make a major impact when it comes to combat.

She’s a fantastic addition as a high-damage hero with a glass cannon.

He can inflict Sever, which doubles the risk of a critical hit. Choosing the correct composition around this hero can also benefit from this information.

When critically hurt, he raises the ranks of allies. As a result of his AOE damage, you’ll look forward to using him in any combination you put up.

Lilia’s piercing damage bonuses make her an excellent choice for high damage setups. In battle, she can also reduce the enemy’s ranks, giving you the upper hand.

If the hero is not harmed during a turn, he gains an additional 10% to his attack stats thanks to his special ability.

Due to his Amplify effect, all of his buffs deal twice as much damage, making him an extremely dangerous foe.

In addition, his maximum HP also rises.

His additional benefits are fantastic for healing and buffing allies at the same time. With Pacify, King is able to deliver a significant amount of damage and virtually eliminate an opponent from the fight.

There are many occasions where his debuff immunity after reaching full ultimate gauge comes in very useful.

This hero’s icing on the cake is dealing extra damage to foes with high health percentages.


There are a variety of team compositions that contain these characters in addition to top-tier heroes.

But if they have an excellent team composition they may very probably become one of the finest teams in their division.”

Allies’ health and attack-based stats are considerably boosted by him.

In terms of DOT (Damage Over Time) and punishing adversaries at the beginning of each turn, he’s a standout performer.

He’s already a wonderful choice, but he can also give buffs to teammates (presuming they are human type).

The more buffs she removes from the enemy, the more harm she may inflict on them.

It’s a fantastic ability on her own, but if the opponent has a large number of orbs available, she deals additional damage for each one.

In addition, he has the ability to incapacitate his foes, making it impossible for them to fight, which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the battle.

In addition, she provides her teammates with a significant boost in critical chance, pierce rate, and critical damage.

Her special abilities benefit her allies, but at a price to her own health. In addition to being able to deal a lot of damage and heal friends by a percentage of that damage, the drawbacks are eliminated.

Using rupture to inflict twice as much damage on buffed heroes makes her an excellent choice for high-quality compositions.

There is an exponential increase in the enemy’s ability to inflict further harm as the number of stacks on him increases.

If your heroes use talents to deal critical damage, you’ll have to pass on him.

The unique talent is amazing, but the ability to bypass enemy defenses and do massive piercing damage is what makes him such a wonderful choice.

When Roxy is fighting alongside other members of the human species, her excitement level soars, and she causes significantly greater damage as a result.

The ally who has the lowest health will be healed as long as she keeps dealing damage to him. As a result, she can be a valuable ally in certain circumstances.

Sigurd excels at exploiting the buffs and debuffs of his foes and applying them to his own benefit.

It’s an added bonus to her heavy damage that she can bring crowd control to the fight.

When it comes to tanky damage dealers, she is the one to go with because her abilities perfectly match your playstyle.

He reduces the enemy’s defenses, rendering them more vulnerable to damage, depending on his combat class level.

To cause massive amounts of corrosive damage over an expansive area of effect, it’s best to use his abilities to pierce the adversaries’ defenses.

Meliodas gets a boost in damage from buffs, and the more buffs he possesses, the more damage he takes.


Heroes that can be improved by combining them with heroes from higher levels, but they lack some of the qualities that make them particularly effective.

Her one-of-a-kind ability isn’t all that important, but her defensive and disabling abilities make her a little more useful.

Resistance disregard talents and additional damage against boosted heroes can also be used to her advantage.

Other than that, he doesn’t have anything that sets him apart.

Allies benefit from his buffs, which reduces their damage taken.

In order for this hero to perform at his best, he must be played well.

By hitting an enemy with a skill, he decreases their stats and protects their health from debuffs as well.

Whenever he attacks, he lowers his opponents’ strength while increasing his own.

There are just stronger team compositions that focus on a single mechanic, which is the main problem with him.

In general, this hero is a fine choice, but you should exercise caution when choosing how to use him in conjunction with other heroes.

She can also inflict a significant amount of damage in a wide area and paralyze her foes.

He’s capable of massive damage while also shielding his companions.

The enemy’s ultimate move gauge is unable to be filled by him in combat.

Any sort of depletion other than his ultimate technique can be used to accomplish this. As a potent damage provider, Zeldris is a viable option in certain lineups.

