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You play as one of up to four ghost hunters who are assigned to find and identify various ghosts across multiple different-sized landscapes using various ghost-hunting equipment that they have at their disposal in the latest popular horror game, Phasmophobia.

In the event that you’d like to learn more about the many varieties of ghosts, you can find a separate page on that topic here. Let’s get started, shall we?

Starting Equipment

Starting equipment refers to free equipment that a group automatically has access to when a session begins. Detecting essential pieces of evidence to identify a ghost is primarily accomplished using this method as well.


To begin, we have the tried-and-true flashlight, a must-have for every serious ghost hunter’s toolkit. Holding it or mounting it on the shoulder let the player to see more of their surroundings, but it may also be switched on and left to illuminate a specific region. This is one of the unmistakable indicators that the ghosts are out in full force and it’s time to flee.

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Spirit Box

Many spirits will use the Spirit Box to converse with the player when the player asks them specific questions.

Unlike a flashlight, the Spirit Box may be turned on and operational when placed on the floor. In order to utilize it, the lights must be turned off. Solitary players are more likely to get Spirit Box communication from shy spirits, as they prefer to communicate through it when they are all by themselves.

There are a variety of questions the player can ask, but the best answers relate to the ghost’s location, which can be used to narrow down the ghost room’s location in vast locations. If the ghost’s reactions are hostile, it could also be an indication that it is prepared to go on the prowl for its prey.

EMF Reader

For detecting both ongoing and recent ghost activity in the vicinity of the player, the EFR (Electromagnetic Field Reader) is a handy shorthand for Electromagnetic Field Reader. An activity detector can detect up to five different degrees of activity.

  1. Nothing is detected after turning on the reader.
  2. Insignificant activity, such as the movement of objects or the interaction with electronic devices
  3. The throwing of things is an example of a moderate action.
  4. If a ghost has emerged as an apparition in the past, this indicates high activity.
  5. Only when specific types of ghosts are nearby does the activity skyrocket.

In the same way as before, the EMF Reader can be left on the floor to operate.

Video Camera

It is possible to watch certain locations from a distance using a DSLR camera equipped with a night vision mode, whether it is mounted on a tripod or carried by a player. Detecting ghost orbs is only possible with this piece of equipment. The same can be done with the usage of surveillance cameras found on larger maps.

Specifically, the Video Camera can be utilized to view evidence remotely, such as the Ghost Writing Book and the EMF Reader.

UV Flashlight

The best technique to collect fingerprint evidence is using a little flashlight that doesn’t do much to illuminate the player’s surroundings.

While all ghosts interact with objects in the environment, not all leave prints, so bear this in mind when looking for fingerprints and handprints. It’s not only that people don’t always leave them behind.

Ghost Writing Book

This is a simple notebook with a pencil that can be left near the ghost in order for it to jot something down. The book’s sole purpose is to collect that particular piece of evidence.

Please keep in mind that a ghost may not begin writing in the book right away, but that as activity grows, so will the writing. In addition, the writing and drawings it may leave are utterly random and do not reflect the ghost’s personality in any way.

Photo Camera

As a last option, players can utilize a photo camera to earn extra money by photographing paranormal evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, skeletons, blood-stained water, voodoo dolls, ghost interactions, manifestations of the ghost, or even the dead body of a player.

Purchasable Equipment

A player’s armory can be supplemented with items that aren’t available at the outset of a mission but can be acquired after reaching a certain skill level and having enough money to do so. However, keep in mind that if the player dies, whatever more gear they’ve collected will be permanently lost.

If the player dies and other players bring their equipment back to the van before they leave, the equipment will still be lost, and if they are still alive, they will not lose their equipment if they do not bring it back to the van. The location of the equipment at the end of a mission is irrelevant.

In the event of death, players on the Amateur and Intermediate levels will receive 50% and 25% of the value of their lost equipment, respectively. However, players on the Professional difficulty would receive no compensation.


With the Crucifix, you can keep the spirit at bay by using it as a deterrent. It works in a 3-meter circle when dropped on the floor near the ghost before it starts hunting, which is typically in the room where the ghost is (5 meters for Banshees). When the ghost decides to hunt, it will simply revert to its passive form if it is within range of the Crucifix.

It’s possible to use each Crucifix to stop two individual hunts with the same “charge.” However, even if a Crucifix is held or thrown at an aggressive ghost, it will not stop the search.


Smudge Sticks and Candles can be ignited with this simple lighter, which provides a very little quantity of light.

