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Since its release, Nintendo’s ARMS, a new take on the fighting game genre, has seen a constant stream of competitive play.

Is this game making you curious about fighting but you don’t know where to begin? Then you’re in luck.

This is a list of the top fighters in the game, according to our criteria. Come on in, let’s do this!


The greatest of the best in this sport. They have the most versatile offensive and defensive options, which allows them to win in any situation.

As a character, Min Min is a snowball, which means she performs better while in the lead, and worse when trailing behind others. However, due to the speed at which she moves, players frequently find themselves on the latter side of things.

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Only in the most exceptional of circumstances would Max fall behind, but his ability to gain perma-charge at 20 percent or lower of health will allow him to rapidly catch up. In addition, Max is an S-tier fighter due to the ease with which he may be utilized. While charging, he wears his super armor, which is a beginner-friendly characteristic, but can also come in handy for seasoned warriors.

A fantastic place to start if you’re new to competitive chess is with Dr. Coyle. In the right hands, she’s one of the best fighters in the game. She has a higher learning curve than Min Min or Max Brass.


It’s possible to rise to the top of the ranks with these warriors if you put in the time and effort. This cast has only a few weaknesses compared to the rest of the cast.

Those who are willing to put in the time and effort to study a fighter who grows better the more they practice with Springtron will find that he is an excellent pick.

Ninjara is no longer as powerful as he once was since the community has developed strategies to counter his influence. Despite this, he’s still one of the finest fighters in the game, so go ahead and study him.

Even in highly competitive competitions, Twintelle’s ability to disrupt your opponent’s rhythm is a proven advantage.

Kid Cobra’s stature, speed, and agility allow him to attack from a variety of distances. The first few hours of playing him can seem a little strange, but after a few hours, you’ll start to notice some wins.


You can think of them as your “middle of the pack” fighters. However, they’re not quite as good as they could be.

For newcomers, Spring Man is a good fighter to start with, but he lacks luster in the competitive arena. Springtron and other fighters like him have surpassed him in terms of their abilities.

Aside from a lack of strength in her grabs, she makes up for it with her ability to charge while floating. All the difference is made by movement in intensely competitive bouts.

Any time you miss an opportunity to use one of Lola’s maneuvers, you run the risk of being punished by an adversary who is aware of your actions in the game. As a general rule, Lola is best suited to players who have had plenty of experience battling in a variety of games. If you’re just starting out, stay away from her.

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The gamer must put in a lot of work if they want to dominate these fighters. They don’t have as outstanding of a set of strengths as some of their competitors, and their deficiencies are clearly hurting their victory percentage.

If you and your opponent are just getting started, Ribbon Girl is likely to win. As a result, most players are prepared for Ribbon Girl’s playstyle and are prepared to be slow and careful. As a result, she will be unable to compete anymore. Even said, it doesn’t necessarily imply that something is amiss with her arsenal.

When it comes to applying pressure to his opponents, Master Mummy is unbeatable. All of his attacks pose a real threat and would cause anyone to lose their composure if they panicked.

Inexperienced players would know exactly how to exploit Helix’s flaws, which is the main difficulty with him. It makes no difference whether you’re in puddle mode or tall mode. Aside from that, the two are fast to reveal themselves.


With good opponents, you’ll have a hard time dealing with these fighters because of their obvious faults. It’s still possible to make these fighters useful, but the road ahead is long and difficult.

Byte and Barq have terrible defensive options, which is the problem. Byte is left with little alternatives if the opponent manages to take Barq down. Because of this susceptibility, most players have not taken the time necessary to learn the skills required to play this combination.


Currently, these are the worst players in the world to compete against. Our advice is to avoid them at all costs, as they can sabotage the entire experience.

If you stay close to Misango and land a flurry of hits, you can easily disrupt his rhythm. He’s got a couple tricks under his sleeve that could spice things up in a battle (his spirit companions come to mind). Unfortunately, these peculiarities aren’t enough to bump him up the list.

Top Tier

In terms of ARMS characters, Min Min—the noodle dragon tossing fighter—is the finest. When she dashes, she has a tremendous ability that can change the outcome of any battle. Her dragon arm deals 130 damage after a charge, and she has the best damage output and range in the game. Min Min is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to mobile fighters.

The first ARMS game I ever purchased was Ribbon Girl, and I’m still playing it. Because of her ability to jump numerous times, she can weave in and out of confrontations, avoiding any enemies who might try to knock her out. She has a powerful grab, a potent ultimate, and good zoning potential all in one package.

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Middle Of The Pack

To their credit, the robotic police officers Byte and Barq are far more capable than most people realize. They may not be as quick as Min Min or as powerful as Master Mummy, but their teamwork, excellent grab, and unique ability more than make up for it. It’s also not a bad idea to have a punching glove appear out of nowhere when your opponent least expects it.

Although I despise Ninjara’s look, I can’t deny the power he possesses. It’s not a terrible idea to teleport away from the enemy Arms while making a sneak strike. He’s quick, he deals a lot of damage, and he can be an effective assassin if you time your attacks correctly. As long as there’s the ninja school map in Go Ninja Go, I’ll never be a lover of the game.

When it came time to compete in the Nintendo ARMS Invitational, the victor used the sultry Twintelle to crush the competition. She’s a tough opponent for those who know how to use her hairy fists and ability to pause time. Whenever I play as Twintelle, I’m a terrible player, missing all of her attacks and messed up her passive. But seeing her in the hands of a trained professional has shown me that she has more potential than I had previously assumed.


Who is the strongest in ARMS?

NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, Matthew Stafford and Baker Mayfield make out the top five ranked quarterbacks.

Do ARMS fighters have normal ARMS?

Even human ARMS fighters don’t use normal human weapons in their battles. Instead, they employ a system known as ARMS, which consists of a pair of extensible limbs. Most fighters have ARMS that can be extended in the place of human arms, however this isn’t always true.
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How do you beat Twintelle in ARMS?

Keep in mind that Twintelle’s Chilla Arm can nullify your ability to evade if it hits you when dealing with her. Even if you’re frozen, you can still block and attack, so be careful to do so. You can stop a grab with a single punch if it’s coming from behind you.