If she has enough buffs on her, her AOE damage can be boosted to a far greater extent.

In addition to her devastating abilities, Diane has a drawback in that her attacks scale with the number of rounds in a fight.

She can take a lot of punishment and works well with other heroes who can dish it out.

A hero who can team up with other human race kinds can even be deemed an upper-tier hero.

There is, however, a drawback to that.

7DS Tier List (Best Characters Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross) in 2021 | Grand cross, Seven deadly sins, Free mobile games

She has the potential to be a great player, but she will require some finessing and playing time before she is ready for prime time.

There are moments when that’s too much to rely on.

That’s the only reason why he doesn’t get drafted as often as he should.


Fun, but you’ll be at a disadvantage versus heroes from the upper echelons with these.

The only thing he becomes is a punching bag with nothing to offer if he is repeatedly beaten.

If used in conjunction with the right arrangement, this can be effective; on its own, however, it falls short.

As long as you have a lot of heroes who can inflict a lot of critical damage, he’s a good choice for many combinations.

Her other abilities are average, although she might be a good choice for specific combinations.

Though adequate, her heals aren’t the ideal choice for a supporting role.

Depending on the quantity of orbs he holds, he deals moderate damage.

He has the ability to cause bleeding and increase his damage, but his scaling isn’t very good.

If you’re looking for the best composition, she’s a no-go.

Because of the drawbacks of her unique ability and the lack of adaptability, she is unable to get above the bottom stages of combat.

Aside from his unique collection of abilities, this hero doesn’t have much to do.

He has a unique ability that allows him to stay in the fights longer and nullify several enemy bonuses on a continual basis. Unfortunately, there are better options if you’re searching for this kind of gameplay.

These two remain in the lowest ranks due to the fact that the primary mechanism is difficult to master and has little payoff.

The Sweet Temptation’s Jenna (Speed)
When it comes to Jenna, you know what you’re getting. Only one debuff can be placed on her at a time, and she takes some damage as a result.

In terms of downsides and advantages, Jericho is an excellent choice.

Levi appears to be a lone wolf hero who does little for the group.

Lilia deals a lot of damage, lowers enemy skill levels, and has a good area of effect.

When it comes to later in the game, she doesn’t have a whole lot of advantages.

If you’re willing to take a risk, this can be advantageous in some instances.

His main problem is that he doesn’t have many decent compositions to work with, and there are far better heroes to choose from.

As a result, she becomes significantly less powerful if you do not have any of these abilities.

In terms of damage, she doesn’t have a lot to offer.

Countering Slater is rather easy, which is why he is in this tier.

Due to his ease of countering, Slater has earned his spot in this group.

In PvE, this hero has a lot going for him, but in PvP, he’s completely useless.

Great for various team configurations, but not overly powerful.


In the meta, heroes that aren’t entertaining to play and require a lot of buffs.

When used in the right context, Alioni can be quite effective.

This is a rare occurrence, and the impact is negligible.

No matter what kind of squad you put together, this shoddy hero will have little impact.

Marmas is a good low-tier hero, although he lacks any notable abilities or game mechanics.

Strength-type heroes receive a minor health boost from this ability.

Nothing else about them will stick in your mind.

He can apply infect to hinder recuperation and deals moderate damage.

With his special ability, he may restore health to allies dependent on how many negative effects she has been subjected to.

In PvE scenarios, her special ability can be extremely advantageous to giants by providing them with basic stats.

Aside from the fact that it takes a while for the damage to become beneficial, the scale of the harm is somewhat limited.

Because he’s a little squishy, this can be a bit of a challenge.

This in and of itself isn’t all that amazing, as he need regular healing to remain viable.

Elizabeth is one of the worst support-type heroes in this game.

This hero has nothing else to offer.

To be of any service, this hero must be used in conjunction with other heroes of the goddess or unknown type.

Cain’s lower bracket placement is solely due to this.

Denzel has the ability to speed up the healing period for teammates, which might be handy on occasion.

Picking this option will almost always result in a hero who is unable to perform adequately or is swiftly eliminated due to the high amount of damage they absorb.

If used by a skilled player, this can be a solid choice.

On no account should you take a hero that has to wait for something to happen in order to be useful in this game.

His style of play is just not viable, no matter how appealing it may be.

The only drawback is that stacking the bonus takes a long time.

