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If you want to have more success in Danmachi Memoria Freese, use the best characters possible. The ultimate Danmachi Memoria Freese ranking has been compiled for your perusal.

Want to put together the strongest team possible to take on the most difficult threats in Orario?

Use this tier list as a reference for the best and worst characters in the game if you want to take on the game’s hardest challenges.

Please be aware that time-exclusive units are not included here because their availability shifts throughout the year.

Interesting things to know before playing Danmachi Memoria Freese

Danmachi Memoria Freese provides players with a set of quests at the beginning of the game that must be completed before progressing to the next level. There are enemies to face in Danmachi Memoria alongside these quests. It’s interesting to know that players can have conversations with these foes as they fight them.

Ranking All Light Units! // Comprehensive Tier List // Danmachi Memoria  Freese - YouTube

Danmachi Memoria Freese features several engaging gameplay modes, including player versus player and the challenge, both of which are highly recommended. Taking part in these minigames can net you some sweet, redeemable loot.

Did you know that the Danmachi Memoria game can be downloaded for nothing from the App Store or the Google Play store? You can play the game if your smartphone runs Android 4.2.0 or later.

What Groups are Danmachi Memoria Characters Placed in?

It’s worth noting that there are actually six distinct categories into which the Danmachi Memoria women can be sorted.

The different classes of Danmachi Memoria characters are as follows:

To wit: S, A, B, C, D, and F.

There is a set roster of playable characters in each of these tiers. There are also prominent heroes in these levels.

Sparkle princess Ais Wallenstien, Elven Awakening lefiya Viridis, and King ottari are all examples of top-tier heroes in the S-tier.

Heroes like Attire Hermes, Argonaut Bell Cranel, and Beauty Eina Tulle can all be found in Danmachi Memoria’s top tier A.

In contrast, Banquet dress loki and Dea Saint Amid Tessanare are the most played songs in the B Tier.

Let’s jump right in and explore the entire Danmachi Memoria Freese Tier list.


  • Lunor Faust, Black Fist
  • Lion Ryu Gale roars with fury
  • Postal Passion from Tione Hiryute
  • Line Arshe, a Faithful Mage
  • Honorable Veridis Lefiya, an Elf
  • Artemis, the virgin goddess
  • Ljos Alf, decked out in his finest royal rivera garb
  • Consonant Arrow Arde Liliruca
  • Ais Wallenstein and the Blood-Red Tempest
  • Chloe Lolo, Brave Warrior
  • Ryu the Lion Knight Elf

Danmachi Memoria Freese Tier List May 2023 - Geniuz Media


  • Healer Bowman Naza Ersuisu.
  • Shakti Varma, Casino Hostess
  • Respect the Wallenstein Princess, Ais
  • Hitachi Fushi-kaden Chigusa
  • Princess Ais Wallenstein, the Beautiful
  • Tione Hiryute’s Ravishing Red Dress
  • Crane Bell Succession Honor
  • Camouflaged Gale Ryu Lion
  • Ljos Alf, Holy, White, Royal Riveria
  • Confident Smithy Welf Crozzo
  • Bride with Longing Arde Liliruca
  • Daring Warrior Anya Fromel
  • Cranel’s Oath Bell in the Moonlight
  • King Ottarl, the Great
  • Liliruca Arde, What a Beautiful Trip!
  • Stormy Charm Hiryute Tiona
  • Hiryute Peony, Blushing
  • Courageous Warrior Deimne, Finn
  • Asf al Andromeda, the Mighty Warrior


  • Filvis Challia, the adorable elf
  • Hitachi Chigusa’s Top-Secret Onsen
  • Lefiya Viridis, the Geisha Elf
  • Tiona Hiryute, the Amber Sunflower
  • The Awakening of Lefiya Viridis, an Elf
  • Filvis Challia, the Blessed Elf
  • Ais Wallenstein, Princess, Bath
  • Ryu Lion Gale
  • Anakitty White Flash Autumn
  • Have fun in Arde’s Onsen Liliruca.
  • Princess Ais Wallenstein of Sparkle
  • Tione Hiryute’s Glistening Stream


  • Fels, the Shadow
  • Invincible Emperor Ottarl
  • Chloe Lolo, the Black Cat
  • Asfi Al Andromeda, Princess Sailor
  • Asfi Al Andromeda, Perseus, the Thunderer
  • Ottarl, King
  • Ljos Alf, Rivera, Royal Elfin
  • Finn Deimne, the Brave in a Mask
  • The Kashima Iron Will Ouka
  • Asfi Al Andromeda, Princess of the Onsen
  • Cat Swordsman Fromel, Anya


  • Filvis Challia, Daughter of Maenad
  • Wallenstein, Liaris, a Hero
  • Lefiya Viridis, a timid elf
  • Bell Cranel, an Argonaut
  • Moonglow made of silver Bete Loga
  • Arde Pallum Liliruca, in Disguise
  • Elegant Gents Deimne Finn
  • Yamato Mikoto, Samurai Kunoichi
  • Colbrande Tsubaki, Iron Warrior
  • Lefiya Viridis, an incantation
  • Ais Wallenstein, the Bunny Princess


  • The Blessing of Dance Hiryute Tiona
  • Welf Crozzo’s Screaming Blade
  • Among the Teasanare Dea Saint

How to Play DanMachi: Memoria Freese on PC

Is it impolite to try to woo women while imprisoned? Now that an English version of DanMachi: Memoria Freese is available, you can finally find out. Fans of the anime were eager to get their hands on the game, but many have reported that it freezes frequently on their iOS and Android devices. Some supporters simply do not have access to a device capable of running the game. You’ll need the following three things if you’re one of those unfortunate fans and want to play DanMachi on your computer:

  • A computer more advanced than your previous mobile device
  • Software that mimics the functionality of Android devices
  • Freese’s Memory APK

Setting Up DanMachi: Memoria Freese on PC

1. Install Memu Play, the android emulator.

My preferred android emulator, Blue Stacks, was unable to run the game, but you may have a different preference. You can pick from a wide variety of options. Although NoxPlayer and Remix OS Player are also widely used, I cannot confirm that they are capable of emulating DanMachi: Memoria Freese. A list of the 15 best Android emulators is available with little effort if you’re picky.

Tier list : r/DestinyTheGame

2. Register a Google account to use with your Android emulator.

You can use your regular email address if you already have one, but many gamers create new ones just for use with emulators. I whipped one up to forestall the possibility of spam.

3. Download the APK.

The game did not run for me when I tried to install it from the Google Playstore using Memu Play, but you could give it a go and see if your experience is different. If you can’t, use the Install App button in MemuPlay’s sidebar to download an APK of the app. The setup of the game shouldn’t have any issues.

4. Install and run the game.

After that, it’s not too complicated. After creating an account and going through the tutorial, you can begin pulling your very first gachas! Keep in mind that if you roll poorly the first time, you can always try again.


Now you know the answer. Please let me know what you thought of this post and if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about.