Updated at: 05-04-2023 - By: Leo Hall

Paladins, a free-to-play team shooter, has maintained its position as one of the best in its category. This year’s Paladins release included a robust pool of 45 playable characters, as well as numerous gameplay elements.

Ranking the characters (known as “Champion” in the game) in order to give a brief overview of current meta is what this list is about.

Both new and returning gamers will benefit from this information. Helps choose which champions to practice with and the best team configurations.

Let’s take a look at the Champions’ tier list for Paladins right away.


These are the best Champions in the game right now, and they’ll offer anyone a leg up on the competition.


Champions capable of taking on S-Tiers (with the proper team setup, of course). These Champions should not be overlooked, as their combat prowess is still one of the most highly sought for in the game.


Name of Character Description

Tiberius Tiberius wields a bladed chakram and a sword while fighting alongside his teammates. His movement speed, attacks, and defense characteristics are outclass. However, his abilities have a slow rate of fire, making him a sluggish character who needs team support most, if not all, times.

Androxus is yet again another champion in our Paladins Tier List who uses a revolver and fist as an offense in the game. He is a slow-moving attacker that offers versatility in his skills and talents. Androxus’s ultimate is the biggest weak point because half of the time while executing the ultimate attack, an enemy can evade it.

Sha Lin
Sha Lin is a fantastic ranged-attacker in Paladins, and he mainly uses his bow to outsmart opponents from a distance. The Rapid Shot ability allows him to fire multiple arrows while moving at the same time. This skill alone feels overpowered while fighting one on one with an enemy player. The only problem is he relies only on his skills. When they are on cooldown, Sha Lin is exposed and weak.

Raum Raum performs very closely to Makoa in Paladins, and that is why he is another excellent addition to the tank type of champion in the game. He is a beast of a character if you know how to efficiently rinse and repeat his skills and talents for high damage output.

Makoa Makoa is a giant armored turtle with canon in one hand and a retractable anchor in the other. He is a go-to champion for players who like to support their teammates by taking all the damage. His skills and talents make him more of a tank than an attacker.

Zhin Zhin is fast, furious, and wields an inferno blade, devastating enemies with his vicious attacks. His skills have quick animations and have reduced cooldowns. However, Zhin’s attacks do not land good damage numbers, which I think is the biggest downside while engaging multiple opponents at once.

Terminus is a brute who loves to spam massacre axe ability to swing the massive axe on his foes. He is a force to reckon with in close combat situations. Terminus primarily uses his axe for dealing high amounts of damage and uses Power Siphon ability to absorb enemy attacks. Due to close-range attacks only, he could not make it in our A-rank.

IO IO is probably the only character in our A-tier who is more of a support champion than a damage dealer. Her area of effect healing, Moonlight ability, Life Link, and Goddess’ Blessing talent all favor her to become the best support champion in Paladins. That is why we reserved her a spot in A-tier.

If Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy had an axe, he could have looked like Grover. He is a combination of a ranged and healing kind of champion in Paladins. Using his primary attack, throwing axe, Grover deals the most damage – the farther an opponent, the greater the damage. His abilities involving nature as a source of attack are exceptional, unique, and almost unavoidable. His ‘Whirlwind’ ultimate gives 2500 healing every 1s for a short duration to nearby allies.

Jenos and Zhin perform relatively similarly in Paladins. He uses an automatic carbine called Star Splitter for medium to long-range offense and employs cosmic energy in other skill-based attacks. He, too, like Zhin, offers healing to allies through his Astral Mark ability, but it is pretty slow. I found the best use of Jenos if you have Zhin side by side with you.

Vora Vora is a highly mobile champion in our entire Paladins Tier List. Her abilities and talents deal damage over time. Her enhanced mobility and burst damage-dealing attacks are the reason many Paladins players pick her up. Vora’s ultimate, called Harbinger’s Wrath, comes at the cost of a high animation time, and she remains exposed till the skill is executed. Other than that, she is a solid attack champion in the game.

Evie Evie is a small-sized character in Paladins with increased movement speed and moderate attack damage. Using her ice staff, she deals area-of-effect attacks. Her ice also provides a shield, and Evie conjures ice blocks to mitigate the incoming attack. She dominates most fights with her dynamic, ice-oriented abilities. Her low health is the only downside holding her back from becoming an excellent attack champion in the game.

Corvus uses his Officer’s Pistol to land direct damage on enemies. On the other hand, he uses an Abyss staff to heal allies using Abyssal Reconstruction and Mark of Fate abilities. I believe there is no parallel to Corvus in our List when it comes to a perfect all-rounder playable champion in the game.

Lian Lian is another fantastic addition to our A-tier list. She is a medium to long-range champion in Paladins, having a versatile set of abilities. Using her Valor skill, Lian can prove to be an efficient crowd-controlling character. For direct damage, she uses Heirloom Rifle. By mixing her abilities effectively, Lian can devastate an enemy team in a matter of seconds.

Tyra Tyra is a versatile champion that has a wide variety of arsenal ranging from an automatic rifle to grenade. Most of her abilities involve shooting enemies with the Auto Rifle or obliterating them from existence using Nade Launcher grenades. She only lacks in the shield or immunity-related abilities. Otherwise, Tyra could have made it into our S-tier list.


Damage to the Bomb King is a concern.

The Character’s Name and Description

He is armed with a sword and a bladed chakram as he fights alongside his fellow soldiers. When it comes to movement speed, attacks, and defense, he has no equal. However, because to the sluggishness of his skills and the requirement for constant team support, he is often a burden to the squad.