Her massive damage output is only tempered by the fact that she is somewhat vulnerable and lacks gameplay variation.

However, the problem is that the buff is only applied to herself.

Since there are a lot other heroes with similar abilities that just scale better, this doesn’t really make her a viable selection.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best option because it takes a long time until it’s beneficial.

The only other thing he can do is counter adversaries with stacked ultimate move gauge orbs. While his abilities can be put to good use, there are a plethora of other support heroes that are significantly more capable.

When Diane takes a lot of damage, her unique talent stacks only if she has taken damage, which might place her in some awkward circumstances because of her heavy damage.


Playing as these characters is a terrible experience. There is no way these may be used until they receive some sort of enhancement.

His special ability may or may not be useful depending on his critical chance.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Cheats: Reroll Tier List & 5 Best Tips for Heroes, Android, iOS Strategy Guide and Tricks

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tier List

Blue King

  • Excellent recovery. However, he does not fully recover his HP. Only a fraction of his lost HP gets restored.
  • The petrified units cannot attack or cast/take buffs/debuffs while they are petrified. Petrified units can’t be rehabilitated, hence they cannot be saved.
  • Before an attacker can use the ultimate healing talent (SSR/SR Elizabeth, for example), try to petrify a high-priority victim.
  • In the event that Brawler Ban grabs and then petrifies you, Snatch will be immediately deleted.
  • He has a powerful ultimate that may confuse some players due to the fact that it doesn’t ignore DEF. Only the Resistance stat is taken into account. There will be no additional damage dealt if a hero does not have any Resistance stats.
  • In order for Green Ban to take more damage from the King’s Ultimate, he has a resistance of 30.
  • He’ll be the first target for his opponents no matter what (lol)
  • Jericho has a defense that can deal with him.
  • A lot of enemy CC is taken away from him.


  • thicc
  • After seven skills, you can get a 100% crit rate.

Damage is doubled in the Ultimate. Avoid using her Ultimate on a low-powered machine…

  • She’s not going to last long in the metagame because she’s a one-trick pony that struggles in high-intensity PvP battles.
  • Low horsepower. When she dies, it’s usually turn 2.
  • Currently, 2/3 of PvP teams are hesitant to use Jericho.

Green Ban

  • You’ll save a lot of time and work by getting a free ticket to Champion 1.
  • Snatch comes in handy a lot of the time.
  • Snatch into two Bronze AoE cards on a well-built Ban can reduce the HP of the whole opposing team to 50%. You got me there.
  • Any team can use him. This is a fantastic card!
  • Finally, you get your hands on the lifesteal. There are a number of situations in which lifesteal can be used to your advantage, such as when an adversary gets you to the point where your health is at an all-time low.
  • Snatch can be cleansed by using Evasion food, or petrified by using Evasion food.
  • Because he only has AoE abilities, Kingbram may do a lot of damage to him.
  • He won’t be able to cause much damage if he can’t Snatch.

Diane is a beautiful shade of blue.

  • She’s not a household name yet. Many meta teams don’t include her.
  • While they’re there, most people don’t give a damn about her. Grand Cross Tier List for The Seven Deadly Sins.
  • One free Bronze Gilthunder buff every five turns, thanks to her Unique.
  • Staggering combination of ultimate and passive.
  • Unbuffed, 600% AoE damage can be a real problem.
  • There is little attention paid to her attack seal by the general public. After the adversaries have utilized cleanses and the like, go after Ban or Jericho.
  • At rank 2, her AoE attack may inflict significant damage, around half of her Ultimate damage on boosted units. This can be extremely lethal when used in conjunction with Arthur’s silver buff.
  • Since she is so docile, she could be a fantastic bait because many people are eager to kill her first. This has rescued my king numerous times.
  • In the current meta, she has a hard time maximizing her unique damage (burst damage).
  • Not a lot of flexibility. Her primary responsibility is to deal physical harm to the enemy.
  • Because she is Speed, she is particularly vulnerable to Ban and Jericho, two of the most popular PvP heroes right now.


