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World War Z is a video game that resembles the Left 4 Dead series in that it emphasizes the close cooperation of four individuals (which is especially necessary on higher difficulty levels) and is complemented by the inclusion of the class system. In this section, you’ll find a few pointers that can benefit both newcomers and seasoned players alike.

Getting started with World War Z is as simple as following these simple steps!

1.Picking The Right Class

The role you choose in any class-based game can have a significant impact on the overall gameplay experience. However, unlike games like Overwatch, WWZ’s classes aren’t as specialized and only feature a few minor variations.

They still offer useful benefits for a variety of playstyles, so let’s take a closer look at each one:

The Gunslinger is an adept marksman who has access to weapons with high rates of fire that allow you to annihilate your foes. The massive damage output and simple gameplay make this a top-tier class.

All but one perk is dedicated to making your weaponry more powerful and consuming less ammunition.

C4 and Claymores are the weapons of choice in the Hellraiser, which is all about exploding and wreaking havoc on large groups of foes. As a result of their increased adaptability, this class can be utilized for both defensive and offensive purposes. Explosive damage is a major feature of the Hellraiser’s perk set.

For close-quarters fighting in WWZ, the Slasher is the class of choice. As a bonus, Slashers have a stun gun that can be used to incapacitate large groups of zombies.

Because the Slasher is one of the game’s weaker classes, most of its perks focus on increasing stamina and melee damage.

The Medic is the only class in WWZ equipped with a long-range healer, the Stim Pistol. They also have a Masking Grenade, which temporarily hides you and your team from zombie detection.

A well-coordinated team is better suited with more firepower, even if the Medic is highly useful in tight circumstances and on harsher difficulties.

In addition to the Fixer, a squad can rely on the extra ammunition and explosive shots that the Fixer can offer. When ammo gets scarcer at harder difficulties, the Fixer class comes in handy more than other classes.

Anyone who appreciates playing a supporting role and making sure their squad is ready for battle will find this class to be an excellent fit.

Claymores and Molotov Cocktails are essential weapons in The Exterminator’s war on zombie hordes. Unlike the Hellraiser, it’s a little more aggressive, but it can be easily overwhelmed if you don’t keep an eye on it.

This is a versatile class that can be used in a variety of situations and with a variety of team compositions.

2.Choosing The Right Weapon

The undead in World of Warcraft: Zombies can be dealt with using a variety of weapons, all of which are divided into tiers. Despite the fact that most of these are good in most scenarios, certain firearms are better than others. Let’s take a look at the greatest weapons in each tier:

Mini-21, Compact SMG (Gal 9), Shotgun, Pistol (1911 Protector) and Machine Pistol are all Tier I weapons in this list (Geist 17MP). Depending on your class, you may or may not have access to these weapons at the outset of a mission. You’ll rely on the Compact SMG and Shotgun to take out big groups of foes, but your silenced Pistol will come in in when dealing with hordes of zombies silently.

Weapons in Tier II include the Assault Rifle (ARK-103), Sports Carbine (Pac-15), SMG (TMP5), Combat Shotgun (S890), Sniper Rifle (Mk110), PDW (Senjata PDW), and Compact Shotgun (S930) (S890 Shorty). These weapons can get you through a lot of fights, even those with higher hurdles, and they’re easy to locate on missions. The Assault Rifle and Sporting Carbine are the most powerful weapons here, with the Combat Shotgun and PDW in close second and third place.

It includes the HW416, HAMR-17, Bullpup Rifle and the XTAR-95 Bullpup Rifle as well as an Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12) and Crossbow (Repeater X). The most powerful weapons in the game are also the most rare, so if you find one, don’t pass it up. The Assault Carbine, Battle Rifle, and Advanced SMG will let you rapidly and effectively take down hordes of undead.

Fortress Warrior, SchreiTech Forrest Warrior, Heavy Assault Shotgun, MGL, Machinegun, RPG Launcher, Payload Rifle, and Grenade Launcher are all included in the heavy weapon set. Revolver (Thumper GL). These weapons, such as the Machinegun, RPG, Payload Rifle, and Heavy Assault Shotgun, have a greater degree of destructive power.

Including Machete and Lobo Bundle of Melee Weapons (Shovel). As long as you aren’t playing as the Slasher, you shouldn’t rely on your melee weapon as your primary form of protection. However, they are useful for killing zombies in a stealthy manner and when you’re running low on ammunition.