Our Paladins Tier List is home to another revolver and fist-wielding champion in Androxus. Despite his modest speed, he’s a capable attacker with a wide range of abilities. Androxus’s ultimate is the most vulnerable moment because an attacker may avoid it half of the time.

Lin Sha
When it comes to Paladins, Sha Lin’s bow and arrow are his primary weapons of choice for long-range combat. Using the Rapid Shot skill, he can shoot many arrows at the same time while moving. In one-on-one combat, this skill alone gives the impression of being excessively potent. Just because he is talented doesn’t mean it’s an issue. As soon as they go into cooldown, Sha Lin is vulnerable and helpless.

Because of his similarity to Makoa’s performance in Paladins, Raum Raum is a welcome addition to the game’s tank roster. To get the most out of this character, you need to know how to use his skills and talents to their full potential.

Makoa Makoa is a massive armored turtle with a retractable anchor and a cannon for a hand. He is the go-to hero for gamers that enjoy supporting their teammates by absorbing the brunt of the blows from their opponents. When it comes to fighting, he’s more like a tank than an attacker.

When Zhin Zhin unleashes his fiery inferno blade on his foes, he leaves them utterly destroyed. As a result of this, his abilities move quickly and have a shorter cooldown. Zhin’s strikes, on the other hand, don’t seem to do much damage, which I think is the main problem while fighting numerous opponents at the same time.

As a brute, Terminus’ preferred method of dealing damage is to repeatedly use his gigantic axe to slash at his opponents. In close quarters, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Axe-wielding Terminus relies heavily on his Power Siphon ability to absorb enemy assaults, which he uses to do massive damage. He failed to qualify for our A-rank because of his reliance on close-range strikes alone.

IO IO is arguably the only A-tier character who is more of a healer than a damage dealer. Because to her area of effect heals, Moonlight ability, Life Link, and Goddess’ Blessing skill, she has a great chance of being the best support champion in the whole Paladins metagame. That’s why we set aside an A-tier spot for her.

Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy could have resembled Grover if he had an axe. In Paladins, he’s a hybrid of a ranged and healing champion. When Grover uses his throwing axe as his primary attack, he does the most damage – the farther an opponent is from Grover, the more damage is done. For him, nature serves as a source of attack that is unavoidable and exceptional. An ultimate ability called ‘Whirlwind’ provides 2500 healing every 1s to allies in the vicinity for a brief period of time.

In Paladins, Jenos and Zhin have similar roles. The Star Splitter is an automatic carbine that he utilizes for medium- to long-range strikes, and he also uses cosmic energy for other skill-based attacks. While he grants healing to teammates through his Astral Mark ability, he does so much more slowly than Zhin does. With Zhin by your side, you can get the most out of Jenos.

When it comes to mobility, Vora Vora is the best choice in the Paladins class. Over the course of a fight, her skills and abilities drain your health. Players who enjoy her mobility and burst damage-dealing abilities tend to choose her. A long animation time means that Vora must be exposed when using her ultimate ability, Harbinger’s Wrath. Other than that, she’s a solid offensive champion in the game.

Evie Evie is a diminutive Paladin with increased mobility and a low attack damage output. Attacks with her ice staff have a wide area of effect. Evie creates ice blocks to protect herself from the approaching attack. Most battles are won by her dramatic, ice-focused powers. Her low HP is the single drawback that prevents her from becoming a strong attack champion in the game.

When Corvus wants to get right down to business, he fires his Officer’s pistol. On the other side, he employs an Abyssal Reconstruction and Mark of Fate staff to heal his companions. Corvus, in my opinion, is the best all-around playable champion in the game, and I feel there is no other like him in our list.

Lian Lian is yet another excellent addition to our list of A-tier performers. ‘ As a Paladin, she is a mid-range to long-range champion with a wide range of skills. Lian’s Valor skill makes her an effective crowd-control agent. Heirloom Rifle is her weapon of choice for direct harm. A team of enemies can be wiped out in a matter of seconds by Lian’s skillful combination of abilities.

Tyra Tyra is a champion with a vast range of weapons, from an automatic rifle to a grenade. Most of her skills revolve around shooting and destroying her adversaries with the Auto Rifle or Nade Launcher grenades. However, she is lacking in shield or immunity-related powers. In any other case, we might have included Tyra in our list of S-tier heroes.


Champions with a specific application specialty. With skill and coordination, you can turn these units into formidable foes.


These Champions are rarely the center of attention on the field. They can be useful as supporting characters, but they won’t be able to carry the entire team on their shoulders.


The future buffs for these Champions are going to be crucial if they want to move up this list. It is difficult to form a team around them, and their strengths don’t shine in competitive situations.

You can now plan out which Champions will work well together to obtain more victories in games with the help of this list.


Who is the strongest character in Paladins?

For the most part, Androxus is the best flanking Paladin in the game. He can move around the battlefield very quickly and deal a lot of damage. Everything you could possibly want is here.

Who is the best attacker in Paladins?

It’s safe to say that Viktor is the only C-tier attack champion deserving of promotion to the B-tier. Every 0.1 seconds, Viktor deals 135 damage with his Assault Rifle, and a Frag Grenade deals 750 damage to all foes that come in contact with it. Viktor is defenseless in the face of the onslaught since he lacks a shield.

Is Rei a good healer Paladins?

I don’t think she’d be as effective as other sub healers like focus lens ying and binary star jenos if she were a sub healer.

Who does the most healing in Paladins?

In terms of tank and flank pocketing, Corvus is the best support in the game because he can deploy a mark on any of his allies who will then receive a percentage of the healing (OK, that is nice). Also, Corvus is without a doubt the finest Paladin damage and support.