Smudge Sticks

Use a lighter or a candle to light the bundles of incense sticks, which can be smoked for 90 seconds to put an end to the spirit’s search. A Yurei will be temporarily confined to its favorite room, preventing it from traveling the house while the effect is active (180 seconds instead of 120 seconds).

Burning Smudge Sticks can temporarily deter a ghost, giving players a brief window of opportunity to take cover. However, they have no effect on an ongoing hunt.


It is possible to use candles for a wide range of purposes. As emergency light sources, they can be used in places with no lighting or when a ghost decides to trip a fuse and disable all electronic devices, such as in abandoned buildings. With that said, they are also useful as navigational aids in the more complex maps such as the High School and the Asylum.

In addition, a new update has included the ability for ghosts to blow out lit candles. Aside than making the room look creepier, this feature makes candles valuable in determining whether or not the ghost is lurking close.

Candles can be purchased, but they can also spawn in the game world.


In order to locate the ghost’s favorite room, a thermometer is an invaluable tool, as all ghosts reduce the temperature of the room they’re in to below freezing (around 10°C/50°F). You can tell if the temperature is cold by the player’s breath, thus the thermometer isn’t necessary.

The thermometer, on the other hand, has undergone some significant revisions that reduce its ability to pinpoint the exact position of the ghost room. In other words, as the game goes, the temperature in the ghost room will drop, and all rooms will cool down if the electricity is turned off.

Strong Flashlight

This is merely a more powerful version of the standard flashlight that provides significantly improved lighting, as the name implies. When playing in wider areas, it’s easy to see how adding more light can aid with visibility and player motivation even if it isn’t strictly essential.

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Glow Stick

Like candles, glow sticks shine with UV light and can be used to assist players navigate big areas or identify sites of interest by illuminating them secondarily with fingerprints, handprints, and footprints.


Each package of salt has three “charges,” which are the salt shakers that can be used to place salt mounds on the floor. You can narrow down the location of the ghost room by placing salt mounds at doors and chokepoints.

When used against Wraiths, salt can put an end to their hunting activities because of the salt’s ability to stop them from interacting with it. Wraith footprints can also be found in an undisturbed pile of salt, which is a clear indication that you’re dealing with a Wraith. The “salted” Wraiths, on the other hand, become more aggressive as a result.

Sanity Pills

Consumption of Sanity Pills, as the name suggests, restores a player’s Sanity. In extensive areas where the players spend a lot of time in darkness, as well as on higher difficulty levels, especially while dealing with some sanity-draining ghosts, they are highly useful There is a single charge in each box, and it restores 40% of a player’s Sanity.


This is a simple tripod for video cameras. It gives players a better camera perspective, which is especially helpful if they have to put up a camera in an area with minimal furnishings. A tripod occupies an inventory space, although it cannot be stored in the inventory, and switching to another item while holding the tripod will result in it being dumped to the ground.

Parabolic Microphone

In a 6-meter wide cone, the Parabolic Microphone can detect even the quietest sounds at distances of up to 30 meters, although it is unreliable. Because it can detect sounds made by other players, it’s crucial to coordinate properly to minimize false positives while using it to locate the overall location of the ghost chamber on larger areas.

Sound Sensor

The Sound Sensor, which is not a handheld microphone like the Parabolic Microphone, can pick up sound waves passing through walls. On the other hand, it must be attached to a wall in order to be able to detect sound in a vast region around it, and like the Parabolic Microphone, its primary function is to help players locate the ghost chamber on huge areas.

The Sound Sensor’s data can be accessed from the van. It will also be able to pick up on player-generated sound.

Motion Sensor

It is similar to the Sound Sensor in that it is a wall-mounted piece of equipment that may be used to detect and track a ghost’s presence in its room or on a map. The green light on the sensor will light up when it detects activity, and the van’s area map will show this as well. It will also be able to tell whether or not a player is still alive.

Infrared Light Sensor

The Infrared Light Sensor is the third and final type of wall-mounted sensor now in use. When a player or a ghost passes in front of it, it will light up just like the Motion Sensor. In spite of this, it is a considerably more powerful source of light than the Motion Sensor, which can only be seen from the outside of the vehicle.

This means that if your power goes out, the Infrared Light Sensor will come in handy for lighting up the ghost room, aiding your navigation, and serving as an emergency light source.

Head Mounted Camera

The Head Mounted Camera, as its name implies, may be worn by players without taking up inventory space, and it is especially beneficial when one player stays behind in the van to monitor the map and ghost activity. As long as there is someone in the vehicle to keep an eye on the live feed, these devices are a good way to detect ghost orbs without having to set up traditional video cameras.