3.Fighting Zombies

With a few strikes to the body or a single headshot, zombies in WWZ can be taken down stragglers and even entire swarms. Some zombies, on the other hand, necessitate a greater degree of planning and collaboration among the members of your crew. Here are the best strategies to cope with each of the following issues:.

Zombies form into a big group known as a Swarm, which travels together and climbs on top of each other to get over obstacles. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by swarms, be sure to set up defenses and utilize fast-firing weaponry.

“Spray and pray” is a good strategy for dealing with a swarm before it gets too close.

Known for their bright yellow hazmat suits loaded with deadly gas, the Hazmat zombies are a unique kind. Toxic gas is released when a person is killed by any way other than a headshot. Treat the Hazmat as soon as you see it, preferably from far away.

Large and powerful, the Bull zombie charges at players in riot gear. Unless you hit one of its two weak points, the visor in front of its helmet or the exposed back, it can take a lot of bullets to kill it. You’ll find it much easier to deal with if you do this.

Creeper or ‘Lurker,’ as I prefer to refer to them, lurks in the shadows, ready to attack on an unwary player. Because they strike when you least expect it, these zombies are among the most vexing to deal with. Shooting Creepers as soon as you see them is always a good idea in this game.

4.Setting Up Defenses

Holding a position against an onslaught of zombies is a requirement for some missions. Set up several traps and turrets to keep the enemy at bay in order to survive. Listed below are the various defenses and how to employ them:.

Barbwire — Can be used to kill zombies by entangling them in the wire. It’s currently possible to stand safely in the middle of barbed wire, far enough away from zombies that they can’t get to you.

Turrets with machine guns that can be controlled by players. There is only one drawback to these: they have significant blind spots that leave you exposed to attacks.

Mortar – Has the ability to explode in a specific area. The choke spots can be kept under control with the help of these.

Zombies can be detected and killed by the Automated Turrets. Providing you keep them well-positioned and replenish their ammo, these can be incredibly useful.

Zombies can be temporarily shocked in place by using electrical traps. If you only have a single player to keep an eye on, these traps will allow you more time to deal with oncoming zombies before they get too close.

5.Bonus Tips

  • Offline AI-controlled bots can be used to play the entire game on easier settings.
  • To designate special zombies and handy goods, press ‘Up’ on the D-pad on consoles.
  • When attacking, form a horizontal line with your squad.
  • Make a ‘Crouch’ so your teammates can shoot above you if you’re leading them.
  • Before continuing on, spend some time researching possible supply sources.
  • The perk tree allows you to equip a single skill per column.
  • Hacking enemy auto-turrets allows you to use them to your advantage.
  • The zombies will all fall to the ground if you aim your gun at the bottom of the pile.

6.Monitor your surroundings

Mini-maps will always be available to you. You’ll be able to see (marked in red) where your adversaries are coming from, giving you time to get ready. There are blue dots on the mini-map to indicate where your allies are.

7.Look for new pieces of equipment

New weaponry, medkits, and exploding devices can be found in caches like this one.

You’ll find medkits, explosives, and new weaponry in a slew of hidden chests as you progress through the game. In addition, new weapons can be found laying around unnoticed. Always be on the lookout for new equipment and swap out your weapons when necessary, such as when your current weapon no longer fits your playstyle.

8.Use a silenced weapon whenever you have the chance

Avoiding encounters with big hordes of zombies is possible if you focus your efforts on eliminating foes invisibly.

Enemies will not be able to hear your gunshots from a quiet weapon, so you can avoid unneeded encounters with them. Most will die from a single shot to their head when you use a silenced weapon. To draw the attention of close foes, it is best to use “normal” weapons, which produce a lot of noise.

9.Shoot accurately

You should not spend ammo on lone adversaries, especially at higher difficulty levels where ammo is more scarce. Short, precise series and a focus on the heads of your opponents will help you to quickly remove your opponents and preserve a significant amount of precious ammunition.

10.Save explosives for groups of enemies

When dealing with a Swarm, explosives can be helpful.