  • An excellent character for your first tutorial pull.
  • incredibly adaptable He can do more than just inflict harm on his enemies.
  • An excellent rank-two bonus. Buffing up to Rank 3 may put you ahead early on.
  • Immunity to CC for three turns. Even the most powerful wizards and swashbucklers in the world can’t take him down, not even Ban or Merlin.
  • Against Green heroes, his Ultimate possesses Sever, which raises his Ultimate crit probability to 100%.
  • In addition to King’s cleansing, the Rank-2 Attack card stops recovery talents from being used. Healing or cleansing the opponents is a simple matter of blocking their abilities.
  • A master in many crafts. Incompetent in all areas.
  • SR Gilthunder is a better choice if you’re solely looking for boosts.
  • Merlin is the best Red hero in the tier list if you’re looking for power.
  • He’s fine, but not exceptional.

SR Gilthunder

  • Your team’s fourth position is excellent.
  • A small fee will get you a lot of work done.
  • Having a 30% boost in defense isn’t even close to the same thing. Elizabeth’s 10% Max HP recovery is not good at all.
  • All defense-related metrics, such as Resistance, Crit Defense, Crit Resistance, etc., will benefit from the buff.”
  • Excellent increase in attack power.
  • Not much of a loss.
  • In the end, things didn’t turn out so well.
  • Even if the target does not have a boost, the lightning card may not even be brought down.

SSR Gilthunder

  • The taunt is a bit much.
  • When your team just has single-target heroes or you want to concentrate on one person, he’s a hassle.
  • If you’re dealing with a boosted opponent, Ultimate can do a lot of damage.
  • Nice tresses, too.
  • The GR Gilthunder, perhaps?
  • You should only utilize him if you have a team built around him.

Red Melin

  • Her style, but…
  • When you get a freeze, it snowballs into an easy victory.
  • Ahead of her: She’s obnoxious.
  • Ultimate’s great damage and attack seals. They can’t assault if the targets don’t dead.
  • It’s impossible to take any damage in Elite PvP without becoming destroyed.
  • She isn’t in her natural design form.
  • Gustav’s spicier cousin, Gustave.
  • Unless you are extremely unfortunate, you will die if you do not receive many freezes.

Lord Twigo

  • His skills are truly exceptional.
  • He’s a hoot.
  • The outfits are fantastic.
  • The name of his sword is ironic.
  • Because he’s so cheap, there are no negative aspects.

Green Meli

  • AoE skills are completely countered.
  • A lot of harm to the core. If he gets a crit, he’s a serious threat against Blue units.
  • Although not the best, a Stun is quite useful against King because he cannot heal.
  • Crit if he’s at 20% or less HP.
  • A lot of fantastic Red units have yet to be created. Among the good ones, he’s one of them. This can be seen in the 7DS Tier Chart shown above.
  • You don’t need him if you already have Ban or Jericho on your team.

Green Elizabeth

  • Increases the starting gauges for the combat. Especially when second to a buff, she may put in some serious labor.
  • In a rushing squad, having an extra two Ultimate gauges from her ultimate is a welcome addition.
  • Rank-2 talents are able to cancel other bonuses.
  • Healing isn’t dependent on the amount of HP you’ve lost. Your HP is now completely charged.
  • You’ll have to deal with her because she lacks the King’s Cleanse effect.
  • Don’t even think about trying to heal your frightened allies!
  • To get the most out of her ultimate, you need to play a certain way.

Other Heroes in the Tier List

Super Sonic Rifle

In typical PvP, he’s not worth the risk. The damage he deals isn’t worth it, and his one-of-a-kind passive ability is only passable.

As long as he’s the only one left standing, you may just ignore him and keep slamming the stickers on your opponent’s faces.

a warning light turns on in the distance

Just use the Green Ban if you have him. Otherwise, you can utilize him as a nuisance to other teams who are trying to build up a rapid Ultimate on a Hero in order to disrupt their progress.

With Jericho Ultimate, an example would be a player that is looking for a way to get the game over with quickly.

the blue slader

Once the enemy has not focused their talents on a certain Hero in your squad, his Unique can burst down the enemy.

There’s nothing else he can do with his initial skill other than get critical hits.


It’s a lot to take in after completing the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List, I know. So much so that just looking at it may be exhausting. However, it can offer you an indication of how strong (or, unfortunately, how weak) your team of warriors actually is. My recommendation is to focus on heroes from Tier SS all the way to Tier B if you get your hands on them. Learn more about how to get the most out of them by digging deeper. When it comes to individuals who fall below that threshold, you should keep them in the shadows.