Ouija Board

Every map has a 33 percent chance of spawning the Ouija Board, a piece of equipment that cannot be purchased. If the players manage to track it down, it has the potential to be a goldmine of information, but doing so comes with a high price.

In other words, there’s a 67 percent probability the ghost will answer your query, and a 33 percent chance it will get enraged and aggressive in its response. In addition, the player’s sanity is depleted by 5-10% for each successful question (unless the ghost is a Demon), and enraging the ghost on the board results in a huge Sanity loss of 40%. (even if the ghost is a Demon).

Because of this, using a Ouija Board may be both a blessing and a curse in the right hands.

Van Equipment

There are many important resources in the ghost hunter’s van, especially when one of the players is left behind to pass along the knowledge he or she has gleaned to the rest of the players.

Site Map

The site map can be accessed via the white switch adjacent to the screen in the upper left corner. There are green lines indicating entrances and exits, and red lines indicating windows on the Site Map.

It also provides information on where the fuse box is located as well as the movement and location of the gamers within the building in real time. All of the above information is shown, as well as the location and range of motion and sound sensors and which camera is now in use.

Sanity Monitor

The Sanity Monitor, located below the site map, measures each player’s Sanity, however it is not fully accurate and will constantly fluctuate slightly. It’s clear why this data is significant, as the ghost becomes more aggressive as the players’ Sanity decreases.

Additionally, the Sanity Meter can be used to identify particular types of ghosts that have a greater impact on the player’s Sanity than others, allowing the player to better plan their actions.

A Yurei or a Poltergeist, for example, may cause a player’s sanity to drain quicker than usual without them witnessing any activity. Similarly, a Phantom could cause a player’s sanity to drop faster than usual after seeing an apparition.

Sound Sensor Monitor

The data picked up by the deployed sound sensors is shown on a vertical chart that ranges from 0.0 to 1.0 in the upper right of the screen. When it comes to locating the ghost’s preferred room, a sound sensor is an excellent tool to use because it covers a large region.

In order to acquire the most accurate information, players must avoid the sound sensor’s detection range, as was previously explained.

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Site Activity Monitor

Lower right, the Site Activity Monitor shows the total EMF activity in the house, which ranges from 0 to 10 on a scale of 1-10. Site Activity Monitor can only provide players a general notion of the likelihood of encountering ghost activity inside the building and the level of aggression the ghost has, because the different activity levels are not tied to any specific form of activity.

The only time this isn’t the case is when the ghost is hunting, as the monitor will display a continuous 10. There is no guarantee that a hunt has begun, but the high activity level indicates that one could begin in the near future.

Objective Board

Rather than a piece of equipment, the Objective Board is more of a tool for the players to learn about the ghost’s personality, including its name (which can be used to provoke it) and whether or not it only reacts to those who are alone. There are four objectives, including the basic goal of identifying the ghost kind, and three other random objectives that are displayed.

The Computer

The van’s computer connects to a variety of cameras, including those on the field, in the players’ heads, and even in the building itself. Visual and night vision modes are selected using keyboard shortcuts, and all cameras currently online can be cycled through by clicking on them one by one.

EMF Reader

Using this reader, you can see what’s ahead of you. The EMF Reader will give off some readings and notify you in the form of a constant beep if there is any paranormal activity in front of you. The strength of the reading is determined by the LED lights on top, which go from weak to powerful from left to right.

When you get a level 5 reading, it doesn’t indicate you’re going to die; it just signifies that the ghost is really aggravated right now. If you continue to stimulate it, you’ll probably wind up in the hospital or worse. The following is a breakdown of the various levels:

  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully activated the Reader.
  • The ghost has moved an object or something.
  • The ghost threw an item or something towards the camera.
  • Level 4: There has been an appearance of a ghost. There has been a protest or demonstration of some kind.
  • This is proof at the fifth level!


To be clear, this is not a thermometer that must be inserted into the mouth of the ghost in order to work. Any room you aim it at will tell you if it’s hot or chilly. In order to acquire the most accurate readings from the thermometer, go around the room and aim it at various objects. Consistent readings are important.

As of right now, it’s one of the better tools available. The thermometer has Fahrenheit and Celsius settings, which is a good feature!

Parabolic Microphone

You can hear through numerous walls thanks to this long-range microphone. To gauge how much noise is coming from the truck’s Parabolic Microphone, increase the number that displays on the screen. This is a fantastic tool for creating massive maps!

Glow Sticks

Another type of UV light that never goes out are Glow Sticks. Glow Sticks are an excellent alternative to UV lights if you cannot afford them. Glow Sticks require you to be extremely close to the surface to expose any fingerprints or footprints, making them more burdensome than UV light. Glow Sticks can also be used as markers on large maps because they never go out.