One of the most common enemy groups in the game is known as the Swarm, a massive group of zombies. Save your explosives for confrontations with Swarms (you’ll often discover containers used to recharge explosives in regions where the Swarm occurs). Each of them will allow you to take down many opponents at the same time with a single attack.

Closed places, such as tunnels or the inside of buildings, can also be incredibly effective when employed with explosives. With one precise grenade, C4 or Molotov Cocktail, a dozen adversaries can be eliminated.

11.Play as a team

All four members of the World War Z team must work together closely in order to complete this game. On your own, distant from the rest of the gang you’ll either run out of ammo or get trapped by a specific adversary (Creeper or Bull), necessitating the assistance of an ally to get out of harm’s way. Take out your adversaries more swiftly and effectively by moving as a group.

12.Assist downed allies

If you can, try to help your wounded comrades.

When an ally’s health reaches zero, he or she is knocked out. It will be possible for other team members to help “revive” a fallen teammate. As the difficulty level increases, the amount of time it takes to resuscitate an ally and the number of times it may be done before the character dies permanently reduces (on Instane the character dies after one knockdown).

13.Watch out for special zombies

One of the game’s unique foes is the Reaper / Lurker.

Different from normal zombies, the game features a number of unique foes. There’s now only one option:

  1. This type of opponent moves on all fours and pounces on players that get too close. The enemy’s attack knocks the victim down, therefore you’ll need the help of an ally to escape his hands.
  2. Attacks by charging at the player, catching him/her, and pummeling the character to death. This will be repeated until the player is defeated. To get out of the enemy’s grasp, you’ll need help from your allies. The enemy’s back and head are the only places where he’s vulnerable; he’s completely protected from the rest of his body.
  3. The most common special opponent is the yellow hazmat suit, which makes it easy to see. Toxic gas is released when that foe is killed, causing players to take damage. The cloud will not form if the enemy is killed by a headshot.
  4. One of the strangest enemies in the game is the Screamer, who does nothing but scream. If you want to avoid inviting a horde of zombies to your position, you need to get rid of the enemy as soon as possible.

14.Test all of the classes in the game

There are numerous character classes to choose from, each with their own unique set of abilities. Classes that focus on dealing damage with firearms or melee assaults, one that is particularly strong at crowd control, and two support classes that focus on keeping the team fed or alive are all available in the game You should try out all of the classes before deciding which one is most suited to your style of play.

15.Pick your class depending on the team needs

World War Z necessitates teamwork amongst all members of the party, something that is reflected in the character classes as well. Choose a support class over a medic or fixer if your team is deficient in a damage-dealing class; otherwise, stick with a medic or fixer. This can have a significant impact on the possibilities of completing the operation successfully.

A player’s experience level is unaffected by how many enemies they kill throughout a mission.

16.Upgrade your weapons

Almost all of the game’s weapons have the ability to be further enhanced. Using a certain firearm to kill foes and gaining experience points with the weapon is all that is needed to accomplish this. The accuracy, handling, number of rounds in a magazine, and damage dealt can all be tweaked as the weapon progresses over the difficulty curve.

17.Remember that you can practice in solo, in offline mode

World War Z is an online game, but AI-controlled bots allow you to play it without an internet connection in the “Can you play World War Z offline?” section of this tutorial. Offline mode is a good way to learn the game because the bots won’t hurry you and you’ll be able to spend more time on each level. The bots are also effective up to the Hard difficulty level, making this a good technique of leveling up to levels 15 and below.

18.Instead of destroying automated turrets, hack them

Some missions will have you dealing with hostile automated turrets that shoot on both living and undead enemies. You can take out those turrets, but you can also sneak up behind them and hack into their systems. Taking control of the turret and using it against zombies is possible with the latter option.

19.Destroy Hazmat special enemies by shooting their heads

When a Hazmat special zombie is killed, a poisonous cloud is released, doing harm to you and your allies for the rest of the fight. If you kill the zombie with a headshot, the opponent will not release the poisonous gas cloud, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

20.Look for Breaching Charges

With the right perks, the Fixer and Hellraiser classes can begin with Breaching Charges, which are unique equipment that can be obtained in the game (more in chapters devoted to those classes). Breaching Charges can be used to breach typically sealed corridors and entrances, where valuable items and high-tier weaponry can be found, providing you an advantage in the fight against zombies.