Head Mounted Camera

The only difference between this and a standard video camera is that this one is worn on your head. We can’t stress enough how important these are, as monitoring a moving film for indicators of ghost activity doesn’t work very well. It’s ideal to utilize a video camera that stays in one place. A friend who is willing to wear one can be used as bait, and you can then camp within a room for the ghost to appear.

If you have the money to spare, you should buy this item.

Ouija Board

An in-game item, the Ouija Board cannot be purchased.

The Ouija Board is used in the same way as a Spirit Box to communicate with the deceased. In our guide, we provide a more detailed explanation on how to utilize the Ouija Board.

Voodoo Doll

Unlike other items in the game, the Voodoo Doll cannot be bought. These are only available in the Farmhouse phases.

Aside from making you some money if you take a picture of it, there is nothing else they do. Many rumors exist on the internet, but Kinetic Games hasn’t officially said what they truly do, hence all of them are officially considered “rumor” by Kinetic Games. These are some of the rumors floating around:

  • Because of this, the ghost has an easier time preying on you.
  • When you pick it up, the ghost appears right away.
  • As soon as you drop it, it’ll somehow go toward where you’re pointing it.

Some of these rumors may be true, but until there is official confirmation, you should proceed with caution when learning about the Voodoo Dolls.


How to Use the Spirit Box in Phasmophobia?

In order to utilize the spirit box, you simply need a microphone and a way to communicate with the ghosts. Different types of ghosts will respond to this in different ways. For example, if everyone responds to the ghost, you can utilize it in public places. It’s impossible to employ the ghost if it only reacts when you’re alone. Using the equipment in complete darkness is also recommended, as this can impact its performance.

The spirit box is the most unreliable piece of equipment in the game and only works roughly half the time. Only roughly half of the spirits you encounter will respond to your calls. However, if the spirit box doesn’t operate, it isn’t a tool that should be used as evidence.

How to Use the Ghost Writing Book in Phasmophobia?

A ghost writing book can be used in conjunction with a visual aid by holding it up to a surface and pressing a key mapped for secondary use (by default, “F”).

You should set the ghost book in the ghost room as soon as you can because it needs time to work. You don’t have to be present for it to operate, so check in periodically to see if the ghost has recorded anything. If there are words or drawings in the book, it has worked.

How to Use the Photo Camera in Phasmophobia?

In addition, the photo camera is a breeze to operate. Only a simple press of the primary interaction key is required (default set to right-mouse-click). After that, the camera will take a photo.

The camera can be used to photograph ghost events, bones, dead bodies, and even the spirit itself. The images have a value of $10 each, making them an excellent method to make quick cash.

How to Use the EMF Reader in Phasmophobia?

It’s as simple as activating the EMF Reader and looking around the map. It will turn on if there is any kind of paranormal activity around you, and it will also turn on if you enter the ghost’s room.

If the EMF Reader is malfunctioning, it will sound an alarm, making it more difficult to locate the haunted room. It also varies in intensity from ghost to ghost, so you must keep an eye out for that in order to correctly identify it.

How to Use the Video Camera in Phasmophobia?

In order to use the video camera, all that is required is to set it up. To achieve this, simply turn on the camera and place it somewhere. It’s critical that you turn it on, otherwise you’ll discover the problem when you return to the van. A tripod is an option as well.

Using a video camera, you can check for ghost orbs in the ghost room by placing it there. You’ll be able to identify the ghost using those orbs. Cameras should be put up in the ghost room at the same time as the rest of the equipment.

How to Use the UV Flashlight in Phasmophobia?

Unlike a regular flashlight, the UV flashlight emits just a little amount of UV light. It is utilized to locate the ghost’s fingerprints. When utilizing it, you should pay attention to the doors and windows.

The UV flashlight is essential for a ghost hunt because it is one of the few techniques to verify if the ghost has left any fingerprints behind. While it’s a reliable tool, it should be kept at the bottom of a hunter’s equipment list as they begin their search.

How to Use the Flashlight in Phasmophobia?

For the game, the flashlight is a must-have piece of equipment. You will get lost very soon if you don’t have a light source to guide you through the game. It’s as simple as putting it on and pressing the action key to activate it.

It is possible to use the flashlight without holding it. It’s as simple as pressing the secondary action key to activate it if you already have one.

How to Use the Candle in Phasmophobia?

In the game, players will come across a wide variety of candles. You can either buy one or find a handful scattered around the game’s numerous maps as loot. A lighter and a candle are all that is needed to get the job done.

In spite of its low brightness, the candle will not extinguish throughout a hunt. Seeing if the ghost is coming can be done by blowing out the candle, which can also be done by the ghost.

How to Use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia?

You won’t be protected from ghosts if you hold the crucifix in your hands. In order for it to work, you must actually hurl the crucifix at the ghost in order to do so.

The cross is an unreliable method of rescuing yourself from death. It is ideally suited for maps with few hiding locations, such as prison layouts.

How to Use the Glow Stick in Phasmophobia?

Toss the glow stick using the throw button and use the action button to activate it. In the event of a search or overloading of the breaker, the lights will remain operational.

Glow-in-the-dark sticks are only useful in specific situations. Even without this equipment, you may easily go through a hunt without any difficulty.

How to Use the Head Mounted Camera in Phasmophobia?

There is a learning curve associated with using the head-mounted camera. If you’re looking out the window, it’s on the van’s left side. Anyone in the van has access to the video footage if you activate the camera before using it.

Although the idea of a head-mounted camera is intriguing, in practice it is rarely put to use. It requires a lot of time and money to use properly, so you may be better off without it.

How to Use the Infrared Light Sensor in Phasmophobia?

It is possible to program the infrared light sensor to work automatically. Whenever a player or a ghost moves near it, the light will go on.

In my opinion, the infrared light sensor is a waste of money. Because you will always be in front of a light source, the sensor is rendered nearly worthless.

How to Use the Lighter in Phasmophobia?

The lighter is a breeze to operate. It’s as simple as putting it on and pressing the interact button. As a major source of illumination, it is not recommended to utilize this light.

Candles and smudge sticks can be lit using the light, even though it isn’t beneficial for providing light.

How to Use the Motion Sensor in Phasmophobia?

The motion sensor must be mounted on a wall in order to be used. Using the secondary interact button, you may attach the camera to a wall and then observe any movement in the van.

If a ghost or a human goes by the motion sensor, you’ll get a warning, but it’s a lot of money to buy. Not worth the money spent.

How to Use the Parabolic Microphone in Phasmophobia?

Using the parabolic microphone, you can hear things that you typically wouldn’t. It’s a portable sound sensor that can monitor sound waves even when they pass through walls. To use it, all you have to do is put it on and turn the power on.

The parabolic microphone costs a lot of money and can only tell you where the sound is coming from, not where it is coming from.

How to Use the Salt Shaker in Phasmophobia?

Before the salt shaker runs empty, you can use it three times. You must use the secondary interact key to place the salt on the ground in order to use it.

In order to track ghosts, stop them from following you, and limit them to the room, you can use a salt shaker. It appears as a goal every now and again.

How to Use Sanity Pills in Phasmophobia?

When your sanity begins to decline as a result of the ghost, sanity tablets can help restore it. All you have to do is put it on and press the interact button to get started.

When your sanity is at an all-time low, the only thing that can help is taking sanity pills. They provide 40% of your sanity and are crucial on maps with more than a few hundred square miles of terrain.

How to Use Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia?

For smudge sticks, you will need a lighter to burn the herbs in them. To use them, simply light the smudge sticks in the lighter before stroking the lighter.

If employed in the ghost chamber, smudge sticks can keep ghost hunts at bay for a while. They won’t work if they’re not in the room.

How to Use the Sound Sensor in Phasmophobia?

Using the sound sensor, it is possible to locate sounds across a vast region. It’s as simple as turning it on and putting it down. The van can then keep an eye on it.

As a result, the sound sensor can be utilized to locate the ghost room in big maps.

How to Use the Strong Flashlight in Phasmophobia?

Just like a conventional flashlight, the powerful one may be used by simply putting it on and pressing the power button. In addition, it can be used as a secondary item in combat.

You should buy a powerful flashlight as soon as possible. It provides more light than any other portable light source and is useful for navigating maps.

How to Use the Thermometer in Phasmophobia?

In order to use the thermometer, all you have to do is turn the device on and check the display.

If you’re going to investigate a haunted house, this is an essential piece of equipment.

How to Use the Tripod in Phasmophobia?

Using a camera, you can secure the tripod and then place it on the ground. The only way to use it is to take it up with an empty hand, and you cannot switch off of it or you’ll lose it.

Because the camera can be attached to the tripod before you even get there, you can save time and effort by connecting the video camera first.


Finally, all of the equipment currently depicted in Phasmophobia has been accounted for! We’ll be updating this page as soon as Kinetic Games adds new items to their official Trello roadmap, which you can see here.