21.If you lack explosives, shoot at the base of the zombie Swarm

As a general rule, you’ll encounter Zombie Swarms at important points in missions. As they work their way up, they’ll form a pyramid-like structure. If you don’t have any explosives, you can kill the zombies at the foot of the pyramid, which will cause the “structure” to collapse, allowing you some breathing room.

22.Do not play on higher difficulty levels unless you are capable of beating them

It’s possible to play on five different difficulty settings in this game: easy, normal, hard, very hard, and insane. In order to gain more experience and supplies, you must play at a higher difficulty level, which makes the game substantially more challenging. Playing on higher difficulties (especially Very Hard and Insane) is a waste of time unless you are an experienced player and have a well-developed character.

23.World War Z Gameplay Tips

  • World War Z has five difficulty settings, the easiest of which is “Start On Easy.” Normal or Hard are good places to start, but Easy is a better place to start. After playing a few levels and getting a sense for how each weapon works best for you, it’s best to just sit back, relax, and take it easy. It may seem self-evident, but before attempting Insane difficulty, it’s best to get a handle on the basics.
  • This is a multiplayer co-op game, so bring your friends! Co-op games like Diablo, Borderlands and Army of Two are best played with buddies. Without effective communication, it’s very impossible to complete stages on the “Hard” or “Extreme” difficulty settings.
  • World War Z features multiple encounters when the team is placed in a large open area and need to defend a position against an onslaught of hundreds of zombies, therefore it’s important to stay in formation during these situations as much as possible. The notion is presented in the very first level, when the team is battling a swarm of zeke at the mall atrium, where they must set up defenses and hold the line against them. With the right communication, a well-armed crew can handle the scenario with a minimum number of zombies making their way into the mall.
  • Stick Together: World War Z also includes more classic corridor shooting in addition to the horde clashes in arenas. These areas may be enticing to sprint through, but doing so is a surefire way to die. It’s best for “lone wolf” players to run with the pack, as Creeper and Bull zombies can overwhelm and incapacitate them until they’re rescued by another player.
  • There are a number of missions that need you to search a broad region for objects and bring them back together, such as the final leg of the first level in New York City. Splitting off to cover more land may seem like a good idea at first, but it can soon lead to a TPK (total party kill). If you’re willing to be eaten by the swarm, zombies don’t have a need to divide and conquer. Play in pairs at the very least so that one player can always protect the other. Keep your group united at all times, even if the challenge is higher than Normal.
  • You don’t have to attract the notice of the entire zombie horde if you stay stealthy. Teams of like-minded individuals may clear even vast rooms without incurring any damage by sticking to silent weapons like pistols and melee blows. The Combat Shotgun and Sporting Combine are two examples of level 4 or 5 weapons that include silencers (two of our personal favorites)
  • How to Pick a Weapon: Only a few weapons, such as the Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun (not to be confused with the Compact Shotgun), are exceptions to this rule, such as the Heavy Weapons class and select one-offs. It’s best to stick with a pistol you like once you’ve invested some Credits on it. As a result of this…
  • Everything in World War Z costs credits, from purchasing class-specific upgrades to upgrading weaponry to upgrading multiplayer classes. As tempting as it may be, there aren’t enough credits to update anything. Choose wisely; it’s preferable to go with what you’ve got. If you’re playing on the simpler difficulties early on, it’s not worth it to buy every upgrade; instead, buy the Level 2 versions, which cost 150 credits, and then wait for the Level 5 ones, which cost 1000 credits to be available. In other words, as you go through the game’s levels, your strength grows, and with it, your credit total. In this regard, the progression curve appears very natural.


Is World War Z hard?

Even the most seasoned World War Z players may have a difficult time surviving the relentless onslaught of hungry zombies. The mob can quickly overwhelm you, especially if you’re playing on a tougher difficulty setting.

Where is ammo in World War Z horde?

There will be barbed wire around the perimeter of the “defense shop,” crates of explosives, and med-kits neatly arranged in the “ammo shop.”

Does World War Z have Crossplay?

The fast-paced Zombie cooperative shooting that you liked on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox has now arrived on the Nintendo Switch. It has taken some time, but crossplay between the three platforms has now been introduced to the game.


In addition to the Offline Mode, there is an Online Mode in this game. Practicing in Offline Mode is a good way to learn the game’s mechanics and improve your skills.